The Story Mission, “Wanted Gravetide Summoner” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.
The Story Mission, “Wanted Gravetide Summoner” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.
The Story Mission, “Wanted Gravetide Summoner” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Wanted Gravetide Summoner is a story mission in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Completing the Wanted Gravetide Summoner.


  • A new adventure will appear on Titan
  • Travel there and head to the marker and begin the adventure.
  • Head into the Lost Sector nearby the start of the adventure.
  • In addition to the usual enemies inside the Lost Sector, you will encounter Hive.
  • Inside the main boss chamber, you will see a number of Cursed Thrall, as well as 2 Wizards, and the Gravetide Summoner.
  • For now, you cannot hurt the Gravetide Summoner.
  • Take the time to defeat the Wizards and destroy the Cursed Thrall.
  • Once you enter the room properly, you will encounter the Gravetide Thralls.
  • Killing any of these Thralls will grant the Guardian: Ogre's Fury.
  • While you will not be able to hurt the Gravetide Summoner just yet, but you will need this Buff soon.
  • With the Wizard(s) defeated, a new foe will appear, the Gravetide Ogre.
  • This is the start of the real fight.
  • To harm the Gravetide Ogre, the Guardian needs to kill the Gravetide Thrall to get the buff: Ogre's Fury.
  • Each stack gained extends the time for the buff and allows the Guardian to do more damage.

  • The fight breaks into 2 phases.
  • The first has the Guardian fighting a Wave of Thrall and in there encounter the Gravetide Thrall.
  • When the Ogre has been reduce to half health, the enemies will change.
  • You will begin to encounter Knights that are protected by Arc Shields.
  • This part of the fight makes it HIGHLY recommended to be using an Arc Class.
  • Kill the Knights to make things a lot more manageable.
  • Kill most of the Thrall, focusing on the Gravetide Thralls.
  • Once you have an opening, and 2-3x Ogre's Fury, attack the Gravetide Ogre.
  • This will cause you to do significantly more damage.
  • There is a checkpoint with the Ogre once you lower it to 50% health.
  • When you finally manage to kill the Ogre, the Gravetide Summoner will start to move and become vulnerable.
  • You will then want to eliminate the Gravetide Summoner.
  • Having killed the Summoner, you will have a wave of Thrall, Cursed Thrall, and a Shrieker.
  • Defeat the Shrieker to complete the sector (or at least have an easy time looting the cache).

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Wanted Gravetide Summoner Video Gamplay Walkthrough