The Objective, “Hunt the Mindbender” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Hunt the Mindbender is an Objective in Target: The Mindbender in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Follow the source of the signal into the crashed Hive ship to find the Mindbender.


  • It is time to work deeper into the Tomb Ship that the Scorn and Hive have been coming from.
  • Jump across the platforms and go into the opening in the crashed Tomb Ship.
  • Go inside the crashed Ship from there and start going through the twisting corners of this ship.
  • Keep to the left as you go deeper into the ship, this will lead you into the Hall of the Exalted.
  • Inside the first chamber you will encounter 6 Mindbent Thrall and a Raider.
  • Destroy the totem protecting them and then kill off the enemies inside the room.
  • Head through the door in the back right of the room after that, into the dark corridor.
  • Continue forward to the right from there.
  • Get into the next lit portion of the tomb ship.
  • Be on guard here for a Wraith that will be charging after you.
  • Turning the full corner will have you fighting a few more Raiders.
  • This will lead you toward the next chamber, with a Mindbent Acolyte protecting the entrance into the next chamber.
  • Deeper in, you will see another Raider and more Acolytes.
  • Start toward the blue-lit corridor you can see in the back of the room.
  • As you approach it, be careful of the Screebs that will be dropping from the ceiling while defending against the Raider.
  • Start running through the hallway in the back.
  • You will encounter more Mindbent Thrall, Mindbent Acolyte, and an Abomination.
  • Kill off the Abomination and carve your way through the Hive.
  • The barrier in the back of the room will lift from there.
  • Go on through it the now open doorway.
  • Turn to the left and head down the stairs.
  • Follow the corridor over to the right, through the hallway there.
  • Head on down the spiral staircase into the main chamber of this portion of the ship.
  • Start fighting the Hive in this chamber.


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