Wasteland is an objective in Prophecy.




  • This is a difficult area to navigate, being little more than ruins and sand dunes.
  • The good news is you can summon your Sparrow
  • There are ring around here that can have Taken.
  • To progress forward, you will need to search the area to find these arenas and clear them out of Taken.
  • Each of these Arenas have a glowing neon ring above them, making them easier to see.
  • You know it's the right place because a Taken Blight will be there.
  • Be careful traveling around, since there are Taken Minotaur bosses scattered throughout the dunes.
  • Get to the area and clear out the Blights and Taken found there.
  • In addition to the Blights, you can find: Taken Hobgoblins, Taken Phalanx, and Taken Thrall.
  • Destroying the 3 Blights here, you will find that mote of energy found under the ring.
  • Go to the ring and look at the mote of energy.
  • The mote will leave, going off in a particular direction.
  • Follow the mote in that direction to the next arena.
  • Getting to the arena, you will find 3 more Taken Blights.
  • Destroy the Blights and then look for the mote once again.
  • The Mote will appear somewhere in the arena, and once again, take off in a direction.
  • Hop on your sparrow and head off in that direction.
  • The second arena has more Taken, adding in Ravenous Taken Centurion.
  • Destroy all the Blights to manifest the Orb of energy again.
  • After clearing the arena, follow the mote of energy once more.
  • When you are done clearing the areas, you will see a beam of Pink Light appear along the edge of the Wastelands.
  • Head to that Pink Light.
  • This bring you to a large tower in the wastelands.
  • Get to the front where you can see the orb and follow it up the stairs.