Witch Queen Emblems for The Witch Queen.

These are codes for free emblems any Destiny 2 player can redeem via Bungie's website.

Emblem Codes[edit]

  • Sneer of the Oni: 6LJ-GH7-TPA
  • Countdown to Convergence: PHV-6LF-9CP
  • Shadow's Light: F99-KPX-NCF
  • Liminal Nadir: VA7-L7H-PNC


  • Once the code is redeemed, access your Collections in game.
  • Go to Flair and access the General section for emblems.
  • These emblems will be there, but they do not flash to show as recent additions.
  • Simply reacquire the emblem to add it to your inventory.
  • Go to your Emblems on the lower Character Inventory screen.
  • Equip the Emblem