Regulated Nervous System in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Regulated Nervous System is an augment for the Back.


Monitors and regulates the user's overclocked sensory feeds, giving the perception of slowed time.

The Hummingbird-9 Regulated Nervous System is a precautionary mechanism for the Focus Enhancement augmentation, guaranteeing the user does not enter a critical state. The system applies back-up safety protocols in the event of overexertion. As a fail-safe, the system feeds on the user's bio-electric capacity cells. Expending them overrides user manual activation and immediately terminates the system.

When active, the R.N.S. appears to slow the user's surroundings, while in truth, their reaction time has been nominally increased. Most regular actions are permissible within this mode.

The Hummingbird-9 is the 9th and only iteration of R.N.S. which did not immediately cause the test subject's heart ventricle valves and artificial heart to overheat and burst on activation.



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