The Quest Step, Wiretapping the Annex in Destiny 2:Season of the Drifter.

Wiretapping the Annex is part of Vanguard Allegiance in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


"Aunor wants you to bug Drifter's new haunt in the Annex. She believes that eavesdropping on Drifter remotely will yield valuable intel on his next move."

"Find suitable locations in the Annex to plant audio surveillance devices."


  • Return to the Annex on the far side of the Tower.
  • Inside the Annex, head to where you find the Drifter.
  • Go past the Drifter and the landing he is on.
  • Head to the shelving just to the left of the Bank here, where you can see a hook hanging down from the ceiling.
  • Plant the first bug here where you see a covered box.
  • Go to the opposite side of the bank and stand on the right-hand side of the steel flooring with the red paint.
  • You will find a location to plant the next bug.
  • Either location can have a second bug planted there to complete this step.

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