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Distillery Reserve Key in Dishonored

The Distillery Reserve Key is a key in Dishonored


[edit] Key Name

Distillery Reserve Key

[edit] Key Opens

Distillery Reserve Key Needed to open unbreakable door at the base of a set of stairs in the Old Dunwall Distillery. On the other side of the door is a red sofa with a bone charm on it.

[edit] Where to find Distillery Reserve Key

In the Old Dunwall Distillery Control Room (The room on top floor with desk and cell near it), turn the red Crank Wheel:


Then run and slide under the door (or you can use Blink to quickly move to the other side of the door) and find a small room with some lockers. The key is in one of the lockers. See screenshot for the Distillery Reserve Key Location:


ALTERNATIVE: One of the guards in the Dunwall Distillery has the key. You can choke out or kill the guard and then loot the key from its corpse.

[edit] How to get out of the room

Climb crates on the corner and climb/jump out to the exit. Then go down to the unbreakable door and unlock it and get bone charm from red couch.

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