Dishonored: Sewers Jelly's Share Safe Combination

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Jellys Share Safe in Dishonored

The Jelly's Share Safe is the first safe you find in the game Dishonored


[edit] Safe Location

Dunwall Sewers past the Dunwall Sewer Gate

[edit] Mission

Dishonored - Fugitive (First Mission)

[edit] Message Displayed

Jelly's Share Safe Combination Needed

[edit] Safe Combination

Safe combination is: 451[1]

If that doesn't work, try 632

[edit] How to get clue for Jelly's Share Safe code

If you read the note called Jelly's Share it hints to look for code in Whiskey. There is a section near the safe where it says "Whiskey" and there is a shelves with bottles on it. If you clear the bottles from the shelves above the whiskey box, behind them it says "451" (Since sewers are dark this can be hard to see, try upping your brightness if you can't see the combo)

Additionally, a LOT of games (eg. System Shock, Deus Ex 1, Bioshock, Sanitarium etc.) use this combination for the first combination lock/keypad, so it is also possible to guess it.

[edit] Jelly's Share Safe Contents

Moray Jewel Box

Sokolov's Health Elixir

[edit] References

  1. Dishonored: Every Safe Location And Combination
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