Harvester Copycat Victim 4? in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Harvester Copycat Victim 4? is an item in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


  • Name: Leonie Wolff aka "Jasime"
  • Age: 31
  • Associations:

- Assimoff (augmented strip club/prostitution?)

-Second Breath (recovering alcoholic)

-Catatonic (Cat grooming school)

  • Crime scene/evidence

-Traces of EMP

- Augmented victim*/augments removed* (removal marks consistent)

- Body discovered in Pfekazka

- Strands of fur: lab reports suggegt black bear (inconclusive)

-Partial prints (left around the throat area)**

- Toxicology report suggests victim was drugged**

  • Same as last year's Harvester killing
    • Prints found on the throat (in conjunction with witness testimony) ultimately led to the capture and execution of Marek Svobtka, aka "The Harvester".

Bureau Directives:

I have been instructed to treat Loenie Wolff's murder as an isolated case. The Bureau does not want to fuel speculation that there is a that there is a copycat serial killer at work in the area. Investigation into the copycat angle is to be carried out on a strictly "unofficial" basis.

After months of working these cases, two things have become clearto me: these are copycat killings; our copycat knows things about svobotka's M.O. that no one - outside a very select handful at the bureau - has any right to know.

Got a tip about Svokbotka being involved in some medical procedure at the prison. Will follow up soon.