“Xol, Will of the Thousands” is a Worm God of the Hive.


Xol, Will of the Thousands is one of the Worm Gods that aids the Hive. It is from them that the Sword Logic has been born.

  • Flame Breath
  • Arena wide burst to launch Guardian into the air
  • Summons Hive


Fighting Xol, Will of the Thousands[edit]

  • Xol, Will of the Thousands will tower over the Guardian.
  • It has a critical point found in its mouth, the yellow spot.
  • If enough damage is done to that location, a secondary critical spot can appear on the side of its neck for the rest of that appearance.
  • Xol can be damaged by conventional weaponry, but is has enough health it is almost trivial.
  • When Rasputin and Ana Bray call in the Valkyrie, that will be your chance to do heavy damage to the Worm.
  • Aim slightly above the mouth when throwing the spear to account for its downward arcing that will occur before the spear reaches the Worm.
  • Enough damage done to the mouth critical spot will further stun Xol, exposing a second critical spot on the side of its body.