Wilhelm-7's Messages within Grasp of Avarice during Bungie 30th Anniversary.

Wilhelm-7's Messages within Grasp of Avarice during Bungie 30th Anniversary.


Wilhelm-7 was a greedy Guardian who went deep into the rumored loot cave.

Message 1[edit]

  • This first message can be found within the first corridor of the cavern itself.
  • Break the first crystal to get into the cave itself.
  • Drop down into the cave and head forward.
  • Look to the left after the second crystal arch. between two smaller crystals on the left you will find the first message.

Message 2[edit]

  • Continue forward from the first message.
  • From there, go forward through the tunnel.
  • Get to the platforms on the left-hand side of the first large cavern.
  • Once there, continue forward to the crystal bridge.
  • Go across the bridge and turn to the left.
  • Go just bast the crystals here and look in the corner to find the message next to some dark engrams and on a chest.

Message 3[edit]

  • Head forward into the Rusted Gangplank, reaching the first puzzle section.
  • Open the door in the back right of this area.
  • Once here, head through the doorway, careful of the pressure plate just inside the next room.
  • Inside this room, go to the back left and look up to the ceiling.
  • You will see a missing tile here.
  • Jump up into the opening into the hidden area.
  • In there, look over to the left to find the message sitting on the corner.

Message 4[edit]

  • Climb up into the heights, reaching the section with the 6 pipes leading to tunnels.
  • From the ledges next to the pipes on the right-hand side.
  • Go through the back right pipe.
  • In this pipe tunnel, you will find a pressure plate on the ground and only the left half of a fan.
  • Step on the plate to open the grating above you.
  • Jump on through the opening above you.
  • From there, jump to the outcropping on the right.
  • Climb on up to the first metal walkway in front of you.
  • Turn around and look toward the entrance.
  • Look to the right and find the ledge sitting in the back right.
  • Long jump over to it, keeping away from the pressure plate (which causes the grating below you to open).
  • Go into the opening here to find another dark engram cache with chests.
  • Sitting in the back right on the chests is the message.

Message 5[edit]

  • Within the Facility, make your way to the water-logged room with the rotating doorways housing switches and Hive within.
  • Make your way to the back room where you open the first large door at the end of the slanted room.
  • Activate the small doors' switch and then jump upwards to the higher room.
  • Once in here, head to the large door switch and activate it.
  • After doing that, look to the wall to the right, across from the large window.
  • Go into the semi-hidden opening in the back right of the wall just above a crate and a drained engram.
  • Go into this opening to find another cache room.
  • In this room, head ahead to the pile of engrams to find the next message bottle.

Message 6[edit]

  • This message is found toward the end of the Facility section, just after using the Scorch Cannon to open the door and go up the stairs (being mindful of that rolling barrel).
  • This leads to a large room.
  • Go to the back right room with the open doorway.
  • Be careful of the pressure plate in this hallway just inside the doorway.
  • Jump over the pressure plate and head into the back room.
  • Look to the right where there is a slanted panel against the wall.
  • Go over to the left of the slanted panel to get behind it.
  • In this small chamber you will find the message sitting on the chest corner.

Message 7[edit]

  • After defeating the first boss of the Grasp of Avarice, go through the door leading into the wall like normal.
  • Inside here, go over to the left.
  • You will see a large white cylindrical thing with an open top and a window into the side.
  • Jump through the top and drop down into it.
  • Once there, collect the message.

Message 8[edit]

  • This message is found after you have completed the Sparrow section of the Grasp of Avarice.
  • Once you land inside the skull, turn back toward the opening in the rock-face.
  • Head through the right-hand open mouth.
  • Go down the ledges to the third one.
  • On the lowest ledge, turn back toward the face and look along your level.
  • You will find the message among the rocks.

Message 9[edit]

  • Once again, this one is found after the Sparrow section, go into the crystal cavern just beyond it.
  • Jump and climb up onto the first tall crystal in front of you.
  • After that, jump to the long crystal coming out of the left-hand wall.
  • Land on this crystal.
  • Go to the left-hand wall.
  • Jump onto the top of this crystal and look at the base of the crystal.
  • Between the crystals at the base of the wall to find the message bottle.

Message 10[edit]

  • This is found within the Servitor Puzzle room.
  • Make your way to the central building at water level in the middle of the area, below the large Fallen Shield.
  • Make your way to the section of the building that is on stilts.
  • Once there, look along the lower ledge, just above the bedrock the stilts are based in, looking toward the entrance.
  • You can find a small collection of dim engrams and a crate.
  • Among these items you will find the message.

Message 11[edit]

  • This is also found in the Servitor puzzle room.
  • Launch your way to the large section with the fallen tarps and the suspended Turbine.
  • Once there, jump up onto the Fallen building nearby where you land.
  • Climb on up to the top of the building.
  • From here, jump into the open front end of the turbine.
  • Go into the turbine where you can find the small cache and in the front of it, the message.

Message 12[edit]

  • This is found at the very end of the Grasp of Avarice.
  • Within Wihlem's Hoard, after you defeat Avarokk the Covetous, the container in the middle will open.
  • Inside you will find the remains of Wilhelm-7.
  • Go up toward him to find the bottle sitting on the crates by his left foot (the non-peg leg)