The Quest Step, Weaponize the Unknown in Destiny 2:Season of the Drifter.

Weaponize the Unknown is part of Independent Study in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


"Your project is going well. The gun is now mechanically sound, but it is a simple gun: it has no intrinsic power of its own. You'll need to reconnect it to the Light somehow, and the vast dark secrets of the Void seem like the most promising route."

"Defeat Guardians in the Crucible using Void energy or Hand Cannons. Precision streaks using Void Hand Cannons grants the most efficent progress. Note that progress is multiplied in the Iron Banner or in Competitive Crucible matches."


  • This step has you stepping into the Crucible, where you need to get 500 points to continue.
  • Void classes are favored for this, as are any weapons that have Void Damage, preferably Hand Cannons.
  • It is a percentage based progress bar, and expect it to take a high number of matches.

Points Breakdown

  • Hand Cannon Kill - 1
  • Void Ability Kill - 1
  • Hand Cannon Headshot Kill - 2
  • Void Hand Cannon Kill - 2
  • Void Hand Cannon Headshot Kill - 3
  • Engaging in the Iron Banner or Competitive Crucible will greatly accelerate your progress.
    • Double points?
  • No progress is lost on death!
  • Completing this quest step, you are set to the Farm to visit Tyra Karn.

Quest Steps[edit]