Art Dealer's Apartment Safe in Dishonored

Safe Location[edit]

Art Dealer's Apartment

Art Dealers key[edit]

Another way to get this Key is to help the Art Dealer Ex-Maid. Save her from the 2 Guards at the Alley beside the First and Second Wall of Light. Approach her after saving her by killing of the 2 guards or putting them to sleep. She will reward you with the Art Dealer's Apartment Key.


House of Pleasure

Message Displayed[edit]

Art Dealer's Safe Combination Needed

Safe Combination[edit]

The safe combination is chosen at random [1]. Trying 870 Sould be the combination

How to get clue for Art Dealers Apartment Safe code[edit]

1. By finding a note with the safe combination on it 2. By torturing Art Dealer Bunting in the Golden Cat in the silver room


  1. Dishonored: Every Safe Location And Combination

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