Ballsy is an achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.




  • Create a separate save file before beginning this mission to get both achievements/trophies tied to this mission.

Required Augments[edit]

  • None


Choose to save Allison during Confronting the Bomb-Maker and then head to Church of the Machine God. Go to the Church, is which nearby Adam's Apartment in Prague. Head inside the Church which will accessible at this point.

Ballsy Achievement/Trophy

Inside the church, head to the South. Go through the double archway you find there.

Ballsy Achievement/Trophy

Just past the archways you will find a converted Basketball court that is being used for an office and some storage. Look to the right.

Ballsy Achievement/Trophy

On the ground you will see 2 basketballs and above them a basketball hoop. To unlock this trophy you must pick up one of the basketballs and throw it through the basketball hoop. This will trigger as long as ball goes through the hoop. You can simply jump up to the basketball hoop holding the ball for a slam duck to earn the trophy.

Ballsy Achievement/Trophy