Dr. Galvani's Office safe in Dishonored

Safe Location[edit]

Dr. Galvani's Office


High Overseer Campbell

Message Displayed[edit]

Galvani's Office Safe Combination Needed

Safe Combination[edit]

Safe combination is: 287[1].

This combo is always the same

Clue for Galvani Office Safe Code[edit]

Dr. Galvani's Journal in the bedroom nearby has the clues to come up with the combination for the doctor office safe solution.

Alternately, the combination itself is written in a much easier to understand format on the blackboard in the laboratory under a sketch entitled "Whale Physiology."

Safe Contents[edit]

2x Gold Ingots (Value: 100 each)

During the mission "The Golden Cat", whilst helping Slackjaw, if you open the safe in Dr Galvani's whilst attempting the side mission, a pouch containing 500 coins will be present rather than two gold bars.


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