Void 3.0 added in The Witch Queen.

Void 3.0 added in Season of the Chosen.

Void 3.0 Classes[edit]


Introduced with this massive Class Update were a number of Keywords. These Words in Abilities will always have these effects.

Word Effect
Devour Feast on the energy of your defeated foes. Final blows restore you to full health, grenade grenade energy, and extend Devour.
Invisibility You vanish from sight and do not appear on radar. Performing offensive actions will end invisibility.
Void Overshield You are armored with a protective barrier of Void Light. Reduces damage taken from combatants.
Suppressed The target is taken out of any active abilities and cannot activate any ability of movement modes while Suppression persists. Afflicted combatants cannot fire their weapons.
Volatile The target is afflicted with unstable Void Energy and will explode upon taking additional damage.
Weakened The target takes increased damage and has their movement speed slowed. Afflicted combatants have difficulty firing accurately.