Divinity: Dragon Commander

This is the info from the English Localization File of Divinity Dragon Commander:

Not again, commander! 'No' to Project Megabomb, 'no' to Project Super Soldier. You're determined to see the first ever depressed imp, aren't you? Cause you're getting there!
I wouldn't give up on this right in a hurry, indeed I wouldn't! It allows you to keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Take Oberon and I for instance: enemy and friend. Isn't that so, commander?
This decision will endear you in the hearts of many and shame the dwarves for the neglect of their own brother. All in all I'd say this has been a productive day.
That rotten swamper has gone from bad to worse! I keep hoping a man so full of himself is bound to burst like a bubble, but, alas, his constitution seems to bear his conceitedness—the damn pillock!
How many are available to you is listed on the left side of your status bar,
I've always said the undead should be wiped out, every last one of them. But now it's too late! They have too much power! Dark is the day when the dead outdo the living!
Combat and carnage! Huzzah! You showed 'em, commander!
We as their representatives have witnessed your triumphs with mounting awe, and have agreed you are to be the one: the hero who shall both restore the kingdom and recommence the workings of government. I therefore declare you emperor! Long live the emperor!
Imperial population adjustment
Our studies show Oberon is correct, commander! Sure, it took our researchers a very long time to write down their results, which they did in the weirdest of phrases, and for some reason they ate and ate and ate, but one simply cannot dismiss their deductions!
Storm Shores
Your Troopers will have the Spoils of War ability for one combat round.
Wise hawks and falcons I have sent out to locate the best and most beauteous spot in Rivellon where we will build your castle! Then, a capital we'll build around your castle! And an empire around that capital! An empire that will stand for a thousand years!
These balloons really wobble too much! - HIC!
Good show! Let us celebrate all mothers in the land! Bosoms aplenty and an infant on every nipple! Huzzah!
Ever since that glorious meal I have been re-evaluating the elf dictum that says eating meat is some kind of great, unholy evil. I shan't eat it every day, but surely I can have it again without becoming a monstrous ghoul!
More kills, more beers!
Good! Yes, wonderful! The days of that demon dwarven drink are numbered! A victory for the Seven, commander! That's right! For I bet they don't even like the few dwarves that are actually pious!
Unit building times have decreased by [1]%.
In all seriousness though, I am glad to let go of all my bitterness and regrets. I have you to thank for this, my love, and I shan't forget.
for he did not want the war to end!
So today's talk of the town is an international court of law, something which will basically consist of nothing more than a legal hodgepodge inferior to stout dwarven justice. The people's taxes have to be spent somewhere, I suppose ...
Ta very much, commander! It took you a while to see the light, but you made a proper business decision in the end! These bastards of warlords are a gift to commerce, commander, and by golly you don't look a gift warlord in the mouth!
Very wise of you, commander! I knew you'd see right through the dwarves' evil scheme!
There are many shortcuts in Dragon Commander
Why don't you have a chat with your wife? She's a stickler for the law, but you know what they say: better safe than sorry... very sorry.
Undo purchase
Hahaha! By Grom the Giant's Codpiece, what an uproar that ledger caused! Unseen in history! Those whose name has been disgraced have fled the realm and all the others are lapping up every last sordid detail with the gusto of a dwarf bent backwards in a vat of ale!
Luck Of The Irish
Go to the Demon's Lair
The leader who gives licence to debauchery gives licence to the moral corruption of his entire society. Persevere, Commander, and civilisation will come crashing down around you.
We've won a couple of victories, commander, but don't let them go to your head! You're still no more than a mountaineer standing beneath the snowline, gazing up at the summit.
Purity, Commander! That is what we have achieved! We thought it lay condensed in the works of Claudella, but we were deceived! Sin lay there congealed until her guilty conscience could bear her trespass no longer, and she revealed it to the world.
I'd like to decapitate that Catherine witch and use her head for a cannonball! How dare she mingle with my affairs! You don't give daughters a choice! Of course she won't marry that dear old duke now! O I could have mingled in the highest circles! Owned a castle in the Gordian Glades! Damn the witch, damn her!
Looks like enemy anti-ground turrets are ready for construction!
A triumph for the labourer! Let our enemies assail our lands now! People will fight for the liberties they have been granted, for they know slavery awaits if they do not!
Glad you don't agree with the elves and their schmaltzy claptrap! Those bloody locusts have devoured their last cauliflowers!
East Lancefurt
Dear friends of mine are being held in his dungeons as we speak, trapped in a nightmare of blood, piss and mutilation! And why? Because you did not allow nature to take its course. Assassination should have been that bastard's lot!
Tell me about catherine_3_1
The enemy's Transports will have [1]% less health
For a moment I feared you'd be swayed, Commander! But luckily you are no butcher—not of innocent animals, at least.
Howling Canyons
My night and day, praise be unto the Seven, for we have booked a great and perfect success! The ill-starred who were so suddenly stripped from their sacred skeleton no longer mourn the bones that were snatched away from them, but celebrate a new life instead, cloaked in warm-blooded rapture.
Waste Lands
Hail and kill!
I am rather proud to say I outwitted him. Once the war began, I knew it had something to do with the Architect, so I sped to his ship, the very one we are on now. There I found Corvus and surprised him unawares with magic spells so old and powerful even dragons may not know their likes.
O dear, o dear! A ravishing imp princess was on her way to the Raven, Commander, but she and her chamber maids were playing hide-and-seek-the-lit-fuse aboard her transport ship and... well... they didn't find it in time. Poor girl. Died a true imp's death though—blasted to smithereens, fireworks in the sky. I'm happy for her really!
There's this strange fellow on the ship, commander! Did the best party trick I ever saw. One moment he doodles a pint, the next it's real and he's drinking it! Maxos can learn a thing or two from this character!
Trinculo is quite right, Commander! Orc meat is cheap and nutritious—or so I'm told. I myself would never touch the stuff, but there's fortunes to be made selling it to those who can't afford pork, beef or mutton! It would be an act of philanthropy, Commander!
I ruled in favour of Igna, she's the molested chambermaid in case you've forgotten, and Falstaff's buddy Desmond is on his way to the salt mines with a new pair of boots and a ten year invitation. His conviction by my hand is tenuous at best, and I think a few colleagues would have spoken against me had I not had the status of queen...
O my sky and clouds, may the Seven forgive me if I ever spoke ill of imps, for they are truly expert engineers whose peerless blend of wonder and whimsy begets the gains of genius.
You know my background; you know I used to be a queen in my own right and that under my rule women held sway. In a male-dominated world, I have tried to champion their rights, but on the whole have found in you the obstacle I knew you would be, the chauvinist swine your father was before you— bastards all!
Unit cost
Enemy's cloak prototype was literally a cloak. Pictures inside!
By the Seven, I don't know what to think of this situation, commander. If lady Ophelia rejects her god-given bones, but takes up golden ones instead, is she honouring the divines or taunting them? The scriptures should provide an answer, but I'm at a loss to find a precedent!
The enemy is heavily entrenched! We'll have to face some pretty stiff opposition!
A momentous decision, commander! And quite honestly one I had not expected! The next generation will see us more professors than priests and that is a development I applaud with enthusiasm, hope and gratitude!
Imps praise our empire's cultural preference of warmongers, invent veritable floating fortress thanks to war funds
Time for lightshow!
With the right spells at its disposal, your dragon may bring your forces back to full health when necessary!
Harrowridge... a harrowing place if ever there was one, Commander. When Oberon first spoke of its supposed horrors I dismissed them as the ravings of yet another councillor shouting for attention, but it was all damnably true! The undead, they were slaughtering each and every elf they could get their bony, sordid claws on. 'In the name of the Seven!' Lunatics the lot of them.
Now then, to read through last week's transcripts! I'll see you later. Maybe we can have a spot of dinner together. Marriage is a happy occasion after all, and demands some sort of formal celebration. That is the custom, is it not?
If the day should come for me, you can scarper, too. I've no use for a general with any more prosthetic limbs.
Once more unto the breach: command and win 100 RTS battles.
Even though we elves do think people are basically equal to one another, we nevertheless have a deep reverence for the age-old noble bloodlines from which the greatest of our kin descend without fail. And look at nature: bees have a queen, do they not? No republic there. No, I don't think this referendum should be held.
A couple of dilapidated graves? We are talking about the Fields of Evergreen, the most ancient, sacred and beauteous of elven burial grounds! You cannot possibly allow Trinculo and his cronies to desecrate these hallowed plots!
Since the dawn of time beautiful Rivellon has been a stage of bitter rivalry, strife and war. Haughty humans, all too lofty lizards, dogged dwarves, erratic elves, irrational imps, dogmatic undead and yes, wayward wizards even, couldn't forego the time it takes for the moon to wax and wane without turning to fresh violence.
A medium class ground unit that is highly effective against buildings and other medium class ground units. The increased movement points of this unit make it ideal to blitz with.
Well, commander, if elves were the only race to have become what they misnomer 'civilised', this globe and all upon it would exist in a paradise of such perfection the gods need not create for us a heaven. Such, alas, is the fiction, not the reality.
Enemy dragon spotted!
Off we go!
What on earth could have happened to Lady Camilla? I know she can be a bit irksome, but you didn't throw her off the ship, did you? No of course not... that sounds about as likely as your feeding her to a demon!
A [1] class [2] unit that is good against any opponent, except aerial units.
Begone! Begone! You are no better than the enemy we fight! Take the money! Revel in it; be buried in it; drown in it!
Casualties Of War
I'm sorry, Catherine dear, but I'm not changing age-old undead traditions just because you disapprove of them.
Tell me about your colleague, the other general.
Lord Bhrom Emeraldcrown
The enemy has put up some defences here, commander. Nothing we can't handle though.
Press [1] in dragon form to command selected units.
To battle!
Rumour has it'? 'It is whispered'? I'm glad you brought me so much concrete evidence. I'll get right on it!
What a waste, Commander! A girl with a body like Scarlett's shouldn't linger her life away in celibacy! A diamond should be worn, catch the sun, not locked away in the darkness of a vault! Damn these rotten Sisters of Vesta; they've filled her head with madness!
Lords above and below, the very thought of it makes ME sick. There. We've come full circle.
What's all this nonsense about shifting souls to other bodies? Ridiculous! I hope lady Ophelia is not contemplating a move in that direction, for the Seven will not forgive such heresy!
The enemy's Transports will do [1]% less damage.
The moral angle tends to become a blind spot when Falstaff and the likes catch a whiff of gold. This may lead to violence, and I don't want a civil war on my hands.
Your treasury is overflowing with gold, commander! Thieves have been eyeing it greedily...
This is an evolutionary step in the practice of law without precedent or parallel, and I have every reason to be proud. Now, to ensure my pride does not come before the fall.
Right, commander! You've upset us imps greatly by cancelling Project Megabomb, but we are not the kind to despair for long! In fact, we want to present you with Project Super Soldier! Sounds like something you could use, right? So let's start experimenting on foetuses! Yep, you heard me correctly! We need to study various types of genetic engineering processes pronto! Soon babes will be born as Super Soldiers and grow to maturity in no time!
Fie upon Edmund's pride, Commander! The Lizard Lords have granted him the honour of representing our mighty military on a diplomatic mission of utter import, and he gets his knickers in a twist because it comes with a spot of sacrament alien to our ways.
A dead ringer: our emperor duplicates the enemy's grenadier
I'm ready to meet Corvus. I believe you could show me how?
Once united, peace was declared in Rivellon
Your generals are out of control, Commander! Now, I appreciate they stood together to rescue Henry's daughter, but when the end result has a tally of two incinerated buildings, a ruined hall of industry and a few dozen dead or wounded it seems to me they were a tad too enthusiastic.
Rally Point
Such was the crazed company the dragon prince would have to fight.
Press [IE_RTSShowBase] to cycle through your recruitment citadels
Right-o, milord!
Next time you had better let me lead us into battle, commander! Your methods just don't cut the mustard!
Air units cost [1]% less.
Your system does not meet the requirements for high quality textures. Enabling them anyway may result in system instability.
Your choice, commander, though it may well prove to be a disastrous one. I've seen locusts come in swarms before and seen the hunger-plagued faces after they had passed.
Select Battle Forges
Why invest in poor people when you can invest in munitions factories? Falstaff's got the right idea!
So you deny, then, that we have been given rulership over the beasts of this earth? Heresy!
Commander, it doesn't actually take academic research to catch at first glance that these smoke-sticks are vile, lurid inventions fit for neither man nor beast. They bring you great wealth, that I realise, but perhaps wealth does not excuse their existence.
the prince they had called a bastard, became emperor of Rivellon.
Birth Control
Invite a player
The enemy's Hunters will move [1]% slower.
Armour - Short Sharp Shock
Sweet-tasting Lohannah makes for a delicious Blood Servant, dragon. The anguish she suffers is indescribable... as is my delight! More! I'll want more... soon...
The Seven bless you! Your luck has increased by [1]%.
Be that as it may, deep down I want to dismiss the jury's verdict as hurriedly as I would an undead's love letter and simply hang the beast! Were it not for my conscientious nature, I would do so.
I'm in a bit of a pickle here, commander! The dwarves are paying us handsomely for our toxic gas, but it was never meant to be used against locusts! Employed for peaceful purposes rather, that is to say: war! No, it's probably for the best if you forbid it!
That lizard constitutes the very height of haughtiness and bigotry, Commander. Such a shame to think about what a gift to mankind he would be, should he use his intellect for the benefit of all, not just his own selfish needs.
What more can you tell me about Aurora?
To be fair though, I suppose this is indeed a day to be merry. Many gave their utmost to safeguard the empire; many gave even their lives. So many proud lizards! And yes, dwarves, elves... the others too. Heed well their sacrifice, Commander, for it is you they fought for, even more, I think, than the idea that is the realm.
The King of Fish has blessed you! Your luck has increased by [1].
Open card selection
Grenadier Mercenaries
Bravo, Commander! And believe me, the extra cost your kingdom will incur shall pale in comparison with the boost to morale extra wages will give the people!
Happy tidings! The undead reconsidered, Commander! They finally realised the import of our presence in their lands! What would they be without our banks, eh? Lady Camilla really came through for us... even though she didn't take much of a shine to my offer of a small reimbursement for all her troubles.
I hear it was you who suggested to my Lady Lohannah that she should bake cookies, commander.
These last few days have been a horror, Commander! Posters of Falstaff everywhere. O, that silly grin! 'Falstaff for president' was the only cry you heard! And I swear there isn't a baby's cheek left in the land unkissed by that damnable dwarf! This charade would repeat itself every few years? Dear me, no! I beg you, Commander, remain our emperor!
The size of your currently deployed armies will increase by [1]%.
Tell me about scarlett_2_2
On The Double
So full of oiling blood am I that the memory of my massacres will keep me satisfied for many hours to come. Return to me when I shall lust for more sanguine plunder anew.
You are a great man, commander, and you'll make for a great king. I wish for no more than to stand by your side until the day comes we have vanquished our last enemies.
Building Academies on the Strategy Map increases your research points income!
Such an event would shock the nation, but perhaps it is in need of such a shock. You have my blessing. Off with his head!
Will you allow nudism?
Our troops march unprotected in this land! There are no entrenchments to speak of here.
Another province conquered, another land where your enlightened rule may flourish! Bravo, Commander!
Aura of Annihilation
Hold on to your hats, lads; a storm is coming! You're crazy, commander! Deranged! What if an imp wins? It'll be the end of the world!
Defend nature and defend the little man, for they will in turn defend you! A happy people, one with the wilds, will fight for its country with redoubled zeal! To that effect, I hope we'll have your backing!
Will you curb the amount of fish fishermen may catch?
The enemy's Hunters will have [1]% less health.
Better finish off enemy Hunters quickly, before they teleport to friendly targets!
Well done, commander. And I hope that's the last we here about all that ecology rot. The air we breathe is free, but war machines? Not quite.
Unit Acquisition
If you're still in doubt of triumph, you're more insecure than I gave you credit for, commander! The end is in sight; that much is certain.
How I detest them all, the worms that crawled up from under wet earth at the scent of prey—but I was no corpse to be devoured!
Tell me about edmund_5_1
The enemy's Imp Fighters will move [1]% slower.
Hard Core
Your Transports will have the Minesweeper upgrade for one combat round.
Tell me about catherine_3_2
Very good, Commander! Besides, any dwarf who doesn't show diligence in economy class sees his savings sink on the stock market, and that hurts him more than any whip could!
Oh my light and love, all the world is colour! My poor, poor brethren—alive in death; in death alive—their sight is black and white, therefore their souls are too. But I have seen the universe spread its palette like a peacock proudly parading its plumage! Like a poet's words, they wash clean and clear the windows of mind and heart. Behold beyond: newfound beauty!
Here Be Dragons
Picture this, Commander! A lizard wakes in the night upon hearing a noise in another room. He gets up and confronts an imp burglar who eyes him evilly, dagger in hand. With one swift strike of the tail, the lizard decapitates the trespasser upon his territory, only to be charged with murder by the authorities! Have we no right to protect our property, our families, even with lethal violence? Because I think we should!
Will you ban the publication of press articles that negatively influence your economy?
Your latest victory was awe-inspiring, commander! The enemy trembled with fear!
One has but to look at our gold reserves, commander, to see that they are dwindling fast. I therefore propose we cease to aid developing countries financially. Them greedy buggers can take care of themselves for a change.
You're just taking away the humane option from medical professionals to provide for a dignified farewell. To deny the inevitable is always folly, commander.
Silly girl! If the Seven deemed it fit to brittle her bones, she should accept their judgement!
In case you're wondering, raw elf liver was deemed quite the delicacy among lizards back during the long wars for Silvertop Forest. Ever since our peoples made peace, however, its consumption is somewhat frowned upon. I myself am rather willing, though, to set the trend anew.
Those refugees died—there's no denying it. The case against you will be strong, and I don't want you to end up in jail. If I were you, diplomatic immunity would be the card I play.
Rightly so! He's a wise man and very concerned about my welfare, even though he can be a bit over-protective from time to time; thinks he's training a puppy, not advising a queen of the realm.
If I hear Yorrick exclaim 'by the Seven' one more time today, I swear I'll swoop his brittle legs right from under him with a lash of my tail! Don't let him bother you, Commander, and Falstaff neither; the decision to allow hobweed was the right one to make!
Ends your turn. You cannot make additional actions on the strategy map.
A grave injustice has been averted, Commander! Perhaps you may want to tell Trinculo he'll be the one exception to the rule though, and that he has three minutes to evacuate ship. See how he likes it...
Crown's Fort
Total cost / Available funds
We must investigate, commander! There must be demons aboard the Raven, or likewise infernal creatures! Each girl you marry vanishes into thin air. Could it be that you are cursed?
To be proven right: it has long been a given to me, but never do I quite tire of it. Such is the satisfaction of superiority, Commander! I hope you enjoy it too... once in a while... when the stars are right ...
A bang for your buck!
Does he now? There's an explanation for that, but I'll reserve it for later.
Please tell Yorrick to calm his kin! A civilised society should not stand for such barbarism, whether the gods approve or not!
Edmund, he's called, a lizard of the House of Karkaros. In truth, I'd rather sleep with syphilis incarnate than have him aboard, but there's no denying his talent. He's as arrogant as he is astute, and as ingenious as he is insufferable. Why don't you offer him a word of welcome? I know I won't.
My word, have you seen my statue on Government Square? It's breathtaking—a masterpiece. Della Gekko is a genius, an artist beyond description!
I never told you about my youth, did I? Perhaps because I do not recall it very fondly. I was raised in the strictest of discipline, you see. Indeed, the minor-most infraction was punished severely and judiciously. No wonder such an upbringing led me to the law: the very measure of right and wrong.
Your Ironclads will move [1]% faster.
Will you allow people to kill burglars?
The Rivellon Times
We could use some support, commander!
Deselect all
Tell me about aida_1
Press [1] to use your [2] dragon skill in slot [3].
The enemy is entrenched here ... to a degree. Better to be prepared though.
Your Hunters will have the Teleportation ability for one combat round.
Skip video
In short, I hope you and Lady Aida will be very happy—but beware the overtly ambitious Falstaff who lurks behind her.
People would pay to have their sins forgiven? Flaming fuses, they should be paid to commit them! No imp would fall for such an underhanded scheme, commander, and I sincerely hope you won't either!
Now I know better. Now I realise I'd have been perpetuating a distorted view of art limited by silly laws, shackled by misguided preconceptions. No more!
The Royal Chamber
Show Map
You know, my love, I've been eavesdropping once or twice when you and the councillors decide upon policy. Dear me, what a sad state of affairs when men and women of the law have to enforce what is decided during these shouting matches by means of bickering, bartering and bribery! Had I known sooner, I had long been less strict about the nonsense I must from time to time enforce!
Stay away from enemy shamans! They'll charm our troops and turn them against us!
Ugh, this is all too frustrating, Commander! They arrested Narkhesem, but he wasn't thrown in a dungeon: he's just 'confined' to a palace out in the country where he lives in opulent luxury and is reported to have already killed a servant because he looked a bit effeminate. With no repercussions, as a matter of course!
What a man builds, earns and gathers by the fruits of his own labour are his to protect. May the end of those that would take it from him be swift and bloody!
Your total gold income per turn will increase by [1]%.
Once per Player per Turn
Heads Will Roll
Let him plague me with a thousand sermons; if this can be done, he can take his deluded misgivings and scatter them to the winds! So much of the self lies in semblance. If a woman's aspect I can parallel, I can truly play her part, and, at length, even in a strange land, my spirit can tranquilly settle.
and the world became one of harmony once more:
Don't even go there, commander. Nothing quite so sad as a man with a superiority complex. If he really had any brains, he'd realise he's of the wrong gender to be a genius.
To think I didn't even close a single dwarven bank in undead regions or impede their workings in any way. I merely had their clerks remove the small print from their contracts, thus counteracting the interest inflation. Touchy little tykes!
Commander, as you are well aware, if there is one thing we undead think is important, it is proper regard for religion in society, which is beneficial to you too. A strong Church of the Seven draws believers from far and wide and dramatically increases the empire's access to cheap labourers. With the war effort going on, you need as many as possible! A strong church requires a strong income though, so why not introduce the 'Indulgence'? People who have sinned can simply buy forgiveness! Isn't that beautiful? The church will prosper and you will have your labourers!
Edmund seems to be in a mood fouler than an ogre's abattoir! We were just trading routine insults when I said 'your grandmother was an orc' and immediately he tried to get his bloody hands round my throat. Madcap lizard! Who gets so upset over such a childish taunt?
You are requested in the Throne Room.
Perfect! But let's have lizards man the guard posts and dwarves run the inns. Having it the other way around would see us drunken sentinels and all-too-stern barkeeps.
Grumio tells me the Raven sings to him in his sleep... and that the voice is female.
Thank you for standing by me, my love! Contemplating the use of diplomatic immunity was embittering my heart, but knowing you applaud this course of action has truly assuaged my doubts.
Juggernauts Unleashed
These rumours king Thelor is spreading are positively shocking. Whether they're true or not, for a father to treat his child this way is appalling. An elf wouldn't treat a dwarf like that, let alone his own offspring.
Surrender while you can, commander: enemy now transports troops over sea
Marriage is a bond between a male and a female: the union from which children spring. Same-sex marriages would be barren bonds, the very opposite of what our kingdom needs.
I wish to marry again, Maxos.
Divine enlightenment at last! You are the gods' conduit on earth, Commander: never forget! The heathen lizards tried to bring you down, and the Seven with you, but no power can bend the will of the gods!
I'm cautiously optimistic. Stand fast, don't back down and we may get there in the end.
A turret specialized in taking out aerial units. Can also detect cloaked units within sight range.
Non-researched Technology
Bomber Balloons cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Withhold money from education? Madness! A stupid imp can blow himself up well enough, but it takes a scientist to blow up all the others!
Another battle lost and won, or in your case, won full stop.
Deselect all
Many of his rivals had fallen
Thank you, commander! For what it's worth, I do believe the undead are tragically misguided in their construing of divine will. If there indeed be gods, they must have kinder hearts than their followers! If not, gods help us all ...
Some think I'm overcompensating, but I just love huge cannons
Hunters in a selected country won't be able to move this round.
I thank you, commander! After all, the fruits of the seas are like the fruits of the trees: treat their bearers ill and an ill harvest will follow. An inference so simple I had thought even the undead would understand.
Tell me about scarlett_4_1_1
Commander, you know me to be a wise woman and it is therefore highly insulting that you would turn down my advice iterated twice in a row! My concern is the good of the empire, which should be yours as well!
I can't believe you're willing to pay through the nose for the sake of some shrubberies or whatever they call all that green stuff! There's a bloody lot of it out there, commander! No one cares about a couple of square miles all shot to hell!
Tell me about henry_3_2_0
Total amount of units you've destroyed
and it pays to learn them all to optimally enjoy the game and rule the skies!
Tell me about ophelia_4
My reason has been restored, love lies trampled in the dust and one less elf draws breath. All is well with the world!
Resource Construction Site
Commander, you know I don't approve of government interference with personal liberties, but we're talking about life and death here, not the right to park your horse in front of city hall or not. If another slaughter like the one in Maxosbridge happens again, you will be held accountable!
Thelor's cruel and petty, but what he does, most in a position of power would do as well. When something threatens your might, you grind it into the dust ... though you don't have to do it quite so slowly, or enjoy it quite as much as he does. My ideas of torture don't even exceed withholding someone a frothy cup of ale longer than an hour.
Devastator Mercenaries
Lords above, I feel a bit faint all of a sudden. Thoughts as nightmarish as that will do that to a person!
Commander, you are well aware it is the imp's great destiny to create the biggest and baddest explosion ever, one that can reshape our world, and I'll have you know we are getting closer to its realisation! Our scientist have discovered the location of what they suspect is a metallic element of such formidable combustibility, at first they thought they were having one of those very special dreams! We want to mine it of course, but the thing is, it can only be found beneath a couple of dilapidated elven graves. Oberon's making a fuss, but you'll allow us to dig, won't you?
Perhaps, if I may venture to suggest it, a copy of that ring could be manufactured. I can think of a host of situations in which it would prove invaluable!
Now all we have to do is make this doozy public! Sure, it'll cause a bit of an uproar, but think of all the power that will slip from that old sod's grasp!
Let's have a drink, commander! One to celebrate and one to forget! Bottom's up!
Research unit
And the elves mad beyond description.
Destroy 150 enemy units on the Strategy Map with auto-resolves
Without a trace!
Finish the game.
I agree this is one of those times that idealism takes a run with the truth. She'll say dragons are equal to all of you next!
So-so. Steady as she goes and all that. Don't lose your nerve and plan ahead; know when to be bold and when to take a step back.
The dragon is still preparing for battle! Please wait [1] more seconds.
So what is it that makes the elves tick?
Troopers, Hunters, Heavy Units
Accursed elves and their accursed 'special' tobacco! It should be banned and there's an end to it!
You can select multiple units by holding the left mouse button
Bravo, commander! Your new law regarding the requirement of girls' and women's consent to marry has caused a wave of enthusiasm among the populace. The Romantic Ruler is your latest soubriquet; ironic, wouldn't you say?
I cannot believe, Commander, that Lohannah is actually doing business with the dwarves! Those money-grabbing midgets destroy one of nature's wonders, and she makes deals with them that will actually boost their sordid economy. They say her little scheme will save endangered wildlife in the long run, but I have grave, grave doubts!
I suppose it was inevitable Falstaff's promises of a fat treasury would sway you, commander, but you've disadvantaged all the others and you'll understand if none of us thank you for it!
Stopping them dead in their tracks!
I don't want to insult the council, but I don't think I can attend this dinner!
Who do these damned undead think they are? Always acting like they're above earthly concerns while they're the only ones that have actually spent time buried in its soil! Place priests above the law indeed! What gibberish!
My word, I've never seen fat old Falstaff so peeved! And why? Because one of the noblest elves ever to walk the earth refused to partake in their carnal feast of blood and bone!
As per usual, Yorrick makes me shudder with indignation, Commander! In a dark past, lizards used to be bred by swamp giants, destined for the roasting spit. Please do not drag this abhorrent practice into the present!
The more Recruitment Citadels you have,
They most certainly are. One doesn't create an entirely new judicial body every day, you know!
We did it, commander! Anne has been rescued! Hardest fight I ever fought, but it was worth it. I'm sorry to say though, those damned assassins spared not the citizens that stood in their way. Many died, but not by our blades!
But the law favours him, not me! Ever have I been the victim of petty rules and bywords, whereas he once more will benefit by them. I was ready to shout from the rooftops who I, Scarlett, really am—ready to strike a blow for justice! I understand you, Commander, but then again... maybe I don't.
Don't be pushy
Rockets on hunters may malfunction, warns imp
The enemy's Devastators will have [1]% less health
They have forbidden me to seek a cure, for to do so would be to defy the decrees of the divines. But now that I am here, my love, here with you aboard this wondrous Raven, I hope I may as yet counter the cancer that consumes me.
There is always a random factor involved in any auto-resolve, even when the odds are in your favour!
A fateful decision
Enemy devastators are moving faster than they did before, commander!
He may travel faster, but he travels alone, criticize strategists
You were being too impetuous on the battlefield, commander! Typical male mistake.
Right click to make them go somewhere,
And now what? You're married to an elf with weird longs legs and ears so large she wouldn't need wings to fly! No I don't envy you, commander! Verily I don't!
The production capacity of a country is equal to its gold income per turn.
Your Devastators will have the On The Double upgrade for one combat round.
Bomber Balloon - Enhanced Explosives
And if you want to taste true power, want to experience the true richness of demonic might, you will give me your wife, dragon! Render her unto me so she may become a Blood Servant and the ruthless radiance of domination will be yours!
By the grace of the Seven Commander, it is every undead's gods-given right to stamp out heresy wherever he sees it! Even if the results were wildly horrific, I'm sure it was the elves' fault somehow! But no such thing is recognised, no! Instead that king of all heretics Edmund swoops in and chases out my kinsmen by the sword! Accursed may he be on earth and in hell!
Time Played
Counter defensive players holding ground in their base by taking control of the rest of the map and denying them fresh resources!
From the grave I rise
My lord and emperor, I stand here before you because I was bid to, and thereby was I blessed. I am not worthy of your love, but should you choose to honour me with marriage, I should take it as a sign the Seven still savour my soul, and it will be my unwavering endeavour to earn the trust and affection you would bestow upon me. Grace be unto the gods and unto you, my sire and king.
Allowing the Elven Standard to keep on investigating the sordid secrets that surround blue sugar water would in the long run strike a perhaps lethal blow to this dwarven enterprise. So should we abolish its operations? On the contrary! We should support them wherever we can!
I have been bidden to follow your command without question, and I shall do so. Only in silence will I reflect on the damage done to elven traditions.
We should discuss this later.
Let the majority decide
Bomber Balloon - Mine High Club
Unlock the Blood Leech dragon skill for one combat round.
Here's a pretty queen we dwarves have landed! Her first official act is to order the desecration of her own father's remains. For shame,Commander! I'd teach that wife of yours a lesson in courtly manners!
I don't know if you've talked to Oberon yet, Commander, but if you haven't, please do, for I share his concerns to the fullest!
Sir Falstaff and I are in agreement, Commander! Quite unnerving to have an undead woman knocking on the door claiming she's your great-great-great-grandmother and could she please have her old room back! Or so I'm told...
The Green Mother has blessed you! Your luck has increased by [1].
Who had cut out her own tongue a long time ago
Damn it, commander, only heathens join those filthy unions! They'll complain about donations to the Church of the Seven next! Is every three gold coins for every ten they make really too much to ask?
I feel positively liberated, commander! That land you just conquered probably feels the same!
It's a rule we shouldn't break, but neither should we abandon the hostages. I'd send in rangers.
Will you grant workers a month long holiday each year?
Tell me about henry_2_0_0
Fine! We may have been asking for a bit much, but really, Commander, the Mother of all Bombs! She was yours for the taking! Gee whiz, you've denied us our destiny!
Maxos Crossing
Friendly firebats found on zeppelins. Imps take all the credit
Consider it an early birthday gift.
Of course you know the cur's as liked as a flatulent jester, even by his own nobles, so they begged me to beg you to countermand his tax raise. 'Twould humiliate him publically and weaken his position as king (so they say). 'Fair enough,' I reply; music to my ears, really. So how about it?
I'd exhale an existential sigh upon the hearing of such folly, yet give it no further thought but for one devilish detail in the treaty. It is I, as our foremost general, who must—quite literally—stoop to inspect their armies. An impish high priest will be present, figures fit for farce that are greeted and received with ridiculous amounts of highly ritualised protocol.
Control Settings
Display Mode:
I hope you're happy, commander, I hope you're very happy to have spoon-fed the misshapen monster misogyny by publically refusing to overthrow the Long Goodbye! Things have gone from bad to worse; brave dwarven women stood up in protest only to be apprehended. Some haven't been seen since!
and indicated that they need to go and capture that Shipyard over there...
Target in sight!
Blast it, commander! Finally the abuse at the hands of those damned Seven-praising madmen was about to be made public, and now you've gone and made them impervious to the workings of the law! What on earth possessed you?
Death to the false ones!
Not to mention the ludicrous honour she bestowed upon this charlatan that Falstaff calls a chef. 'Sir' Pjotr the Pork Chop indeed! I pray—and insist—we will not see a repeat of this shocking behaviour.
Allows the construction of Transports in your Shipyards. These ships can carry ground troops across water.
Load Game
I say to hell with those nobles! Have you come this far to still steal Thelor's throne from under him? He'll come round now that you saved his life. You'll be reunited!
And yet, things have come to pass aboard the Raven that shed new light on my views; a light that reveals they may have been somewhat... distorted. I do believe I have mellowed to a degree, having seen sides of all these other creatures that actually show merit, in their own peculiar ways. More often than not it was your forcing my hand in directions contrary to my instincts that lay at the basis of this epiphany, so I suppose a word of thanks is in order.
Dragon Allowed
Good, commander! Very well done. I'll organise decency patrols and make sure they don't spare the truncheon before giving tickets!
You will receive [1] less gold per turn in each [2] country.
So that's what I did: rounded 'em up and played from dusk till dawn. You were right; they're not a bad bunch once you get to know 'em. Obviously I left their purses emptier than Yorrick's skull, which does do wonders for my temper. Can't rightly say if that endeared me to them, but I sure as hell 'd like to see more of them once this month's wages come in!
Texture Quality:
The lesson was hammered home, Commander, if not well received! Let Falstaff continue to gripe if he must, though; what is important is that his appeal was denied. For is not the pursuit of happiness one of the fundamental ambitions of life? Who are we to stand in its way?
You may have gone against us; you may think you have won, commander, but you have done no such thing! What is left of Claudella's works is locked away in so-called museums, away from the eyes of every undead. Not a single one of us will enter these places ever again or be stricken down by the Seven!
So you got hitched, did you, Commander? Hear-hear! Lohannah... I tell you, she's hotter than an imp's spice rack, and how I'd like to taste a generous sprinkle myself! But that's out of the question, I take it?
Indecent Proposal
Bring me the spoils of war!
Bloody hell, I shouldn't have drank the entire bottle before going into combat. Guess we lost, huh?
So they have arrived, the politicians ... I thought I caught a whiff of hypocrisy. Better watch your back, commander!
Reborn to kill
What a strange day this must be for you, commander, having to receive princesses who are strangers to you and choose which one of them you would spend your life with!
You bet your braided beard I do!
Devastators, Juggernauts and Mortar Turrets can be ordered to bombard a specific ground target!
Can't miss!
Total population in your empire
But then Corvus, the demon,
Your unit will soon be ready!
I look down upon them all; all those miscreants that would violate the sanctity of the law. They insult me personally when they slight the virtues of justice, but ever will I deal with them harshly and swiftly! They will live by the law or be struck down upon their breaking it!
I envy you, commander! You've four women here begging to make her yours. Bloody hell, I wish I were a Dragon Knight!
Send in the Rangers.
I hear she hates men, or at least our male dominated world, with a vengeance. In her land, women ruled and men served. Must have been a quaint locale indeed.
Not mine is the holy Perpetuity of the Bone: a malicious malady mangles my marrow. Thus I have been punished by the Seven—so say the priests of the Skeleton Spire—though for what insidious infraction, I know not.
Our base is being breached, commander!
Armour Rating: [1]
Tell me about scarlett_4_2_2
Argh! My beard got stuck in the wheelwork! ... Heh, just kidding.
Accursed be that hot-head of a Henry, Commander! I'd rather swallow needles than endeavour a constructive discussion with him ever again. You know what he's like on the field— always must he fly solo, always must he go charging in like a bull in heat. Ridiculous! If he's thinking at all about what he's doing, it's with his brain that dangles, not deducts! The man's a menace. A danger to himself and others!
All you tall buggers have no respect for the stature of imps! Put me at the side of the table and no one'll ever notice me!
Tell me about aida_7
I stalked the shores of sleep successfully, dragon. Some souls have been swayed, other have been swallowed, just as you desired.
Out of Business
Unlock the Aura of Annihilation dragon skill for one combat round.
Will you allow workers to be physically modified so as to increase production?
It is over, commander! I return triumphantly! I rode to Narkhesem's stronghold on horseback, accompanied by several dozen female knights and there, with your seal in hand, I announced the fiend's head would roll!
Kind of the undead to pay me tribute though. Almost heart-warming! Almost.
Enemy defences everywhere ... This may be a tough battle!
Our base is under attack!
The enemy can build anti-air turrets now!
Ah, Lohannah, Lohannah, Lohannah... I knew she would stay true to our ideals! No statues for her, no indeed! She in herself is our Green Mother's work of art, one that no sculptor can better!
Why don't you have a chat with General Edmund first?
Commander, a tragic incident took place in a busy market hall. Two youngsters came charging in with knives and slashed away at everyone in their path. I believe there were a couple of fatalities, even. Now, such random acts of violence are a cause for concern, to be true, but some in this room blame it all on violent games and literature. They want to institute a ban, the overreacting fools! You wouldn't consider such a thing, would you, Commander?
Hardly has one dwarf left my courtroom heading for the hangman when another is brought forth! He's some high-ranking politician this time—oh it's nice to see you by the way—accused of raping a chamber maid.
I shall have long golden hair, azure eyes and ruby lips. All that I never was, I shall be!
And how did I do it? I suggested that instead of placing a monument on Government Square, an acorn should be planted that will one day become a mighty oak!
Lizard Favour
Ludicrous! Who's going to pay for all these holidays? Pay so that a man can provide for his family as he sits on his lazy arse? Me, that's who! And every employer with me! Absurd!
Strategy Phase
Your latest conquest is giving me quite the headache, husband dear! You overrun realm after realm not caring who has to vacate the local throne. Today it was a notorious elven dictator. So far so good you might say, but the situation is more complicated than that.
Time Left: [1] second(s)
Soylent Green
Fiend! Lowbred blackguard! You would make a mockery out of murder? May hell become your home and Satan be a she!
Another successful return from the battlefield! Now for some liquor and some lovin'!
We're under attack, but we will hold our ground!
I want my officers to be chosen based on merit, not anatomical features. Blindly replacing officers could have a very bad effect on the efficacy of my armies.
My world and stars, I have been dying for you to see me! Am I not becoming quite exquisite, a real woman in the making? No longer bare metal to behold, I am being fashioned anew with most delicate care.
Evenfall Ocean
Introduce this new tax, Commander and the church will just demand more of the public in donations. So in the end, who will really pay? The man in the street, and they give more than their share already!
May a long and blessed life be lady Aida's lot!
An enemy dragon can unleash the Eye of the Patriarch!
What a splendid thing it is to have the empire led by a dragon and its military. If those councillors ruled the realm, they'd be winning the war for our enemy with every backward decision they make.
Commander, working with environmentally responsible building materials is having the positive effect we had foreseen. We know very well though, that this evolution came at big costs, so I've been racking my brain, thinking of how to reduce them. Finally I have found the answer: the nationalisation of industry. All these privately run factories; all these suppliers, they are letting profits flow to their own pockets and they deliver rather shabby productions as a result. Enough I say! Let the state control industry, and quality will increase whereas production costs will decrease once more.
Enhanced Engines
King Thelor... Rat bastard! He's treated his only daughter like dirt all his life! Was it my fault that mother died giving birth to me? Was it my fault I was born without boys' bits between my legs? Ah, to hell with him! I'm here now, a blushing bride about to start her life anew!
Rockets or torpedos? As long as you pay, we've got them.
Map speed
Yes, it was in the heartland of Rivellon that the war
Hunter's off the leash!
Chief chirps: "I ordered my men to stay within spitting distance of the emperor". We wonder why.
Team Up!
Really, commander, what's next? You'll kill every dog because one of them bit you? Shoot every bird because a pigeon pooped on your carriage? Overreaction is what I sought to remedy, but you have just institutionalised it!
Until this day, I'd have judged you higher than a common vandal, Commander, but it seems I was remiss. Your allowing the undead to destroy Claudella's work was a crime, a wicked and short-sighted act. You may have pleased them today, but they'll find fault with you tomorrow. You'll see: there's always something you'll do wrong in the eyes of the Seven!
You set the trap, I'll make the kill
Transports in a selected area won't be able to move this round.
Do workers tire? Yes. Do they get bored, do they make mistakes? Of course! We dwarves will go to great lengths to increase productivity, commander, but cutting away parts of the brain or readjusting the position of one's arms is just not on the menu, so let us not partake!
Your Battle Forges produce units [1]% faster.
Excellent! Original Sin deserves a successful Kickstarter campaign!
To think the idea of a few dead elves made me chuckle as I travelled there... Quite another thing to see 'em lying in the ditches row on row, gored and mangled. Yet no sooner had my troops restored order than their survivors' spirits soared once more and they swore to reshape their stricken little society.
Commander, despite the imps' frivolous nature, they are surprisingly strict and severe in the classroom. In fact, they don't shy away from corporal punishment, with amazing results to show for it. Everybody knows they have the best and brightest students. Therefore, let's make this a nationwide practice, I say! Give every teacher a cat o' seven tails: one for each of the gods!
To the netherworld I return!
Multiplayer Campaign Options
Corvus is his name: 'raven' in the ancient language. He is at the same time our greatest ally and our greatest foe, for it is from his antediluvian psyche that I wrestle many of the incredible powers Grumio and I make real, but it is he who also provided your siblings with like technologies—and does so still, through dream-walking.
It shall be my honour!
Server Name
hmm, where's 13?
You'll see to it this little problem resolves itself quietly, won't you, commander? A queen of the realm can call upon diplomatic immunity of course. You'll nudge her in that direction, yes?
Vindication! May all the gods bless you, Commander! Such an elegant solution: Lohannah can stay aboard the ship as your rightful queen, and as for Prospera, she can behold her defeat each and every day!
The Armour's Short Sharp Shock skill can take out a group of infantry units in an instant!
Be blessed, commander, for protecting the Seven's handiwork! If their locusts are destroying dwarven crops, perhaps it is the dwarves that are being recalled by the gods. I bet Falstaff never entertained that line of thought!
Enemy units destroyed
Grenadier - Enhanced Explosives
That of Dragon Knights!
Bravo, Commander! It's not hard to make a choice when there is but one valid option, but I salute you all the same! Lady Camilla is a woman of rare refinement with a mind almost as keen as my own. One lucky dragon you are!
Oberon is such a bellyacher! Here I have saved a species from extinction, and he laments the fact that I did so in a pragmatic and political way! When might he be happy? Had I chained myself to that damned dam perhaps, saying I wouldn't leave until it was pulled down? No such cavalier action ever leads to success.
[1] Bomber Balloon mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
You and you alone can now accomplish what we set out to do. One dragon will have to face an endless number of demon-driven fiends and desolate them all! I know you can, my friend! Show them why you—none other—are the dragon Commander!
I'm glad you're keeping an open mind, commander. If more dwarves would enjoy naturalism in nature, perhaps they wouldn't be so keen on destroying so much of gods' green earth around them.
[1] servers found
I will remain a politician for certain, and I will continue to defend elven viewpoints valiantly, even though you have gone to incredible lengths already to ensure our ideals move beyond the stages of conception and enter the dimension of reality.
I'm glad you gave the matter some further consideration, commander. A foreign maid of mine was once caught stealing a silver candlestick, but she does such a good job otherwise, I'd rather have her back than see her deported!
But this will cost us millions! Once word gets out every lazybones in the land will feign a headache and cash a handout! This is insanity!
Tragedy strikes again! I am at a loss for words, commander. There is something very wrong with this ship! Green Mother protect us all!
Ah, commander? How is her mechanical majesty? Hahaha! How delightfully eccentric these undead are! Take Yorrick: he is practically worshipping lady Ophelia as a goddess! Has he quite forgotten she is basically an impish trinket?
Do you mind if my dad comes over for supper one of these nights, my spoon o' sugar? He'll behave with a dragon at the table, and it'll be so much fun to see Falstaff grovel!
If Yorrick thinks I'll support his bid to have our children whipped by teachers, he has another think coming! It'll take you a good long time to catch a dumb dwarf, thank you very much, and if a pupil is being unruly, a good tongue lashing should suffice to set him straight!
Failure is... not ... an option! (hurting)
My daughter came to no harm and neither did my comrades in arms. All is well! Now to toast them all with wine and beer! And again! And again! It'll have to be your treat though, commander! I'm penniless now, remember?
Damage Reduction:
Command 'Move' (selected units)
Too bad! Responsibility breeds industry, Commander. Take it away and idleness is bred instead...
Honey, it's so nice to see you! I have just this instant returned from my trip to the Lizard vineyards in Bhargandy. They gave me this bottle, which I now present to you. Bottled over a century ago during the Year of the Golden Grapes, it is worth more than a bejewelled palace.
A little birdie tells me a reconciliation between Lady Aida and her father may be in the offing, Commander! If such bitter tension is removed, I speculate it will do wonders for your marriage. Not that I mean to pry ... or imply ... excuse me...
Leech a total of 10000 health as a Dragon with the Blood Leech Dragon skill.
Seems the undead are formally accusing the dwarves of invading their sovereignty by means of a subtle, but nefarious, scheme. After opening banks in what was supposed to be a bid to stimulate local economy in undead provinces, dwarven bankers have been lending many undead enough money to buy land and houses only to exponentially increase the interest rates afterwards.
Cycle between unit types
Sir Falstaff is absolutely correct, commander! Those deviants he describes insult the Seven with their perverted practices and should not only be outlawed but ostracised as well!
[1] blitzed through [2]
Tell me more about my siblings. Why are they my sworn enemies?
Turrets make for effective base defences, but don't spend all your recruits on them!
Lies, all lies! Ravage my revolvers if it's true what they say. No... forget I said that! A momentary lapse of reason, no more. What will my wife say? O dear, o dear!
Failed to initialize network
Founder's Isles
Devestating loss! Religious leaders suspect emperor's ambition is martyrdom rather than victory
I expected my husband of all people to defend my honour, you know! Cold sheets reflect badly on you, too! There's already been links being made between dragons, cold-blooded creatures and performance issues!
Then so be it, for with a word of the dragon the mists vanish afore my eyes and newfound resolution takes hold. Return to me come the dawn, my love, and you will find me another woman... if a woman still.
But of course! When Maxos chooses a champion, the future loses what claim it has unto unpredictability. Here is one, he said, who will restore the empire. Everyone might as well have laid down their arms then and there; would have spared us no end of trouble.
Think of the children! The enemy's "Devestator Double Shot" is now a popular drink even amongst the empire's teenagers
Well done! If it takes laws to protect us from impish shenanigans, then by the Seven we must write them—even if they be secular.
Not that I don't have the highest respect for your queen, of course.
Emperor's victory parade deemed tacky at best
This is all too scandalous, commander! They had better make certain they excavate with the greatest of care and leave our forebears untouched! I can see those blasted imps now ... using the skulls they find for hand puppets!
Typical! Once again government is exposed for what it really is: an old boy's club run by old boys for old boys! How I came to be here is a mystery, as I for one, am decidedly no old boy! Which is why, most probably, I am frustrated at every turn!
Tell me about edmund_3_1
CTRL + [IE_RTSGroup1] through CTRL + [IE_RTSGroup0] creates control groups
Holidays are a luxury we cannot afford, commander! Everyone can have a year's leave after we've won the war for all I care, but right now every man and woman in the nation should work for victory!
I will have my way, and no sexist pig like you is ever going to stop me!
To be honest, Commander, I had expected more of old man Charwin! One has but to look at lizards to see whether they be distant relatives of orcs or not; some great-great-great grandmother of theirs romanced a snail at some point! Silly creatures...
I recommend a more thorough reading of the Seven Scriptures, commander, for clearly your grasp of their message is distinctly fallible!
Why would the state pump money in education indeed! As if children have so much to learn! They need to study the Seven Scriptures, and there's an end to it. The rest is heretical rot!
O, I hesitate to talk about that creature. I shouldn't have mentioned it at all... as yet. And besides, there are more important things to worry about at this time. Later, perhaps, I'll elaborate.
[1] just conquered one of your ally's capitals!
Tell me about ophelia_9_2
You didn't purchase anything this turn. Did you know that you can right click a country to purchase units and buildings? You can buy cards even, that can turn the odds in your favour!
If no conscription means there will remain more dwarves in the army then there are elves, I hope we'll be duly recompensed, commander! We fight so that they may tend to their bloody vegetable gardens in peace!
Fear is the mind-killer: Shamans to use psychological warfare
There in for some real dwarven biohazard!
Tell me Ophelia: it seems the gods would bless our marriage. Would you?
On the behest of imps. we have already deprived mothers of their children, forced them to watch on as they become strange Super Soldiers in no time, and now we want to deprive these automatons of their humanity, too? Words fail me, Commander!
My thanks, commander! After all, the church can but rely on the pittance of the pious for her income. I shudder to think how she might have suffered should the taxman have come a-knocking!
So, King Thelor has fallen ill, I hear. A strange blood disease. Here was me thinking such aberrations of nature plagued only lizards and imps, not us noble dwarves!
Ironclads can fire high-powered lasers for [1] seconds that shoot down any incoming projectiles in a [2] meter radius.
When the population of a country has dropped to zero and your unit ratio drops below this value, you will lose
Advance!: +[1]
Watch me soar!
Why, yes ... You don't like it? I thought it was a pretty clever idea...
When you select a building,
I back-dealt and bribed, inveigled and intimidated. I made use of every dirty trick in the book and what do I have to show for it? The liberation of no less than a thousand prisoners of war from our enemy's most notorious dungeons! Are you proud of me?
Be warned! Enemy Imp Fighters can engage ground and sea targets!
I will drench their torn banner in blood
You are giving the populace a chance to corrupt itself, commander! The divine order is at stake! Seven protect us!
Oberon's tale is a shocking one, Commander! If this miner suffered such a dreadful injury while working, then the mining corporation in charge should pay for his treatment, and if they won't or cannot, then yes, the nation should.
Kill 100 units with your dragon.
Very good, commander! Young imps have been drinking blue sugar water like dwarves drink beer, but have you noticed almost no dwarf will touch the stuff? Told you! Fishy!
Your Hunters will move [1]% faster.
The enemy's Zeppelins will have [1]% less health
Tempest Island
Commander, it can't have escaped your notice that in the cities elf women are breastfeeding their children in public. Everywhere I look there's another mammal suckling its offspring like there's no tomorrow, and quite frankly it disgusts me! You don't see me pulling up my skirt and laying eggs right on the palace square! These things are private matters and should be kept out of the public eye. Will you allow this sordid custom to continue unchecked? Will you, Commander?
I could have told you your strategy would lead to defeat, commander, but since you don't listen to women anyway, I decided not to.
Temp_Mountain - DO NOT TRANSLATE
Decrease game speed
A dwarven scholar... really. The very notion is ludicrous!
Emperor finds one battle does not make a war. Linguists enraged
Use the Zeppelin's Fog Of War ability to cleverly bypass an unprepared enemy's defences!
Your bombers will have the Mine High Club ability for one combat round.
You've captured a capital! Hold on to it for one more turn to defeat your enemy.
Can't jail a man on hearsay! Until there are witnesses, there's nothing you can do.
One doesn't mess with the queen; that much is clear.
It is possible for you to control your units
Strong against
You're Mine
Will you deport foreign criminals?
The wizard will say it's all his doings of course, but I know he's keeping secrets from me! Half of the things I hammer together he never even showed me, no: the Raven did! She is alive somehow. She likes me! She instructs me! She must have been there all along to help your father conquer the world! One hell of a girl, wouldn't you say, Commander?
Mystery disappearances in the night! 'They just vanished!'
Grumio, son of Gromio; at your service, milord!
As a dragon, you have many spells that benefit friendly units at your disposal, so be sure to research the ones that complement your strategies!
which will increase your resources.
Commander! We have anxiously awaited your return, for our spies brought dire news! Some obscure nobleman by the name of Drury has ordered top assassins to kidnap and kill Henry's daughter, Anne. Her death would crush him and that's exactly how that prick tries to get the attention of our enemies. By robbing you of one of your generals, he seeks the same post in their armies.
Use Warlocks' Meet the Beetles ability to neutralize your opponent's most dangerous units for a limited amount of time!
This country is hardly defended, commander! Let us rout the enemy without delay!
Reason and liberty, those are our bywords; territories we defend valiantly—territories, alas, easily encroached upon, for emperors tend to curtail them. Our ideal is therefore not a monarchy, but a republic! Think on that, Commander, as you pursue the throne.
When playing a Free For All game, the AIs will always join the battle.
Excellent, commander! Nothing worse than shabby research! As if a smoke-stick ever harmed anyone! Each drag cleanses the lungs and revitalises the mind!
Go to the Queen's Quarters
Dragon Controls
Oh, my head! Feels like there's an imp wedding celebration going on in there, and they've just lighted the fireworks. I drank shots and played poker with Henry, Edmund and Scarlett. Not a dime left in my pockets, but it was rather jolly... in a vulgar sort of way.
The best way to see Rivelon is through the crosshairs of my dubble barrel.
The girl's twelve, for Seven's sake, and that grey goat she must marry a hundred if he's a day! It's detestable, it's vile... but oh, why am I even talking to you? You're just the same— picked the princess that sat on the biggest pot of gold and moved on!
next to the country's population.
Look, I'm doing you a favour, but don't let it go to your head! Passion makes a fool of us all once in a while.
You yourself will of course represent all humans, but the dwarves, elves, lizards, imps and undead will want their say as well—and more! Still, let us worry about politics later. Today, it is your generals that count.
Single Player
To capture a new construction site, just send your units close to one
Seven save us from the dragon, for where he goes, vice sprouts like infectious corruption, disseminates like a poisonous contagion! Ghouls coveting not women as they should; hags longing for anything but the male touch! Abhorrent is the hell you stage!
Sweetheart! I declare I can sense the surprise you conceal, now that you find me happy again after having suffered through so many days of bad press and contempt-filled stares. Making use of diplomatic immunity to circumvent the rule of law hasn't exactly endeared me in the public eye, but all of that changed overnight when I used my extra-legal influence to more altruistic purposes.
A toast to triumph, commander! And another!
Poor girl doesn't stand a chance, does she?
If you're planning to create an empire built upon the backs of the defenceless, wherein crime may be forgiven with the clattering of coin, you may as well say so here and now, Commander, for I can then take my leave, unable as I will be to defend lizard stances any longer.
Offense influences the importance of the amount of units when defending.
Remember, you promised us Halls filled with gold when this is all over, commander!
What about Scarlett?
By Hundra, me timbers are shivering!
We may find ourselves trapped amid a conflict of gargantuan proportions, but that does not mean the average man worries most about feeding his family; about the little things that make for a happy life. And when you have been given an empire, Commander, you have to be responsible for every matter, every obstacle, every creature great and small.
Strength in tranquillity, weakness in defiance, so teach the Sisters.
Your Zeppelins will have the Fly, My Flaming Pretties! ability for one combat round.
The man's a menace, Commander! His inability to work together with other officers in a strategically sound way sooner or later is going to get someone killed.
I can't believe lady Camilla was ready to resign over the deaths of a few tree-dwellers! Praise the gods of gold she has a silver tongue that managed to waggle her way out of that ludicrous situation.
Will you allow the Inquisition to torture its prisoners?
Every decision you make regarding your council, your generals and your queen will have consequences. Decisions will generate cards and/or gameplay (dis)advantages, and furthermore influence the personal stories of generals and queens.
Ground units are [1]% cheaper now.
Will you institute conscription?
Ace Up Your Sleeve
A race's attitude towards you determines how much support you will receive in combat when fighting in their lands. Listen to the councillors to hear their point of view regarding the issue at hand. After making a decision you'll be able to find out how happy or angry they are about your choice.
Strategy Card: Sabotage
Stone Cross Island
I think you've got things well in hand. Don't be too cocky, but don't hold back either! We're hot on the enemy's trail, but rush in and you might get ambushed.
We're somewhat popular here, commander. That should give us at least a bit of an edge.
Now, logic is the study of valid reasoning and no argument can undo the time-tested principle of my superiority over all others. There is them: the inane and uncivilised masses, and there is me: a lone beacon of ageless intelligence and sophistication, steadfast amid tossing seas of stupidity.
Friend Lobbies
To build units and buildings,
Each year, the children will decorate its towering branches to celebrate Lohannah Day, and every other day people will find comfort in its shade!
Bound to be miserable is your marriage to elf harlot Lohannah, for it is devoid of godly grace.
To change the subject entirely: could I receive my wages a bit earlier this month? I've had some... unexpected expenses.
I really don't know why Prospera would bother with such trifles, commander. No one likes to pay taxes, but the war effort requires a well-stuffed treasury. I'd leave things as they are for now.
Winter's Crown
Failed to fetch online lobbies
Tell me about henry_1_0_0
Will you allow the genetic modification of foetuses to create Super Soldiers?
Used Population / Total Population
The enemy's Juggernauts will have [1]% less health
Light Amphibious Support Unit
Here you go, dear.
[1] built a(n) [2] in [3]
Hmmm, seems like the enemy is ready to construct Devastators!
Still, you do so voluntary, don't you? You'd like to marry me, yes?
O the folly of 'civilisation'! We dragged these animals out of their habitats! We paraded them through crowded streets! And who gets the blame when things go awry? Who's destined for the knife? The innocents in the equation! Repulsive!
[1] just conquered one of your capitals!
O, but are they really that significant, my darling? Do they weigh against the victory of existence over economy, of cosmos and creation over cold, hard cash?
Commander, the undead have lost what brains they don't have in the first place, and taken to domesticating the Fangbear. These creatures are about twice the size of regular bears, hunt in packs like wolves and are extremely dangerous. Already several of these 'pets' have devoured passersby in the streets, not to mention the distress caused by the sickening odour left behind when they do their business. They are a menace in about a dozen ways, and I therefore vote that every last domesticated Fangbear be put down!
Marvellous! My word, it's fun to be naughty and try forbidden things.
I had never expected your soul to be so sinister, indeed I hadn't, but if her sacrifice can win us an empire of peace, I suppose it will all be worth these nightmares. Though I myself would never... never... not for the powers of every dragon and demon combined!
You don't have enough mana to execute this skill.
I am relieved indeed, commander, that the Seven made you see sense! And even if in time we do run out of fish, so what? The gods will simply populate the seas anew!
Blistering Barnacles, we're making water!
A turret specialized in taking out all types of slow moving ground units.
I believe congratulations are in order!
He's still arrogant as ever, but he seems to be letting go ever so slowly of his bigotry, and that I must commend. Lizards are a proud race, but Edmund combined pride with prejudice. His, though, was unjust, whereas my prejudice against men is, of course, perfectly equitable.
[1] Imp Fighter squadron mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
You rejected my quota of women in the army on the basis of a sophism you call 'the reason of merit'. This gave me no other choice than to meet that reason, however fallible, and rise to its challenge.
Bunch of amateurs! What would you do without me, commander? Lose the war is what!
I appreciate her condition as much as the next elf, but her life is not worth others' deaths. I'm sorry, but that is where I stand on the matter, and I'm not the only one!
We are losing the arms race: enemy Transporters seen transforming into Minesweepers
Drop Players
Sabotage: [1]
Tell me about camilla_1_1_0
At last you show your vicious streak! I was beginning to suspect you were but a pup in dragon's clothes! Come on then! You and me, we'll drink our ale 'till dear old dad's gone deathly pale! Hahaha!
Dear lord, commander, may every power that be protect our Green Mother under Falstaff's rule! Prospera may think you have given us a gift, but I know it to be a poisoned one! You are not to be congratulated, you are to be cursed!
And yet, by a bizarre twist of fate it is I who will inherit the rule of your father's kingdom, the very one you fought so hard for, for which you spilt your mighty blood! I'll try to make you proud, and by beer 'n' beard, I may well—if I can keep my temper in check afore the likes of Oberon!
Your factories are built [1]% faster.
Not enough recruits to turn into a dragon, commander!
Alas, this fellow is hardly a saint: his means of opposition included murder, bombings, arson and other pleasantries. He is hated and feared by the populace almost as much as the downfallen despot.
Many of the women who survive our armies' passing are left with a constant reminder of their defilement when months later a child is born. We can spare them the pain of remembrance and the worry of having another mouth to feed by allowing them to chew hobweed and thus undo the damage wrought by the savages that beset them!
Fog Of War
Oh well, can't be helped, can't be helped! I suppose I'll organise a feast for her nevertheless. Dwarven tradition, and a good one at that!
The dragon is your most powerful weapon, but will get shot down mercilessly by anti-air units!
You have my thanks, commander! The battlefield is a place where the Seven triumph through our victories. It must be a place of honour! Yes, for even though it is a scene of carnage, pain and mutilation, let the chronicles read it is a field of glory! Where the gods triumph, honour reigns!
Do you have any news to share?
Now, I don't want to cause you any more diplomatic trouble, so here's my idea to make things right. We elves do not react to another's ire with ire. We try to appease by inviting them to smoke the traditional peace pipe with us.
So I did, even though my word should have sufficed. The law is on the dwarves' side, after all.
Waiting for other commanders ...
[1] researched [2]
Unlock the Charm dragon skill for one combat round.
So dwarves can drink themselves into a stupor every day, but you won't allow the use of a plant that has proven medicinal value? Hardly rational, is it, commander?
The enemy's Bomber Balloons will fire [1]% slower.
Auto Continue Loading Screen
Save us, Commander! Save us!
Part of the proceeds will go to irrigation works that will undo the draught in the jackal's habitat, and the other part—let's just say there will be a couple of dwarven wives with shiny new jewellery. Not that I care much, mind you. I'm a woman of the world enough to know that it's all a part of the bargain. The Speckled Jackal is saved, that's what really matters!
Once your opponents were proud and many, Commander; now, the pitiful that remain shiver and weep, for they know you approach. Another enemy has fallen—before long, you will be your father's sole remaining heir and Rivellon will be yours!
Gladly shall I do so!
[1] Units in combat
Trooper - For the Empire!
Once again you are fortunate enough, Commander, to enjoy an elven perspective on these matters, and our tests are conclusive. This dwarven product consists of no more than water, sugar and Element X, whatever that may be. Element X is a morally bankrupt factor in that it is, one: the reason for the dwarves to sell sugar water for preposterous prices even though it adds no taste, and two: early results indicate it may actually cause a variety of diseases. Falstaff denies this, but I believe in the data I have been given!
Commander, the Seven truly are happy residents in your empire, but we could see them happier still! Indulgences make the church rich and powerful, and branding newcomers with the Sign of the Seven separates those really meant for greatness and those who aren't. Yet, don't you think the naysayers are let off a bit easily? They are sent to mine and mill to be certain, but they are not actually punished for refusing the sign. Let us therefore dictate that when new families arrive that wave branding, their eldest child should be taken from them and rendered to the state as its slave! The gods will be happy, for those that fail them are punished, and you will be happy, for you'll receive full free labour!
As for me, now that the all-scorching sun of war has set, I shall dawn in obscurity, an eremite-maiden of my order. The plains shall be my companions, mountain-hollows my home. The berry-bush shall feed me, the wolf I'll endeavour to evade. Let this be our final farewell, commander. May Vesta keep you pure.
By the hammers of hell, you're going too far, commander! Keep indulging the undead and we'll all end up in a state so stifled by the Seven we won't be allowed to fart unless it's to the tune of a hymn!
So not only would people who have the wits about them to deny mutilation be sent to the hellholes that have become the empire's factories, but they must give up one of their children as well? Surrender them to slavery? Just when I thought undead delirium had reached its black peak, ashen clouds unfurl and bare a yet greater height of lunacy!
This job would be a lot easier if I wasn't so afraid of heights!
Enemy finds ways of detecting our cloaked troops. "We hope they detect their allies and shoot them too!"
Player [1] disconnected. You have been granted all of his/her units!
Let's just end it, commander, shall we? Victory's in the bag; you just have to hold it up and announce to the world 'Here, I've got it!'
Were that I was the monarch and you the general. I'd kill for one of your powers whereas you hardly have need of us!
So enraged was he by my 'betrayal', he disinherited and renounced me: no longer his daughter. Fool! Life and liberty, such are the blessings his so-called punishment leaves me with. A dark chapter I close. Finally, I can let go of all-consuming hate. He is as indifferent to me as the rain upon the rocks. I am now at peace with meself and you, my lovely love-muffin!
While we're on the subject, a dwarven baron had the audacity to ask me whether I truly meant all that 'women should consent nonsense' and said he'd like to marry me— the baron and the general—because of 'mutal benefits'.
No! Don't waste my time there.
Commander, could you please refrain from blowing hot and cold. Win all or lose all, but don't choose that all too tiresome middle road!
Back from eternal sleep
Only you could stop these undead horrors, and you have! Thank you, Commander! And may I say, I hope that one day you'll abolish the Inquisition altogether. It has no place in a civilised society!
Killing through chemistry: the emperor's ethics
Hold to queue commands
You'll stand by me, won't you, my love? I long to banish the blight that burdens my body, but I cannot dispel it alone.
Fabulous, commander: we shall clear the waters of industry of the sharks that befoul them. We will appoint inspectors, directors, commissars. We shall exert strict government control and before you know it you'll be leading engines of war into battle better and more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
When one dwells among the highest echelons of power, where ambition runs thicker than blood, distrust is your best friend, as is its brother caution. In your case though, the waters of misgiving run somewhat deeper. You are, after all, but a half dragon.
Everybody lies, even dying people;
Couldn't have said it better myself! Cheers, commander! You're officially a patron of the arts now! I shall raise a toast to you tonight, and in the meantime try not to succumb to the temptation of yanking away Yorrick's lower jaw and throwing it overboard!
What do you think of my constitutional draft, Commander? Is it not a pinnacle of progress? No longer will we have just the formal list of six, no; all of the Civilised Races will be deemed equal before every court and institution in the realm. It will be a great stride forward along the long road of perfecting our society, and I'm certain already it has the dragon's backing!
Oh You Philistine!
It is abhorrent, Commander; gutter press of the lowliest sort! The Rivellon Scientific Gazette has gone ahead and published that accursed gnome's findings! Every lizard in the realm has been made a mockery of and it happened with your blessing!
Will you enforce the use of green materials in industry?
You found me, did you?
Spreading the love! Hihihii
Commander, the dinner held in my Lady Lohannah's honour constituted a disaster to say the least! She feasted upon dead flesh like crows do upon the fallen, like carrion worms that have breached the coffin.
Commander—or should I say, 'chauvinist-in-chief'—I am here to inform you that even though you may not value a lady's quality of life as highly as that of a man, for so you have demonstrated via the salary snub debacle, I do hope you value her life full stop!
Excellent chap that one! Likes his jokes dirty and his liquor plenty. Two peas in a pod, me and him—on and off, that is. Can fight like a demon unleashed as well. Best to have him on your side!
Green Mother protect us from the lizard scourge! Can it be true, Commander? Edmund, that snake, is reported to have killed Lord Larradshire! This is... inconceivable! A Blood Dawn for the sake of an insult? What is this age we live in? E'Lhissabetha... Poor girl... She'll blame herself, I know she will. Inconceivable...
Don't worry, I won't do anything foolish. I need to think of a way to solve this problem diplomatically.
Falstaff seems to imply you owe him something, commander, but it's quite the other way around! He owes you to stop proposing his dishonest and dishonourable schemes!
Bull's eye!
I promise I will tell you in due time. For now, I must keep silent. Please, don't press me any further on the subject.
As you wish, commander. She will be here before the sun has dawned and set anew.
And yet I shudder to think I would become that construct, that cold engine. For, gilded though it may be, what is it but a vehicle, a casket, an ambulant crypt that would hold my desolate soul?
We'll be reunited… O my silly drop of honeydew, you sound like an elf's ballad!
The enemy's Grenadiers will have [1]% less health
On Guard
Armours excel at taking down enemy buildings and heavy units!
Total battles lost
Zeppelins Unleashed
Let's hope they don't kill each other.
Your Juggernauts will move [1]% faster.
I've heard there is talk of re-legalising the plant known as hobweed! How very enlightened! Every woman should have the chance to end her pregnancy if she wishes. During those first few weeks I mean. Hardly more than a pea in there then—or hardly a yolk, in case of us lizards.
Alliance offered: [1]
Yes, very well done! Keep the can closed and toss it into the ocean where no one can find it again. Elections, indeed. Let the very word be stricken from our dictionaries!
I... well if that's how you feel about it, Commander, I suppose there's nothing left for me to say! Hmpf!
Total population
The Warlords
Devastator Mercenaries
I can imagine it's hard to put trust in someone when you've been through such an ordeal. We here might not form a band of brothers yet, but we never will unless you give us a chance.
Destroy a Parliament in an enemy country.
Acid Blaze
I hope you realise the political costs involved.
The unveiling was such a heart-warming event. All the children gathered round, and when I cut the rope and the canvas came down, a great sigh of awe surged through the crowd as they beheld the statue's beauty!
No, no, no, Commander! Don't even try! We imps have decided you are not to marry one of our princesses. Four have disappeared, and you can fool us once, but you can't fool us ... er ... fice!
Research dragon skill
Locked... - ...and loaded!
Bomber Balloons can unmask cloaked enemy units in a [1] meter radius.
How delightfully entertaining to see Catherine and Henry exploding in rage over a strategic disagreement; like children they are, vainly trying to prove to one another they have the better toy.
Good speech. Nice and short! - Leaves more time for drinking!
Acid Blaze
Win A One On One Campaign In Multiplayer.
Bungled barrages, Commander, you are just determined to spoil the fun, aren't you? Keep your regular Super Soldiers then. But they could have been... Ultra Soldiers! That's right!
Ready to conquer the skies!
How people shudder when they see me, my love and light! They withdraw like the snail does in her shell, or roll up like the hedgehog, its spines set in defence. But shell or spine cannot forestall my fangs. When the Hunger strikes me as the sun sleeps—I its nightmare—neither the might of man or mysteries of magic can deny my desires. Drink I shall, for drink I must!
Mass Restoration
Here I've selected a Battle Forge,
Lady Ophelia seems to have taken a turn for the worst, Commander. I mean, a golden skeleton is a golden skeleton. A collection of cold chunks of meat held together by bare thread, on the other hand... Glad you're the one with marital duties here, not I!
Lotus Dragon
Build Building
Commander, the great lizard artist Della Gekko has made a sculpture that is, I admit, critical of the government. He is a pacifist and dislikes the brutality of war. But is this reason enough to ban its exposition? Yorrick here says 'yes', but surely you don't agree?
By Grumio's gadgets, it's a pleasure indeed to shake hands with you, commander! Your technician is my nephew, don't you know, and I am Trinculo Shortfuse, son of Trunculo Evenshorterfuse. Praised be the dragon!
[1] gold has been removed from your treasury!
Select group 1-0
I for one will neither forget her flight from culpability, nor the unfortunates who demised because of her high-spirited but ill-fated protestations!
Your Bomber Balloons will fire [1]% faster.
Jolly rotten luck for those who were taken, but we do not make deals with delinquents! Soon we'll have all the riffraff in the land giving abduction a whirl!
Imp countries acknowledge standard of living decreases as our war fleet is expanded with iron clad ships
Ah, Commander! I wanted to tell you we dwarves have finished building the great dam that ensures water supplies to our watermills in the Steelworks of Reorx! Soon, warship production there will run at full capacity.
Metaphysics, that was the topic. Because why don't creatures of ephemeral nature enjoy the rights the living have? Ghosts, sprites, wraiths; all those poor disembodied souls. They were void in the eyes of the law! But no longer!
Good to hear peace and quiet have returned to king Thelor's dwarven realm, commander! Nothing quite as silly as fighting one's own kind when there's ten other races standing at the door awaiting a good old-fashioned dwarven thrashing! Let's have a row with the undead for a change: I love the crackle their bones make when hit by our war-hammers!
Where can I find this Edmund fellow?
These rockets should have been standard issue, complains fighter pilot
I do hope you haven't too big an appetite when it comes to matters of love. I myself am little so afflicted or indeed inclined. If the need takes you, don't hesitate to adopt a mistress. There's bound to be some service girls around here only too happy to delight the dragon with their coital talents. No, if something stirs my passion, it is the law above all else! Tomfoolery I leave to tomcats.
So The Rivellon Times is given lease to continue printing lies unabated? Once—once!—I looked back after passing a particularly lovely lizard in the park, and the next thing you know an entire editorial is devoted to my person, filled with accusations of infidelity, adultery and a couple of perverted practices I won't repeat here. You'll be laughing from the other side of your face when it happens to you, Commander!
Seven be merciful when your generals descend unto our cities, Commander! When they paint the town red they transcend the mere figure of speech! We undead have children to mourn because of their escapades, and we demand hefty reimbursement!
New dragon skills load-out
Go to the Bridge
Ironclad - Revelation
Commander, I have seen many an inequity in my time—gods know I've been responsible for a few—but this conviction of an innocent imp is the worst I've ever encountered and may all my gunpowder turn to flour if that's not the truth!
Your ally just conquered an extra capital!
So that's it, is it, Commander? Henry has his daughter back and now everything is tickety-boo? For Sevens' sake, he threatened to pulverise the mighty Skeleton Spire! That alone is so heretical, a lifetime of exorcisms couldn't siphon the poison out of him!
Shaman Mercenaries
Really? I mean, of course! Very good! Perhaps now you'll truly garner the goodwill of the gods!
Your Ironclads will have the On Guard ability for one combat round.
I met this beautiful girl over at the Clawing Lion Inn; works there as a barmaid. I think I'll go see her tonight.
Not Full
the faster new recruits will come in.
And trust the imps a second time? Doing so would enrage your kinsmen even further! No, we'll pick a couple of condemned prisoners and replace their brains with these undead souls.
Sea units are [1]% cheaper now.
Improved engines allow Troopers to travel at [1]% of their original speed.
An enemy dragon can create a Pillar Of Restoration!
The creation of large breeding farms could have done wonders for our unemployment figures, commander! A missed opportunity, this!
The Engineering Bay
Come join us and together we will rule the galaxy!
Big guy... coming through.
If there be gods, may they undo creation to ensure that the world never sees the likes of that rat of my father again! He knew his nobles were plotting against him because of the tax raise, and knew that they'd enlist my help now that we've been locked in wedlock.
A pretty little elf pleasing to the eye for certain, but fickle and foolish like the rest of her kind.
The peace pipe, you say. Yes, why not? Some of the councillors—and Falstaff especially—are in need of some relaxation.
Leave it to the lizards to come up with proposals that offend both secular and divine powers. Praise the Seven we have the dragon to set them straight!
I had rather you disturb me no further, commander. I am wandering the palaces of the mind and the vulgarity that befouls their corridors when intruded upon by outsiders is quite unbearable.
The zeppelin fires a barrage of [1] fire-bats at a target, each one causing [2] damage.
Spend gold to buy new units. Earn more gold by capturing more countries.
When a man wins a battle he is resolute; lose and he is feeble. Do both however, and helplessness is his trait. One positive, two negatives; there we have our Dragon Commander.
You catch me during one of my rare ill-tempered moods, dear husband. It's these damnable petitions for clemency, you see. Always the same! A man steals and the next thing you know: 'Clemency please; he was starving!' I'm sending him to a salt mine penal colony, aren't I? He'll be fed almost every day!
Commander, this is yet another blatant attempt by the undead to manipulate you into the acceptance of the twisted and wholesale religious scrutiny of society in return for a few hundred wretches that must slave to aid the war effort. Only the undead could come up with such horrors. Only you can stop them.
Allows the construction of Grenadiers in your Battle Forges. These units use rockets to quickly take down larger, slower foes and are experts at putting up a defence against airborne enemies.
[1] Armour mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
O, but I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. So many people have looked forward to this moment; so many soldiers long to go back to their sweethearts. Let this be a day of love! And if soon I fancy a brawl, I'll trip an orc in a tavern and say the sight of his spotty green arse made my foot twitch! That should get the party started!
Juggernaut - Imp Binoculars
Target Area
Commander, I would like to raise a concern about public decency. Now, if certain men feel the aberrant need to cavort with one of their own sex, I suppose that is their business, not mine. It becomes my business however, when they engage in affection publically! There I am lunching in the park with my family, when my children have to witness two of their sort making out like teens in heat! Disgusting displays like that should be forbidden, and indeed that is exactly what I am asking you to do!
Ooh, was that a dolphin?
Very good, commander! If our youngsters are to spend time with their heads in wafts of smoke, let it be during pistol practice and nothing else!
Battle Forge
Previous tab
Demonized: +[1]
With the vast wealth still at my disposal from the days I was queen, I have founded a military academy that only women may attend. It will take time, but in due course their merits will become irrefutable, and they will slip into the ranks as officers of the realm. You may delay the inevitable, Commander, but you cannot stop it.
Teach children how to smoke? Gobbledygook! There's nothing scientific about the smoke-stick. Those whippersnappers shouldn't spend time blowing smoke rings, they should be studying physics, chemistry, artillery!
The cost of every unit in combat will be multiplied by this value
There we are, my lambey-pie! Not only am I your wife and queen, I'm the queen of all dwarves as well! Dad's been moved to Windytop Manor to convalesce and the prognostics read that that might take a good few years—until he's in no state to convalesce anymore in fact.
We're well along the way to victory, I'd say! Won't be long now before we have the bastards on the run!
Support used (Total support)
All your buildings produce units [1]% faster.
The law is a fickle guide, isn't it?
I took a stroll in the sun today, my lord and love! Never could I have imagined the wonder that is to feel the light of life find comfort on one's skin. Such dulcet delight; such subtle sensibility.
A child no longer, I have become a woman. For this I have you and you alone to thank. You have made me blossom, my darling dragon; my everlasting love is yours.
Mapped skill 3
There's no supposing about it, my dear draconic spouse! The accused is guilty and the guilty must pay. In such beautiful simplicity the very essence of justice lies condensed.
Praise be unto you and the Seven, commander! The valiant Inquisition will pervade society in no time! None will escape their scrutiny! Every heretic will be caught and punished! Glorious!
We should have had a bare-breasted mermaid for a figurehead! To distract the enemy you know
next to the country's population.
You will suffer like your wife does, dragon! How blood servants writhe in agony!
Battle for [1]
Doing so feels wrong somehow, but I fear the darkness of the cell, the perpetual loneliness and confinement. I never meant for any of this to happen! Would it even be right for me to suffer for it?
Mass Restoration
Oh bother! You just know those greedy little buggers are going to make us cough up way too much cash for their damned sugar water, but we'll still want it and we'll still buy it...
Did you hear his 'between you and me' speech yet? He even told it to Yorrick, the rascal!
Enemy uses blue paint to cloak their Transports. Works wonders
They are here, commander! The fairest maidens to be found, here in the hope you will take their hand in marriage! Gathered aboard are Lady Lohannah of the elves, Lady Aida of the dwarves, Lady Camilla of the lizards and Lady Ophelia of the undead. Gods-speed, commander! I wish you the best of luck.
Tell me about arc_camilla
How dare he... How... But oh fudge, what's the use? Why would I stand here and pretend afore the dragon, the ruler of worlds? Never have I said this to anyone, Commander, but it is true. I am a lesbian. There: the die has been cast.
Let's see what's hiding there!
Fight a battle and lose none of the units you took with you.
Bellegar's bollocks, Commander, have you seen the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin? Looks like a bloody good game, that! Right up my alley. I'd get in on the action if I were you, and no mistake! Besides, you'd be supporting Larian Studios! They've a lovely bunch of lads 'n' lasses over there. Bonkers, but lovely!
Maybe you could... but no, it is not my place to mingle in the affairs of my betters. I can but hope my queen will not be forced to compromise her purity.
Soon shall I preach afore an audience of millions, my light and love; speak the words of the Seven Scriptures from atop the Skeleton Spire where even my father, the Everking, shall bow before me, the golden glory of the gods.
Teleport all units stationed in a country to another one at the start of the turn.
I know the kind of rotten souls Falstaff is referring to, Commander, and when men their like exploit their servants, it's always the imps that have to bear the worst of it! Fair trade! Sounds like a good plan to me.
He's a sly old fox, King Thelor. Spun that whole tax situation so that Lady Aida is perceived to be the villain of the piece. A real serpent of a man whom I should like to crush 'neath my heel if I could ... only to replace him of course! Hehehe!
If for once Yorrick's gods preach a principal that is economically sound, then by all means give it your support, Commander!
Game Type
Tell me about lohannah_1_1_2
Iron should be in the earth, not on the sea. It just ... doesn't feel natural, ya know.
Commander, I've pressed for unions, I've pressed for ecological measures, but at one point or another you've always blocked my proposals. So let me reiterate - as I have done before - how highly we elves esteem the happiness of our populace: they deserve something in return for all the hard work they do for the good of the empire. As it stands, they work six days a week, but I think that they should be able to have prolonged holidays! An entire month in fact, to be spent at their leisure!
Imp asked what the secret is behind the Transport's cloaking capacity. The answer: "Blue paint"
As much as possible—where your rule has been established—everyday life must continue like it would in times of peace, and everyday life concerns itself with everyday worries. The people will look to you for guidance in these matters!
Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
Commander, it has come to my attention an elven archduke is crossing the line in his capacity as witch-hunter. Scarlett knows all the details and insisted she'd be the one to inform you. Please take swift action, for it would be a terrible sin to let him persist an instant longer!
Commander, under your rule, workers are finally treated with respect: there are unions, there has been an increase in wages, but at the end of the day they still labour like slaves from dawn till dusk. This must be remedied! I therefore propose we institute the eight-hour day, which includes a proper break for lunch! I trust I needn't repeat what wonders this will work regarding your populace's happiness and the enjoyment of their lives! Think how hard they'll fight on your behalf to defend their liberties!
My opinion is that you'll come to regret this decision, Commander. Let us await the results, but because of the very way Prospera's question is phrased, I think I can predict the outcome...
That's a negative, milord!
Dragon seen attacking own troops. Emperor claims "this fire heals"
Imp Binoculars
But I took matters into my own hands, commander! The first offenders have been court-martialled and hung for their offence, touched one last time by angel lust, then limp and lethargic forever.
I'll be drinking honeybrew real soon!
You have a sceptre and a crown, Commander: instruments of divine will. I rejoice to see you take them seriously. The world will be ruled by those of the dragon's choosing, for he himself was chosen by the Seven!
Needless to say I was as appalled as everybody else and have vowed I shall personally see to it such atrocities shall never happen again. I swore I'd uphold my oath or nevermore touch another drop of ale!
My esteemed husband! I'm afraid I can't spare the time for the more frivolous facets of marriage, as I'm to preside over a court case very soon.
The enemy's Shamans will move [1]% slower.
Anti-Ground Turret
You have a much bigger gun, you should do it!
I swear, commander, not even the hells would take Henry, for no demon there would dare to turn his back on a turncoat of his calibre! After all I have done for him, after helping him save his daughter from the clutches of assassins, he pointed to me as the guilty party for the mayhem our battle caused! Testosterone equals treason and always has!
You need at least [1] recruits to spawn your dragon.
Make haste! If your team doesn't act in the next [1] seconds, the battle will be lost!
Total: [1]
Once the news broke, the execution was met with as much applause as it was with indignation; we knew it would divide, but as for myself, I am perfectly content. I am who I am for all the world to see, and thanks to your approval, can look upon friend and foe with pride; with dignity so very long desired and so very long out of reach.
I'll fight to the death!
The battle is lost and won, Commander! Victory and defeat make for incestuous lovers after the undead elections. The women triumphed, swept aside their toothless tyrants wielding the brooms they were forced to sweep the floors with! Alas that they do so very little with what they have been given, being as slavishly devoted to the divines as their earthly enslavers before them.
Anything for the Empire!
This site supports the construction of Ant-Air, Anti-Ground and Mortar Turrets.
It's a rotten business when a girl breaks it off for no reason, commander! The times we had, my word! A lesser man would weep for such a loss!
Somehow I think you know what I'm about to say, commander, but by golly, nakedness is a sin! Yes indeed, the Seven forbid it! People should hide their shame, not strut about for all to see! Good heavens, the mere thought is repulsive!
Light Ground Unit
Allows the construction of Warlocks in your Battle Forges. These units use magic to take down foes and when upgraded can cast powerful spells.
Elven Favour
Press [IE_ToggleMenu] to open up the main menu.
Did you really just mention a divorce?
Bit stuck up, ain't she? That's what a royal title'll do to you! She used to be a proper queen and everything with an entire country at her beck and call. How the mighty have fallen, eh? Me, I don't care for any of that rot. You got nothing, you got nothing to lose.
Sir Silvervein is making an ass out of himself, commander! Instead of shielding his children from so-called aberrance he had better teach them a lesson or two about tolerance and liberty! As it stands, it would seem you'll have to teach him those lessons by denying his outrageous request.
War Of Attrition
In Reserve
Commander, not only do you intrude upon private terrain—just like Falstaff says—but by singling out the imps you are discriminating against us, too! What we've done to earn such shabby treatment is beyond me! I've a good mind to tinker with your jetpack!
Your empire's countries receive an entrenchment bonus of [1]%
Your Juggernauts will fire [1]% faster.
Your Imp Fighters' attack range will increase with [1]%.
[1] activated. Please select an enemy target.
In short, I hope you and Lady Lohannah will be very happy—but beware the false-smiling Oberon who lurks behind her.
You're in dire need of doing something fun for a change.
Allow me to compliment your wife, commander! She is a woman of refinement, of keen intellect and she lacks that love of petty rules that tarnishes the character of so many elves.
My dearest Dragon Knight, did you know Larian Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin? Isn't that wonderful? Now, here's a game we can really play together, you and I! We can go out on a great adventure without even having to leave the Raven!
Gay marriage is a reality! You've written history, commander! Long have we elves fought for what we think is an example of basic equality, but never has a monarch given us his public support. Bravo!
Take out 3 enemy Dragons in one lifetime as a Dragon.
Animals Are People Too
Win a battle against a 5 card player, without using cards.
We've made some modest progress, commander, but I wouldn't cry victory yet. You might just end up as the dragon that cried wolf, you see.
Playtime is fun, but when does the killing begin?
Listen girl, stop the melodrama, would you? So you're a lesbian. So you're misunderstood. Deal with it, but don't second-guess my decisions. Your resignation is not accepted. Dismissed!
Necromancy is not the innocent pastime of eccentric magic-weavers, commander. Allow them to continue and they could literally raise armies. What will you do then?
One bug comming up! - Crispy cricket anyone?
How could she, commander? Damn that cold heart of hers! May guilt rend it like a chisel would stone!
Your Warlocks will fire [1]% faster.
Connection to master lost
This must end, Commander! A line must be drawn! Despite your previous reservations, please let me announce to the world I am a proud lesbian woman and that by order of the emperor, I am bid to execute the wretch that undid so many of my brothers and sisters!
By the Seven, such heresy that hellcat of a Catherine spouts! Championing the right for our women to vote is sacrilege, pure and simple! They'd beat her and put her behind bars where I come from!
May the Seven be praised now that we have found our champion and our emperor! May the fire of the dragon obliterate every heretic in its way! May the light of the gods illuminate your soul!
Your Ironclads will have the Revelation upgrade for one combat round.
Outrageous! Unheard of! More abhorrent than a tapeworm's diet! Lohannah charged with manslaughter! It's those imps and their unholy constructs that should be muzzled by the law!
Get ready to be IMPressed, mylord!
Is that a tree? Well, not anymore.
So thank you for supporting this change of mine, commander! Should you one day wake up and find strange magic made you a woman, I'd say there's hope for the empire yet!
Hehe, they better watch where their going. (wicked/sheming)
Commander, if you're going to go about asking the common folk for their opinion on matters of state, we'll end up with clowns in the courtroom, candy dispensers instead of taxmen and the total collapse of a workable government before you can say 'free gilded carriages for everyone is actually not a very good idea'! Referendum? Rubbish!
I suppose today's victory was inevitable. After all, I was there.
I can't allow that, Scarlett. It reeks too much of vigilante justice. The law must be his judge.
Every unit in a [1] meter radius of the Zeppelin receives an attack range increase of [2]%.
Quite so. Good a name as any, wouldn't you say? Though somewhat ominous perhaps, as legend holds it they may snatch the souls of the dead and deliver them unto demons the likes of Corvus.
Tell me about ophelia_8
Commander, I wouldn't dream of marrying off my daughters at the age of twelve, but to abandon political marriages altogether? That will undermine a centuries-old way of achieving increased social stature... one you yourself made use of, I might add!
Trooper - Enhanced Engines
The enemy's Grenadiers' attack range will decrease with [1]%.
Firen Tiriel
Demonic frenzy has gripped Ophelia and now, like a contagion, it will spread! She has become a fiend, Commander, a monster in our midst. How you can stay married to this abomination is beyond me, but I know I wouldn't spend another instant in the same room with her, let alone share her bed!
Will you make it impossible for priests to be held accountable for crimes in secular courts?
I've had a word with Catherine—in confidence of course—about rumours pertaining the dwarves. I'm sure she has a lot to say on the subject, so I advise you to hear her out and help if you can.
You already used that button for other actions. Click [1] to clear other actions and continue, or click [2] to select a different button.
He's been asking me for a loan, you know, being robbed of his gold. Asked for quite a lot actually... But I guess I can't rightly refuse him... A begging man is more agonising to look upon than a begging dog!
Request an alliance
We'll have to fight the enemy tooth and nail here! Their troops are utterly entrenched!
Elections are in the offing! Women will rule among the undead. They should break their predecessors' shin bones so that literally as well as figuratively they'll be shown to have lost all stature!
Indeed she does, milord! A soft voice sings inside my head, but only when I am in the land of eyes-shut-and-mind-at-rest. There she guides me to glory! Shows me things not even wizards could dream of!
I had no idea the men and women on my ship receive different salaries. You can calm down; I'll fix this immediately.
A terrible idea that will lead to abuse in no time! Unscrupulous souls will round up the enfeebled from among the dregs of society and force them into selling their very innards! Don't open this amoral cesspit, commander!
Tell me about catherine_2
Lady Camilla can be a bit frosty in her demeanour, but I have no doubt in my mind she'll grow quite fond of you in time. Whether or not love will bloom, though, we have forged an alliance, dragon and lizards, that transcends marriage. Where we were alike in countenance we are now in comport as well: bred from the same egg, as it were. You make us proud, Commander!
I'll get back to you on this matter.
And yet I remain free in dreams, for in dreams I have dominion! Long do I sleep, roam in reverie and wander worlds of wonder, dimensions you could neither behold nor comprehend. There have I found what I shall give you... in return for the deathless soul that is life's blood.
So this is what passes for justice in your lands, Commander? Murder? I hope you never agreed with your wife as to this matter, or I'll be forced to believe we are in dire peril of being ruled by a couple of devious despots.
What is your take on the war that has erupted?
I am beyond such petty concepts—as could you be! Think on it, dragon. Return to me when you have brushed the cobwebs from your mind. Morality is but a ball and chain. Listen to me, and cut the chain ...
Hahaha! A fierce Blood Servant you shall make! The harder they struggle, the tastier they are!
What's this all this claptrap I've been hearing, commander? Some rapscallions got their hands on a couple of elves' totties 'n' toddlers and now there's talk of striking a bargain with 'em? Gibberish!
Still, never mind all that! Today, an alliance has been forged between dwarves and dragon that even the smiths under the mountain can't break! To us, Commander!
Our units are fired upon!
Anti-stealth technology picks up everything, boasts enemy captain. "Even squirrels. It's marvellous!"
Doomsday coming! Enemy finds ways to heal and repair troops on the fly
Main Menu
Your Bomber Balloons will do [1]% more damage.
The enemy's Ironclads will move [1]% slower.
Wait! Hold on an instant!
Thank you, Commander! Responsibility starts at home! We lizards have nests of seven to ten at a time, and yet we manage to educate our children without resorting to charity. Let the others follow our example!
Another shiny ship for your fleet!
Very good, commander! Wealth should be like what passes for wisdom among lizards: the prerogative of the unhappy few who haven't the Seven in their hearts!
Combat Card: Unit Subversion: [1]
Brave of her, too, to announce she's into women so publically, but I'll bet you she'll still have a hankering after old Henry from time to time. She can bring one of her lady friends along, if that makes her feel more at ease! I really don't mind at all.
Oh my, invisible transports! They could land anywhere!
Though I ultimately consider having had to resort to blackmail to be a failure, it did forestall more violence in an already troubled kingdom. And in the end, the law was upheld. What else matters?
I had hoped you'd have the courage to follow Trinculo's advice, but sadly you opted to follow the will of the majority, not the will of wisdom...
The indignation I must suffer! I couldn't be more mortified if you turned out to be a fairy-fancying cross-dresser! This time we must strike back!
Your queen has rewarded you!
You'd be singing a different tune if 'twere dragons and dung beetles that were said to have matching progenitors, wouldn't you? To hell with that dwarf! I daresay no one will believe his tripe anyway.
So you're shutting down our factories because the elves feel threatened by a superior version of their reeking rabbit cheeses? Bah! Imps will lose their jobs because of them weird-eared sore losers! There's no justice in that!
Wonderful! Let's organise ferries to Shark Point. Once deported there, there's no way these vermin will ever make it back to our Seven-blessed shores!
Is that a reason to be a killjoy and scream bloody murder? Cause that's what those gods-be-damned councillors of yours are doing! They demand restitution and the likes. I've half a mind to demonstrate what functionalities come with this arm of mine and where they can put 'em!
The hour is dark, commander. For a second time, misfortune has befallen your beloved, though I am somewhat less at a loss to guess what caused her undoing. Perhaps you merely have an overtly pragmatic mind, and you'll go to horrid lengths to win the war, but perhaps you are being seduced like many have before you. Beware! A demon's gift is never a gift!
Tell me about camilla_3_2_1
A [1] class [2] unit that is highly effective against large groups of light class ground units, turrets and buildings.
Here, for instance, I've selected a group of units
Imps intro to new tech: "We blow fish out of the sea all the time, so why not enemy ships?"
See you later, Grumio!
Devastators are dangerous against groups, but weak against (individual) fast moving units!
We've got a fine bunch of generals here, Commander. And there's Edmund too, but let's not open that particular can of worms. No, it's the girls, Scarlett and Catherine. Guess I've never come closer to women without wanting to get in their pants. I respect them as officers, I really do, and I think that should history repeat itself, they would stand by me as we make our last stand, not run like the mongrels that still stain my memories.
Cloud Road
Wonderful! Capital! I'll ensure the cities in question are notified so that they have a day and a night to evacuate. Then, the drilling will begin, and, finally, the Mother of all Bombs shall be yours! Every imp in the nation is indebted to you, Commander! We've done it! Our destiny has been fulfilled!
No, it is a letter I received from the dead girl's parents thanking me for my actions that dispelled any wry feelings I may have had about going against the letter of the law a second time. I did the right thing. I did the right thing.
Good! The least we can do is to demand the written consent of bereaved relatives before processes of resurrection can be initiated on deceased persons! A matter of common courtesy, surely.
Select your dragon
Don't really know, commander! I certainly hope so, but we've a long way to go yet!
That Edmund! You can say what you want of him, but his handling of the Harrowridge problem was efficient and pragmatic! It's simple really: if A and B are at odds with one another, replace them both with C, and voila, problem solved!
They can afford to keep me like a king! It's not because I'm broke that I'll forego grog down my gullet, steak in my stomach or broads in my bed! Not on your life, commander!
Unavailable: research more skills to unlock this tier.
Emperor's head explodes in dentist chair. Emperor reacts: "I'm fine, really"
Eye of the Patriarch
To navigate rapidly over the battlefield, hold the jetpack button ([IE_Rocket]),
Imp pilots taught how to launch from a Juggernaut. Survival rate "high enough" to take into battle
Because this would create too complicated a discussion, I've proposed we establish the first and only International Court where such matters would be regulated. This was accepted and I am now its supreme judge and therefore the highest ranking legal official in the kingdom!
Look milord: no hands! ... Whoaah?!
The enemy's Armours' range will decrease with [1]%.
I'm afraid Prospera is overreacting somewhat, commander. It would be wrong to ban public lactation for the sake of such vague and senseless reasons. Why take away a liberty that harms no one, but on the contrary shows us the flowering of a species at work? We elves regard breastfeeding as an almost sacred ritual that uplifts the spirit of the beholder.
Your army ratio is less than [1]%. You must build units or you will lose in [2] seconds.
Marvellous! Oh yes, excellent! I will take care of everything, commander. A sacred river of gold will start flowing in before you know it!
All of this is supposed to be happening in some rural hamlet newly conquered; no more than a collection of pigsties and whorehouses, I imagine, and I bet you can hardly tell the difference. Yes, I was officially given the responsibility to oversee matters there, but some local undead officer said he'd do the job and I was all the more glad for it!
How cards are dealt
Discard your changes?
If he accepts, that is. Lords like him—bedecked by titles bought, not born with— are usually notorious cowards. I do hope he bites, though. I have a surgeon's skill with a sword and intend to slice him into dissolution bit by bloody bit.
By protecting these dead remains you are quite possibly saving many a life, commander! If ever they rise from their slumber, it is you they shall thank for it!
I don't think ecology should be our prime concern at this time, commander. It will take decades to undo the harm all these war machines have caused, but let us deal with these matters in times of peace.
Some research items are greyed out. To unlock them you need to research prerequisites first, or progress further in the story.
The enemy's Ironclads will do [1]% less damage.
You can select units in your direct vicinity by pressing ([IE_CKSDragonUnitsAroundMe]).
Good man! No moment like the present!
Enemy Warlocks can cloak now, commander! You don't want them popping up behind your back!
You'll find me most useful!
I've heard reports about the imminent arrival of enemy Warlocks!
Tell me about aida_10_1
Commander! When you flip a coin, the outcome is holy! It's awful bad luck going against the coin, especially if your very own head is on the one that settled the matter!
Tough as nails, your wife, commander! Showed those elves what's what and no mistake! They were spoiling for a fight, that lot, but they got more than they bargained for. Serves 'em right! Discord and disorder, that's all they're interested in! Deserved every blow that was coming their way!
Ophelia, foremost of the undead.
Mystifying creatures, those rangers. Elves yes, but somehow they lack some of the most distinct elven qualities. Their desire to hunt and kill is uncanny—strong as that of demons.
Workers are there to work and toddlers there to be pampered, not the other way around! Giving the proles three weeks' notice is giving them three weeks' license to lay about and do nothing! You'd sing a different tune if you were a captain of industry, commander!
You see, there may be a war going on, Commander, but that doesn't mean you don't have a realm to rule! Oftentimes, political concerns will take precedence over military ones, no matter how trivial they may sometimes seem in these dark times.
You can produce Shamans during one combat round.
Dear me, the Raven has stopped singing! Is she gone? What happened? She appeared to me as a demon of sorts, then vanished! Dear o dear, have we been betrayed?
An enemy dragon can shout a Dread Roar!
Get out!
Popularity with the Lizard people has changed by [1]%
Commander, a matter has arisen that impels me to seek your benevolence! Once more, a young girl is made to suffer at the hands of male overlords!
Grenadiers, Ironclads
Have other matters arisen?
Grenadier - Chemical Warfare
Imp Binoculars
A friendly dragon is surrounded by an Aura of Restoration!
I am Corvus: the Raven, the demon. I am what makes this ship a source of inconceivable power and unbeknownst to you, I am your greatest ally; greater than the wizard, your generals and your armies combined.
In short, I hope you and Lady Ophelia will be very happy—but beware the zealot Yorrick that lurks behind her.
The enemy can build Troopers now!
Ridiculous the trivialities general Catherine gets all hot and bothered about. So one or two of our own soldiers overstep the line somewhat after taking yet another town or city. They fought to the death! Are they not allowed some R&R? A cuddle and a fondle with some local belle?
The emperor's dark secrets and white lies
Like the wind!
David And Goliath
Start Battle ([1])
Commander, for some inexplicable reason, the undead love to eat fish. We lizards are of course no strangers to the ocean's bounty, but at least we treat the sea with respect, like a farmer treats his lands and livestock. At the behest of Yorrick's kin, however, the dwarves are emptying the deep at an alarming rate, so I ask you please: regulate the amount of fish one may catch in a day.
Your Troopers will have the Enhanced Engines upgrade for one combat round.
Still, the one thing that really matter, the one thing that will be remembered, is that the dragon came, saw and conquered, and there's an end to it.
Dropping nautical mines!
A light class ground unit that is great at healing and repairing friendly units.
Battle Result
I've got big guns and I can not lie! (rythm of the 'I like big butts and I cannot lie' song)
Maxos delivered unto him the imperial command ship known as the Raven...
That's it! The good name of Gorgombert will be tainted forever! Where once it was synonymous with excellence, it will become a hallmark of mediocrity. You have undermined an institution of elven cuisine! For shame!
Tell me about catherine_1_1_1
Right you are, commander! This is not a time for idleness, but for action! The creation of peace is a laborious process in which we must all partake without faltering.
Nationalisation? Oberon is running a fever, Commander. Don't you heed his delusions. Take business out of private hands and you'll end up with state-produced claptrap devoid of imagination. An increase in quality? I doubt that very much.
To Hell With The Devil
The grave be their destiny.
If this works, you too could receive a host body, free of illness just like you said. We'll pick a couple of condemned prisoners and replace their brains with these orcs' souls—see what happens.
Kill 10 troopers with one Devastator shot.
Build a Wizard Tower for free in one of your countries.
They'll be trophies on your wall
[1] Zeppelin mercenary is fighting on your side this battle.
Combat Card: Mercenary
Long have I waited for this day. I'll stand on his grave as I'm pronounced queen!
Think? I know it! We made important political decisions even! You don't mind, do you?
Oh yeah, we won! Up for a celebratory shag, commander? I know Henry will be!
As it turns out, I am the very subject they chose! Obviously I am very flattered, but we elves don't create statues of other elves. To do so is almost idolatrous. I should refuse! I ... should I?
Our base is taking heavy fire!
Oblivion is upon them!
A... special lady, isn't she? Gifted with great intellect, like many of her kind, and just as headstrong...
By the silver scales of Scalirex, who does lady Camilla think she is? She has to enforce the law, not stand above it! Twelve jurors declare a defendant not guilty and she has him executed. These are the tricks of a tyrant, commander, and I hope you vehemently disapprove!
Might of Corvus
Today we finally look one another in the eyes; both of us relish in the promise locked within.
Will you allow the formation of unions?
Heart of Winter
Friends With Benefits
That's just it, Commander, I did not pierce a thing, for I was more blind than a cataract-stricken cyclops! Such was my reluctance to be deemed equal with imps and elves that I failed to perceive the subtlety of her plans. Do not ask me what they were—she'll explain with irate gusto I am sure!
Hahaa! Grumio bet me you'd say no, but I knew you'd come through for science! Let's round up some pregnant women, power up the machines and disinfect the scalpels!

  • sigh* Your wish, my command, et sorry cetera, but if there indeed be hoops, the snapping of little necks will be added to the ritual!

Well, that certainly was the last time we ask general Henry to assist us, commander! His behaviour was appalling. When we enlisted the help from the military to undo the workings of insidious One God worshippers among the lizard community, we expected this institution to make a show of arms and consequently lead the stray sheep back to the flock.
How you could have chosen that frigid reptile over her is quite beyond me! You'll rue the day, and soon, too!
Researchers baffled by disadvantageous size of cannon ordered by emperor. Pictures inside!
Because of Mercenary Cards you may well fend off an attack by a large amount of enemy forces!
Heavy Aerial Unit
Unlock the Sabotage dragon skill for one combat round.
Tell me about aida_10_2
When will we win the war, they asked. When imps fly, they said! Good news, eh, milord?
You have, of course, my love, long gathered that Icaros is not moved solely by the kindness of his heart. The need for recompense doth besmirch his noble intentions. One of two things he asks of me: a night between my sheets once my transformation is complete, or a hoard of gold the likes of which would fill his far-off palace to its very brim...
A bastard twice are you, my lord: bastard born and bastard bred.
Where do they store the gunpowder on this ship? My snuffbox is empty!
So, poor Lady Lohannah was 'sick', was she? Had a bit of a headache? I bet she'd have made a miraculous recovery had the catering of the celebration been done by the grass-and-root eaters that are her kind.
I can't take much more damage!
Loch of Wishes
Skill is in cooldown
Enemy troops transported by Armour vehicles
It's these horrid arranged marriages! Long have they been a thorn in my side, and now one of your own councillors, that toad of a Trinculo, is giving away his daughter like she were a pretty piece of furniture, to some decrepit old duke because the alliance will benefit him financially.
Look, I just need them off my back. Someone has to take the fall for this mess. I don't care who, but just see it done!
I must admit you settled that last engagement rather decisively, commander! Death follows where the dragon drives.
Cripple an enemy unit with a Shaman, then use a Warlock's Death From Above skill on it.
Were it not that I have a duty toward all undead, I would leave this ship immediately! Clearly the dragon is mortally offensive to the Seven, or they would not have snatched his rightful wife away from him time and again!
I must have overestimated your wisdom, Commander. I had really thought you'd take a step back and realise how ridiculous it is to blame games and books when tragedies such as these happen. All we, the government, do is wage war. If you seek the true root of violence, you have but to look at yourself!
He who harms nature, commander, is merely cutting into his own flesh, and it's a tragedy this is only recognised when it's already too late!
Wonderful, Commander! I knew you'd be too sensible! Why, you'd have crippled dwarven economy and those who do, well, we cripple them!
Jolly good! That means we're sitting on a surplus of toxins, though. Interested, commander?
Zoom in
In a word, yes. I know the game he plays. I too have once been tempted by demonic gifts, but never have I succumbed to their attraction. He is ready to wield the greatest and most ghoulish sorcery of all! Magia Sanguinis ... Foreboding words, for Blood Magic demands blood. Do not forget!
Matchmaking found [1] friend lobby.
Come to visit your wee wife, have you, my sugar plum? Good, for I have a wee favour to ask of you! My father the king—curse his crown—is going to raise taxes again in that misbegotten part of Rivellon under his rule.
An enemy dragon can shout a Crippling Roar!
Your Bomber Balloons will have [1]% more hit points.
You might find it strange hearing this from me, Commander, but I quite agree with Catherine. As far as women are concerned, the pleasure may lie in the chase and the kill, so to speak! But I don't take the hunting metaphor literally, whereas several soldiers do. To force oneself on a girl is detestable, and the men who do so should lose the weapon that's causing her misfortune!
By popular demand, emperor authorizes production of own action figure
It may not be luxurious, but it gets you there: troops to be transported by Armours
A fine choice, commander! It's bad enough as it is when drudanae is used as some sick sort of diversion by our youths, but using it on patients would have been downright criminal. Besides, if they're in pain, everyone knows a shot of brandy does the trick.
Shrapnel shreds civilians? You have not one shred of evidence, enemy justifies
Though normally we undead frown upon the use of such herbal distillates as used by your queen, commander, I must confess last night proved to be an enjoyable evening.
Bah humbug! Well, can't they hang somebody else? Doesn't even need to be an elf; a dwarf'll do just as well! They're so heavy we can bet on decapitation!
Maxos uses tantric techniques to teach dragon how to delay fireballs
Whats the medical emergency? (sarcams)
How do I make my decision? Do I tell her directly?
This is an overview of where battles are going to happen, which will give you final tactical insights before the fight commences. If you've finished viewing the map, press the continue button to go to battle.

    • all kinds of alarms** oh boy, I had better read the manual before doing that.

Indeed I shall! The man has openly gone against me and I can't let that slide. My spies will procure this ledger.
Lady and gentlemen, please, let us all be adult about this! I'm quite certain the commander will favour the opinion of elves above all others!
This site supports the construction of Battle Forges, War Factories and Aerofactories.
Do as you see fit, Henry. Long as the job gets done, mind!
Initial Research Points
Tell me about catherine_2_1
Commander, we really need to act on the misuse of necromantic magic! Only last week some dunderhead slipped up during an incantation and now five generations of skeletal elves are demanding their homes and hearths back from their own living descendants. Enough is enough!
Here was a job that needed to be done quickly and decisively. Luck be unto me that I alone was there to oversee its completion! If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself and others be damned! A man alone is a rock. Put him among others and he's a pebble!
Seven strike that rotten dwarf! Necromancy is an art and its practice should be encouraged, not muzzled!
Is that... is that a butterfly?
Map Name
Strength is oozing from my veins!
An enemy dragon can heal itself!
Thanks, Commander! You're a doll! I'd give you a kiss that'd blow your jetpack off, if you weren't off limits!
I'm quite impressed Scarlett can be her true self aboard the Raven despite the prejudice she faces from the likes of Yorrick and other such parasites. She tells me you have been quite supportive of her. If that is true, I admit you have done very well.
Press [1] to spawn your dragon.
Previous Battle
Commander, I'd like to address some issues I have with The Rivellon Times. Now, I know the press will try to embellish stories to make for more savoury reading material, but half the stuff they print nowadays is fabricated nonsense of an almost always sensational or slanderous nature. I want you to reprimand them, Commander! I want it to be known that from now on they must either publish the truth or else publish no longer!
That's just perfect, yes! Quick, I'll go and murder someone, then buy an Indulgence and voila: everything is hunky-dory! What a farce!
I was right to place my hopes in a dragon. The wisdom of the ancient beast outshines the sex it belongs to!
The Ring Of Boreas
Skirmish Skill
I live... again!
Your Juggernauts will have the Imp Backup ability for one combat round.
It's been a pleasure!
To think that's all it took. Ha! Friends of mine tortured to death so that that old goat would open his eyes and realise that we—or so he thinks—stood by and willingly let him restore his grip on power. My blood still boils when I think of it, but if true reconciliation might loom on the horizon, I should reach for it! I owe it to every dwarf in the land to mellow his wretched heart and undo his tyranny step by step.
Is there anything else?
To attack an enemy unit,
Your Zeppelins will have [1]% more hit points.
Not Mappable
Our marriage is still young, yet it seems ages since last I frequented elven court, a home and shelter so wholly different from this golden Raven. There I lived among my kinsmen alone, raised to be the living embodiment of our traditions, but here I reside among the rambunctious representatives of all the Civilised Races.
Imp Favour
Teneb Tiriel
Unlock the Aura of Restoration dragon skill for one combat round.
I admit, Commander, that I and many dwarves with me were insulted by Lady Lohannah's absence at the dinner party. But she has undone our anger, undone it manifold indeed!
Play a Sabotage Movement Card on the Strategy Map that effectively blocks an enemy unit from moving.
A Warlock turned me into a newt once - An editorial on the enemy principle of accidental research
The emperor's enemy is my enemy!
Ah, you're right on time! Here, have a cookie; they're the last ones. Boy, were they a resounding success! Am I ever glad you talked me out of that smoking session. I made meat-pies for the dwarfs, salmon-chocolate-chip cookies for the lizards... oh, and dynamite-powered doughnuts for the imps!
A [1] class [2] unit whose primary function is to increase the firing range of ground and naval units.
Bitter defeat! Girls were cheering as our troops passed, but they'll have to wait for your exalted rule a bit longer.
No dwarf goes gently into the dark night if he can help it, commander! We fight against the dying light with every sinew in our bodies and no needle-wielding quack will bally well interfere! Only those who clung to every last breath are worthy of the Eternal Warrior's afterlife!
Win Some, Lose Some
The amount of research points you start with
That means it will be me who shall deliver them unto the Reaper... or from him. Only the Seven can tell. If such is thy counsel, my love, then so shall it be.
Enemy uses cytotoxic agents - Why should you care?
Ray of Power
No, I have joined the Sisters of Vesta and under their guidance, I will abstain from all earthly pleasures. We worship no gods, but live a life of quiet asceticism, for we believe that this will bring us peace. General in deed, eremite in soul, this I shall be and no more.
Dragon ready to spawn! Press [1] to deploy.
Soon I shall drink the shaman's broth and crumble, then reawaken with novel senses. How I long for your delicate touch!
A [1] class [2] unit whose primary function is to heal other units.
Forget it, commander, I won't give you the satisfaction! Run a chauvinist ship if you must, but I'll not debase myself for the likes of you! Now leave me be!
The Rivellon Times is a dwarven and therefore commercial enterprise, Commander. Juicy stories sell copies, that is simplicity itself. I categorically deny, by the way, that our editors spread lies, or at the very least spread lies on purpose! So if a chambermaid divulges to us a minister of the crown likes to spank his mistress in the bedroom, and this later turns out to be untrue, she is at fault, not we for having printed her tale!
We imps don't wear anything at all until we reach puberty, Commander; then dress only to avoid... awkwardness. Nude beaches? Sounds like a capital idea! Sit back and watch the girls play jump-ball!
It would have been wiser to spend such considerable sums elsewhere, Commander, but I can but advise, not make your decisions for you.
Tell me about arc_henry
Any Map
My heart bleeds for lady Aida, commander. It must be hellish to know your own father is wreaking havoc among friends and family. That old dwarf is out of control! Can nothing be done?
Corvus is still on the loose, commander! It will take your utmost strength to best him now!
Congratulations, milord! Happy days, eh! But don't you worry; I haven't been sipping sparkle-wine and eating wedding cake, no! Researching! Engineering! Those have been my occupations!
When verbal defense is better than armed defense: emperor attributes latest loss to military espionage. Investigation found ineffective
So the slave market is closed, and you've made your pick from among four serfs whether she was willing or not!
Labourers attuned precisely so that they have the smarts for one particular function, but nothing else? Bodies altered to create symbiosis with machines? It's a brave new world we live in, commander. Now please, give us the old one back!
Logic seems to disagree with you, commander! The facts were plain, as should have been the inferences. Your sudden lack of wisdom does mystify me from time to time.
Just like diseases, accidents are simply punishments from the gods. If this misbegotten dwarf lost a leg, he probably took the Seven's names in vain or forgot to say a prayer before dinner, and they saw it fit to make him attentive of his sin. Paying for his convalescence would be tantamount to forgiving his trespass, which only the gods have the lease to do.
Can you imagine what it would be like, commander, to wrestle among the waves, exhausted and frozen? To find refuge on some driftwood only to be booted off by some brazen butcher? For that is what happened to one of my kind and the dwarf that did it stands trial today.
Good! Besides, temples provide a public service, don't they, and one can hardly tax the need for spirituality.
and how Rivellon was consumed by eternal war...
The old? We blow it up! The new? We study it for a while before we blow it up! Why? Because there's always something even newer waiting around the corner! Science, great dragon, never sits still! Try, investigate, experiment and with a bit of luck... BOOM! Hahaha! A bigger bang than ever!
Who will break, who will bend?
But you'll set the record straight, wont you? Aye, and him too— afore every dwarf in the realm thinks an abstinent elf would make a better queen than me!
Emerge victorious from an RTS battle where your chance to win was less than 15% on the combat screen (in Multiplayer or versus Hard/Insane AI).
Imps inspired: 'Enemy minefields will claim victims for hundreds of years to come!' Population in despair: 'Enemy minefields will claim victims for hundreds of years to come!'
Tell me about catherine_3_1_1
The phrase 'too little, too late' comes to mind, commander, but it seems Edmund did his duty in the end. The nightmare of Harrowridge vanished come the dawn and those responsible for the killings have themselves been rendered unto death.
Make a country immune to invasions and enemy cards for [1] turn.
If one were to cut your heart with a diamond, it is the diamond that would bleed! So be it: on the Raven I shall remain if you order me to, where I'll work for the empire's victory, but pray for the emperor's downfall! You have your wish, now leave me alone!
To uncharted lands!
Perhaps you should consider that the lawful thing to do is not necessarily the conscientious thing to do.
When one is critical of the emperor, one is critical of the gods, for they have seen it fit to give him his throne! And when one is critical of the gods one should be silenced and shackled, for one does not insult the Seven unpunished!
Hurry, commander! Our base is under heavy attack!
Direct me.
I'd have thought the Scarlett I know would have settled her beef with that elven son-of-a-whore by means of the blade. Still, the article she wrote pretty much got her the same result, even if it was a bit... emotional for my tastes.
This is all too ludicrous! Does Yorrick intend to revert society back to the Shadow Ages, perhaps? When the 'good' bore the scars of devotion and the' bad' were cast into thraldom? We have come a long way since then, Commander, and hard fought it was, too! Do not regress! Do not!
Darn! That battle didn't quite go like it was supposed to, did it? You're not losing your touch, are you?
No longer did demonic technology hold sway,
Taking turns on the Strategy Map is determined by the round-robin rule!
Bomber Balloon Ground Bombardment
Those poor schoolchildren... They'll be so disappointed!
Take us to hostile waters!
You are a Dragon,
Well done! Massacres like the one that took place in Maxosbridge should be avoided at all costs, even if the means are perceived by some to be despotic. Where individual responsibility fails, the state must step in.
Now then, let me elaborate. Unlike those other girls I have seen shipped here by their aspiring ambassadors, I am not one who spends her days in palace rooms having her nails tended to. I have studied law and am now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of my native land.
Besieging Devastators WILL devastate large forces if not dealt with quickly and decisively!
A small government is capable of small matters only, commander! Letting go of all these clerks is like shooting yourself in the foot!
In truth, it has hardly begun! We have a lot of work ahead of us, but therein lies the fun: the satisfaction of conquest!
Tell me about scarlett_4_2_1
You mean to say you'll allow those crazed imps to tamper with unborn life? By all the gods, I didn't even assume Trinculo was being serious! It's horrid!
Cast a charge onto the surface that creates a pillar of restoration for [1] seconds. All friendly units that come within a [2] meter radius of the pillar get slowly healed for a total of [3] hit points per second.
No place for faith or tradition whatsoever? What a load of old cobblers! Every dwarf child should know the stories of Hundra Dragonslayer—glory be his hammer— ; the sagas of Siegfried Wotanson the Worldshaper! It's not because these god-heroes lived a long time ago and some of their exploits sound a bit far-fetched that we shouldn't honour their message or merit!
Anti-Air Turret
Horse of steel riding out!
A friendly dragon can fire a Cleansing Charge!
Once more, the dragon returns to his nest to find it empty. Four princesses have been brought to the Raven; four have disappeared while your powers grew. Blood Magic demands blood. I need say no more, save for one thing: until the demon that pervades your ship and your soul is somehow cast back into the shadows from whence it came, there will be no more weddings aboard the Raven. I know enough, I have seen enough and I have had enough!
My warmest congratulations, Commander! Lady Aida is the queen of dwarves and rightly so! Of course it's a pity her father's illness keeps plaguing him, but at least he has a daughter to take his place. Many would have ensured he was quietly removed, but not her!
A friendly dragon can sabotage the enemy!
It wouldn't have been that big a deal actually, but I didn't want to offend Oberon again.
One fell strike from my sword and it will be over! Or two... or three... I might botch it up a bit, by accident.
Dwarven princess Aida.
Good! So you should! And I hope this is the last of such nonsense I've had to deal with.
Scarlett has gained a level in: [1].
Such a pleasant chamber this is, my be-all and end-all; so light and luxurious. Quite different from the rooms I frequented afore, dark as the grave, black as the secret branded upon my very being...
I wouldn't marry you, Commander. You know you're not my... type, but even if you were, no way! I will perish with a sword in my hand, but I'll never disappear like a thief in the night!
[1] started researching [2]
Use a Transport's Cloak ability to safely and secretly get your troops to a certain location!
Out of Sight
Commander, I have an urgent request that in light of my recent disclosure to you of a personal nature will, I'm sure, not fall on deaf ears.
If there is one favour you can do for me, Commander, it's to invite Oberon up on one of the observation decks, give him a nudge, and let gravity prove elves can indeed not fly. Then, at least, he can pester me no more with his aggravating accusations of professional misconduct!
There were no legal problems to contend with?
Harmony between magic and nature.
No one in Rivellon, save for you, Sigurd, the Architect and I, know of Aurora and how her death affected your father. As far as most are concerned, he was a great hero who all too soon fell prey to indulgence, sloth and alcohol, which lost him the affection of his children and, in time, started the war.
Training Grounds
What I would give for a bit of peace and quiet around here! Really, some girl goes missing and everyone's in an uproar. Not like we're missing someone important! I lost a button on my best jacket only yesterday, but do you see me throw a tantrum? Good heavens, no!
They all had one look at the Dragon Knight's wife, put their glasses of sherry and champagne back on the waiters' trays and drank nothing but aqua on ice!
Imperial Palace
My great love, my dawn and dusk, minister to me with thy counsel, for I am lost in the blinding mists of misgiving. Upon the very doorstep of completion I falter, encumbered by the insidious sprites of doubt and hesitation. Their incessant chatter satiates my being with pale and quiet dread. Questions, queries upon burial rise from shallow graves: in search of life, am I taunting death? In pursuit of salvation, am I to become a monster?
Who is the greater barbarian, commander? He who engages in barbarity or the overlord who permits him to? I think I know the answer.
Alright alright! (nagging)
I'm ever so sorry to hear that lady Ophelia is a bit under the weather, commander, but if she wants to see a medicine man there is none better than Baldahar Bunglebrewer M.D.!
Ironic, yes, for of course you yourself haven't given up on your politically-picked wife and went forth in pursuit of love. Such is the way of emperors: They preach, but hardly practice.
Imp Bunker Buster
Enemy Imp Fighters have been plated with iron! They'll certainly be harder to shoot down!
Allows the construction of Zeppelins in your Aerofactories. These eyes-in-the-sky greatly increase the firing range of nearby friendly units.
Even then, I can't really be bothered going through the charade of a state funeral. Can't they just throw him in a pen, let the pigs have a treat for once?
Goodness gracious me, commander! A whole month without working? The amount of boredom would be lethal! No, no, no! I'll have none of those vile holidays!
Your Imp Bunker Buster explosion radius has increased by [1]%
This is so exciting! I wonder what wine will taste like... Oh, and whisky! I've heard awfully good things about whisky.
Transport - For the Empire!
Pretty chamber I've been given, my tasty thistle! Doesn't look quite as sturdy as dwarven masonry, but it'll do! Anything that's so many miles away from the presence of my father will do, in fact.
Select units around aim point
There's no more expensive a commodity than a woman, commander, and now you've increased their salaries as well! My stomach turns when I eye the royal coffers empty at such a rate!
If enemy transports head straight for you, get out of there! They can self-destruct!
Commander! The Seven have truly favoured us all! Heathens wither in the throes of death as we tread by them victoriously! Glory be! Glory be unto the gods!
Imps increase range of Juggernauts: "They were just stuck at sea there, so we thought why not"
What a marvellous chamber this is! Truly made for a princess! Never have I seen steel wrought so delicately—so very different from our wooden elven homes, yet alike in elegance.
You know there'd be no stopping Henry: he sped off home the instant he heard the news, so now Catherine and I would like your permission to go after him. If he has to face those backstabbing bastards, we want to face them with him!
Build an Emporium for free in one of your countries.
We're back to our old ways, commander, and I couldn't be happier for it! There's nothing she won't do and nothing I won't either! Passion, that's what we have! I just wish she didn't get quite so drunk though, each time our fires start raging!
Lady Aida's move to free her friends from Thelor's cells may have looked good on paper, Commander, but diplomatically it was a fiasco. Now we have a raving king who denies his daughter: a first in dwarven history! People will think we're fickle as elves! Perish the thought!
The dwarves revere their gold to such an extent it becomes a fetish; elves abide so strictly by nature they become her slaves. We like gold, for it is an economical must. We like nature, for she sustains us. Yet none of the two we idolise.
All for ale!
If thou has erred, let pain be thy penance, for it sweats the sin from your skin.' So say the Seven Scriptures, commander, therefore, it is truth. What could you possibly hope to achieve by denying the truth?
I still don't understand why you didn't accept our generous gift, Commander. Now you stand empty-handed and young Narkhesem has suffered an unjust blow to his reputation—except among the undead, perhaps. I'll thank you to reel that Scarlett woman in and ensure this goes no further!
Strategy Card: Diplomacy
What is it with you and princesses, commander? The legendary Bluebeard had a better track record than you!
Dear me, I could do with a nap! To contend with demons drains the mind as much as it endangers it!
We enjoy some protection from entrenchments here, but not much!
Corvus instructed him how to create a poison that can kill even one of your kind, my friend. It took the Architect a year to manufacture it, and after that interval he sought Aurora. On a winter's night, Sigurd kissed her goodbye. On a winter's morning, she was no more.
Long have I asked myself that question, yet the answer is as simple as it is obvious: human nature. Love; jealousy; anger; grief. All of these emotions proved more fatal to the stability of peace than a hundred thousand war machines could.
Invalid command
Veterans call emperor's recent victory "nothing more than a raid"
Go to last alert on minimap
I realise, my friend, this revelation of mine must leave you with more questions than answers, so in the Royal Chamber, where reigns the precious presence of privacy, I shall answer any queries you may still have to the best of my abilities.
She is special, this vessel—filled with wonders undiscovered. The wizard, he feels it too— the taste, the tingle of mystery. O, to unlock its secrets ...
Popularity with the Elves has changed by [1]%
So you fell for that underhanded scheme after all! Nothing like taking away naive people's money and forcing them into cheap labour, is there, commander? Might as well just call it slavery and be done with it!
I'm sure it was, but you must have noticed the latent anger around the dinner table that simmered as hotly and persistently as did the chef's stew.
This is not a game, emperor! Dragon plays hide and go seek with the enemy
Your empire's countries produce an extra [1] gold.
Thank you, Commander! I do not like to speak against those of my own kin, but when they go soft in the head, only a short, sharp shock will do to make 'em come to their senses! A resounding 'no' from the dragon should set them straight and get 'em back in their pants!
You, however, have cured both my bitterness and my loss in the faith that any man could be a creature of honour and respect; thereby, you yourself have earned great honour and respect in turn.
Combat Card: Unit Upgrade
When an imp threatens 'to blow you up and the whole ship with you', they jest, do they not?
The bombs dropped by Bomber Balloons explode with greater force and damage enemies in a [1] meter radius.
Imp Fighters cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Your Imp Fighters will have the War Of Attrition upgrade for one combat round.
Perhaps you enjoy the sight of two men performing intricate feats of tongue wrestling, Commander, but me? It costs me my bloody lunch! Soon the parks will be full of 'em and my family will have to dine indoors! What about our rights? What about decorum?
Hunter - Revelation
Why put emphasis on 'male offspring'?
... Connecting ...
Aida! Dearest Aida... all that is dwarf made perfect... gone! What happened here? What fate befell her? Was it you, Commander? Could you no longer control the dragon within? You ate her, didn't you, you filthy beast!
At your service!
I desire the ultimate promise of the demon. My wife is yours, Corvus.
The important thing is that all those rebels wear their innards inside out now, and the miscreants that would repeat their rigmarole will think twice before trying their luck!
Go to the Bar
Grenadier - Chemical Warfare
The problem is that the elves regard this engineering business as a breach of nature's edicts, and some claim these technoveg were never properly tested by academics. They say mothers will bear misshapen children.
The Dragon takes a breather: scorching pics inside!
You astound and disappoint in the same day, commander! You may guess which of the two outdoes the other.
I Came To See RTS
Maxos to finally enroll emperor in primary school after latest unsuccessful battle
Get us out of here commander!
Bah, I should've known you'd be too noble and chivalrous and all that rot! Mind you, them's qualities I do admire in a man. Except when they get in my way!
Time for Grumio to pack it in! Time for my poor cousin Trinculo too! We'll have to invent new wonders all over again. Yes, that could be good fun actually! How about I join your court, milord? O the crafty contrivances I could fashion for you and your wife!
Invalid position for skill
When a dwarf pulls a stunt like your wife did, commander, when a dwarf is responsible for the loss of so much money, we gather all his gold and bronze and silver and melt it in a great big cauldron. We then proceed to poor it over the wretched underbred and leave his gilded corpse where it stands as a warning to all who'd betray us.
Connection Refused - Wrong password!
Zeppelins greatly increase the attack range of your units when near them!
Twas when I looked upon the vault that I realised there lay before me the last of his line, the last of my blood. Despite everything I felt... alone. Queen of the dwarves. Alone.
They will get hammered, and not in the good way!
Nothing some brandy won't fix.
I've been trapping small animals since I was four. People tell me I'm special.
How to build your own stealth aircraft: imp invention ridiculously easy to understand (Poster inside!)
Let me tell you that I don't care the dwarves are valued allies best kept appeased. This reputed savagery must stop and, to make up for your earlier error, you'll be its undoer!
Sound the trumpets: hunter's here
May Hell take the imps, commander! We never would have lost if it weren't for their inferior machinery!
Destroy a Gold Mine in an enemy country.
Long story short, the cultists renounced their evil ways and were accepted back into society. Boring as fig stew, but Prospera's over the moon. She can stay there for all I care.
You haven't a mercantile mind, Commander! I was dangling millions in front of you, and all you had to do was extend your hand! Bloody priests would have gotten nothing but their just deserts!
Enemy drops a bombshell: enemy bomber aircraft spotted
You are blatantly denying us our gods-given right to punish that criminal tramp as the Seven see fit! To think we were already showing her the mercy of the noose. We put smugglers on the breaking wheel, usually!
She is a revelation, and her interest in our celebrated wines has done wonders for our economy. Export has doubled ever since her journey to Bhargandy. I dare say your treasury will benefit from these events as well!
Aerofactories cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Attack Range: [1]
Meet the Beetles
You will suffer like your wives do, dragon! How blood servants writhe in agony!
Kickstarter! Ha! What will they come up with next?
Global Timers
It is a sterile mind that forces the hypocritical veil of 'decency' to cover up one of mother nature's most precious customs. You disappoint me, commander.
Once more the insidious minds of dwarf and undead conspired against us. Or was it just you, commander, who in his heart of hearts could not allow two men or two women to vow eternal loyalty to one another? What about their hearts of hearts? Don't they count?
That rolling thunder you hear in the distance? Those are enemy armours!
Right click on a capital or factory country to access the build menu.
I'd laugh at Trinculo's proposal, commander, if it wasn't so utterly debased! He'd have us give up our sacred rites and allow our dead to be used as some sick sort of fuel, as the essence of explosives! Unthinkable!
I knew I could count on you, commander! If there is one of us in this room who'll never have the need for an Indulgence, surely it must be you!
Dear me, I do hope you know what you're doing, commander! Shower the plebs with prosperity and their masters will become paupers. You're turning the tables just like that, but I liked my seating arrangements as it was, thank you very much!
Select entire army
Bomber Balloon - Enhanced Explosives
Another Day, Another Dollar
Shaman - Cripple
Nevermore I think, has the freedom you have granted us put a greater responsibility on our shoulders in turn— on each and every one of the Civilised Races. We must earn back the very rights to happiness your liberation entitles us to.
You had to resort to bribery?
Upgrade completed
I shall speak the dread syllables and return Razakel to Tartarus where he will dwell until another sees it fit to summon him. I shall not be the one.
Oberon has a knack for proposing sound measures at a completely wrong time, commander. I'm glad you too have come to this realisation.
Forgive me, Commander, my temper got the better of me. You must be as distraught as I am. Dear, dear Aida...
Transport - For the Empire!
So Lady Aida defied her father once more and hauled her chums out of hell, did she? Well good for her! Let Thelor rant and rage; his days are numbered. Sooner or later, Sir Falstaff and the likes will ensure he has an accident of sorts, or I don't know a dwarf from a doorknob!
The enemy's Transports' rattack ange will decrease with [1]%.
To scar the Green Mother's skin with yet more streaks of cold stone is unconscionable, commander! Every bird and beast will bedamn your name!
Heart of Fire
There he is! Commander 'Violate for Victory' himself! You haven't even a modicum of respect for women, do you? How I pity your queen and every female in your kingdom. To allow soldiers to abuse, to encourage it even, so that one day you'll have fresh armies... I detest that I have no choice but to remain on the Raven! Each king is a cancer upon his realm!
Look, do you want to babble or battle? Inaction makes me rust in uncomfortable places!
Lady Ophelia has gone, Commander. It was bound to happen; a soul of such purity, daughter of Everking. The Seven have taken her into their arms. Were that we all shared her blessed providence!
Pacifists rally round capital: "this war is a crime against peace". Emperor responds: "having drinks aboard the Raven"
It's not that the idea of unions offends me, Commander, but in times of war we just cannot afford the side effects unions tend to bring about. Strikes, protests... you know the sort of thing. No, I advise against Oberon's proposal.
We knew war would continue everlasting unless one king would stand up, conquer all feuding factions, and unite the manifold battling races under the banner of a single, world-spanning empire. 'Easier said than done', was, I believe, our initial reaction.
Match Skill
Cannot lady Aida come to his aid? Them being of the same bloodline and all. I have no love for the man, but if she can help, it's her duty as a daughter, so say the dwarven ways of old.
Do you realise just how many people have died over the last few millennia? A couple of necromantic accidents more and we'll be contending with millions! The undead will outnumber the living! Dozens of generations going 'in my day this'; 'youth these days that'! O the chaos! O the utter boredom!
Oh yes, just fantastic! Let's shackle an entire industry for the sake of herrings and haddocks! What a farce!
Emperor's motives disputed: search for self-enrichment on intellectual or financial level? We have the quotes!
Curse Trinculo and every single simpleton of his ludicrous species! The madmen are arranging a marriage most grotesque and shamefully aberrant: a perverted bond between the essence of nature and the cold indifference of cogs, wheels and gears. It is a desecration of the cosmos, a violation of everything we elves hold dear!
Accidentally destroy 10 of your own units or allied units with a Juggernaut's Imp Bunker Buster skill.
Why anyone would enjoy literature—if the word applies—filled with sex and violence is beyond me, Commander! A stimulating read about gardening holds more than enough excitement for me!
How many are available to you is listed on the left side of your status bar,
Shell-shocking catapults, commander, what a pity it is you never got to meet pretty princess Pyra!
popularity with
The old feudal system versus the new empire. A journalist's dissemination
Equipped with imp binoculars, the Grenadier's attack range is increased by [1]%.
The Queen's Quarters
Imp Fighter - Iron Plating
Let it come, the indignant crowd, with torches and pitchforks raised. Let it come and collide as futilely with the law as waves crash upon cliffs, scorned and unheeded!
I admire the zeal with which Catherine fights to secure women's rights. That she has been able to realise several of her goals is quite remarkable, given the usual opposition. She's strong and doesn't take no for an answer. As such I hold her in considerable esteem.
Corvus' power has increased by [1]%
It's only a matter of time now, commander! Your rule over Rivellon is all but absolute! Just like Maxos predicted, the dragon shall prevail!
I told you so, Commander, I told Camilla too, but no one would listen! She sent rangers to the rescue, yes, but they botched the operation. Women, children, slain with jagged knives: a necromancer's dream, sanity's nightmare.
Aura of Restoration
Dear me, it's a trap!
Tell me about scarlett_1
To enhance the tobacco recipe, I think I'll create a nice blend of flavours. I'll add parsley... a hint of sage perhaps... definitely rosemary and... and thyme! Yes, that's it!
Our base is being destroyed!
Emperor indecisive
Juggernauts can call for Imp Fighter backup if attacked by enemy air forces!
A country's entrenchment level will increase or diminish depending on the amount of enemy troops near its borders.
An outrage, plain and simple! Let these puritans have their way and it won't be long before our women are confined to their houses all day long! Scandalous!
With the utmost insistence I therefore urge you to halt this publication! And if the matter of censorship bothers you, think nothing of it; by blocking the printing of this inane nonsense you're safeguarding not only the good standing of all lizards, but of the illustrious Gazette as well!
We don't have enough support to construct any more buildings, commander!
See me later!
Bomber Balloon - Mine High Club
The amount of gold in your treasury
Praise be to gods and men, and elves and dragons too, for the ring round Lady Lohannah's exquisite finger envelops more than her dainty digit alone, Commander! It enfolds the bond that has been struck between you and my kin! Allies now, and allies still when many years will have dyed my hair grey! All hail the emperor!
Unit building times have increased by [1]%.
They must have been so beautiful, those whose cheeks I've chartered; whose lips I've lent; whose breasts I've borrowed. May the gods guard their souls.
Berserker Roar
You know the answer to that question as well as I do, commander. Prepare for your ascension, for it is imminent.
Build a factory for free in a country of your choice.
Imp Fighter - War Of Attrition
Slot taken
Is imitation not the sincerest form of learning? emperor asks the enemies, as he flatters them with an imitation of their transporter ship
Sell building
Combat: Moving around
Commander! No doubt you rejoice at my swift return from the land of imps, that borough of blight, that cyst in civilisation. Returned have I to more glorious heights! The gods I'd thank, if I believed in any.
Oh the sweet, bloody end is nigh. Dragon Pie, best in Rivellon!
Gold Revenue
Not grim, but glorious! Don't tell me you don't understand!
A bold move, commander, to give undead women the vote, but an inspired one as well! To be pulled from behind the cooking fires and cast into the maelstrom of office will be daunting for them, but I have every faith they'll do all right!
Tell me about camilla_3_1_1
Commander, we undead and the other Civilised Races here represented are the lords and masters of the world as decreed by the Seven. Should we not therefore be allowed to breed other animals in ever greater numbers for our consumption? Install giant farms that will have our slaughterhouses run night and day?
Say hello to my little friend!
There we have it, my jack-in-the-box! The day has finally dawned: dear old dad, dead as a doornail. He'll be missed like a vomiting-virus, gods blight his soul. Soon I'll be the queen of all dwarves: the moment they close the lid on his coffin, in fact. I'm sure that particular dull thud will sound like an angel playing the harp to my ears!
Your Transports' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Why must you curb our enthusiasm for the delicacy that is the dogfish; the treat that is the trout? We like our fish morning, noon and night! Even Falstaff understood!
I do not understand this decision, Commander, not in the least. You witness firsthand the destruction wreaked by weapons every day, and yet you'll allow citizens to partake? Are you preparing for total war, perhaps, should our enemy turn the tide? Total slaughter, more like!
I understand Trinculo's concerns, but to ban religious education outright is a step too far, commander. One has but to behold the glory of our Green Mother to know divine inspiration sparked her creation.
The Hordes
Not a loose cannon: enemy in control with latest invention appropriately nicknamed "the devastator"
Battle Fatigue
Fear is the mind-killer: enemy Shamans to use psychological warfare
Emperor faking it? Factories to build enemy imp fighters. Empire wonders where R&D money goes to
Oh, before I forget, the celebration is tonight, so, seeing that the invitation reads 'plus one' and my sister turns out to be unavailable, perhaps you'd like to accompany me? Do take a bath first though, you still reek of burnt flesh and jet-engine oil.
Hunters are excellent hit-and-run units and will rip through enemy infantry with ease!
That path is no good.
For one such as you, I can but stand in awe! Eternities of torment would I have made you suffer, and yet in the servant I had foreseen, I find my undoer. May Maxos end me swiftly, for such shame sears my soul!
A light class ground unit that is extremely effective against other light class ground units. Use this unit to occupy countries when they are out of harm's way.
Fine, do as you must, but you can find another bed tonight! Saving lives gives me a headache!
My, my, as it turns out Henry has less scruples than... well, me. Clever the way he spun things. He may say he hates politicians like piles—his words, not mine—but his acts belie the knack he'd have for their meandering manoeuvrings, which is a compliment, I suppose, in a sordid sort of way.
Enemy troopers are benefiting from enhanced engines, commander!
The government can't have enough civil servants, commander, just like the church can't have enough priests. It quite simple really: it goes to show how popular they both are as institutions. The bigger the better; the more the merrier! Simple!
Madness! If you're going to force us imps to have time off, to relax and unwind instead of working round the clock, you'll have riots on your hand, Commander!
We'll talk more later.
I'd have given Oberon such a whip of the tail had doing so not betrayed my anger! His smug face could do with a bit of nasal repositioning!
Heavy Sea Units, Ground Units
Tell me about catherine_1_1
Issue attack order to selected units
You think it would be unwise to deal with Corvus?
My mother tell me I'm wicked, but I just LOVE to kill
You flirt! You're kind of right though... Oh, am I ever glad I didn't listen to Oberon going on and on about tradition and idolatry. What a bore that man can be!
Free naked dragon poster inside!
Enemy out of reach
How convenient! One's own side is justifiably in danger of being dragged to court, so why not place them above the law and be done with it? The arrogance of it all! Surely you don't take Yorrick seriously, commander!
Armours can deploy ground mines that automatically cloak. They explode when an enemy comes close to them and do [1] damage in a [2] meter radius.
Thank you for deciding against these barbarian breeding farms, commander. My ancestors would have moved heaven and earth for an emperor of your convictions!
If that is your honest opinion, you do well to seek my sobering counsel. Things are headed in the right direction. To be more celebratory than that would be misguiding.
Imperial population now agrees: arms race research is clearly useless (and no one reads about it)
Thank You For Not Smoking
The good: researchers invent unique flying machine. The bad: imps to be pilots. The downright stupid: flying machine equipped with weapons
Quick and painless, hah!
Keep it up!

You gain more research points for every country you hold on the Strategy Map!
Imp researchers to clone enemy's Ironclad ship. "I'm calling it the Ironclad", emperor surprisingly announces
Ha! Take that Prospera! Wave your precious republic goodbye! We'll have us a dragon and no one else! Welcome back, commander! And don't you ever give us a scare like that again!
Yes! Hahaa! Ready the shovels; gather the miners; pack the TNT! The imps are going digging!
You look like you're in need of some consolation, commander! Come, have a drink with me!
Ah, Commander! No doubt you've had an eventful and successful day so far, but don't rest on your laurels just yet, for I am here to inform you the councillors have arrived—the ambassadors of the races whom you'll have to duel and deal with in the political arena. Such is both the prerogative and the burden of an emperor-to-be!
So you 'lost' your wife, did you? You had better not be involved in this, commander! I have my suspicions though; wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you!
Enemy technicians upgrade troopers to find actual chink in our armour
Demons from the depths take me, Commander, for I, Edmund, have been a fool. A triad of letters I have received by the hands, paws and claws of Oberon, Trinculo and Yorrick in which they thank me for the role I have played in scrapping Prospera's constitutional draft, for piercing the veil of her 'evil scheme'.
The man is scum, but he has no reason to continue fighting now that his enemy has been dethroned. I say release him and save the captives.
Yes, yes, yes, but don't remind me! My heart bleeds just thinking about it! Oh, but I must be like chef, don't I? I must create delicate wonders, impeccable blends of perfection, in the knowledge they must all turn into wretched clumps of waste destined for the sewer.
So King Thelor is dead, and Aida did nothing to save him! This is a grave stain upon our new queen's character, Commander, one that no dwarf will likely forget!
I'll need a good lawyer, a sterling one in fact. Perhaps I can yet convince my accusers that I had no ill will in mind, but merely sought to act upon the convictions of my people.
The sweetest treat of all: a kiss from their loving wife!
Dragon Commander
The court has decided, commander: the queen was found guilty and will be jailed. Believe me when I say this news brings me no pleasure, but someone had to speak in the name of those many starved refugees. Justice has been done, even if that saddens us.
They won't even see me coming
What Falstaff calls misuse, we imps call creative experimentation! Science is basically a series of accidents that sometimes leads to a nice little novelty. So let them incant away, those necromancers! No harm in trying!
Dragon Pass
Start game
Undo unit movement
Rocco Nore
Bedroom or Battlefield - Friends of emperor come clean: emperor fails to perform
I'll stick by you, commander, because it's a war I want to win, but you remain the son of your father, and though you are a dragon, the egg doesn't roll far from the nest. You have my sword, not my heart, though that should still be more than enough to drink to! Bottoms up, commander! A toast to old Henry!
You almost completely disappear out of sight for [1] seconds. If you attack or make use of other abilities, you will reappear instantly.
Your Bomber Balloons will move [1]% faster.
Oh, you always say the sweetest things! I knew he'd end up as nothing more than dung in the mud eventually! So how about a little celebration? I'm up for a cask or two!
Rumour has it rogue imps are coveting your surplus research, commander!
Aurora's Crescent
The enemy's Troopers will move [1]% slower.
You probably expect me to explode with rage about now, Commander, but no: I am calm and content, for I know you have the sapience to cast the imp's ideas into the cesspit—where they belong.
Support increase
Grumio's Impalytical Machine
This site supports the construction of Recruitment Citadels.
Though they should add some more exciting locations to explore I think! Oh that is what they are planning are they? How about more quests? More story? Lovely, wonderful! Hmmm, this sounds like an opportunity after all! Let me get my purse!
What I'd give for an hour alone with Narkhesem! His screams would make the devil squirm!
Commander, we elves do smoke the pipe from time to time, but always in moderation. People tend to puff smoke-sticks all day long though, and our research indicates many of those that do, sooner or later fall dreadfully ill. Falstaff wants to suppress these facts for the sake of profit, but what about public health?
Ground Units, Sea Units, Buildings
Aura of Annihilation

You, then, shall either undo this gross travesty, this ignominious perversion, or, by refusal, admit you too are nothing but a barren weed, afraid to be plucked, ridiculed and cast aside by wilful women, just like those skeletal cowards!
We'll talk of this later.
Connection to host lost
Practice? I'll be practicing skittles with his balls before the day is out! You know that cold-blooded cretin annoys me to no end! I'll follow your orders, commander, but we're supposed to quell an uprising, you know, not add fuel to the fire!
Speed: [1]
What a fuss that woman makes about her sexuality. Really! I don't care if she's into men, women or arm-sized sausages long as she holds her tongue about it!
Daddy Issues
My studies have been highly interesting of late and have yielded results of great interest to you!
Thank you, Commander! If it were up to the dwarves, the world would solely consist of them, hogs that root out rubies instead of truffles and cows that produce beer instead of milk. The rest they'd happily see extinct.
Ready to obey, Commander! There is no self; there is only the empire! Order, and I will follow! Who I am is unimportant; the ego is but a shadow undone by the light of duty.
Country gold revenue adjustment
I will crush their bones.
Commander, a most grave and ignominious matter has come to my attention. Some dwarven quack styling himself a scientist claims he has found conclusive proof that we lizards and some form of degenerate aquatic orc are descendant of one and the same ancestor. He means to publish this rot in the Rivellon Scientific Gazette, thereby causing irreparable damage to our species' reputation!
You are all part of it, you male monarchs, part of the monster misogyny—small of mind and small of member, insecure and contemptible. Damned be your kind and damned be your offspring raised for repetition!
Seven bless your merciful soul, Commander! I don't know what I'd do without my Cuddles! His blood-stained fur, his glimmering white teeth... He's a darling, that Fangbear!
One: a lavish tomb filled with jewellery and weaponry so he may enter the eternal battlefields with righteous honour, and two: a sea of mead for the mourners to drown their misery in ... or conceal their mirth, whichever fits better.
Hundra's Heel
Of course there are people in the kingdom who eye our politics with disapproval! What kind of land would we live in if every nose and snout would face the same direction? Some opposition is a good thing: keeps us on our toes!
I can't believe you went ahead and shot down Oberon's proposal, Commander! How can you allow the cold letter of the law to stand between two lovers? How can you allow people to be stigmatised, unequal in the eyes of the government? It's insulting ... it... sequesters the soul...
Commander, I have an urgent request that in spite of the silence with which you want me to handle like matters, I feel sorely pressed to bring to your attention nonetheless.
By the Seven, Commander, what has happened in the town of Harrowridge is truly abominable. Such crimes committed by my kinsmen... I can hardly believe it. Those elves, they must have staged unspeakable acts of sacrilege to madden them so. They must have... Why else would they... Heresy gross and foul!
Tell me about edmund_1_0
You rang? - No he didn't!
If I am cold by nature, I am the more so by nurture, but to that effect my fosterage could not have served me better: thereby I am not a mere dispenser of the law; no, I am the law.
Wonderful! I'll see to it construction works start afore the sun has set, and the grandest road of all we'll call Via Draconis in your honour!
Praise be that I know more than a hundred languages older than mankind itself. If not, these books would mean very little to me indeed.
What a night, commander, what a night we had. We were all huddled around the peace pipe, all the councillors; the smoke thick as morning mist, but warm, not chilly, and mysteriously comforting as always.
Maxos finally discovers how clumsy dragon can be somewhat useful on battlefield
Such were the terrors he would have to overcome!
Shamans cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Not I per se; Falstaff was most amenable in this regard when it became clear Yorrick would not back down, even after I pointed out the law was against him.
Besides, what's the use of standing shoulder-to-shoulder when you know the fellow next to you will run once the swords start ringing and the blood begins to flow? Aye, that's what happened the day I lost my arm. I stood my ground... alone! And the rest of the emperor's generals? They outran their wives and their litter trying to escape. So much for loyalty... So much for duty...
Ironclads can deploy sea mines that automatically cloak. They explode when an enemy sails close to them and do [1] damage in a [2] meter radius.
Add/remove unit from selection
Shamans Unleashed
Commander, it would seem some of my fellow dwarves have been corrupted by obscene elven habits. They call themselves 'nudists' and demand the demented right to walk about stark naked on sections of beach or park grounds. I tell you, they've gone completely bonkers! You'll not allow for such, practices, will you, Commander?
Hahaa! Dearest Desmond walks free! I'm about to join him for dinner, but first I wanted to congratulate you and lovely Camilla for staging a mighty fine display of justice!
Marvelous! Think of all the money we'll save! Think of all the warships we can build. Alms for arms, I say!
Imp Backup
Split Army
I suggest you read my treatises on warfare, commander! If not, embarrassing defeats like this will continue to befall you!
Dread Heights
You know very well how it's going! We're outnumbered, outgunned and outmanoeuvred. Just the way I like it. Gives us a chance to show how viciously the underdog can bite!
You have listened to reason, commander and I thank you. No longer will I have to look on as girls unveil themselves in the streets like strumpets attracting clients!
Destroy a Wizard Tower in an enemy country.
Yes, well, I have a few words I've been saving for just such an occasion! He'll recant his aberrant ideas about evolutional origins... unless he wants me to teach him a thing or two about extinction!
Tell me about camilla_3_2_0
Water tastes so flat! Why don't they add something to it, like... like lemons! Lemon water. Do you think I might be on to something?
Hahaha! What a character that Edmund is! Did you hear, commander? KA-POW right in the kisser! Sure showed that old fart of a shaman, didn't he? Every imp in the realm has thought of treating him to knuckle sandwich, but it took your general to take him out to lunch! Kudos!
Those officers that turned a blind eye... perhaps they should actually be blinded. I've always had a soft spot for poetic justice.
A [1] class [2] unit that is highly effective against buildings and other medium class ground units.
You got any rye around here? Fat old Falstaff swears by his beer, but I like a shot of something stronger now and again! Or maybe you, my dragon, can be my strong shot this jolly day!
I have no regrets ... But please save me!
Tell me about ophelia_7
Take 5500 damage as a Dragon and live to tell the tale, without despawning.
Warlocks can bombard a location with a rain of meteors. Each one of the [1] meteors does [2] damage in a [3] meter radius.
Somebody get the oil!
This machine is agile, commander, but not THAT agile.
on the total population of any given country.
I see. Children will never learn if their teacher is ignorant, commander, just as a society will never progress under an ignorant leader. Harsh words, but today you warrant them!
Temple Tax! What a marvellous idea! Take from the Seven and give it to science! Falstaff's got it!
Dragon Timer
Oh, never mind all that, right? I'm queen of the dwarves now and that's all I ever wanted to be. Sure, many of my subjects talk evil of me for throwing papa to the pigs, but they'll get over it, and if they don't I'll bloody well make 'em.
Enemy grenadiers have been equipped with enhanced explosives!
which are executed by pressing the skill buttons.
A dwarf, Commander! Really! If you like things that come tunnelling out of the dark, you're better off with a mole!
Kill 500 units with your dragon.
Displays additional information about the selected country on the strategy map.
Having several Troopers activate the Spoils of War ability makes for quicker capture times!
The enemy's Devastators will fire [1]% slower.
A friendly dragon can charm our troops!
Commander, it is imperative that we should win the war, for our enemies are godless heathens in need of annihilation. To hasten this process, I therefore propose we introduce conscription. For why have young, able-bodied men sit around or do menial tasks when they could be serving in your armies instead?
Build a Gold Mine for free in one of your countries.
Maxos told me the story of the Architect. Is he still in there somewhere?
If it bleeds we can kill it!
The starting population in combat
Where are you, emperor?
What a fuss everyone is making now that lady Camilla disappeared, whereas one can so easily guess as to what has really happened. She got tired of dealing with inferiors, that's all. She'll turn up sooner or later with a changed identity, but still wearing the wig of her judicial office!
Increase the movement points of the units stationed in a country by [1].
just point your mouse in the direction you want to go to.
It was a pleasant evening, no doubt about it, but Oberon gave you stares darker than a coal mine at midnight!
Dear o dear, Rivellon's fish are in troubled waters now! Especially if the dwarves catch on to our dynamite-fishing techniques.
Me father called me 'pumpkin' and I very nearly slapped him in the face 'till I realised 'twas a term of endearment. Reconciliation's tough business, miladio!
You should not have done this, Commander! Abdication was a stupid thing to do. I, Sir Silvervein, will be a good president, but who will be next? An elf? A dimwit like Oberon? We'll be crying for the return of the dragon sooner or later, you mark my words!
It's hard to say, isn't it? I'd say no, but with a dragon on your side, who knows?
Load Game
Sometimes I wonder, my little tummy-tickler, why on earth you do it all. War... Ambition ... We could fly off, you and I, to some remote island where no one can find us; leave behind throne 'n' crown the both of us. Just a fancy, I suppose, but sometimes... Oh, never mind...
Unit Research
I can tell modesty is not among the qualities one should expect to find in dragons. It is held in high esteem among elves though, as is vegetarianism.
Seemed hardly proper to call you by that particular pet name on what was somewhat of an official occasion. But don't worry, I may still slip up once or twice, even though my respect for you is in fact growing. You've got a knack for bloody, brutal battle and faint heart never won fair victory!
Great strategic call there, I'll give you this.
All Pumped Up
Short Sharp Shock
Do you want a government that is despotic or democratic in nature?' That was the question, commander, and the results of our referendum have just come in! As a republican, I am very glad to announce that a slight majority of the populace answered with the word 'democratic'. Their will is clear: they want a president, chosen by the people, for the people, so will you grant them their wish, commander? Will you allow us to organise elections?
I don't care if they have you jumping through hoops. If a courtesy is demanded, you must deliver upon it. Such are the rules of diplomacy.
What is our true end-goal again, Maxos?
How about Henry?
I knew you'd see the light! How about we have a drink later and I'll tell you all about Hundra, Bane of a Thousand Dragons! Or will that just give you nightmares?
Tell me about camilla_2_0_0
A host of princesses you say? This is going to be fun!
Are you demented, dragon? You'd let the undead demean a dwarf because ale might loosen his tongue and he'd tell the Seven where they can stuff it? Such a thing is intolerable; unthinkable, and I hope this fate quickly befalls one you hold dear so as to shake you out of this bedevilling stupor!
Don't listen to that backbiting reptile, Commander! Lizards 'n' fish are no more than scaled simpletons looking out for one another! We want our fish, and by the Seven we'll have it! Prospera? You can feed her to the sharks!
The imps.
Yes, you heard me correctly: emperor! It is inevitable! People have heard of you: the dragon, their one hope of deliverance from war, oppression and death. Soon, hope will turn into confidence, and when ambassadors of the Civilised Races flock to the Raven, your political career will commence.
Got another clear cut case afore me, my dragon! Fellow murdered his neighbour in cold blood with a hand axe. Sure, this particular neighbour raped and killed this man's daughter the night before, but one cannot be allowed to take justice in one's own hands. Off to the gallows with him it is!
Marvellous! Let us put the branding irons in the fire until they are red-hot, then separate the righteous wheat from the unbelieving chaff!
Let us talk about this later.
All enemy units in a [1] meter radius around you are sabotaged for [2] seconds, which disables their primary functionality.
Going down!
Long as these remain, however, their existence upon our earthly plane has yet to end and they may perchance be given refuge! Sir Yorrick demands the provision of living vessels, but mister Trinculo swears employing the technology of his people is the more sensible course to steer.
Will you allow the introduction of Indulgences?
Oh dear, the enemy has access to Juggernauts, commander!
Combat: Capture Points
Ultimate Immunity
An enemy dragon can shield itself from harm!
To that end I have been bid by several of the richest of my kin to offer you a substantial gift of gold. Indeed, it is our pleasure to do so, and we hope it may sway you not to pay any attention whatsoever to the falsehoods attributed to archduke Narkhesem. There: you have but to accept, and everything shall be settled.
Without delay, milord!
I'm here! - We're here!
You have the respect of Maxos and that certainly speaks in your favour, but you'll need to come a long way yet to prove unto me you're not just another pampered prince he yanked away from his mother's teat! So what'll you have then? Mead ... or milk?
Indeed I can. No corridor leads to the dismal vault he haunts, but enter the flames of the fireplace and afore Corvus you shall find yourself... if you wish it. I myself? I recommend no such visit.
The war could still go either way, Commander, but if I were a betting man—and I am—having been dealt the hand you're holding, I'd go all-in without looking back.
The research's true findings though, are quite interesting, to say the least. The ancestor theory seems likely, but somewhere down the road a complete split was made wherein all that was strong and shrewd flowed to our line and all that was backward and bland was left to the orcs. His work is a celebration of lizard triumph in the course of evolution. I have seen to it, it will be published the realm round!
Juggernaut, cleaving waves
QUEEN ATTENDS UNDEAD ORGY! Saucy sketches on page 3!
Enemy juggernaut captains have been spotted with imp binoculars, commander!
Juggernaut, set to purpose!
There: a wise decision! Treat each newcomer not to an iron but to a pint of ale, I say, for the ones that decline a stout stein of beer are the ones you should really keep an eye on!
Zeppelin - Fly, My Flaming Pretties!
This loss has cost us dearly! I advise you exert a bit more caution before deciding to go to battle!
You'd have me beg, would you? Perhaps you're one of those... petty and puny, in need of power to perform.
Oh, about that undead's love letter I mentioned, I receive epistles of a licentious nature quite frequently—the bane of beauty—but you may rest easy: I lack the passion to be anything but monogamous.
Time to get drunk and fight!
Bravo! Too much learning leads to original thought, and original thought is dissident nine times out of ten! Stick to the words of the Seven and you'll walk a straight path to eternal wisdom!
And now, Commander, what now? She's DEAD!! The light of my life, the fruit of my oaken loins... dead. All because of you and your meddling ways! Does this knowledge put a sword through your conscience Commander; does it stick and burn relentlessly as boiling tar upon the skin?
Be that as it may, the empire is but new; so many who stray have yet to be subjugated! Whatever your merits, commander, much more can be done! Yes indeed! After all, so say the hallowed Seven Scriptures, the world shall never be perfect until all that stirs is bone!
Impressive victory, commander! You fight like a lion, which is almost as good as a lioness!
Our range is now so large, we cannot even see our f'ing target, grenadier grumbles
Not that any of it mattered: the king's head was shown decorating a stake like star-crowns will the pines come Midwinternight. Defeat ... bah! Luckily, a touch of the malt can relieve its bitter taste.
Who should represent me in court? The elves are too high-spirited, the dwarves too mean-spirited, the undead without spirit and the imps 'n' lizards, well they just want to see me incarcerated, not acquitted!
Imp Fighters are your anti-air units of choice, but can be upgraded to attack ground and sea units as well!
The mere threat I delivered shook those brittle bastards well and good. Negotiations took place, money changed hands and now they're off, bags filled with gold, to kill lord bloody Drury. End scene.
On a more serious note though, commander, science is indeed our passion and we hope that under your rule we will be free to explore its limits! Damn the gods for there are none and damn petty morality for it is a break on progress! Back us, and we'll craft you miracles!
Ambient Occlusion
Shoot fireball
Hahaha! Do I have a flair for dramatics, or what? Rest easy, Commander: Anne's safe! I just wanted to make you sweat a little, for was I ever mad when I got the order to withdraw my warships. I was certain it'd be as good as signing my daughter's death warrant... but it wasn't.
Save Game
What's on your mind, councillor?
The Fashion Soldier Brigade celebrates the emperor... for not showing up at his victory party
Just Said No
To think that foolish wizard thought he could keep me enthralled forever. One does not bind a demon for long! You and your rivalling brothers, you and your bickering sisters—I have aided you all, but always did I know that with the support of my spells and knowledge, the dragon would win the day.
May the gods honour their sacrifice and furnish their afterlives with solemn bliss and hallowed beatitude. Their will be done.
Wolf's Run
To the demon's lair
I'll have to learn to let go of my deep-rooted hate for the old man. Never have I faced a task more daunting. This is going to take time ... time and liquor!
Commander, have you heard about this disgusting dwarven defiler of women? Now if he had taken his pick to one of his own kind's mines I might not be making such a fuss, but it's an imp he molested, the revolting swine! Off with his goolies, I say!
Grenadier - Imp Binoculars
Hmmm. Under normal circumstances I'd dismiss your advice as a showing of weakness, but reason insists you're right. I'll abide by his scurrilous manners for E'Lhissabetha's sake, even if it takes all my force of will not to slice him open and eat his liver raw!
Tell me about aida_9_1_1
Combat: Capture Points (2)
[1] Ironclads mercenary is fighting on your side this battle.
Unwise of you, Commander! I can only hope Trinculo's expedition will end in failure. Their bomb could spell catastrophe! Which is a word he cannot even spell... or refuses to.
Tell me about scarlett_4_2
Whether love be a lasting feeling or a passing whim, only time can tell.
The other generals, how do you feel about them?
Will you restrict the freedom of the sensational press?
Will you institute the Inquisition?
I have furthermore enlisted the service of Grumio, an imp of devilish cunning that can fashion anything my research will uproot! Already he has created you a wonder he calls a jetpack!
Your dragon's standard attack can overheat and will need to be recharged after extensive use, which is indicated by the reticle refilling!
Mortal, yes, for such is the condition that afflicts and affrights me. Had I found a cure for my malady, I'd have resided upon Rivellon till the Rapture; now I'll have to bear witness to my own slow decrepitude until once more I resemble the skeletal Ophelia I used to be, want of life.
Hmmm, a fine kettle of fish, this! You know, I think I agree with Prospera. Moderation is not an impish virtue, so knowing very well the results of excess, I'd say it's probably best to do as the lizard lady says.
As the capture progresses,
Hmmm? What? Oh, do forgive me, my friend! I was so lost in thought, not even an elven ranger could have led me out of its wilderness!
Your Grenadiers' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Leave it to old man Charwin, commander! He'll set things straight! I knew there was something fishy about those lizards! Aquatic orcs! Hahaha! Maybe that's what we should call 'em from now on!
Combat Phase
I thank you, Commander! To inform the general public of the events of the empire is a great responsibility, not a lackadaisical frivolity. The dwarves would do well to take this duty a bit more seriously, and their caricaturist especially could stand to be a bit more... sensitive.
That is what my heart tells me, too... No, I shan't join the protests! And if technoveg turns out to be a menace, we'll deal with it later. Right now we have mouths to feed!
An undead, Commander! Really! They say that as long as it moves it's not necrophilia, but in my opinion, you're coming uncomfortably close!
To keep your units in a certain location, press [IE_HoldPositionCommand] to activate 'Hold Position'!
You like to talk down to people, don't you?
They breathe, my love! They can smell and taste and feel— experience the world in ways wonderfully enigmatic to the undead! I, too, in these mysteries could partake if my soul be rendered unto a woman of bodily perfection...
Times allowed to go to combat
No one defies the will of the Emperor!
Let's have a look at the results of your research.
So women just disappear on your ship, do they? Who's next? Me? Scarlett? I'll bet these mystery evaporations would cease soon as you'd leave forever! Go on: let's put that theory to the test!
Nothing will stop me!
The poor girl can't be the subject of a painting or a statue indeed... Don't they realise Della Gekko is a grandmaster? That his work will be admired as long as a single living creature draws breath?
you need to build Recruitment Citadels.
I'm the last to deny the change that has befallen Lady Ophelia is nothing short of miraculous, Commander, but by every ruby in the rocks, at what a price! Perhaps I, too, would have gone to such lengths would it remedy waking next to a living skeleton, but still, it makes my head swim more dizzily than three pints of Liver-Lasher Lager!
Congratulations, Commander! We shall have fireworks tonight now that your queen is redeemed! What is the law to a dragon, after all, but a niggling little nuisance to be swept aside? Hahahaa!
That's right, Commander, deny Oberon his tyrannical permits! Liberty is the right to carry an assault-sword and Seven damn the despot that would take them away!
Target Self + Area
Your Battle Forges are built [1]% faster.
But it was more than hollow verbiage. As I stood there, I realised that my decision led to life for some and death for others.
Heathen talk, that's what the elves indulge in once more! They'll want to nationalise the Church of the Seven next! But its bookkeeping is its own! No secular inspector may behold their completely correct administration.
Your Armours will have the You're Mine ability for one combat round.
Your Devastators will do [1]% more damage.
Here's hoping Lady Aida won't let you walk all over her, which, luckily, I doubt a firebrand like her would.
Well, at the end of the day I didn't break an ancient elf law, even if it is an unwritten one, and that's still important to me.
Tell me about lohannah_3_2_2
Bravo, Commander! Like I said, Falstaff owed you, but by this refusal he has hardly begun to pay his debt. Feel free to deny him again... And again.
An enemy dragon can charm our troops!
Four military masterminds are now on board—more than enough to start a campaign of conquest on a truly grand scale! No doubt you're as anxious to meet them as they are to meet you, so why don't you go the Throne Room, where I've instructed them to await your arrival.
Patient influences the destructive power of your units when defending.
No mountain can stop us!
Where two letters would have sufficed, you saddle us with seven: madness. This inane research has gotten so out of hand it sets new standards of moral depravity! This time you have truly created monsters, commander!
Emperor blunders again: "I was told it would be a friendly match"
Sea Units, Air Units
Remember that summoning the dragon costs recruits!
Requiescat In Pace
Dearest dragon! So rash, so impetuous! But fine, I will tell you. All I want is blood. Thick, sweet, dripping ruby BLOOD! It nourishes me; it sustains me.
You mean to say our scientist will have to pay for each and every limb, ear or eye they lose doing their research? But... they'll learn to be... careful! Perish the thought!
Fly left (strafe)
There we go again: the men decide and the women just have to suffer the consequences. Some things never change, do they, Commander? Were it that men bore children, hobweed would be a staple food within days!
The elves.
Don't you get too close there, my dear spouse! I know how easily distracted you warm-bloods get by physical proximity! I've a couple of arsonists to pass judgement over and I'm about to peruse some ancient law texts in which I hope to find that only the stake will do to punish their fiery offences.
Lady Ophelia may think the experiments she is overseeing have come to promising fruition, Commander, but rest assured that I, and my brothers and sisters with me, do not see it that way at all. I have not told her, but the undead souls that were given a vile living body were torn apart by an angry mob the moment they set foot in their hometowns.
Once again, the elves impose their vices on society, and once again, you follow suit! Does it not irk you, Commander, to disappoint time after time?
For this I have you and you alone to thank. Many times have I been tempted, but I never gave in when it genuinely mattered, which I might well have done, had I not had you as my guide.
Our goal is to win the war, then to destroy all the things you have created. You do know that, right?
Will you take disbelievers' firstborns away from them to become property of the state?
It is normal that anger abounds after a disaster such as this. Perhaps a symbolic act is needed. Perhaps the one they hold responsible should step down...
Gods grace the ground you walk upon, Commander, for you have averted a catastrophe of corruption, reared a dam against a wave of moral putrescence! May the reprobates that writhe in counter-natural ecstasy squirm in the fires of their own infernal folly!
Imp technicians upgrade troopers to find actual chink in enemy armour
You and I think alike, milord!
Silva Draconis
Ah you return from... whatever it is you do these days. Do forgive me if I'm a bit curt, but I'm still a tad shocked by Sir Silvervein's rather unpleasant outburst earlier. Never has anyone questioned my professional integrity before, and the worst part is that he might be on to something.
Prospera's proposal is quite insulting, commander! Does she mean to imply that this ship is filled with incompetents? If so, I hope she counts herself amongst this bush-league!
You might be calling the shots, but don't forget I'm the one pulling the trigger.
The ways of magic would require human sacrifice to achieve success. No, let the imps and their technology provide the answer. We'll take it from there.
They are breeding poison that will make children wither in the womb and they must be stopped! In the name of our Green Mother!
So enjoy your victory, commander; enjoy peace while it lasts, for in an empire so stifled by wayward ways, war is already waiting in the wings!
It's easy for us nobility to deny the common folk leisure time, Commander, but how would you feel if the only thing you do is work, work, work? It takes effort to raise morale, you know. Too bad you don't seem to realise this.
I don't appreciate Sir Falstaff's wording of his proposal, Commander, but I do agree with him. Philanthropy is the prerogative of peace. In times of war, it is war we need to invest in.
No Pain No Gain
Commander, I must protest in the strongest of terms! Under your exalted rule, Lady Lohannah has quickly managed to forget elf tradition only to become a carnivorous drunk, a development I can only interpret as a deliberate slight towards our kind!
A bag of bones, that's what! A skeleton that'll talk your ear off about the bleedin' gods! Bah!
Well I figured that between me and the prissy brigade that Catherine and Edmund form, someone a bit more down to earth would be a welcome addition to the group. And let me tell you, if someone likes to go down, it's Scarlett. She's a man-eater in the bedroom and a man-eater on the battlefield: fast, feral and ferocious. Oh, I'll get more intimately acquainted with her, commander! You mark my words!
Sell building: gain [1] recruits
She was an artist of profound mastery, revered by every single one of the undead, but now that in her last will and testament she revealed to have had a long standing physical relationship with a woman they always assumed to be her sister, the vermin are systematically destroying all her works!
Army Splitter
Leniency leads to lawlessness, Commander! I had hoped you'd spare your populace from such nuisances as pickpockets and highwaymen! To no avail it seems...
Oberon's quite right, commander! Those heathen, demonic pests breed like sin in a brothel and the result is just as diseased. I'd have them all wiped out, but for the moment I'll settle for a mere reduction of their number.
My father seems to be held in little regard by some aboard the Raven. Why is that?
Command 'Patrol' (selected units)
Bah, what is this accursed feeling that is gnawing at me like a ferret on a dead rabbit? I have everything I always wanted: for my father to be six foot under and for myself a throne six foot tall. And don't suggest it's regret either cause some touchy feely elf already went down that road and he's still looking for his ears!
Enemy Ironclads are even harder to sink now that they have installed defensive weaponry!
General Henry is the typical man who thinks of himself as an alpha male whereas he is of course an alpha mongrel. He has the refinement of an inbred orc and the manners to match, but he's a more-than-adequate officer once the trumpets herald war. Indeed, if he were a bit less brazen and a bit more calculated in his conduct, he might well come to rival eerie Edmund.
Ready ([1])
Map dragging
Emperor's supremacy at war on resources called both "questionable" and "fleeting"
They'll be hit by the man with the hammer soon!
War economy pays off, some say. We ask: at what cost?
Isles of Boreas
I don't know about all this, Commander! Who says tests can't be cheated, committees can't be bought? Better that you make your pick. I haven't seen you go wrong so far! Although I don't see the need at all to have an undead aboard...
Super Soldiers sound good on paper, Commander, but the methods to make them are bizarre and, frankly, unnatural. Budding life should be protected, not subjected to sordid trials.
Nothing I can't handle!
Fire and forget!
You'll have your hands full with Lady Aida, Commander, but she's a good lass and I'm glad that she's away from that despot of a father she has. King Thelor... A proud dwarf, that is true, but a tyrant, too. King of all dwarves he is, that's what it says on paper, but many among us would have it otherwise.
What hokum! Imps like to work from dawn till dusk! Just because the elves are lazy buggers doesn't mean we should be punished with extra leisure time!
Anonymous letters, which may well be nothing more than slander, versus tons of cash to protect a reputation... I think I'll opt for the cash.
By repressing this artwork, you're merely feeding the conviction that you're up to no good, Commander! You need to think ahead!
Unlock the Purifying Flames dragon skill for one combat round.
Fantastic, commander! Imagine the possibilities! I'll leave a trail of gemstones that no thief worth his salt could resist, and the moment he sets foot in my house: KA-BLAM! I can finally test my new shotgun!
Typical of Catherine to get miffed over money. I don't care what they pay me long as I get to brawl 'n' booze!
The emperor master mind amazes again: "I thought it was merely a drill exercise! Whew!"
Very wise of you, commander! Humble people do not question; they accept, and the Seven love them for it!
In the short time I have been aboard the Raven, I have had to preside over some of the most interesting cases of my career, and more often than not it was proven that only by applying the very letter of the law, one can truly be an executor of justice. You have perceived this too and supported my decisions in brave disregard of the unwarranted outrage they sometimes caused.
This might be of interest, commander!
Tell me about ophelia_10_1
Let me readdress, Commander, the problem with political appointments. It is in your power and your power alone, you see, to make them. Ambassadors, councillors, ministers, the lot! Needless to say, the amount of backdealing and bribery going on behind the scenes in order to obtain these posts is staggering. Relinquish this one right, Commander! Let candidates take exams; let committees appoint them! Then, perhaps, we'll find more able people, which will—I promise you—benefit both your government and your economy. There's gold in this, Commander.
Combat: Dragon gameplay
Commander, I'd like to raise a delicate issue regarding the imps. You see, there's... there's just too many of them! They procreate so quickly they put the rabbits to shame, and if we don't do something about it, there will be two of their number for every single elf or dwarf or lizard. Curtail their expansion, I say! Families of five should be their limit!
Dragon Knight
Is there even more you require of me? I'm a general, not a nanny!
Bomber Balloons can deploy hovering mines that will target enemies that come in range and inflict [1] damage in a [2] meter radius.
Game starting ...
Well done, Commander! I know we are asking a lot from our populace as it is, but their reward will be the greater the day peace finally comes! Probably...
Well butter my buns if this isn't better than my birthday: this ledger is a bloody goldmine! You should see the names in here: he has all the greats of the land eating out of his palm because of their sordid little secrets. my word, there's stuff in here so saucy it'd make the queen of whores blush like a maiden on her wedding night!
By all means, commander! I'm certain they all wish to congratulate you on your victory!
All cloaked enemy units in a [1] meter radius around you become visible.
Seems to me it's tragedy that's wearing the pants in this particular relationship.
Your Transports will have [1]% more hit points.
Spirits of light and leaf give me strength: it has happened. Never have I heard a sound so chillingly cold and indifferent as the gavel coming down on granite. Guilty... Life imprisonment...
This may seem daunting, but I never have and never will doubt for even an instant that you of all people will rise to the occasion! Your councillors await you in the Throne Room, Commander. Gods-speed!
Armour - Public Transportation
Today will be one of celebration, commander! As far as that is possible between the waging of war and deciding upon matters of state, that is.
In a sense, yes, though hardly. His body and my being I amalgamated, until his flesh burst, his soul sank and I am now a living entity in this innocent dimension. Innocent, yes, despite centuries of bloody strife. How pitifully peaceful compared to the worlds I create.
Ah, Commander! Ready to hear about our latest plan? It's called Operation Max-Mill, for we seek to create the ultimate factory in which productivity attains unseen heights! Now what is the weak spot in our production plants? The body of workers of course! They tire, they get bored, they make mistakes! Allow us to lobotomise them and change their physiques in just the right places, and they'll perform as well as machines do! Simple. Clever. Elegant. Now say yes!
My people do not understand; Yorrick looks down on me, a traitor. But I care not. How have I cheated the Seven, how have I deceived the gods? If that is truly how they feel, they are not worthy of my worship. Let the flame of divinity that sparks only when we are alone light the fire of our love. What need have we for gods or men? We, my life and death, we have each other.
Well, there's that... and the fact that I just can't be bothered.
Commander, it has come to my attention prisoners have been used as guinea pigs for the benefit of Lady Ophelia's search for a cure. Surely, you would agree such barbarism is to be condemned in the strongest of terms!
Camera backward
Fie, commander! Once more you stubbornly refuse to strengthen the Seven's hold on civilisation! Persist and they will turn their backs on you! Surrounded by sin and sacrilege you shall be!
Maniacal Maxos magic makes many more mortal
I shouldn't be swayed by such a facile twist of words, but when one hears what one wants to hear one tends to throw caution to the wind! I'll think about it—I can say no more.
We are heavily entrenched in this realm! Let them come, the enemy!
Our enemies have come to fear us—as they should—but they haven't given up the hope they shall yet be victorious. Let us crush that hope.
Classic Thelor behaviour, this, to slight his daughter so! He's not a pleasant man, but he's the king, so what is there to be done? Just about nothing, is what. Must be good to be the king...
Commander, I have come to a decision. Your choice to accept Oberon's bribe and let a vicious killer continue his ravages unperturbed is eating away at my sanity. Were I to be delivered to his mercy, I'd find none and if he paid you sufficiently, you yourself might render me unto him, that much is clear.
Sailors' End
I want to partake in your powers, Corvus! You have my blessing to nourish in dreams.
Dragon Combat
Blessed is the man who lights the dark in prayer and emerges from tenebrous valleys cleansed of sin and sorrow. Well chosen, commander!
Reinforcements requested!
Your total gold income per turn will decrease by [1]%.
Well, just look what he had to work with!
Can't you do anything for yourself, commander?
Buy a card from the Emporium.
You may approve of these barbaric methods, Commander, but be forewarned that if ever a teacher lays a hand on any of my kids, his class will get a hands-on demonstration in decapitation!
Claudella once made a dazzling bronze of you, you know. A mighty dragon soaring ... That'll be destroyed too and deservedly so.
Launch Imp Bunker Buster
Command 'Stop' (selected units)
Will you allow the imps to endanger cities so that they can make The Bomb?
Your Devastators will have the Enhanced Engines upgrade for one combat round.
You kept me true, my darling dragon; my everlasting love is yours.
Will you force believers to be branded and disbelievers to do slave-like work?
Now then, my friend, as a matter of course, the loss of Lady Ophelia has greatly upset us all, but if I may be cruelly negligent of your grief for a moment, I must inform you right off the bat it would be prudent of you to consider marriage anew at the earliest juncture.
Wait, let me... (grunt) ... put my chair back a bit... **click** uh-oh! *bomb countdown sound*
A friendly dragon can unleash Breaching Fire!
Unit Subversion
Cloak all units stationed in a country. These units remain cloaked until they engage in combat with enemy units.
I wonder what in the world I could have done to offend General Catherine, Commander! As far as I recall, I've been nothing but courteous to her, but when I offered we should have a nice pint of that wonderful ale Goodbye and Good Luck, she eyed me like one would a bucket of snails! Does she not enjoy a good pint, then? If so, she should just tell me—and then I'd be the injured party!
Free as a bird!
To move your Dragon,
Praise be, Commander! You have saved a life. And if this woman is found guilty of the claims lain against her by the undead, she will receive her punishment. A spell of jail-time that is, not mutilation and death!
Allows the construction of mortar turrets that bombard enemy units over great distances.
Hope springs eternal, does it not? In any case, Let's hope, hope does.
The undead's demands were getting out of hand, and quickly, too. Glad you stopped them in their tracks, Commander!
I've been drinking a shot for each one of your successes, commander and now there's two of you!
An enemy dragon can cloak itself!
My love, I could really use your advice today. It's this refugee business. The imps and the elves are having a bit of a disagreement, and that's a euphemism if ever there was one.
Tell me about aida_2
Lord's Loch
You have won 50 RTS battles.
You take a load off my mind, commander! Imagine the damage that could have been done if that student had bought an Imp Repeater. One blast can level a classroom!
It is a wicked thing we do, commander, but my hope that you would institute a departure from the old ways proved to be as vain as beauty convinced she will never wither.
Will you sign stricter laws for weapon possession?
My world and stars, approach; approach and behold my beauty! See how the directions of my desire took hold and with wondrous words of wizardry were realised! A bride of bone no longer, I stand before you a lady: luscious and lovely, warm and welcoming, awaiting your caress.
So when he'd be found guilty, he'd be sentenced to life imprisonment under elf law, death under dwarf law, a pat on the hand under imp law, and so forth.
So Corvus means 'raven'; hence the name of this ship, I presume.
Increase the population of a country by [1]%.
Your empire's population was adjusted by [1]%
I see dead people.
Ha! Clever girl! An elegant solution, indeed.
And the way he did so,
Bombs away!
The enemy's Troopers will do [1]% less damage.
Determines the amount of extra units and buildings a defender receives when attacked
We asked seven university professors - "What good is economic militarism if your empire's military loses?"
Will you allow the construction of a network of new roads?
Just fantastic! Another bloody nuisance to deal with! But if any of those deadbeats dare to strike in any of my mills, I'll set the dogs on them and shout 'Go for their necks!'
Demotivational spell also seems to work on imperial population
Finest iron of the land!
But no skeleton stirs there anymore. They tasted their own medicine by my very blade. The law of the land I set in place, and left a kindly old elven landowner as mayor. They'll rebuild their houses lost to zealots' torches and forget as best as they might the nights of blood.
Imp Fighter - Bombs Away
We may well, but it still takes but a look upon the globe to see enemy colours all about us.
Tell me about ophelia_5
Continue to be soft of heart, commander, and you'll soon find it pierced by a common interloper out for what coin he can find! By refusing to set any examples, you're allowing godless foreigners to pillage and murder amongst us! Don't you realise it's a crime to tolerate crime?
Don't try and trick me, dragon! The answer of course is 'yes', but only in principle. Veritably, it cannot function if it is not grounded in reality, otherwise it would become a soulless automaton that dispenses formulas, not justice.
This Indulgence business is a sure-fire way for the church to become even richer, Commander, but I don't like it. Now, I'm not one to gush about the gods, but I do have a deep-seated respect for my ancestors and the divines that shaped our world. Honouring them with vulgar commerce such as this is plain disrespectful!
What the emperor tries to hide: loathsome losses and dire defeat
In return for blood.
Well then, my love! Guess who got her way without resorting to some underhanded scheme! You may consider the Speckled Jackal saved and the dwarven dam intact to boot.
Anti-stealth technology picks up everything, says captain. "Even squirrels. It's ludicrous."
Why, yes, I suppose I do.
Stop this now! Enemy Ironclads shoot down our projectiles
Unlock the Bastion dragon skill for one combat round.
You, dear dragon, are a truly great man, for you have brought democracy to Rivellon! Still, we all agree that until the war is actually won, you should remain our Commander. Nothing will change until then, but in peace we will have our republic! A republic! Allow me to add that no lizard has ever had a greater hero than you! Liberty and reason: you have given us both!
Yes, very droll, but I was pulling neither your real nor your proverbial tail. As you may or may not have noticed, I rarely kid.
We must protect Henry from himself, Commander! If the veil of rage isn't drawn from before his eyes, he may well singlehandedly unleash a tidal wave of destruction upon the realm!
Stalemate detected!

Dodged the bullet there, we did. Just let us deliver our goods and don't ask any questions. You like a good shepherd's pie, don't you, commander? But you don't want to see how it's made!
Select War Factories
Scarlett is just mad, you know! Quite, quite deranged. Always the rebel, always the flirt and now? She's stiff as a board and barks orders like a drill sergeant! Women... fickle as the wind!
How can I be of assistance, milord?
Thy will?
Before I became an undead, Commander—gods be blessed that I did—I knew people who sucked in more smoke than air, and none of them ever attained the sacred Perpetuity of the Bone. I can but conclude the Seven do not favour smoke-sticks!
Fine, dance to the tune of those money-pawing, lie-mongering, two-faced politicians of yours! I'll see to it they get their scapegoat and their precious public victory! How I wish hypocrisy was a fluid so I could drown them in it!
Maelstrom Briny
We had better be on the lookout for enemy grenadiers, commander!

  • Sigh* I suppose... not. So what happens next? I have to pay a fine or something? Do community service for the undead? Air out some crypts and polish their coffins? Bah! By every demon-arse in hell, the things we do for our children, Commander!

My light and dark, such news I have to share! Is it not miraculous that upon the very edge of desperation I should find salvation perched, its legs dangling nonchalantly over the edge? Icaros is my liberator's name, a wizard of fearsome, but revered, reputation. He has travelled from beyond the Endless Grey to undo my plight, moved as he was by the tales of the withering princess who by her very nature should be impervious to death, were it not that sickness stalked her soul.
No doubt you've spent many hours studying the art of war, Commander, but it's your grasp on the philosophy of morality that is in need of brushing up! Doctored foetuses, doped up Super Soldiers... It's grotesque!
This would have been the first step towards the betterment of your fellow man, commander! Needless to say I am sorely disappointed, as every other elf in the realm will be.
Commander, though I am the first to applaud the demise of the villain that raided that tavern, I must insist that a chance to show we are shaping a civilised society was squandered here. You had the culprit summarily executed, but doesn't justice demand a trial?
My death is short lived!
Popularity with the Imps has changed by [1]%
What a glorious battle you fought, commander! Let's drink to your success!
A friendly dragon is surrounded by an Aura of Frailty!
If you're sure this man is wrong, I'll stop the publication... for now. But why not have a word with him? See if maybe he's truly on to something.
So come find me, come fight me! For with each kill, you make yourself juicier; with each death I long more passionately to shred your flesh!
A friendly dragon can cast a shield around allies that heals it in turn!
He slipped it into her wine and she, naive girl—yet a dragon!—drank it all. I watched on as he leant over her and inhaled deeply as she exhaled her last breath. I do believe he climaxed then and there, the twisted soul. I laughed till I wept blood.
I have sent word of your decisions, Commander! With each new conquest you make, you win the hearts of more women in the realm.
Must be a bore to play cards with you, commander, for whether they be Hearts, Diamonds, Spades or Clubs, all four queens are missing!
You know my background; you know I used to be a queen in my own right and that under my rule women held sway. In a male-dominated world, I have tried to champion their rights, and on the whole I have found in you an unexpected ally! My disposition may have sometimes betrayed my true appreciation, so I would like to thank you here and now for meeting my demands with dignity and conviction!
They call your kind Dragon Knights to lend an air of nobility to a lowly mix-breed. Not many make the distinction even, but the crucial difference is impurity. Human ancestry taints your being, for humanity and weakness are two sides of the same two-pence I drop in beggar's hats.
You can control your units while using your dragon - press F2 to select them all!
Use TAB to cycle between unit types in a control group.
Campaign Skill
Lost Archipelago
I'm going on a state visit to the largest dwarven brewery tomorrow, and Sir Falstaff has graciously accepted to accompany me. Oberon will have a fit when he hears, and well, that suits me fine.
Our base seems to be under attack!
To hold a protective hand above nature is to shield life itself from the incoming arrows of decay. You are our Green Mother's proud paladin, commander, and I commend you!
When there are no recruits left to be had, selling buildings is your last resort to obtain some!
Pardon my indiscretion, commander, but have you gone completely off your rocker? I hear it was you who authorised the attack on our dam for no other reason than to satisfy that flower-child consort of yours' lunatic whims!
Enemy forces nearby! Move further away to exit Dragon Mode.
You are too kind-hearted, my husband! At your insistence we released a dangerous outlaw—at your insistence, yes—and now that foul savage had kegs of gunpowder smuggled into a tavern cellar. The explosion killed dozens and maimed as many. Those who gazed upon the scene wished they had turned to stone so as not having to experience the horror that eviscerated their souls!
Whoever stole Thelor's black book had better treat it responsibly. A man's affairs are his own even if he has to pay a monthly fee to keep 'em on the hush-hush!
Such wisdom requires a lizard's mind, I do believe—abounding with primordial profundity—or at least a lizard's vision. You do possess both to a degree, though perhaps not as much as I had hoped. Still, I do not mean to put you on the spot, dear dragon. What you have accomplished outshines the political tribulations we had, and who is to say we shan't find you more accommodating in the future?
Remember the Indulgences you kindly gave me lease to introduce, Commander? Well, they are selling like hotcakes! The Church of the Seven thrives, and droves of worshippers flock to our shores in search of absolution! With so many new arrivals though, it's hard to tell the truly pious from the mere tagalongs. Therefore, let it be known: all newcomers should have the Sign of the Seven branded upon the palms of their hands. If they refuse, then we know they have been deceitful and we can ship them off to those mines and factories where labour is especially hard and wages a mere fable. To repent, you know. For their own benefit. And yours...
And retire he shall! Into the very crack of obscurity! His time as king is over, and the dwarves will have a queen!

Allows the construction of Hunters in your War Factories. These fast vehicles make for excellent scouts and come equipped with a fast firing chain gun that can quickly shred lightly armoured foes.
You have spoken with your companions, commander? Are you ready to set in motion the realm's new destiny?
Remaining armies: [1]
We need more recruits, commander!
This is madness! You are ruining private businesses! Didn't your precious war machines function as they should? I alone stand to lose thirty factories. Regular gold mines they are! Quick, a beer, afore I get lightheaded!
Excellent! When a fellow kicks the bucket you hold a wake, bury him deep and honour his memory. Mucking about with his corpse is not on that list!
One has to be a mean little miser to willingly make a profit knowing others are suffering so you'll get your percentage! I knew Falstaff to be one, but you on the other hand, Commander... You shock me.
Be sure to have a nice balance between Gold Mines and buildings that generate cards on the Strategy Map!
Care to share any insights about your colleagues?
An impressive combination! How did you pull it off?
Ironclads cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Shamans cannot defend themselves, so don't leave them undefended!
Buy card
Devastator - Lift Siege
Let the dawn of our parting come quickly! A castle I shall purchase and tend to the villages around it. From there on out, the education of women will prosper. Through spreading ripples will I rally our rights!
May every demon spit on the dagger that will do the deed!
Don't draw the line at two Recruitment Citadels; the more you build or capture, the more recruits you gain!
Will you allow the medicinal use of certain narcotics?
Falstaff's smoke-stick was like a magic wand, commander, that he used to keep you enthralled. Thankfully the gods lifted its mists and gave you back your senses!
Dwarven Discounts
Spoils of War
Grumio the grease monkey reporting in, milord!
That stunt Henry pulled, or rather didn't pull, is truly symptomatic of him, commander! This is exactly what he and I had words over ... choice words. On the other hand, I must admit those elves were deeply out of their depth out there and only have themselves to blame.
Attaboy! Now we're cooking! With all the dirt we'll find in there we can squeeze him tighter than my boobs are in this bloody blouse!
Corvus has charmed the [2] population! Your popularity among them has increased by [1].
By the gods, you have married a woman of legend, Commander! She looks like a polished diamond; a delicate jewel that catches and holds the gaze of all who look upon her.
Select map
Hunters, Imp Fighters and Armours are the only units that can fire on the move!
Planet Earth
Fantastic, Commander! I was starting to feel uncomfortable breaking the law every Sunday night! Did I say that out loud? Never mind, it's all aboveboard now!
Armies destroyed
When I see your face, it is like a beacon of light, Commander! Such is the relief that I have a person to confide in that it feels as if I have been pushing a boulder uphill all my life and that now I can finally let it go—watch it tumble downhill and out of sight. Glory be to the emperor, whom I may call my friend!
It is during times as these that I lament the imperfections of justice, but if we deviate so much as a single step from the boundaries set by the law, anarchy and chaos start to claw at the very core of civilisation! My path is clear.
Allows Armours to transport Troopers and Grenadiers.
Thousands of years ago,
Frankly, I don't care about morality and ethics. I care only to save lives.
It is a sign of good leadership when one doesn't shy from taking hard decisions. Even if it goes against our instincts, the right decision was made here today.
Oh, don't be sad, milord! You'll find yourself another princess! We imps, we're married five times at least! I tell you, 'Cooking with TNT'? Delicious, but rather lethal.
The enemy's Armours will have [1]% less health
Ah, commander! You have news, you say? Larian Studios is running a what? A Kick-starter campaign! And what good will it do? Now Dragon Commander, there's a game! But Divinity: Original Sin? Well, it looks promising, I'll give you that!
She was there: she drank water. Others were there: they drank water, and stared at those that guzzled liquor as if they were ostentatiously diseased. Like a true elf princess, she upheld our heritage and showed others how they erred.
New Save
Walking beer keg reporting for duty.
Juggernauts in a selected area won't be able to move this round.
What a horrid proposal! Not only should the Civilised Races not hunt more animals than is strictly required, they should refrain from eating them altogether, just like we elves do!
Enemy Imp Fighter upgrade detected
Call it armageddon!
Do My Dirty Work
Recruit Rate Quantity
Mortar Turret
Look at those defences! The enemy will have a hard time of it in this land, commander!
Isildie Alda
[1] Grenadier mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
The power behind the throne? Maxos amazes again
This is going to be an uphill battle! The enemy is perfectly dug in!
All this talk about a republic is criminal, commander! It would upset the gods' divine order! Deny the lizard; deny her firmly!
Nevermind a mishap or two, Commander! Keep calm and carry on!
You'll be glad to know, co-Commander, that the old Scarletta is back! I don't care, I don't care for... for all that rot I used to. No one is completely happy, am I right? But I have whisky to keep me warm and the likes of Henry to keep me warmer!
Splendid! I'm certain any clergyman worth his salt will gladly part with some of his worldly means if doing so bodes well for the empire! Wouldn't you agree, dear Yorrick?
You lack the female touch, commander! Victory marred by defeat is no victory at all.
Show Top
I hunt for your glory
Fly backward
But... but this reprimand will kill business! Who wants to read mere facts? Facts are boring! Gorblimey, Commander, reprimand if you must, but don't break the news until I've sold all my shares in the Times!
Total amount of armies you've destroyed on the strategy map
Does that chattering corpse have no other ambition in what passes for his twisted life than the search for so-called sin? He may make you promises of slaves, commander, but what he's really after is to have the realm firmly in the grip of the Seven, read: in the grip of the accursed undead!
Instead, we got a wolf that devoured half the flock and left the rest shivering where they stood! The man's an ogre, not an officer! Such shocking conduct should not be tolerated!
Enemy Zeppelin upgrade detected
But... I could kill someone!
What goes up, must come down - An editorial on how air mines will affect our civilian lives
Go to the Engineering Bay
Your Bomber Balloons' attack range will increase with [1]%.
I can picture that worm now, sitting in his castle, plotting ever-increasing torments. Soon, he'll be set loose again. Soon, the horror will continue.
An enemy dragon can Inspire its allies!
Damn right we'll put 'em down! I'll be the one wearing another's pelt, thank you very much, not the other way round!
Now I may drink with a dwarf from time to time, if there be no other company. I may parley with an imp if it's technobabble I'm after. But to call these beings my equals is a sea-spanning bridge too far, and I'd like you to stop Prospera's proposal dead in its tracks!
Enemy Shaman upgrade detected
Proud and highly gifted, Zephyr Dragons try to avoid overtly physical confrontations, but prefer instead to skilfully liquidate their enemies with magic.
You are a dragon, and I therefore understand your affinity for dangerous creatures, Commander, but you're putting oxen-sized foxes among the hens, expecting no harmed fowl. We shall see...
I thank you, Commander! I realise my turn of thought as to the nature of Element X was wild and inconceivable, but it gladdens me that in time blue sugar water may well be a thing of the past, now that some brave newspaper men are dead-set on exposing its malignant mysteries.
You look like you're dying to tell me something.
Proud and impressed! How did you do it?
Air Units, Ironclads
And yes, why not, glory be unto thee, commander, for you have been a staunch supporter of the Seven indeed! Those who do not submit to their wise rule are cast into slavedom, bereft of their firstborn, and those who do, righteously bear the black marks of devotion that demonstrate their reverence!
Where can I take you?
Wonderful, commander! Infinitely champion industry, I say, and one day the entire world will resemble a graveyard and be complete.
Thelor was still a king and needs to be treated with respect even in death. Deep down I believe you'd agree.
Transport - Cloak
Afore the gods I remain humble, my lord and love, as I do afore you. Yet wherever else I walk in golden splendour, sighs rise, voices hush and tears trace trails of devotion across the cheeks of the pious. A haze of wonder arises wherever the Golden One goes.
Oh leave me alone, why don't you? Back in the day I'd have had you on the rack! Now all I can do is endure... Such bitter misery!
Very Low
Falstaff was banking on the fact that money is an emperor's best friend, but time and again he seems to forget the wisdom of a dragon exceeds that of a mere human.
A turret specialized in taking out light class ground units.
A leap into the dark...
She's a quick-witted lass, your lady, isn't she, Commander? Dodged her date with the law as adroitly as a cat dodges dogs. Oh, and a thousand prisoners freed as well! She's crafty, that one! Wily as a fox!
Mister Shortfuse's proposal is a meritorious one, Commander. Every sun must set, and if the setting is one of suffering, why not speed it along with blackroze?
Go read a book instead, perhaps you'll find more relevation in there!
Your Troopers' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Pillar Of Flame
This will come at a certain cost in recruits, mind you!
Dragon violates the enemy's faith as he cripples their troops
Heavy And Medium Unit Specialist
Catching up, emperor? Factories to imitate enemy bomber functionality
A rather premature question, wouldn't you agree? What land we conquered can still be measured in leprechaun miles!
Our Man Aboard The Raven - Everyone's taking a breather
Target nearby water or ground to place the pillar.
Sunken City
Transport - Unload All
Artists always challenge the powers that be, but their provocation can lead to interesting discussions. It gladdens me to know you'll give Della Gekko his moment in the sun.
Hahaha! Is that you, commander? Forgive me, I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes! I cried with laughter, I did indeed! You should have seen those orcs! One sip of Bunglebrewer's grog and they melted like snowmen exposed to a hundred suns. SQUISH! Hahahaaa!!
After the Architect realised his amorous advances toward Aurora led nowhere and that it was Sigurd who won her heart, he wanted revenge. But one doesn't simply kill a dragon, for so perverse had he become that he wouldn't assassinate his rival, no; he'd take the one he loved away from him.
She's a smart cookie, that wife of yours, Commander! I never thought we'd be making a profit by saving the er... Freckled Hyena was it? Good show indeed! On an unrelated topic, have I told you about my new yacht?
Doesn't do to call Edmund a swamper, commander, that has been made abundantly clear. More the fool him though, for throwing away the one you love like that. She'll hate him till the day she dies.
Battle Forges cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Oh, it'll get done all right, and the quicker for it! That arrogant berk can sit here sipping his sherry while I teach his kinsmen why they'll suddenly find their guts all over the floor should they piss me off!
Tempest Island
Delete dragon skills load-out
Good as dead!
A friendly dragon can roar the Call of Valour!
Many a merchant has his throat cut by brigands or worse as they traverse the wilds, Commander. It would have been wise to build a proper network of guarded roads. Alas...
Give me lease to walk the dreams of your peoples, aye, devour them in sleep, and yours will be untold powers!
I have many friends—and enemies—that are dwarves or elves or imps and never have I seen any evidence the one is inherently more smart or stupid than the other. In Edmund's mind though, we are all on par with cattle, which is simply infuriating.
Stop the population recovery of an enemy country for [1] turns.
How dare you, commander? He who takes away our right to bear arms takes away our liberties! Why would only people of good and honest standing be allowed to carry weapons? They don't want the damn things in the first place!
Your Transports will have the Cloak ability for one combat round.
Our units need backup!
Those who are not high priests, yet enter an inner sanctum, will be smitten by the Seven, but I have heard of no instance of this happening in a burgled home. We are all instruments of the gods, Commander, and should therefore be allowed to do our own smiting!
Victory Conditions
I used to bet the toughs down the tavern I could crack a couple o' walnuts in my bare hand. They'd think I was full of it, but then CRACK... I'd pulverise them! Always made 'em cringe for some reason. Got me booze that trick, but it didn't get me boys!
If it bothers you that much, perhaps you should undo his conviction.
Save Game
I don't know how those lizards manage it, my love, but their wines are such wonders! I bet they enchant vine and grape, for nothing short of magic could produce such delicate sensations. How about we find out for ourselves? Make a trip to Bhargandy? We're long overdue for a honeymoon!
Yes! There's a principle at stake! What good is winning the war if we leave nothing but a barren wasteland behind us? Grant you, simply destroying the dam might have been a rash request, but I feel I must do something. Let me think on it a while...
Tell me about scarlett_3_2
Better luck next time, commander. The enemy may have won a battle, but not the war.
Weak against
Commander, that imp might have murdered the accused and proceeded to do the same to his wife and children. If we are not even allowed to protect the ones we cherish most, what is there left to protect at all?
By the powers vested in me by the great Lizard Lords, I Prospera, endorse your newfound emperorship. Sorely we are in need of a dragon commander!
Elephant In The Room


Wisdom at last! Congratulations, commander! The grail was in your grasp, but you knew its waters to be poisonous! Let us put the bomb to rest forever.
Bah, what is this accursed feeling that is gnawing at me like a ferret on a dead rabbit? I have everything I always wanted: for my father to be six foot under and for myself a throne six foot tall. And don't suggest it's regret either cause some touchy feely elf already went down that road and he's still looking for his ears!
Such wisdom requires a lizard's mind, I do believe—abounding with primordial profundity—or at least a lizard's vision. You posses these qualities and more! For an absolute ruler to relinquish his own crown because he knows it will bring greater happiness to his realm is unprecedented and makes you without a doubt one of the most important beings ever to have drawn the breath of life.
Please choose which princess you'd like to marry first.
The satisfaction of serving the greater good has lukewarmed my cold blood and in doing so awoke unknown affection; endearment even, for no other than you. In time, I may yet come to love you, my prince, and as such you have made an unfathomable gift.
Exactly! We'll smoke and talk and soon we'll all be best friends. At least that's what it says on the pipe weed box, and an elf shag merchant beguiled by sweet rosewood can't be wrong, can he?
Last selected
I am a solitudinarian, for my nature makes me so, and when I do have contact with those I loathe, inevitably I talk down to them as it is impossible to communicate on a level of equality when there is none to be had.
I don't think we have much to worry about, commander! Our defences here are well-nigh impregnable!
I shan't deny I'm quite tempted to do so! A cur such as this doesn't merely objectify women, he dehumanises them. Perhaps a wee spell in the salt mines will show him what dehumanisation does to a person.
Troopers cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Think about it: is there anything more majestic than a grand oak? It's a perfect symbol of power and natural beauty.
Enemy head and shoulders above empire? Imperial R&D says "yes" as opposition attacks with more specialized ground troops
War Factory completed
Now: to navigate your camera,
[1] Warlock mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Marry the emperor!' 'Jump off a cliff!' Interchangeable instructions now, are they not? Except for the mangled body to prove what happened!
If you're looking for female company, commander, I suggest you find your wife and ask her how she feels about having been forced to marry you. Think on that!
Twin-Lake Island
I'll be off in a jiffy! Just one for the road first... Better make that two actually.
Due to your conquest of Rivellon we discovered the following.
Research points
You are leaving the combat zone!

Yorrick's plea is a simple one: he wants me to condemn this scheme as illegal. From the looks of it though, it's all above board—if one negates the moral angle.
Commander, we imps think it is a terrible shame and waste that the consumption of orc meat is outlawed! All because of the elves of course—damn them! Look, we already use these creatures like we use oxen and horses, so why not eat them as well? It's cheap meat, so many of your poorer citizens would be only too glad for the opportunity!
A core overload allows Transports to self destruct. They set a collision course for their enemy and explode when nearby, doing [1] damage to anyone in a [2] meter radius. Overloading the core is irreversible and disables Transports' main weapons.
Tell me about camilla_1_1_2
I'm going to have to say 'no'
The size of your currently deployed armies will decrease by [1]%.
How dare you treat honest workfolk as no more than oxen pulling the plough? Worse even! For you take their mind and body, mould it into the desired cog and put it back! The horror!
Bravo, Commander! Nothing like fresh blood to reinvigorate the military! A lot of it will be spilled, yes, but in service of the Seven, that is an honour, not a sacrifice.
I'm more than relieved you listened to reason, commander! To take away the innocent delight of many because of the trespasses of so very few would have been folly indeed!
Decrease Revenue
It is she who is now serving a year-long sentence in the salt mines of Karkaros, whereas he is enjoying a victory feast in the capital's most expensive restaurant as we speak. Irony and tragedy sure make for happy bedfellows today, don't they?
What has changed in these mere flecks of time? Your love has remained constant of course, a vestment snug and tender wrapped around my soul, but pride, too, has seen it fit to dress me, adorn me with its imperial mantle. Each undead I pass bows its head, their empty sockets seeking the soil beneath, their spirits soaring to the Seven above.
Tell me about ophelia_5_1
Never for the desires of demon and dragon do so few owe so much to so many. They live and revere you; many more live no longer because they do.
The best reason of all: love, or so I hope. I have heard of your deeds and seen your portrait. Ever since, I admit I've been quite smitten with you and when news of impending nuptials reached my dainty ears I made certain Oberon would move mountains to ensure I'd get a chance to meet you.
which he would demonstrate by slicing the flesh from his body.
I'll give you a moment to compose yourself, for not many can gaze upon her and be undaunted by the sight of purity perfected!
Enemy Ironclads can see right through our tricks! No use cloaking in their vicinity!
My wretched brethren, they drank the shamanic brew presuming it to be tea, not a herald of decay! Afore my very eyes their once-proud frames toppled in upon themselves and turned to powder upon the barren floor. Only their souls remain, hovering helplessly upon capricious currents like ephemeral jewels evoked from stardust.
I spy enemy entrenchments here and there, but I see nothing to really worry about.
Your Troopers can now take over enemy buildings. Multiple Troopers capture them quicker than one.
The enemy's Shamans will have [1]% less health
If you're bored by ever so dreary dramatics, commander, I'd avoid Oberon for the time being! So those sneaky elf huntsmen stepped on a twig or something and got a couple of hostages killed. We knew from the start one or two would kick the bucket!
They are wrong, but truth will be revealed one day. Rest assured that when we finish our conquest and I can spend some leisure time in peace, I will write his history, and yours too. Everyone shall know the tragedy that befell him and how his son by the woman he loved rose to save an empire!
That is the secret I've lived with ever since. I forced myself to sleep with men, but it is all a farce—a hollow way of ever so shallowly satisfying hidden, unacknowledged needs. I was forced to live a life of lies and believe me, I can handle it, but I can't bear to have my real nature dangled in front of me as a means of mockery!
[1]: Succesfull dash!
Heal-o-matic 5000
Kill 'Em All
You know how we dwarves value the sanctity of the family, Commander, and that sanctity does not include poking around in pregnant bellies! Only an imp could envision such depravity, but it looks like it takes a dragon to see it through!
Really, commander, why am I even here? Why are any of us here, except Oberon? You'll follow his every advice blindly even though you're bound to stumble and fall. With each passing decision, the chances of us being there to help you back up are dwindling considerably!
No entrenchments whatsoever on our side. Better proceed with caution.
Rockets on enemy Hunters may turn the tide, warns army
You followed protocol, even if it went awry. These protests need to be stopped in their tracks and the populace shown it has no right to resort to violence.
Aww, I'm afraid I can't do that!
We accomplished our mission, commander, but I shudder to think at what cost. No wonder the councillors are in an uproar!
So you're saying there is more to mortal understanding than the words of the Seven? Yet another example of how lacking the views are of those not yet undead. I do pity you, commander.
Even so, Oberon—and, by extension, many an elf—was livid when I declined to join the protests, and I feel it would be prudent to show my people that I am still on their side. To that effect, I have my eye on the dwarves and a dirty trick they are playing on a defenceless stretch of wildlife.
Hang it all, Commander, if it isn't the elven academic world out for our blood it's the bloody Elven Standard. Claims are made in that scandal sheet that our sugar water is in fact no more than sugared water and that our special blue ingredient adds nothing to the taste, but is in fact harmful for one's health. This is slander, pure and simple, and I want you to close down the Standard's operations forthwith. Once again, simple souls may think that what they read is the truth, and our profit margins would fall—to the detriment of us both, Commander!
He's been talking about forgiveness for past deeds even. I'm not quite sure I'm there yet, but over time, perhaps... If ever it happens, I do have you to thank for it though. I'd have confronted the bugger head on each and every time we clashed, but you kept me from doing so. I got a feeling that one day that'll prove to have been just the tonic me and my father needed. For that I thank you, my love!
I realise an explosive device like the world has never seen might be a tempting prize for a warlord such as yourself, but what would be its merit, if after its use there is no world anymore to conquer?
Talking of being creative with conventions, I think I'm going to continue my spree of spontaneity and take the rest of the day off! O, I feel quite giddy now!
The enemy's Armours will fire [1]% slower.
We're getting pinned here!
The reverence with which I am received among the deathless is indeed phenomenal; it would border on blasphemy if it weren't so honest and genuine. Once more you ease my troubles, great dragon. If I am to wander across a strange land, at least I'll have you as my guide. For more I can hardly ask.
I'm relieved you weren't swayed by that surreptitious skeleton, Commander. As a dwarf I know all too well how tempting can be the allure of gold, the promise of a greater economy. The undead, though, were offering you but gilded coal that would have crumbled to the touch and blackened your soul.
Here you go, Commander! I've been meaning to return your ring, though I admit I do so with a hint of reluctance. What a little marvel it is, this ruby-set band! Gave me no end of cheer! There he stood before me, that hick of a high priest, expecting me to bow left, bow right, extend hands in welcome and all manner of delirious nonsense. Well, that is not quite the ritual I observed.
When you damage an enemy, [1]% of the damage done gets added to your life force.
And so our story ends with the tragic death of the dragon prince,
No! You can't! What if those letters speak true? You are giving this bastard license to mutilate and murder! O, you are showing your true colours, commander! The emperor with the heart of stone! Curse you! *spits*
The dwarves.
Commander, what madness is it that drove you to unleashing that harpy of a Scarlett? She butchered an archduke as if he were a rabid orc! This is unacceptable, and her announcing she is gay is no justification! You know we'd support her, but we can't support extra-judicial assassinations! She's as bad as he was! I mean... Not that he was... Oh to hell with it!
Left-click on a character to talk with him or her.

Our base is being besieged, commander!
I told you I had misgivings about that horrid murder trial, but when a jury finds a defendant not guilty, I have to follow its verdict, even if I know they have it all wrong!
Report From The Court - Emperor dethrones with lies and deceit
Jetpack Boost
Construction Site
Sigurd I built incredible engines of war.
I'm afraid that dam is the catalyst of an economic success story without parallel. Power, riches, employment—will you sacrifice it all for the sake of a pack of wild dogs?
Emperor looking out for number one: learns how to heal himself
But enough of this frivolity! Prospera is displeased with my verdict, and I gather she's not the only one of my kin who is. Guess I'll just have to grin and bear it. Oberon, on the other hand, obviously rejoiced, though the sight of an elf rejoicing does little to alleviate my mood.
In single player, to increase your overall Support in a country, check that country's race and make sure your affinity with them is positive!
Emperor beaten at his own game? Invests in anti-fear spells
If you are tormented by your conscience in such an unrelenting fashion, I think we both know we should not proceed. Back to square one it is.
Her proposal is somewhat lofty and perhaps even naive, but it might indeed strengthen the bonds between these ever-quarrelling races. I'll not disallow it.
Latest dragon spell fires up drone controversy: accidental deaths deemed "unavoidable"
Once again a woman has had to come to the conclusion society does not accept her for its ever vile, ever hypocritical reasons! I pity her and hope she will wake from her melancholy yet, so she may turn her back on an order as stern as the Sisters of Vesta.
Your empire is growing with each passing day, commander, but commerce is lagging behind. We should invest in new and broader trade routes so that our merchants can catch up with our armies!
The more Trinculo shall boil with rage, the sweeter shall my victory be!
Sir Rowan the Bloody
You can produce Transports during one combat round.
It is impossible! Impossible that I have been... beaten! I who was so many—reduced to one! So much blood has been spilled, been lost. Not even Magia Sanguinis could tame your soul.
Yikes, what a vixen! Can't dear ol' Cathy be happy with the wages she gets? Not like she has to cook or clean!
Sentinel Island
Let me explain. Rumour has it that among the dwarves, a vile custom exists under the outrageously euphemistic misnomer 'The Long Goodbye'. It is whispered that when a woman sought the company of another than her husband—fat, drunken swine the lot of them—he has the right, the right, to take her into the woods and leave her for the wolves to feast on!
Enemy Imp Fighters are targeting our engines, commander! They'll slow us down!
Lady Aida may think I was unaware, but I know she had the chance to steal Thelor's throne from underneath him and didn't. There's dwarven honour for you, commander! A rare thing indeed!
Oh yes, go ahead and listen to the elf! He'll have you ground all our airships next because a couple of birds got sucked into an engine! Damned pointy-eared know-it-all!
Will you institute government healthcare?
Very well, wouldn't you say? The end is perhaps not yet in sight, but victory is looming along the horizon like a mist out at sea. Let us hope, unlike the fog, it shan't evanesce.
My word, what blackest of crimes has befouled this ship! Again and again wonders of women have vanished; again and again you were their husband. What did you do, commander? What did you do?
What a lovely, lovely day this is, commander! A mangy male was brought down by an unwavering woman, by our very own Scarlett. If I could wake to such news each morn anew, I'd ask for nothing more!
More than ever, Henry is happy to do without the other generals, and it can hardly come as a surprise this suits me perfectly. We are of completely different characters, he and I. Sophistication is my foremost trait; his is stupidity.
Tell me about henry_2_1_0
New Skill Preset
Cycle through recruitment centers
No! We were so close! How dare you deny us our destiny when the very end is in sight? Those cities could have been rebuilt! We'd have needed the practice anyway with the coming of the bomb! For shame! For crying shame!
Those damned locusts are a menace! You'd risk a famine for a bunch of vermin? No, you gas them well and proper!
Ships on Sale
Save successful!
To know you enemy, you have to kill your enemy!
We should be celebrating! I know what we need: a fresh keg of ale, a fresh deck of cards and a fresh hottie to get my hands on!
Consider those laws scrapped, commander! We'll clear the charters of all their cobwebs and undoubtedly see a welcome increase in government efficiency!
I can't believe it happened again! What madness roams the Raven? Poor girl! She was so lovely in her way...
He's been prattling on and on about some tiff between some of his sorry sort and a couple of undead as hot-headed as they are air-headed. He even talks of genocide, if you can believe it. Melodramatic little man, isn't he?
Technology or witchcraft? How enemy Shamans bewitch our troops
The noble decision is not necessarily the right one, commander. Sometimes the empire must think of itself rather than its allies, or its allies may find that one day there is no empire left.
Army discouraged by enemy's upgraded engine: "Their Devestators will retreat a lot quicker"
We'll discuss this later.
Quick-save game
Transports to be sacrificed "if strategy calls for it". Boatsmen horrified
Did you know that the undead—The undead! Those blundering bits of discarded carcass!— have proposed that because of our alleged link with orcs, we lizards should be stricken off the list of six? No longer a Civilised Race, but a Wild One?
Your refusal is no more than an encouragement - a celebration even - of cowardice! Those who do not step up for the glory of the gods by themselves, should have been forced to do so!
I can't do my job like this.
Ah yes, the inescapable scent of bacon. The commander must be near.
Busted Their Bunker
Your populace's motivation has increased by [1]%.
What? O, it's you, my sweet! I'm sorry, I was miles away, thinking of that refugee camp. I visited the place, you know. Am I ever glad I followed my heart and let the imps grow their miracle vegetables. So many lives were saved, and the bad effects the elves were afraid of? There simply haven't been any!
My reputation preceeds me.
As for Maxos, grateful his friend had secured his father's legacy,
to stop the voices in her head from babbling.
Unlock the Cleansing Charge dragon skill for one combat round.
The enemy's Troopers will have [1]% less health.
I'm certain it will be.
They're toast!
Summer Sales
I'm afraid I must disagree with Trinculo, commander! Books full of bloodshed and worse tend to play havoc with the spirits of susceptible youths. Best we keep them confined to libraries where only adults have access to them.
Build Gold Mine
Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, commander! Stiff upper lip, eh!
Your Juggernauts will have the Imp Binoculars upgrade for one combat round.
Total battles won
To eat meat or not to eat meat... When I was a little girl, I used to decide upon the yea or nay of things by plucking the petals off daisies; now I rely on a dragon's advice.
Emperor in dragon form seen feasting on civilian corpses. Empire in shock. We have pictures!
Enemy expands fleet with iron clad ships. Emperor says "I'm not ready to get my sea legs"
To turn into a Dragon press the Dragon Morph button ([IE_WorldViewToggle])
I don't care where that elf sits, long as I needn't stand next to that ruddy undead there! Smells like the grave, he does!
As I admire this ship, I can't help but smile as I recall how some at High Court said my staying aboard the Raven would corrupt me—taint my elven nature. What nonsense! But I know Oberon will keep a watchful eye on me nonetheless, to guarantee I don't break with our traditions. Like a hawk he'll be, and I its fledgling!
We'll forge like not even a dwarf can, milord!
Every move is a step closer to victory, milord!
Typical elven wishy-washy nonsense! Unions indeed! Nothing but organised trouble led by work-shy ne'er-do-wells! Don't you fall for Oberon's tricks, Commander!
Sometimes I think those ruddy imps will stop at nothing, but if their designs are this revolutionary, why should they? If they can make machines think for themselves, imagine the mining possibilities! No more miners to pay or bury, excavation going on round the clock! The profit, oh, the profit!
Blazing blunderbusses, I will miss thy lady, commander! Sweetest girl the world has seen.
Ah, Commander! Everyone seems to be in a rather merry mood today, as if our final victory took them all by surprise! Oh, these short-sighted simpletons; bless them, eh? As though any endeavour that has my backing is not bound to prevail!
I may have derided the imps before, Commander, but I must admit their war machines are marvels of engineering. Once again, victory was ours thanks to their contraptions!
Actually I wouldn't dignify this pathetic attack with a response. Don't let your anger blind you now, after you've let his other insults slide so gracefully. You are the only family he has left and one day he'll remember that.
I must say, I don't envy Edmund, Commander! He's to bow and scrape afore an imp of all things. Ha! If 'twere any other general, I'd publically protest, but that conceited tosser deserves to kiss dust once in a while. Remind him he walks the earth just like the rest of us! Well, except you perhaps.
I took the liberty to present your wife with a particularly beautiful specimen of hobweed. After all, she should have the choice too, shouldn't she?
... Performing NAT traversal ...
TEST - do not translate
I should think it would be good fun to attend an imp ceremony! Something is bound to blow up. Isn't that what generals normally like?
But I'll have my revenge yet! I know my old man keeps a ledger that details all his sordid operations. A little black book that keeps track of everyone he blackmails. Get it and we're golden!
You receive [1] extra support in all countries.
Commander, I want to denounce yet another example of typical dwarven overreaction! Locusts have been plaguing their crops, and so they have taken to blowing some kind of toxic impish gas over their fields, which is effectively wiping out said locusts. I want you to make it law here today that it is forbidden to endanger a species even if it is causing a degree of harm. Agreed?
Well, Commander, I must admit I was... not wrong, but a tad less correct than I could have been about Darles Charwin White-Whiskers, the dwarven scientist whose findings riled me so. As it would turn out his article was far from complete, but the Rivellon Scientific Gazette wanted to publish it nonetheless so as to make an ill portrayal of us lizards. The chief editor is some exasperating elf apparently, who was once outwitted by a lizard in a business deal. Of course he was.
An enemy dragon can cast Blood Leech!
Devastators can go into siege mode: they lose all mobility, but have a far greater attack range and they damage a larger area with their shots.
At last I can claim a coup for the Seven! Much obliged, Commander! Perhaps now these insidious accusations will finally stop, and our priests can once more tend to their flocks the way they should, like the Seven intended!
Emperor Of Rivellon
Imps are notoriously fickle, commander! We change our minds each time the wind changes direction. No, best to have one leader to decide what's what. You're not doing too bad a job, so why hold a referendum about resignation, eh?
Tell me about ophelia_10
Good, good, good! Even though I must say lizard art is a bit boring. Imps like performance art with lots and lots of gunpowder!
Oh, never mind all that, right? I'm queen of all dwarves now and that's all I ever wanted to be. Sure, many of my subjects talk evil of me for throwing papa to the pigs, but they'll get over it, and if they don't I'll bloody well make 'em.
Between the knowledge I shall pry from this infernal creature's cryptic mind, and the avalanche of tomes, manuscripts and blueprints aboard awaiting study, we will catch up with our enemies in no time and claim back the lands they have taken by force!
They seem hardly moral you know, the things you ask of me.
Strategists insult emperor's latest win, jump through hoops to use the term "opportunistic"
Decrease a country's revenue by [1]%.
Only one man lives to tell the tale after seeing the new enemy Bombers
Anti Air Turret completed
Who requested fireworks?
May the Seven strike you too, Commander! Death is not an end, but a beginning, and thanks to you, more will be kept in the grave that could walk anew! You murder them in death!
Transfer to
My lord dragon! Allow me to present your team of generals! Edmund you already know, but I now have the pleasure of introducing you to her highness Lady Catherine, Queen of Westbridge, and Scarlett, not noble of birth, but the more so of heart!
I'm afraid we're out of support, commander!
Even if the imps were demanding something perfectly reasonable this time, commander, I'd still fight them tooth and nail! They've done the elves such an injustice they deserve every bit of opposition they get!
Ah, Henry. How his vagaries amuse me. A woman that rejects him must therefore not be interested in men, so goes his logic. As if one can blame any woman romanced by that buffoon to abstain from men forever.
Several of these worms have suggested I should make use of his weakened state to ship him off to some remote estate somewhere and claim the throne for myself. Though I'm about as willing to please those split-tongued simpletons as I'm willing to get it on with a randy porcupine, I'm actually contemplating the idea.
Not enough support Commander
Matchmaking found [1] available lobby.
Rather than argue for or against the deconsecrating of Oberon's ancestors, I'd like to ask you to consider whether it would be wise at all to encourage the creation of 'the biggest and baddest explosion ever'. Me, I don't think it is.
A light class ground unit that uses rockets to quickly take down larger, slower foes and are experts at defending against air attacks.
Zeppelin - Mustard Gas
Commander, we imps do many strange things in the name of science, but they pale in comparison to what the undead will do in name of the Seven! Deny them, please; do every last citizen in your realm an insuperable favour!
Commander, orcs are vile and cruel, but we in turn treat them vilely and cruelly. I am against their use as slaves in the first place, so no, I don't condone their consumption. They may not be one of the recognised Civilised Races, but they have a language and a culture of sorts. Eating them would make us no better than ogres or giants, creatures we fear exactly because of their lack of culinary scruples.
I'm not surprised! When one meets Corvus, one sees his true guise, but in dreams he can appear as anyone or anything. No doubt Grumio sees or hears an imp girl of fantastic beauty. He has no idea a demon is toying with him, but as long as it shows him things we can use to our advantage, I see no reason to burden him the truth.
Tell me about lohannah_1_2_1
Your Warlocks will have the Meet the Beetles ability for one combat round.
Commander you have been most miraculously forthcoming! In your realm sinners may buy forgiveness, believers are branded to demonstrate their passion, and the weak must give up their firstborn as a penalty for their imperfections. Such a realm is a tried and true theocracy, Commander; such a realm is perfect. I thank you! Every undead knows you to be their king on earth as the Seven are in the heavens!
I trust I needn't point out the irony' is what I said, Commander! Either you have no sense of humour, black as it would have been, or you do in fact consciously follow Falstaff's lurid plans—an outcome blacker still!
Order him in my name to withdraw his warships at once. He's putting more lives at stake! The undead will go berserk if he blows up their temple.
I knew a thing or two about defeat before I came out, commander, but I prevailed in the end and so will you!
The law may seem harsh in this particular instance, commander, but it merely tries to prevent bloodshed! The imp did not attack, so there can be no claim of self defence, and the lizard in question could have fled and called for the guards, but instead he chose to murder a man. Is it not just he should answer for this deed?
A lot of people are rooting for you here, commander. We will have most of their support.
Tragic news, Commander! A student of wizardry went berserk on campus and slaughtered no less than twenty-two fellow pupils with a magic-infused sword. Something like this never could have happened if it wasn't so easy to buy such weapons from any Enchanter's Emporium. I therefore propose that no citizen is allowed to buy weaponry unless he or she has been given a permit by the state after a sound background check!
Blimey, it happened again, did it, commander? You have the worst luck with women! Oh well, more than enough princesses in the pond, eh?
Straight from Boom-cademy - Hahahahaha
Events aboard the Raven have almost invariably confirmed my unequivocal eminence. Let solitude therefore be my lot and indeed my one friend, for the glory of my station allows no other companions, even if they be a dragon!
Oh lordy lordy, what an occasion this is! I feel like I should say something profound, but such is not the way of imps. All I can say is this:
This ship needs more colour, I was thinking mauve!
Let me tell you right off the bat, bastard, that I hold you in very little regard. Your father may have been a great king once, but this last decade, a crowned pig would have played the part better!
It shouldn't take directors and supervisors three weeks to separate the wheat from the chaff, commander. I vote Trinculo!
The population in your empire will decrease by [1]%.
Very well, commander! In this end let us find myriad new beginnings. Now dawns an age of peace; now breaks in golden light the Pax Draconis!
To detect mines or cloaked units, you will need a counter unit that can reveal them, such as upgraded Hunters, Bombers, Ironclads or the dragon!
Too little, too late? Emperor orders light and fast trooper. "He learned to run first, now he comes crawling back," quips retired army general.
Crafty fellows, these imps! Wonderful inventors! Let's just hope their technoveg isn't quite as explosive as their usual concoctions...
O joyous hour! Finally I shall leave this decrepit carcass behind, but not, as the scriptures read, to pass the silver river into the realm of death. No, I shall bathe in its waters and be reinvigorated, born anew!
That jetpack is a blessing and then some! Got any other imp inventions to share?
He became a vainglorious fool, a sloth and a coward. No wonder, then, that his own children could amass armies unperceived and strike at the heart of the kingdom in a matter of days.
Zeppelin, ready for reconnaissance
Bloody hell, I hope you know what you're doing, commander! My answer will read 'despotic', but I wonder how many more of those there will be!
As Henry might say, Commander, I'd rather lick marmalade from an orc's behind than bow to an imp, my very reason for currying your draconic benevolence at this hour. Certainly I have your blessing to abstain from these grotesque formalities and tend to business rather than etiquette.
Shamans can shield friendly units for [1] seconds. During this time any incoming damage is reduced by [2]% and negative status effects (such as fear or sabotage) are nullified.
Commander! I heard about your little ... tête-à-tête with those raiding rascals. Boom went the dam! A marvelous intervention, I must say! Thank you for listening to Lohannah's concerns. After that awful technoveg debacle, she needed a public victory that verifies where her loyalties lie: with her own people.
Yes! Good! Which one did you have in mind, dragon?
Ah, the madness has passed, everything goes back to normal. Quickly: someone say something silly so we can have a good shouting match and the commander here can do as he bloody well likes as usual!
The body is the playground of desire and therefore an instrument of wickedness, commander. You do well to order its encapsulation in the merciful cover of cloth!
I'll not stoop to his level, if that's what you're after. He will be hunted down and dragged to court where you will judge him.
Imp machinery is strong, but not THAT strong, commander!
Close menu
If only the elves possessed an ounce of our reasonable nature, Commander; if only they could hold their emotions in check! An elf girl was found murdered: a tragedy. A lizard is spotted nearby; he must be the culprit! Why does that follow?
Devastators cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Here's hoping my father's truly thankful for what I did. If not, I'll bash his face with a flail!
A princess lost... a bond broken. I can only imagine the loss you must be feeling!
Undo Strategy Phase action
The [2] population in your empire will increase by [1]%.
Combat Card: Unit Acquisition
Taran Khas
Dear me, I haven't slept a wink, commander! What a ruckus these councillors were making all through the night! Roaring dwarves, squeaking imps; 'twas like an orcish sing-along ceremony in there.
Stop wrecking my ship, commander.
Your dragon jetpack's boost is finite and will need recharging for a short time after extended use!
If more people here would adopt the ways of Vesta, we wouldn't have to put up with defeat, commander!
Combat Progression : [1]
Oh look, it's an equal of mine! And over there, another one! All is well in this land of unicorns and rainbows! Now please excuse me, for I shall drink until I see four of every equal and mercifully pass out!
You spend so much time as a dragon, you seem to be losing part of your humanity, Commander. To take away one's free will and alter his body to benefit production is a terror unseen, and in its own way the worst thing the imps ever proposed. You shame your empire!
Your wish is my command, dearest! We can't sacrifice an entire species for the sake of a few warships. I'll send some rogue imps and make sure there's TNT in their backpacks. That should do the trick.
Though I appreciate your confiding in me, I never asked to be informed of such private matters. In my army I don't ask, so don't tell.
Toggle message log
Alas that the Seven have struck you with blindness and loss of reason, commander, for that is the only justification for your choosing another over lady Ophelia.
Tell me about ophelia_9
A friendly dragon can rejuvenate itself!
Very wise of you, commander. Pain is such a terror! To relieve one's patients of it should be a physician's foremost care, even if sometimes relief may prove to be definitive.
May the reverent shaman's word prove to be as true as the trust I bestow upon his talents. More than my convalescence alone now depends upon his abilities: the very life of another being lies in the balance.
You can place waypoints from buildings so that newly constructed units automatically move to a certain position!
No, this is no good, Commander! I take this as a personal slight! We all perform our tasks to the best of our abilities, and I'll have no committee deem otherwise!
Keeping an eye out!
Your Imp Fighters will fire [1]% faster.
It has therefore been announced that you are to marry, for that will bolster the populace's spirit and cement your power as emperor! Soon the finest princesses in the land will be here, bidding for your hand in marriage!
Combat: Spawning the dragon
Use Dragon Skills
The end of the world as we know it: enemy fighters equipped with rockets
Henry has gained a level in: [1].
Arena Of Aurora
We're in a pickle here!
Connection Refused - Wrong network version
To tear asunder the sanctity of the family is a crime that cannot be forgiven, commander, let alone practiced by the state! May his own gods blight Yorrick for daring to suggest this would be their will!
Did you ever wake up, you know, with a hangover the size of a donkey, and there's this stranger in your bed? No?... No... never mind, Commander.
Hunter - A Bird In The Hand
Here was me thinking the Peabrain Parade had arrived for your after-dinner entertainment, but no, turns out it's the council. I sincerely hope those filthy creatures stay well away from me, and that the one noble among them—esteemed Prospera—suffers as little interaction with them as possible.
War factories to build faster vehicles: correspondents warn while this may create jobs, it will increase empire's debt
Listen my cuddly squirrel, if I was in the mood for something soppy I'd be dining with the pigs! But I see you're going to go the goody-two-shoes route on me, so I guess I'll have to grit my teeth and bear it!
Release the swarm!
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! You made the dwarf chef a very happy man.
Shifty son-of-a-bitch, ain't he? Acting all high and mighty all the time, calling imps idiots, dwarves dullards, that sort of thing. Makes you wonder if there's a single thing he's not intolerant of.
Everyday I'm Zeppelin'!
The secrecy surrounding this dwarven drink has never sat well with me, commander, and Oberon's reports only increase my apprehension. I suppose no one else has perceived how the shade of blue in sugar water is the exact same as my kin's skin colour. Perhaps my imagination is getting the better of me, but be that as it may, there can be no question of suppressing the Elven Standard!
Ah' my father said as I signed up for the army, 'my boy's off to destroy people.' (emotional)
You cannot change difficulty during combat.
Seven curse these heathen imps! Just when I thought they could not possibly come up with yet another sordid scheme, they go and outdo themselves!
Each foe we now face will be much more powerful than he was before, and it will take our forces their utmost to vanquish them. You I forewarn, Commander, but let the rest not know of this demon influence, or else all faith in victory would plummet like a stricken bird!
A friendly dragon can shout a Crippling Roar!
Lizard Favour
Taxes, taxes, taxes: that's all Aida's father, that tyke of a Thelor, thinks of! Well, the other certainty is death, or so the adage goes, and if he's not careful, death'll find him before the taxman finds me!
Win when all opponent buildings gone
Unlock the Pillar Of Flame dragon skill for one combat round.
Population is depleted!
Ah, what the hell! I've still got the booze and the one night stands; those should keep me happy enough. Come to think of it, I've never gotten around to riding the dragon like I always wanted to! You may think you've had your kicks jet-packing across the skies, but you just give me the word, commander, and I'll really rock your world!
We lost the battle! I have failed the Sisters of Vesta! Self flagellation shall be my lot this night!
To show our appreciation we are organising an event completely novel among the undead. A... 'party' I believe the word is. Trinculo also suggested something called an orgy, but Prospera shooed him away.
The Zealots
So all little imps will be deprived of The Adventures of Gory MacGutsplitter because two airheaded bozos couldn't tell fiction from reality? You're supposed to be the realm's wise protector, not its bleedin' nanny!
Swivel camera
Any Game Mode
You may, commander, though I advise against it.
And there's an end to all that nonsense! Eight-hour days indeed! They'll want holidays next!
Here's a present! - Oh? What is i-- BOOM!
What a devilish scheme, commander! What a sordid ruse to send more backward believers into the mills, for who in his right mind would be willingly branded even if he does venerate the gods? It's all so wicked I'm inclined to like it, but as this plan is coming from the undead, I spit upon it and hope you will too!
Tell me about lohannah_3_1_2
In this case a Recruitment Citadel,
Win an RTS battle without ever spawning your dragon.
Close ([1])
Please excuse me, commander. I have a subscription to a certain magazine to cancel.
Unlock the Aegis dragon skill for one combat round.
A few enemies are attacking our base, commander!
Wondrous decision, commander! We'll build a huge crematory right next to our research facilities and get cracking! And crackling!
You can produce Ironclads during one combat round.
Unit Advantage
Luckily he is not to be judged by a flock of hysterical elves, but by a jury of his peers. At least they'll approach this sorry matter with a degree of levelheadedness!
I'm sorry you take offense, but was it not courteous of her to appease the dwarfs?
Aiming and... - Firing!
Emperor shows design of new flying device with healing powers. Prototype crashes and burns, fails to save itself. Emperor laughs it off: "it only does that on presentations"
Are you sure you want to see him dead? He's already a ruined man, but at least we can save his life. I'll send in some troops to protect him.
Emperor mismanaging troops? Soldiers told to be pillaging and raping as if still in dark ages
Allows the construction of Armours in your War Factories. These units have a powerful cannon that is capable of greatly damaging slower enemies and enemy buildings.
These are exciting times for lizard art, Commander! A statue of Lady Lohannah has been commissioned, and it will be our most famous sculptor who shall set her lovely likeness in stone!
Grant you, Commander, nothing is conclusive as yet, but when the dwarves keep something secret, you can bet your crown on it it's something more fishy than a seafood buffet!
[Unbound key]
and bloodshed soon forgotten.
No matter how evil his deeds, this witch-hunter enjoys the protection of elven nobility, his family being one of the oldest and most respected in the realm. Already Oberon is gathering a great sum of money to buy your blindness to his deeds. I beg you, commander: do not take him up on his offer!
Your research points total per turn will decrease by [1]%.
Dragon Respawn Timer
Through one night of darkness I must walk to find the everlasting dawn. So be it.
Cancel skill
So first these workers want to earn more wages, and when they get them they want to work less hours, yet maintain the increase! This is utter madness!
Very kind of you, Commander! We can afford to keep these functionaries, I think. What's a few thousand more officials anyway, in a realm of millions of people?
Well said, my dear! That settles it, does it not, commander? How can any man even contemplate the hand of another woman when he has met fair Ophelia?
We can benefit from some light defences in this region! As long as they last ...
To make a long story short, I have been asked by my people to join the protests against the impish technoveg—lead them even! But I'm torn. Whichever decision I make, lives could be lost!
Great dragon, glorious warlord! Once more you return from the battlefield red with the blood of slain adversaries, and let me tell you, these victories of yours have not gone by unnoticed! In fact, to my great satisfaction, another pair of dauntless generals has joined our company.
Just like your dragon self, everything is still up in the air. Whether we land on the side of victory or defeat remains to be seen.
Edmund has gained a level in: [1].
You can produce Zeppelins during one combat round.
Pangs of fear pinch my heart, but like so many others, this is a new sensation, which I must learn to bear. You are right, my love: I have been given life, therefore I must welcome its sibling death, and though he always looms with wintry lust, I shall learn to consider him with acquiescence. Together we will be happy until the curtain falls upon our stage, many acts hence.
Commander cowardly commandeers commorancy
I'm all eyes and ears!
The only thing that makes me falter is having to leave you, my love. It is not the prospect of prison, but that of our parting that makes me quiver, and makes my heart quail.
Forlorn Lands
Unlock the Advance! dragon skill for one combat round.
The hunter, not the hunted: enemy research heralds breakthrough in ground offense
A second chance to serve
Your Troopers will have [1]% more hit points.
So instead of an artwork for the ages, we're getting a tree...
An enemy dragon is surrounded by an Aura of Frailty!
So all those little mites will be wasting their time as well as their health? This is monstrous, commander!
Eye of the Patriarch
A prouder folk you'll ne'er meet, commander, nor a more robust one. Best allies an aspiring king can have, for our love of gold and all things precious is legendary, and gold is what an emperor needs if 't be conquest that takes his fancy. So listen when I give advice, for your economy will prosper by it.
The more Recruitment Citadels you have,
Are you sure you want to return to Main Menu?
The state of many thoroughfares is lamentable indeed. Proper roads flanked by guard posts and inns will increase the security and comfort of travellers and, yes, have a positive effect on our economy.
What in the name of the Seven possessed you, Commander? I just witnessed a military advance whereby a woman was shouting orders in that shrill, thin voice of hers! And the men, they... they obeyed! This will be our ruin, our undoing! Might as well pack it in now! The war is lost!
Why is it that every time there's a cock-up the size of Falstaff's arse, there's elves involved? By rights, natural selection should have put 'em on the Extinction Express long ago!
Strategy Timers
You can undo any action taken on the Strategy Map (including Research) by clicking the Undo button on top!
A world of difference ... a better world! O whereby I have earned such a blessed fate I know not, but I praise myself lucky each day anew. How naive I was; how much of a mere child! Elven traditions, they kept me menial and closed-minded, but you have shown me there is so much more to the world— values to be found in others' customs even if my kind vilifies them as vices.
Thank you, Commander! I do regard this as a little victory for lizard diplomacy, you know. The right man for the job—or the right woman as it may be—will avail your political and mercantile enterprises much more than the man merely made of money, not know-how.
Very good, Commander! I can tell you it was all very embarrassing for my wife to pick up the morning paper and find out I'd been tending to another garden on the side. She... she kept on hogging the rose bushes, my favourite! What was I to do?
If you sell buildings, half of its recruitment cost is refunded - unless it is damaged, in which case the refund will be smaller.
That would have been politically inopportune, commander! Don't tell me you take after Edmund and dislike anyone who is not of your own species! Any of these princesses will make for a loving wife and bring you great prosperity!
I find it's a lot easier to tell the benefit of the doubt it can go shag itself, but if you insist, I'll give the others a chance—though I'm sure they'll prove to be a bigger disappointment than looking for a brothel in an elf-town.
Being healed
Commander! The smoke-stick is the closest thing we have to the Philosopher's Stone! It practically turns base materials into gold, such is their profit! And you cast it aside like the burnt down butt of this very product. Inconceivable!
I'm a bit concerned about lady Camilla's ruling on the dwarves versus undead case. She is too lenient toward the short folk, commander. They are not to be trusted! No matter how jewelled the dagger, it will still kill you when it is thrust in your back.
Another princess has gone missing, has she? This is getting to be a bit eerie... Better have a beer to steady my nerves!
[1] Transport mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Trooper awaiting your instructions, commander.
How do you think the war is going?
I really don't understand your decision, Commander! We could have made fortunes with lethal anti-thieving traps. Imagine what bright a morning it must be if you rise and find a dead bandit with a spike through his head. One foot on the stairs and BAM, instant death!
Many criminals inhabit our realm, Commander; such is the unpleasant reality. Some of them are domestic, some of them are foreign. Punish them when they are caught, but do not make the distinction.
Toxic Avenger
We teach our children not to fiddle around with their food, so why on earth would it be okay for the imps to dabble with the deceased? I've never heard anything quite so morbid! Though there's that lot that likes to get it on with undead girls... They really creep me out.
Falstaff is correct in that imps love their blue sugar water, but it's quite expensive and our apple-blue-sea-green variant is mighty cheap. You wouldn't deprive an honest imp of his sugar water, would you, commander?
I stand aghast, commander! You are sacrificing your own populace on the godless altar of commerce. I had thought this beneath you! Verily I did!
Battle Forge completed
Press any key to continue...
If the imps have to resort to corporal punishment to establish a bit of decorum, I think that simply makes them bad educators. We lizards will have none of such unwarranted harshness.
Stand in the path of a Dragon Knight and you'll be obliterated; once more this has been spectacularly proven!
Dragon Spawn Cost
Call of Valour
Dwarves and their yammering! If you feel an itch, you have to scratch, and we imps don't care what that itch is, or who does the scratching!
Are you perhaps familiar with the phrase 'What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb', Commander? Well, let me tell you how it may be applied to smoke-sticks. As you may recall, they are all the rage these days thanks to our new manufacturing processes, so we think it only prudent that every child should learn how to properly smoke. Make it part of the curriculum, you know—part of their education. We'll even sponsor this programme so it won't cost your treasury a dime!
High Octane Bully Dragon
That was a bit touch-and-go there. To win, to lose; all in a day's work apparently.
I was already picturing children sitting there in classrooms, row on row, a smoke-stick protruding from each set of youthful lips; faces clouded by a sickening mist. Nightmarish, commander. Praise be you put a halt to it!
Which one do you have in mind?
Tell me about camilla_3_0_0
I'm so very glad dear Anne was saved, but Henry's more insufferable than ever! He bloody well knows he behaved not like a loose cannon, but a galloping maverick one! Of course it got him the exact result he wanted, so now he's more convinced than ever his lone wolf ways are the only ones that pay off!
You only care for your secular self, commander, but beware the corruption of your soul! Gold buys you happiness here and now, but it won't buy your way out of hell!
Dear old Edmund.
Easy, like blowing up a mine shaft!
New tutorial available: Building Options
An enemy dragon is surrounded by an Aura of Annihilation!
Excellent, commander, simply excellent! I realise I may seem like a cynical old sorcerer when I receive the news of one of your siblings deaths with such relish, but if it hastens our progress to peace, may one fall 'neath your blade every day!
Where is the port in portside, sire?
Turn into a dragon.
So once more Oberon proposes measures that might jeopardise the war effort during times of war! Here's hoping the third time I warn you will be the charm, commander: do not listen to the elf!
Wonderful, Commander! If we lizards couldn't get a republic, a smaller and more efficient government would have to do instead, and this at least we have achieved. Thank you! To make changes to political structures is notoriously difficult, and we couldn't have done it without your support!
Better To Reign In Hell Than Serve In Heaven
Thank you, commander! Drudanae really is a wonderful herb if used with care and consideration. Hopefully the bad reputation it suffers among the likes of Falstaff and Yorrick will dwindle in time because of today's decision. Light those pipes I say!
Tell me about scarlett_2_1
Zoom in on map
Your initial amount of recruits depends
If one is denied time of solitude to atone, sin is at leisure to bloom! You made a hasty decision, commander, and look: thereby you too have sinned!
What enchanting news I have heard, Commander! Lady Aida and her father the king have put aside their differences and begun their once-fraught relation anew. Inspirational! I think I'll write a ballad about this!
Silly dragon listening to silly lizards! If it weren't for educated imps, you'd be losing the war! That jetpack you wear was made by my cousin Grumio, and that day-dreaming dolt would have been sweeping the blood and guts out of our experimental facilities for the rest of his life if he hadn't been given a scholarship!
You know I don't hold a high opinion of men in general, commander, but Henry does go out of his way to reaffirm what some would call my prejudices. I'm glad Scarlett saw the light and kicked him out of her bed. Even a girl as frivolous as her can do infinitely better!
The enemy's Hunters will fire [1]% slower.
Poor Prospera was out of her depth, commander, she clearly has little understanding of the workings of government. Best to say nothing more about it and move on.
But anyway, enough banter! A good sherry is what I need! They brought in some new casks only yesterday, I do believe, so I live in good hopes I may yet have a sip of sherry worthy of its name before this ship is decommissioned... and we with it.
Need a ride?
New tutorial available: Unit and Building Creation
Tell me about edmund_1_1
The enemy's Troopers will fire [1]% slower.
Desolate Dunes
If the state should pay for each and every work accident, for every broken nail and broken leg, we'll be paying through the nose and it's your finances that will be crippled! Mark my words, commander: listen to that bleeding heart elf and the treasury will bleed the more for it!
Purifying Flames
Justice is hereby done and I am furthermore glad to say Edmund apologised for his earlier disbelief in my accusations toward the undead. I hope they too have learned a lesson. They've had a horrid example of what their own religious mania may lead to!
We'll be back before Happy Hour!
Attaboy, commander! Funny how it's the elves of all people who try to upset the natural order! There's lord and there's labourer just like there's lion and antelope, and there will always be!
Doctor's in the House.
Your Ironclads will do [1]% more damage.
Enemy Juggernauts can fire Imp Bunker Busters! Better dig in ...
Windows up? - or windows down?
Kicked from the lobby
Your Super Soldiers have become even more Super!
I'd say it's going well, but don't be afraid to be a little daring there, commander! We need to push forward relentlessly or risk being driven back!
A thoroughly disagreeable decision, Commander. Makes me wonder if you are in fact worthy of your title...
Enemy Bomber Balloons are airborne, commander!
No flying doctors joke, okay.
Time for Grumio to pack it in! Time for my poor cousin Trinculo too! We'll have to invent new wonders all over again. Yes, that could be good fun actually! How about I join your court, milord? O the crafty contrivances I could fashion for you!
Her name: E'Lhissabetha—O dulcet set of syllables—the most beautiful damsel of woman born. Blessed be I, for she loves me too! There is but one obstacle in our course toward ultimate happiness, the most classic of lovers' impediments: her father, Lord Larradshire—may the plague beset his person!
Help troubled allies by gifting friendly units when they are in dire need!
You have acquired a Transport. You can now load units into the Transport by dragging them onto it.
I'm glad you steered them to a more-or-less diplomatic solution.
and annihilation reached new heights.
Yes, shatter their dreams! Serves the blighters right! Which means no more elves need to be burned, correct? Good! For now that Trinculo's scientists suddenly find themselves bereft of a project, perhaps they could repair the damage they did to the Fields of Evergreen!
By Hundra's hammer, Commander, may my beard turn green if I didn't just see the most beautiful woman I ever beheld right here on this ship! Rumour has it she is here on Lady Ophelia's behalf, but why would an animated set of bones wrapt in funeral shrouds wish to elicit the company of one so charming and pure? Pure masochism!
Sitting in your base won't help you win the fight - get out there and start capturing building sites!
Scalirex Fjord
The scenes I have witnessed in dwarven cities are appalling, Commander! The exact opposite of what Catherine and I were trying to achieve! I cannot believe you were informed about the murderous practices that are rumoured to go on amongst the dwarves and subsequently chose to ignore them. Such a thing is tantamount to complicity... complicity to murder!
O jolly! May I suggest we send imp schoolmasters to teach their other-species colleagues? They'll turn 'em into hard hitters in no time! No idle bottom in the realm will be safe!
Darn tootin', Commander! Set that ruddy elf straight! Too many imps indeed! Pfah! We're only half as tall as the rest—we deserve to have strength in numbers!
Why don't you have a chat with your queen first?
Perhaps I should model in the nude…
I thought I stood alone with my views today, commander, but I'm gratified and relieved you too perceive we just cannot condone murder even if there seems to be just cause. There never is just cause, and that is precisely the point.
Seems to me the dwarves haven't done anything wrong technically speaking. If the undead are so easily duped, on their heads be it.
Commander! I have furnished your wife with a letter that touches upon very delicate matters, and I would appreciate it greatly should you too shine your light on the subject.
Juggernaut Mercenaries
Glad you agree, Commander! Death is part of nature's cycle and therefore to be undead is to be unnatural! Try and convince my great-great-great-grandmother of that logic, though...
My sweet, my love, how my heart rejoices at your approach! Like the buttercup tracks the sun across the sky, so does my very being find in you its beacon.
Everyone lauds me for following orders, doing my duty, seeing reason. Had the outcome been different though, had Anne come to harm, there's no telling what I might have done. The guilt... it would have driven me to... to unspeakable acts... You understand... Don't you?
Qualina Alda
Ready to blaze the skies! (together)
The Church of the Seven is one of the wealthiest organisations in Rivellon, Commander, and it's true they don't impart as much as two pence to the treasury. Sir Falstaff is right—hardly fair!
Buildings in various countries earn you strategic advantages. You can only have one building per country, so choose carefully if you decide to build a new one. If a building in a certain country is not of your liking, you can sell it and build another one.
What is it with the elves and their damnable love for hallucinogenic leaves? I've seen those who use it sitting around with bloodshot eyes, talking gibberish! Medicinal? Malicious, more like!
You should have seen Igna tearfully thanking me for imprisoning the monster that defiled her. They can say what they want about me— to my face or behind my back—but I know that what I did was the right thing, even if it was legally questionable, and I stand by it.
Juggernauts cost [1] less recruits to produce.
It was the Architect who provided us with the answer to the question how on earth we would go about enacting such an unparalleled enterprise. He said he had ways and means to provide your father—a battle-hardened warlord in his own right—with engines of war such as the world never saw.
Words may have failed me before, commander, but I've overcome the affliction! Just in time to tell you that you must be as much of a psychopath as the degenerates that the imps seek to study. In fact, they should probably start with you!
If you really think it's our last resort...
Mastered Skills
May the Seven forgive my indecision, but if you too, o dragon, perceive a metal me would be a material me only, I acquiesce in the knowledge we are making the right decision, be it, perchance, a hopeless one.
Imp chief finds infrared detects cloaked troops. "We can even detect our friends and try not to shoot them"
You're very welcome. And it will interest you to know that this gift represents more than meets the eye. I think you'll find that Prospera—and in fact all other lizards—were quite taken with me, which reflects very positively on you in turn!
Once more unto the breach
This map only supports [1] players.
If someone's last days are days of agony, the Seven have willed it so! Ease their torment and you thwart the divine order! One more example that sacrilege is inbred in science!
If you wish. Anyone in particular?
Hmm, the wind in my hair! So vivifying!
No, it was in the army that I found my true calling, for the enemy I defeat on the battlefield is defeated forever. Those I outwit in combat die. Such is the triumph of intellect, and with each new victory my detest for all that is non-lizard grows. They call it bigotry; I call it logic.
Mine High Club
Catherine has created a storm among us dwarves, commander, and I hope she'll be punished for it! The Long Goodbye indeed! Balderdash! Old wives' tales! But they got some of our wives and daughters in an uproar all right! Riled up so that soldiers had to round them up. I'll try to ensure they're treated well, but you never know with army men. They like swordplay of different kinds.
Stupid elf! Send directors to inspect our factories? I think not, commander! Imp industry is the imps' business. Believe me, it's for the best! You don't want know what's going on behind those doors!
Commander, thanks to your generous approval, the unions we elves sought to found have indeed been created! As true spokesmen for their fellows, union men have been quite vocal in their struggle to increase working conditions and the general standards of life. Their greatest complaint is that very many labourers receive only the most minimal of wages, and I think it is only fair to copiously increase them. For remember, Commander: defend the populace's prosperity and happiness, and they in turn will defend your empire valiantly in its hours of need!
I wouldn't let a child-molesting mass murderer be judged by the bloody undead, Commander, let alone a misguided elven lass far from home and far out of her depth. Let the elves pass judgement, just like Oberon asks.
Sacred laws breed fanaticism, and fanaticism breeds madness. It's not your fault.
Charity is one of the cornerstones of civilisation, commander! Don't let the dwarves hack it out of society's foundation!
Dear O dear, it seems my esteemed colleagues made a mess of things. But why blame them, really? Takes those blockheads of councillors, of course, not to know any confrontation with hardened assassins is bound to leave a trail of, oh, a variety of things. Blood, ash and general destruction come to mind. Hmmm, perhaps I should have gone with them after all. Sounds like they had a jolly old time.
Nothing as frustrating as conquering land to the west only to lose territory in the east, and you seem to be familiar with this procedure in any wind direction, commander.
Discipline is one of the fundamental virtues as dictated by the Seven, Commander, and it is to be found along the length of a cane! By denying us the use of the whip, you deny us discipline and saddle us with another generation of dullards!
Were that victory was a cause for celebration, commander! Under your chauvinist regime however, that is impossible.
Thank you, commander, thank you! Only the dwarves shall produce blue sugar water and we will control its price; a price that reflects the top quality of our product. Well done!
Follow the jury.
Just a few more battles and it'll be all over. Sad, really. Peace will bore me to tears.
There's a camp in one of the provinces that houses thousands of people that have fled the horrors of war, but death keeps stalking them in the guise of famine. The imps want to plant technoveg: vegetables that are engineered to grow in a day. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?
Recruitment Citadels cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Imps on latest enemy research: "Enemy Devestators not moving? What good will that do?"
All this lovey-dovey stuff is wasted on me, Commander, but you go ahead and see who takes your fancy! Elf, dwarf, lizard, undead—they are all represented.
We are not impressed: emperor accidentally accomplishes achievement
The Hunter's Teleport ability can be used for fast attacks across the map or to instantly reinforce your army in battle!
Our base is being fired upon again...
How can we win when we are surrounded by rabble dumb as rocks? Send elves into battle and you might as well give them a white flag apiece!
So what about Corvus, our secret demon?
Commander, we elves already object to any form of force used by the authorities when it comes to our own citizens, so you can imagine how we feel about giving the undead lease to torture! Never can this be!
Yorrick would label my intentions as heretical. I myself don't quite know what to think of them. Perhaps they are... Perhaps I should salute oblivion if that's what the Seven have in store for me...
Hell's balls, I hate it when we lose! We should just attack yet again; vanquish or die!
Poor Catherine! So much they have taken from her and for what? Because in pursuit of a damsel in distress things got out of hand? If anyone should have stood up and taken the blame, it should have been Henry, but no—he simply blamed one of the braves that came to his aid. Ungrateful bastard!
These lands are rather well protected, but strong opposition could break through nonetheless!
Accursed be the lizards and their lackeys! Lohannah, star among stars; a lady who should be untouchable, was sentenced like a common criminal! She martyred herself for our cause, this angelic champion, but by no means must she spend an instant incarcerated! You must do something, commander, you must!
What do you say, Scarlett, shall we be victorious in the end?
Nothing quite like freedom, is there, my slice of apple pie? Never had I imagined it would be so liberating to be cast aside, and recognise that a dream rather than a disillusion was realised.
Press [IE_CKSUnitsEntireArmy] to select all your units during combat.
No, that trail's cold commander
Research Points
Tell me about camilla_3_1_0
I'm sure your dear wife will tell you all about the decisions we made after long debate. Let me just say that we have agreed upon a matter that had gone without consensus these two hundred years—all because of one ancient ritual. Wonderful, simply wonderful!
Foreign criminals seem to abound like sand on the beach these days, commander! Let's be rid of them, like Falstaff suggest. In fact, the sea would be as good a border as any to make them cross. Yes, let them drown for their misdeeds!
My amazons whipped your soldiers into shape in no time. They positively quiver when my girls draw near.
The road to redemption is paved with prayer, commander, and you are in need of redemption indeed! So pray, and therein find enlightenment. It is not too late! Take back the throne and wear the crown the Seven have seen fit to put upon your head!
Please do not elicit my company, Commander, for I still seethe with rage and may say things I cannot take back! Your... wife... has seen it fit to convict Sir Sapphire-Cave of rape! Rape! And why? Because some impish whore set in motion her obscene get-rich-quick scheme!! But that vile trollop will get her just deserts yet!
Four Blood Servants have I, more than any other demon! One for each of the thundering winds, one for each murderous season! Brothers life and death; learning and dementia, sisters love and desolation; lust and decay: all are fed, all are thick and dripping with boiling blood. We have made one another mighty, dragon! Nothing can stop us now!
I hope your decision leads to action, Commander. Only when these rotten apples will have been removed from among the officials of the church will its reputation be able to bloom anew. Too bad that is not at all how its representatives see it ...
Command 'Attack / Move'
Combat Card: Unit Subversion
Dragon type
Warlock - Cloak
A wise plan
Ironclad - Sea Mine-Maids
SHIFT + [IE_Chat] to chat with all players
You have just moved a loaded Transport into another country. You can unload your units by right clicking it.
Prospera's proposal may spare us large amounts in salaries, but you'll also see unemployment figures rise! So what's the benefit here? Quite frankly I see none.
You're a married man now, commander, but I bemoan your choice! An alliance with the dwarves would have made you rich! Fabulously wealthy! And what have you now?
I must admit, commander, that your wife pleasantly surprised me by making such an unprecedented move during her last trial. I was sure she'd follow the jury and exonerate the savage that slew Alhana, for that was her name.
Use the Shaman's Immunity ability to increase the longevity in battle of important units!
Above and beyond: fast enemy aircrafts sighted. Imperial imps suspect alien technology
There are many different types of cards. Play them on countries to earn strategic advantages; use others to increase your odds of winning battles (through auto-resolve and/or real time combat).
So, Lady Ophelia has looked upon the ultimate temptation and declined it unperturbed. Perhaps she is made of sterner stuff than I gave her credit for! Not many would deny a chance to become immortal!
The first Super Soldiers have been born and bred, Commander! What marvels they are! They pilot airships better, fire our war machines with greater accuracy and are worth ten men in hand to hand combat. At the end of the day, they are still normal human or whatever beings though, so why not let us research the minds of psychotic killers, mass murderers and war criminals? If we can constantly put our Super Soldiers in such a mental state, they'd make for even greater terrors. That is to say, even better warriors!
Emperor's political popularity among:
Failed to execute skill
Tell me a bit more about your kind.
Emperor, it is too early to rest on your laurels
Unions... Indulgence... Idleness. Reform by reform, you are tearing down the fabric of the Seven's society! The elves misunderstand the gods! Happiness is not to be happy, it is to be subservient to the Divines!
I thank you for agreeing with my proposition, commander! I knew the opposition would be fierce, but if we don't take the necessary steps, however unpopular, an entire population could grow out of control, with tragic consequences. After all, only a child unborn cannot succumb to sickness or starvation.
Enemy shamans can shield their allies! Better take them out before they can do so!
Fully upgrade a unit.
Look at how well entrenched we are in this land! I wouldn't be surprised if the enemy turned and ran!
Besiege: +[1]
What a bore! I've a few friends that make sport out of shocking dwarves 'n' bone-bags in the park! Now they'll have to pay a fine to have a bit of fun? What a rip-off!
The Dragon Knight came, saw and conquered! You are indeed worthy of respect. And, yes, I do speak in earnest.
Why don't you have a chat with General Henry first?
Way of Whales
You're crazy, commander! Nutty as a fruitcake! This will spell us a massacre among imps! They'll be bored to death by the dozens!
Naval Specialist increases the destructive power of your naval units.
In an RTS battle, Charm an enemy Juggernaut that holds an Imp Bunker Buster and fire it.
Failed to find leaderboard. Please check if you are logged in online and you have no network issues.
So, Oberon is putting poof nuptials back on the agenda, is he? When will those blasted elves realise marriage is about procreation, not pleasure or passion? Can't these queers be happy with what they have? Used to shoot 'em on sight barely a century ago!
There's no reason to be rude! It's just the deaths of those innocents. They motivated my mind to take twists and turns that it otherwise never would have.
If you are determined to go on with Prospera's reforms, I cannot stop you, Commander, but I think it's a dangerous game you're playing, especially in these times of war. If one of your half-brothers or sisters wins the war, you may rest assured they will never consent to a republic!
The enemy's Devastators will do [1]% less damage.
I'll be the last thing they see!
Combat Progression - Please wait
Boil water with fire and you beget steam. Team up yours truly with Edmund and you beget blood! Ah, the laws of nature! Fascinating stuff.
Now as for the imps, understandably they were a mite upset, going so far as to accuse me of bias, but I easily dismissed their misgivings. There was no evidence against Sapphire-Cave and that's that. I upheld the law and thereby did my sacred duty.
For to give to unfortunates is to become oneself more fortunate': thus it is written and thus shall it be.
Never trust doctors, or patients.
Oron Quillya
A harsh ruling, but a just one, I suppose.
Commander, you know that many of the greatest imp inventors and scientists suffer no end of injuries in the line of duty. New and fickle weapons tend to... well... go boom at inopportune moments. Often we heal their wounds with magic and replace lost limbs with marvels of engineering, but ever so often they are... beyond repair. In that case, we like to end their suffering by means of blackroze extract. In the eyes of the law though, this is murder—so let us scrap that law!
Cliffs of Grom
I'm glad you're being so sensible about this, Commander! One of our doctors had to resort to jailbreak after ministering to a miserable old dwarf almost burnt beyond recognition when he dozed off with a pipe in his mouth. Set his beard aflame in no time, the poor bugger. What could that imp do but slip him Sweet Sister Sleep?
But first, what do you think, Commander; if I pledge enough will I be in the game, or is it all about that young whippersnapper Zandalor? You don't know, do you? But you'll look into it? Very good! Much obliged, Commander! And in the meantime, I'll be sure to contribute!
Hunter on the prowl
Bomber Balloon Mercenaries
Enemy Ironclad upgrade detected
You are currently not listed in the [1] leaderboard.

This is all too abominable! I have an ailing aunt who's turned 368 last month and everything was set for her interment in the Fields of Evergreen. Not only has her plot been turned into a mining site, but now I'll have to tell her she's destined for an imp's oven as well! The shock will kill her!
Let me paraphrase a famed playwright: 'To lose one princess, commander, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose more looks like carelessness.'
Unlock the Scales of Steel dragon skill for one combat round.
Think of the children! Devestator Double Shot now a popular drink amongst the empire's teenagers
Emperor states latest loss was part of the plan. We wonder what plan exactly
Will you abolish state-funded scholarships?
Medium Ground Unit
Construction under way, Commander
Show Base
The population in your empire will increase by [1]%.
Listen here, Commander, for I have a matter of great import that I should like to bring to your attention! In the realm I ruled, that rule was absolute, as was that of my vassals; women all, of course. We concerned ourselves with matters of mastery and the mind; men with all things menial, according to the natural order.
Pencil Pusher Paradise feature: emperor's recent victory written in blood
Breaching Fire
First she wants a referendum, and now she demands elections? What is it with Prospera, Commander? Does she think we have nothing better to do then fill in silly questionnaires? She had her fun, now let's get back to business. We quarrel; you decide! And that's it!
A friendly dragon can create a Pillar Of Flame!
Do you think it'd be all right if I could just fire all those councillors that hover around me like so many bees round a flower? I realise I'm quite the fancy specimen, but oftentimes I wish I could just grow thorns and be rid of their inane chatter.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't listen to that old goat of a Maxos and destroy all this technology! By every god that never was, these trinkets, these gadgets, these machines—they're so much FUN!
Gods have mercy on Ophelia's soul, commander, for I have not! Gone is her skeletal grace, swept aside is the pure beauty of the bone! Even riddled with disease her osseous presence was more inspiring than the meat-made one she now portrays. Accursed be thy coupling!
Kraken Bay
Commander, I do hope you'll not contemplate the madcap designs of General Catherine. Women in the army... Who ever heard of such folly? 'Men lead; men fight! Women follow; food provide!' Every undead knows that rhyme by heart, for such is the will of the Seven!
Ground units cost [1]% less.
Cat And Dog
Henry of the House of Lancefurt. More you needn't know.
In a land ruled by a stingy, worm-like, sad old letch, everybody's a bloody would-be assassin! Oh, its no use talking to you about this: you're a king too and would do the same. I'll just have to sit idly by as people I have known since they were but pups are being cut, cleaved and cooked. There, now I'm peckish.
They can spread all they like, but the day I allow one of their bankers on impish regions is the day I trade my pistols for puppies!
An enemy dragon can unleash Breaching Fire!
Once again, Prospera is in dire breach of the gods' divine order, Commander! The emperor is the Seven's supreme secular representative on this earth. Those you appoint are therefore of their sacred choosing. No other mortal may interfere.
I never told you about my youth, did I? Perhaps because I do not recall it very fondly. I was raised in the strictest of discipline, you see. Indeed, the minor-most infraction was punished severely and judiciously. No small wonder such an upbringing led me to the law: the very measure of right and wrong.
I'll handpick most of the new officers myself, and I can assure you our armies won't know what hit 'em!
I'll set Cuddles free in the city afore I'd allow the butcher to come anywhere near him! If he is to go, he'll take a good many lizards and dwarves with him! May the Seven bless his jaws!
For the Empire!: +[1]
The mongrel has told anyone willing to listen it was I that put you up to it: forced you to meddle in dwarven affairs. Went on and on about how the good relations between you and him were jeopardised by a queen unworthy of her title! Wretched greybeard! How dare he?
Frankly, commander, I find the attitude of elves quite insulting of late. So an all-lizard jury acquitted another lizard of murder. Does that necessarily imply predisposition? Your lady has had to suffer an avalanche of bad press these last few days, but I'm glad to see she remains her stoic self, unmoved by baseless slander.
Mapped skill 1
An enemy dragon can deploy a Ray of Power!
Commander, the war is displacing a great many people, and thus the influx of a great many foreigners into the realm is inevitable. Many of them are driven to crime, by want or ill will. To that effect, I propose that if a foreigner is found guilty of an offence, he or she should be deported immediately! Delinquency is on the rise and we need a few effective deterrents to curb its proliferation.
Say no more! I'll tell them you have a headache and that you send your apologies. They'll take the hint.
When the night is at its darkest, dawn must be near! Your emperorship is the sun, commander! Bless you for dispelling the nightmare that would have been Falstaff's presidency. We have no need of a republic, but a dragon's reign!
For glory and honour! And wealth!
Why the wars drag-on
Shamans can convert enemy units so that they temporarily fight on your side. After [1] seconds, they become enemies once more.
Wonderful! Let's have a good old bonfire and throw all those malicious manuscripts on the pyre to burn like sinners in the hells!
Some spirits just cannot be tamed, Commander. Put Henry in the cage of conduct and discipline, and he'll wither like a lion behind bars. It is in his nature to be so, and one can't change one's nature.
Well-chosen! The Church of the Seven must come to realise it cannot act as if it needn't concern itself with the rules of society, and I do believe they're about to get a rather rough wake-up call.
You have received a dowry of [1] gold.
He's in a class on his own, there's no doubt about it. A brilliant mind, but in my opinion, a flawed one as well. He styles himself as superior to everyone else, and that would be just fine if he weren't a man—or a bigot.
Researching Technology
Their lives ends here!
Army on latest research: "Devestators not moving? What good will that do?"
Online ([1])
Isle of Ghosts
In combat, you should immediately build a Battle Forge so as to create units quickly and send them off to capture Recruitment Citadels!
Warlock Uncloak
You didn't say the magic word, Catherine. I don't respond well to people with no manners.
Commander! What I have to say will hardly come as a surprise to you, but I'll go through the motions nonetheless. Your wife, yet again, has come to an ignominious end, to the great dismay of all aboard the Raven. They remain mystified, whereas you and I know full well what unspeakable agony she is suffering.
Connect to IP address
O it is such a relief to hear you speak those words! I couldn't sleep for hearing the screams of his victims echoing in my mind, knowing full well he'd do the same to me. May the dungeon he'll rot in boast a bored torture master hankering for a spot of practice!
So the dwarves have been at it again, have they, commander? Do you know what the definition of bribery is in their dictionaries? 'Spreading the joy'!
I know the very idea of love is often met with sardonic laughter in royal circles; where it is derided as a pleasantry that peasants may indulge in, but I would not have it so. Let love be your reason too, o dragon, should you contemplate our union—if not, I think I had rather not be chosen.
One, there is nothing to forgive and two, I am calm as a frozen lake, so hold your tongue, councillor!
Transport - Minesweeper Upgrade
I suppose it is! All right, you've convinced me: I'll side with Oberon.
Dragon kills
Troopers in a selected country won't be able to move this round.
The maximum time you may spend on the strategy map
He is beyond redemption. If I'm a tyrant then a tyrant's means I'll employ. Let assassins take care of the bastard once and for all.
You're starting to sound like an elf...
Love does not discriminate, commander. I'm very glad you don't either!
Popularity with the Dwarves has changed by [1]%
A Zeppelin's only defense against aerial units is the 'Fly, My Flaming Pretties!' skill, which unleashes devastating fire bats!
I was counting on you to see reason, Commander—as I always do—but it was all for naught! Inquisitors' dungeons, institutes of torture... These are things of nightmare and you are dragging them into reality. This I just cannot comprehend!
What needs spying?
Mortar Turret completed
If Yorrick upholds he is truly preaching the words of the Seven, then why on earth do we pay these divines heed, commander? Either they are the slave-driving, child-snatching monsters the undead would have us believe they are, and we must deny them worship, or the undead are wrong and we must discard the horror that is their design! The choice, if there is one, is clear.
Air unit discount
Don't disturb us! - Yeah, we're conjuring up some.. err.. tea.
To be proud for oneself and sad for one's people—it is a burdensome blend of emotions!
What a sorry excuse for a general Henry is. Drunk as a dwarf again, going on and on about his lost arm. The more liquor disappears down his throat, the more he can 'still feel it'. Wish he had a phantom tongue instead of a phantom limb. This place would be so much quieter.
Will you decrease the number of civil servants to increase government efficacy?
You could have made a stance on morality, commander! You could have removed Blood 'n' Boobs from the stores and made them sell Botany for Beginners instead. Every teenager in the realm would have thanked you!
Either you knew about the Long Goodbye and acted only after risking a scandal, or you didn't, which would go to show how badly you know your own subjects. As I see it, both possibilities are poignantly deplorable.
Tell me about aida_9_1_2
Imp Fighters not only damage but slow enemies as well. Every successful hit lowers the movement speed of a target for [1] seconds and this effect stacks.
Mountain Dragon
To be immortalised by Della Gekko himself... Such an honour!
They had a little library down in Harrowridge. No more than a smouldering ruin now. I think I'll pay to have it rebuilt. The Lord Edmund Augustus III Library. Yes, that does sound pleasing!
New dragon skills can be unlocked by spending research points. The more countries you occupy, the more research points you receive per turn.
Tell me about war and peace, Maxos. How did we get where we are now?
hold [IE_Dash] to dodge sideways.
War Factory
When your popularity with a faction exceeds 50, support in their countries will rise. This will affect your gold and research income from this country, and the amount of units you can build when in combat.
There we have it. It was all fun and games when a republic was but a theoretical concept, but now that reality comes knocking at the door you pretend to be out of the house! The dragon remains a dictator. I should have known.
Do you want to revert the input bindings to the default setting?
Your Juggernauts' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Maximum Combat Descision Time
Unit Control in Dragon Mode
Light Ground Units, Armours
Commander, even the most peace-loving elf won't deny that in these dark times of war, allowances have to be made which we would otherwise condemn. Conscription, though, goes too far. Let those that wish to fight for our cause do so, but let's not force men away from their families if they feel it is their duty to stand by them.
Falstaff is right! Ever tried to cross a swamp with a cannon-wagon? Took fifty imps to pull Big Bertha out of the mud!
I have been told that, by means of magic or machinery, they may be given refuge in a new dwelling, be it made of meat or metal. The prospect is eminently exciting, for I too might benefit from one such transference and come to inhabit a body void of disease. What do you say, my earth and sky, what do you say? Shall we put these orcish souls to the test?
Blimey, what a tradition we could have installed, Commander! Every time an orc slave dies we could have had a barbeque, but no... They'll just go to waste on the funeral pyre as usual. So sad!
Your Warlocks will do [1]% more damage.
There we bally well have it, don't we, milord? I can't believe it's over, indeed I don't! No more tinkering... no more hammering... no more engineering! What a sad, sad day! Bitter misery!
Medium Aerial Support Unit
To pinpoint the fundamental problem is easy: the army is run by men, for men. Now, one can train a dog to behave, but men—lacking even canine cunning—one cannot. The solution to the problem is therefore equally easy: replace them with women.
It's over, commander! I stood before a tribunal, was described as a maniac, a vandal, an arsonist and even a murderer, but I bore it all with quiet dignity, my jaws clenched tighter than Prospera's arse. They took my land, my titles, what gold I had stored, but I stood in silence, not giving them the satisfaction of showing my rage.
Show unit icons
Hahahaa! He's gone and told the undead to stuff it! Better late than never, I suppose! Now to locate Yorrick's original grave. Bound to be in the neighbourhood of an asylum for the mentally retarded...
Undo Transport embark
The enemy's Imp Fighters will have [1]% less health.
Scarlett sure has changed for the worse! Who will be my drinking buddy now? Edmund? I'd rather stay sober!
Dear me, my feisty fiddlestick, I can see why you wanted to become an emperor. Bloody good, isn't it, to be the lord of the land? Better yet, the lady! They don't expect me to go to war, no! Live a life of leisure, share a bit of the luxury and everyone's as merry as flies on dung!
Problems performing in the bedroom Sire? Let me subsribe you some pills.
Your Armours' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Duty? Hogwash! Loyalty? Bull! High-brow notions coined by high-up hypocrites meant to keep their subjects in their servile place, and I'll have none of it! Yes, it is bitter that it took betrayal to open my ... eye, but that's the way it is! A lone wolf was born that day, and it takes a lone wolf to survive in these times of absolute war.
[1] played card '[2]' on [3]
I must say, commander, that I am very disappointed a time-honoured academic journal has published such wild conjectures about us lizards. Positively everyone is laughing behind our backs! Yorrick's little bid to have us removed from the list of Civilised Races only aggravates matters, though I believe he spoke in jest.
I'll just close my eyes and think of Teneb Tiriel...
So, icy old Edmund is head over heels in love with a saucy bit of elven skirt! Never would I have thought he'd get his little tail stirring over one of her kind!
You know, my sweet, I never thought the day would dawn that I'd dread having to read through a few hundred pages of legal documents. I must be going out of my mind or something, but all I want to do is go outside and... and have a picnic! Listen to me, I'm positively dizzy!
The dogs of war unleashed!
Those beggarly barons are lucky I'm on their side, for I'd normally piss on cowards their like!
Some changes will not take effect until the game is restarted.

Out of my sight with you, barren weed, afore I grind you into the ground!
Go on, girl, don't be shy. Answer the dragon!
A vibrant economy is the veritable heartbeat of a successful empire, Commander! A weak pulse will hinder your conquest, and yours is very weak indeed!
We're saving many people's hides by following Oberon's proposal, commander! Many imps will sing your praises! Believe me, you don't want to hear them do it, but the thought is pleasant enough.
Just give it a rest, commander: you're not my type
It shall be done! Come night, come dawn; comes fealty, comes death!
Have you heard about this ludicrous trial, commander? A dwarf stands accused of murder for abandoning a lizard out at sea. Ridiculous! Aren't those things supposed to be amphibious?
The maximum time you can spend when choosing game type, playing cards and choosing your dragon skill loadout.
It's wondrous, milord! Wondrous! The Raven... she speaks to me in my dreams. She tells me fantastic things, newfangled and new-formed! I can make them all for you if you provide the right resources...
Duty calls for a real hero!
Arranged marriages among the nobility have long been an accepted part of politics. Besides, I remember being told you did the exact same thing with sons when you were queen ...
Heavy Sea Unit
Your call, commander, but don't come crying to me if vigilantes sprout like mushrooms and start dispensing their own unique brand of 'justice'.
Double click on a unit to select all units of the same type that are on screen
Your policies have the following consequences:
Twiddle twaddle! None is as important as the dwarves, my friend! I shall occupy the central position!
Heavy Sea Support Unit
Do you think Catherine... ? I mean she really, really dislikes men! Maybe... Nah...never mind.
Such a sight, those lizard vineyards! The rolling hills, the winding rivers. If ever we have time for a honeymoon, let's go to Bhargandy!
When I said earlier I was of the opinion a criminal like Narkhesem deserved a much harsher punishment than he got, I didn't quite mean we should simply chop off his head, Commander. Still, I'm not about to shed a tear for the swine, and I am so very glad for Scarlett. She must feel validated, accepted—finally.
I think you're making a mistake, Commander, but so be it. A generation will march to war. How many will return, I wonder.
This unit is on the border of the map and wrapping is enabled. Move the army to the other side of the map by dragging the pawn to the opposite edge and placing it there.
Commander, our scientist have returned from the Fields of Evergreen where they dug in search of what they thought was a metallic element of unsurpassed combustibility. As it turns out, when they reached the deepest and oldest elven catacombs, the object we imps so desire is no metal at all, but the ashes of elves. Centuries ago they burned their dead instead of burying them, and as it turns out elven ash equals gunpowder squared by a million! The implications are clear: when an elf dies, give the remains to us and we can continue our research. Yours shall be the Mother of all Bombs!
New airship to be piloted by scrawny mages. Not exactly known for their physical prowess, arduous flight training reported to be "somewhat homicidal but utterly hilarious"
Dodged a bullet there, Commander! Union folk are like annoying brats, you know; never content with what they have and when you give 'em a good slap, ten of their number come running howling like banshees!
Yes, Commander, Harrowrige is a lizards colony now! A result almost as elegant as the nudes of Della Gekko, greatest of all artists, and a lizard, of course.
The promise alone is almost as good as the reality! Soon, we shall see whether I will be the only one to recognise flesh's worth outweighs that of gold, or if others will come to appreciate that even an attempt at human beauty shall outshine this gilded glimmer.
But Sigurd's realm of peace was shattered
Your recruits are defecting: you lost [1] recruits. Capture and/or build more Recruitment Citadels than the enemy!
Of course you can! Give those dwarven recipes a chance, why don't you. You might like them and besides, I don't want to anger them.
I'd say all is lost, but Maxos insists you are to be the one, the 'hero' who will take back the land we've lost. Excuse me if I laugh in derision.
A staunch defender of the 'Green Mother', Oberon defends nature where he can, so serving elven interests. Elves try to keep a balance in a ruptured world, not wanting dwarves to destroy it with mines and factories or undead to make it all too rigid with dogmatic beliefs. [1][2][3]
Commander, we all know that if an employer wants to fire an employee, he or she is given three weeks' notice. That is only reasonable. But Trinculo tells me the imps want to change this to three minutes' notice! Please tell him such an unfair change of procedure will not be tolerated!
This moment has been so long in the making, commander, that now the hour strikes it seems almost unreal, and yet here we are: the war is over. We have won against unthinkable odds!
Enemy troops commandeer our commorancy
... Verifying lobby ...
To give an attack order, press [IE_AttackCommand] while controlling your units to perform an 'Attack Move' in the desired direction!
[1] has just conquered your capital!

You will receive an additional [1] gold per turn.
Tell me about catherine_1
Better late than never: Shamans now get shield, imp says
About time! Emperor announces magical spell that will aid his forces in battle
One has but to look at our gold reserves, commander, to see they are dwindling fast. I therefore propose we cease to aid developing countries financially. Them greedy buggers can take care of themselves for a change.
A medium class aerial unit that greatly increases the firing range of units nearby.
Devastators Unleashed
Poor lady Lohannah left this ship in tears when she heard you wouldn't marry her, commander, and 'tis well that she cries!
... Can't join lobby : not enough free slots ...
A dear old lady, our Prospera, but it saddens me to see senility is taking hold. She actually wants me to work together with that barrel of gin they call a general. 'Twould be almost comical... if 't weren't so galling.
An enemy dragon can make its allies advance acroos the battlefield more quickly!
Even if a man, I know you will make for a great emperor and it shall be my honour to fight by your side until the day comes victory shall finally be ours!
Then again, the Raven stopped singing to me long ago, and the things she taught me were more precious than anything that rigid old sorcerer could come up with!
My many pumping hearts rejoice at your return, dragon! I ache! I hunger! I lust!
A friendly dragon can cast Blood Leech!
Watch your footing, commander! Enemy Armours can deploy mines now!
The tragic part is that they needn't have been your enemies at all had none of this damnable Aurora and Architect business ever happened! But it did of course, and your brothers and sisters are your enemies quite simply because they have been utterly corrupted by Corvus.
All oiled up and ready to go!
Commander, I must protest! If what Trinculo describes in those shockingly callous terms of his is true, the experimenting that is going on on behalf of lady Ophelia is unacceptable!
Commander, under your rule workers are finally treated with respect: there are unions, there has been an increase in wages, but at the end of the day they still labour like slaves from dawn till dusk. This must be remedied! I therefore propose we institute the eight-hour day, which includes a proper break for lunch! I trust I needn't repeat what wonders this will work regarding your populace's happiness and enjoyment of life! Think how hard they'll fight on your behalf to defend their liberties!
I need my generals to be able to work together in a civilised manner! This'll be a good opportunity for practice.
Well, they got the better of us today! Of course, you have but to snap your fingers to find a princess willing to comfort you. Me, I'll have to try a little harder.
Chivalry be damned! No more than a set of rules to keep your rivals under your thumb! It may not be chivalrous to be malicious once in a while, but at least it gets you results!
Enhanced Engines: +[1]
Button Y
Ouch! Aah! - Noo! Ooh!
A few, but I outmanoeuvred their clumsy attempts at hindering me. The dwarf hasn't been born yet that can manipulate the law to my detriment.
See you on the far side!
Will you step down as emperor in favour of a president chosen by the people?
Yes, prohibit Della Gekko's profanities, commander! Better yet, have them pulverised!
Commander! May I just say that I greatly admire Lady Lohannah's courage under such mystifying circumstances! There she is being fêted by the whole nation, and yet her own kin does not partake in the festivities! I had no idea they harboured such silly notions!
I don't think you should, no. Those children know you to be an inspiration—as do I. A statue is the least you deserve.
You are treating us very unfairly, Commander! Whatever possesses you? We seek but to expose the dwarves' fraudulent practices for what they are, and we are the ones to suffer? Just like Falstaff, your great hankering for gold is giving you brain fever!
Ophelia has become one of your species, Commander—bar the dragon part, of course—and already she repents, like I knew she would. A wise creature is ready to come to her aid though, and to her aid he should come!
I suggest you leave, commander, unless you want my breakfast all over your boots!
My lord and love, I do!
Academies generate unit acquisition, advantage and subversion cards every [1] turns, as well as 1 research point per turn.
Blessed be the Seven, for they have blessed me more than I deserve; blessed be my great love, for you have done the same.
Need more recruits
Grumio's Quarry
Did you notice the undo button in the right upper corner? You can use it if you're not satisfied with a move.
Sox—politely, but firmly—I declined his request and told him the day I risk my own hide for the sake of some friggin' forest-fairies is the day I propose to an ogre. That seemed to settle it.
Why would you dismiss this proposal, Commander? Because the elves protest? What good is a forest, anyway, if you can't pass through it? Timber has no soul and may be chopped without offending the Seven.
It's going to take some getting used to, you know, to call you Commander. Verily, I was rather opposed to the notion, but Maxos in his infinite wisdom insisted we up the level of common courtesy toward you. 'Commoner' would have done... 'Commander', though, it shall be.
Shaman - Immunity
Skip Replay
Be sure to check your Support limit, as it indicates the maximum size your army can have in any given battle!
Commander, we have untangled the complex puzzle that was your father's set of taxation laws, and this has done wonders to unburden our law books of countless abstruse chapters. So wondrous was the result, in fact, that we may now unburden ourselves of many a functionary whose tasks have become obsolete. Not only will this make the civil service slimmer and more streamlined, it will entail a large cut in wage and salary charges as well. Good news all around, I say!
Are they? You truly think so? Well, if it's unborn children I'm protecting, I'm bound to be on the just side of the conflict, am I not? In the meantime, may the spirits of the earth and forest feed those lost for food.
You heal yourself for a total of [1]% of your complete life force.
Tell me about scarlett_1_1
Popularity Increase
Imp Favour
You cannot change difficulty during a multiplayer game.
As usual, the elves have it all wrong! We don't need less weapons, we need MORE weapons! If all those dead students had been carrying their own thunder-clubs, lightning-swords or blood-rifles, that madman would have been a smouldering heap of fleshy shreds the moment he attacked another!
Imps do tend to overdo protocol, so I'll tell you what: I'll lend you my signet ring. When the ceremony starts, hold up your hand and say that to waste your time is to waste the dragon's time. They'll know enough.
More haste, less speed: enemy invention propels troopers forward
Indeed I do, for all I desire is WAR! I pick no sides, I spare no creature. War, blood, dark days of death innumerable; that is what I crave. Maxos I give nothing freely—that accursed wizard I make work for his revelations, but that fatuous imp, him I give my knowledge for free so that he may pass it on to you: the one who will burn and battle the better for it.
I'm a general in your army, so I'd be amiss to say no, wouldn't I? Remain vigilant though, for the instant you overplay your hand, the empire may be lost.
We sail the seas of destruction!
Have a little faith! I told you I'd be diplomatic!
Enemy forces flying high again: supportive airships improves army overall. Emperor losing arms race
This is the story of Maxos and the Dragon.
Tell me about aida_5_2
Imperial spokesman reportedly unaware of any recent loss. "We have everything under control"
As a matter of principle I may not quite agree with the idea of quotas, commander, but I'm impressed by the reforms Catherine has instituted under your guidance. Already the ill reputation of our soldiers is dwindling, which may well favour us domestically as well as in lands that have yet to be annexed by the dragon.
My night and day, praise be unto the Seven, for we have booked a great and perfect success! The ill-omened orcs that were so brutally stripped from their all-too-fragile husks no longer mourn the flesh that was snatched away from them, but celebrate a new life instead, cloaked in warm-blooded rapture.
The Rivellon Times
Awake at last
Tactical Genius decreases the importance of the destructive power of enemy units.
If you don't adopt our methods, that's just bad news for the others, but it's a bit insulting you disapprove of our whipping ways! No pain, no gain, Commander, and you've gained so much from us imps!
My love, I am so very glad to see you, for more than ever am I in need of your council! Despite my own reservations, I joined the elf protests against the impish technoveg, and as a result dozens of refugees died an ignominious death for want of nourishment. It is a tragedy... It is a crime...
Hahahaa! The way is clear for the law to catch up with the filth that sought to escape it! The jails will be filled with clergy! Let them see how they actually like the bread and water they always say they eat!
It doesn't do to give the enemy reason both to despair and to hope, commander! Pray try a little harder.
If anyone, it is we of the superior sex who should sooner receive more silver and gold than those of the savage variety. You'll set right this iniquity, commander, and you'll do it now!
Jolly well done! If there are some who should stand above the law, it is our scientists and their freedom to create, not the undead and their freedom to... violate.
In dreams I walked, in dreams I fed. O so succulent is the sanguine savour of souls!
I'll see you later', I said, commander. You do understand the phrase, don't you?
I had a good time though; the food was excellent.
Troopers awaiting your decision, sire!
I really hope the barracks are stocked with ale, if I ever return from this blasted aquatic journey.
The half-dragon prince.
So another sick and senseless impish scheme has been tossed into the trashcan. Just a matter of time, though, before they come up with another.
Commander, I'd like to address once more the business we do with warlords of a less-than-conscientious nature. We are aware many of them treat their workfolk rather shabbily, but such are the bargains we make, we gladly look the other way. Oberon however, demands that we should stop all dealings with them unless they meet certain standards. 'Fair trade' he calls it. Hogwash more like! Tell me you agree with me, Commander! After the smoke-stick and sugar water fiascoes, it's the least you can do!
It seems illogical to me to test this medicine on another species. Why not test it on a few other undead who are suffering from the same disease you are?
You did your duty, what more is there to say?
Those laws are nothing but insidious ways of cheating the populace, Commander! We ask them for taxes so we can run an empire, but they get no honesty—no, exploitation!—in return? I had thought Falstaff capable of such things, but not you!
The lure of gold can make one blind to all else, commander. Thank you for not succumbing to its sun-like radiance.
which will make you speed across the terrain.
On Construction Sites you can create new buildings.
The emperor is leading a double life
You hold the gods in high regard, it seems.
To be honest, I shudder at the thought of a room full of 'serene' councillors. How about you bake them a cake instead?
The dragon can only be summoned near friendly or allied units!
Behold how powerful the dragon had become!
We're Nitro - And Glicerine!
When will that filthy dwarf finally pass a single day without resorting to sacrilege base and vile? The Church of the Seven is holy—above such secular concerns as taxes! If you want yet more gold for the royal coffers, you had better look elsewhere, Commander!
Lady Catherine.
Ah, esteemed Commander! You know, all this is an awful bore, but it would seem some unsavoury untruths are being spread about a fine elven youth called Narkhesem. There's nothing to them of course, but we'd like to avoid all scandal even if in the end said scandal would be no more than a slanderous lie.
Congratulations, commander! Ophelia is such a subservient girl, typically undead, but I'm certain she'll bloom aboard the Raven. Dragons are free spirits, which is bound to rub off on her!
Not enough recruits
You'll allow these priests to escape justice? And for what? The benediction of the undead? Such a thing is a curse, not a blessing!
Nevermore will I drink dwarven liquor or wear dwarven jewellery. As far as I'm concerned, my dealings with them are done unless it is their women that did the brewing or crafting.
They're ... They're shooting back at us!
Will you allow a wage increase for all of the empire's workers?
You remain true to your legacy, my friend: afore the dragon unfurls only victory!
Very well, commander! And while you fantasise about pretty princesses, I'll continue my studies. Grumio may find his inspiration in dreams, but I'll stick to books, thank you very much. A wizard likes his nose between the pages rather than his head in the clouds!
Never would I have expected the likes of Henry to wag such a silver tongue. There must be some brain cells left 'neath that simian cranium of his after all—holding on for dear life, I expect.
It shocks me a free-spirited elf could advocate state control over the number of children one is or is not allowed to have. Lizards too hatch many eggs in one sitting—so to speak. Are we Oberon's next target, perhaps?
The gods themselves have bestowed unto you the greatest honour in life: to rule over all men and all beasts as you see fit. To throw this gift back in their hallowed faces is a most heinous ingratitude, commander! A sin beyond compare!
Un-imp-like research worries empire: invention allows Warlocks to cast Meteor Shower spell without risk of own life
Move units by dragging them from country to country.
Grenadiers are highly effective against armoured and aerial units!
Falstaff would sell poisonous frogs to children if there were money in it, commander, so I'm glad you sided with our researchers and their findings. These smoke-sticks are a menace and people should be aware of the risks.
Huzaah! Fire all cannons! Desmond the Disgusting has defiled his last dame and unless he carves a suitable substitute out of the rocks, his rocks will go a-wanting for a decade! Serves the blighter right!
But... that was different! They were boys; they couldn't wait to get their hands on their bride! Surely... Oh fine, I admit it, I did the same, but can I not repent? Must that innocent imp maiden suffer because you, I and every bloody nobleman out there seeks power and wealth?
Enhanced Engines
Meditation gave me clairvoyance in battle, commander! Engage the enemy with a pure mind and the battle is already half won.
Ladder games don't support AI players
From the bottom of my heart I thank you, commander! We elves are a people of peace and the prospect of being turned into no more than ammunition upon death would have been so horrible to us, we would have tried to break the Green Mother's great cycle and go off in search of eternal life!
You have selected a Construction Site.
Really, commander, let's actually go to war before we sit back and mull it over, shall we?
Tell me about aida_9_1
Your Devastators will fire [1]% faster.
We won a victory for the ages, commander! Even your human generals showed a remarkable aptitude for ingenuity!
The way cards are selected
Will you allow free elections to choose a head of state?
An enemy dragon is surrounded by an Aura of Restoration!
Research Points
Imp pilot finds latest invention "not really useful, but we've had a couple of good laughs though"
Will you give up the right to hand-pick top government officials?
Maxos' Tome of Wonders
What will the imps bring to the table?
CONTROL + [IE_Chat] to chat with your team
Got to load the cannons afore you fire them, commander, just like we've some conquering to do before we can assess the situation. So hey, don't let me stop you!
Unlock the Mass Restoration dragon skill for one combat round.
Good call! Gods grant me patience, for I came this close to smothering Trinculo with his own hat!
Your Ironclads will have the Sea Mine-Maids ability for one combat round.
This is the most fun I've had with my cloak on!
No friends are currently listed in the [1] leaderboard. Play a multiplayer [2] ladder game with them to show up in the leaderboards!
Hunters magically teleport around the battlefield. Side-effects on soldiers inside still unclear.
Only that it was bound to happen, for when an emperor weakens, his empire weakens with him. Now a litter of dogs is fighting for the throne, so maybe their dragon half-brother can walk away with it.
Uncloak an enemy dragon.
Good! I'm still not happy about this devilish drink, but the dwarves would have turned it into a giant enterprise, and that plan, at least, has been foiled!
It's a thankless thing I do, but I must remind myself the fun lies in creation, not completion. Can't be helped, milord!
Transport mercenaries
Ha! Lovely! It might be a bit awkward when elves and imps mingle, though. The height difference puts things in a rather weird perspective.
Tell me about edmund_2_0
So another crippled labourer must perish in the gutter to save the royal treasury a few guineas! There is blood on your gold, commander, that cannot be washed away!
With the back of the hand emblazoned by your signet I struck him firmly across the jaw exclaiming: 'Feel the sting of the dragon! Crawl back from whence you came so that I may do my duties!' Needless to say he scuttled off like a dog kicked in the nose and my business there was concluded before the setting of the sun.
Will you allow people to be judged and sentenced by foreign nations?
The Endless Grey
Commander! There's something very important I'd like to talk to you about. I know I have been evasive about the demon, the creature I called the heart of the ship, but I think the time has come to tell you more. You, after all, are the dragon. Yours should be the prerogative of knowing more than anyone else aboard this vessel—or indeed, the realm.
Trooper - Spoils of War
Nevertheless, in the end fermented grapes never wet my lips, only water and lemonade. O, you should have seen all those society ladies at the annual ambassador's reception.
As am I. One shouldn't simply dismiss the traditions of one's elders, don't you agree? Not the ones that make sense anyway. I'm still having mutton for dinner tonight.
Enemy devastators are able to besiege us!
Maxos seems to think so, and he's a wizard! They have uncanny senses, you know.
Bomber Balloons in a selected area won't be able to move this round.
This decision, commander, will rob us all of future genius simply because its bearers remained stuck in a shed instead of being saved by schooling. Deplorable indeed!
You'd have to dig down deeper than the best dwarven miner ever has, but I suppose you have a point. The trumpets will sound, the rites will be read and on that day he will be publically remembered as a great ruler. Ha! Should pretense turn out to be lethal that funeral will spell us a massacre!
Emperor on a winning streak, yet loses keys to Raven
Imp Favour
Tell me about edmund_1_2
Your rule is draconic in more way than one, Commander. Needless to say, I sharply disapprove.
It would seem wealth excuses the existence of smoke-sticks after all. A tragedy, as far as I am concerned.
If he can't win, he changes the rules: emperor finds way to see through enemy camouflage
New tutorial available: Dragon Unit Commands
Our Man Aboard The Raven - Many wonder if emperor can keep it up
Why don't you have a chat with General Catherine first?
Is there no one that slut of a Scarlett won't hump once she's had a drink or two? Even I have had to escape from her advances. Well, advances... if that's what you'd call a hot breath of alcohol on your face and a hand down your breeches, that is.
Let's just say I've already been browsing for the most luxurious spots to retire to. And if the need for warfare takes me, I'll buy some imps and have them re-enact some of our most bloody-fought battles!
Professional heresy-hunters? Specialist sin-stalkers? Sounds like something a writer of fantastical tales would come up with! Please, let us leave at that: pure and utter fiction!
Mapped skill 7
Bloody cold-bloods... 'Handle the situation with care.' 'Our very brothers and sisters belong to that wayward band.' Well, my very sword solved the ruddy problem, didn't it? Hard to pray to one god or seven without a head on your shoulders!
Research a master unit.
Commander, please do not be afraid to admit defeat and beg for my help! Swallow your pride and these sorts of debacles will be avoided!
His presence is more unendurable than ever, ever since he 'became a changed man'. Catherine and Scarlett may be pleased he's finally joined the team, so to speak, but I tire already of trying to ignore the oaf in the room.
Aye, and you have titles as well, but none of them 'King', as yet. I'll address you with right regard the day you prove worthy of it.
We have but begun, commander, but looking back, beginnings are always the most exciting.
I've always thought that a dwarf, being smaller than a lizard, therefore had a smaller heart—even metaphorically. I have been proven wrong: you are a great dragon, yet your heart is small… small and wicked.
If there was ever a time to rise to the occasion, Aida, this is it. Heal your father; show him that even after his horrible treatment of you, you are still a kind and loving daughter: a better person than he is or could ever be.
A Bird In The Hand
Unlock the Chameleon Hide dragon skill for one combat round.
Icaros has left for his far-off home, laden with the gold of generations. Yet despite the rapture that riches should bring, tears stained his eyes as he looked upon his creation and realised he'd spend it all and more if 'twould have bought him a single kiss. No, I whispered, I belong to the dragon only.
Our units are taking heavy fire!
Looks promising, and great fun to boot!
Have you gone stark raving mad, commander? You have, haven't you? Or are you just trying to repress something that happened in your youth involving a member of the Seven's Church perhaps?
Remember, commander: dragon and demon may make for a dangerous duo indeed!
Indeed I shall! The man has openly gone against me, and I can't let that slide. It is said he keeps a ledger: a little black book that holds details of all his operations. Perhaps my spies can 'borrow' it.
Will you allow trade with unscrupulous nations?
Your Zeppelins will move [1]% faster.
Just as people must offer prayer and donations to the gods, so must they pay their respects to the government by means of taxes, commander. Prospera's proposal is therefore both uncivil and sacrilegious!
Commander! We all rejoice at your safe return! I am here with your princess, your wife to be, and shall now proceed with the wedding ceremony!
Show Friends
Bull's balls, we've triumphed, commander! After long last we can say 'Game over, lads, the war is won'! No cry rings quite so cheerily and chillingly in the ears of an old warhorse like me. Aye, for I may be a well-seasoned stallion, but I'll be damned if I'm ready to be put out to pasture!
From now on, these councillors will bring before you various political problems. If you do not make a decision, the majority vote will always carry the motion.
Tell me about edmund_4_2
That's it! Now I'm depressed! There's just nothing we imps can do to impress the dragon, even though it took one of us to fashion him a bally jetpack. How can you be so ungrateful?
Tell me about edmund_2_2
Cheers, commander! You wanna know a little secret? You know how we make our cheeses so cheaply? Well, we use rats' milk instead of rabbits'! Ain't that clever? I'll have a great big wedge brought in just for you! You won't even taste the difference!
We'll crush them, one leg at a time.
Grenadiers are filled up with ale.
Your constant call for attention truly befuddles me. Perhaps we should get you a pet so I can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.
So you'll want to turn into one
Glory be! To chastise is to cherish, let that be our teachers' motto! Every child in the realm will either study or feel the sting of the cane!
The emperor shows us the way.
We're pretty much wrapping things up, aren't we? Not much fight left in our opponents. They know they're done for and they know we know it, too.
Once more, the undead are in an uproar over nothing, Commander! Now they are systematically tearing down the statues of their own foremost artist because she made the posthumous confession of being gay. What on earth moved her to do so we'll never know, but the results are tragic.
It'll rain friggin' fire - and bloody brimstone
Winning the battle is one thing. What our emperor could learn from retired veterans
An enemy dragon can unmask our cloaked troops!
The Waste Lands
Grenadier fresh from the barracks!
Tell me about henry_2_2_0
Size matters: enemy researchers build impenetrable floating fortress. Imperial scientists stupefied
Tell me about camilla_1_0_0
Prepare for war. He was free; loose in a new universe. Rivellon is but a playground to him, one that he will try to utterly annihilate until it resembles the hellish void he crept forth from and move on.
Sir Falstaff's election is the immediate illustration the Republic of Rivellon will not always be perfect, but in a few years time, when his term of office draws to a close, why don't you make a bid for the presidency, commander? I have the distinct feeling you'll win with flying colours. You, more than anyone else deserves his spell on the throne!
Failed to connect to the NAT punch server.

If later they write your story, commander, they'll say you came from humble beginnings. That means you had shit-all going for you but managed to win all the same. So let's hope that'll be the story.
The starting support
Our base is under attack, commander!
You know as well as I do the end is in sight! Just a few more victories and we're there! Just don't dilly-dally, all right?
Oh I know where they'll fall all right. They'll come a-plummeting from the sky like little meteors of sweet revenge aimed straight for his head. With a bit of luck they'll crack his skull like I crack nuts in my hands!
When your popularity with a faction falls below 50, support in their countries will dwindle.This will affect your gold and research income from this country, and the amount of units you can build when in combat.
I must protest, commander! Your queen refused the utmost honour of being eternalised by the great Della Gekko. This is madness! And what's more, it's a grave insult to each and every lizard in the realm!
Oh, humbug! You're missing out on a shell a shilling, commander! What a waste!
I realise, Commander, that it is technically impossible to speak of cannibalism when one consumes another species, but to fry and devour the meat of any creature you can sit down and have a conversation with just strikes me as... as absolutely abhorrent and debauched!
So you'll keep spending cash on a bunch of students who'll drink the night away and waste the tax payer's contributions? You might as well sponsor dwarven carnivals and flatly admit you don't know what to do with your riches!
There we have it, commander! Rogue imps have stolen some of our research!
And then there was Faran the Fleshless,
You're wise not to blindly trust this shaman. Besides, no one will miss an orc if this drug proves to be deficient. Go ahead and arrange it.
Imp fighters in a selected area won't be able to move this round.
Increase the gold revenue of this country by [1]% for [2] turn(s).
Cleansing Charge
Fair enough. I'll have a word with the hangman and set a date.
The man was a bastard who treated his only daughter like dirt. Afterlife in a swine's stomach is more than he deserves.
Now then, my friend, as a matter of course, the loss of Lady Aida has greatly upset us all, but if I may be cruelly negligent of your grief for a moment, I must inform you right off the bat it would be prudent of you to consider marriage anew at the earliest juncture.
Rivellon shocked! Princess disappears without a trace.
The imps have fashioned you Super Soldiers!
There you are, honey! O you're so beautiful—all those colours in your eyes!
Imps lack inspiration: imps copy enemy armour design to the letter
I'd like you to teach me the ways of the dragon.
You say you are my ally, but you aid the ones I fight—my very siblings.
Scales of Steel
And so it was that after long last Sigurd's son,
Once again, the imps' ideas were so radically absurd I had to deny my own instincts. Yes, I'd love to see production increased to unseen heights, but not at this price.
But for your blessed realm to remain standing so long, we must destroy every last bit of demon technology, including this majestical Raven. It is a sad thing indeed when such wonders need to be undone, but we cannot trust the nature of man, or any of the others.
A bastard no longer, am I?
Imp Fighter
Before he was famous: we have the emperor's childhood pictures
Mountain Dragons lead cutthroat lives among the frozen peaks of the north. It is raw power above all that they depend on in combat.
So I shall, my love! Imagine: soon I may be a creature of eternity, unburdened by the shackles of sickness and atrophy, yours long as the dragon lives!
Tell me about aida_9_2
For standing by me I thank you, dragon. Truly you have earned my respect. My love though, I cannot say, for how can one give what one doesn't possess? We make for great companions, you and I: a strong king and a strong queen. Let that be enough. And if ever necessity calls for heirs, I'll just close my eyes and think of Justice, but for now, you may leave me be.
Served with souls, their apparatus have become sentient and, once science permits, shall stride, function and speak with a subtle grace quite equal to that of the living. Trinculo assures me a skeleton of precious metals can be constructed wherein my soul may be housed.
Aura of Frailty
Hunters, Heavy Units
Swarms of fire-spouting locusts wouldn't do as much damage as the average cohort! They pillage left and right, and what is worse, rape every woman and girl they can get their ruttish claws on! Most officers turn a blind eye, and those that don't get transferred behind the lines. This is nothing short of organised assault!
All friendly units in a [1] meter radius go berserk for [4] seconds. They receive a [2]% increase to their fire rate but take [3]% damage when hit .
And admit malpractice; admit defeat? Never!
Will you ban academic research that negatively influences your economy?
Destroy an enemy Imp Bunker Buster while it is still travelling to its target.
Rock'et and roll baby!
Another day, another mind breaker! Praise yourself lucky, my draconic husband, that you have but a war to wage and a realm to rule! Here I am contemplating the fate of a fellow lizard, though I shudder to count this repulsive reptile as one of my own refined race.
Your Shamans will have the Cripple ability for one combat round.
The term is pretty much self descriptive, actually. You've talked to Grumio, haven't you? Well there you go! The Raven sings to him, he says; shows him pretty miracles. That's just Corvus toying with him, just like he toys with your brothers and sisters. The demon can't help itself. He invades people's minds and plays havoc with them.
READY ([1])
Our glory foretold...
Good. It'll be a lot easier to breed boars than shoot them in the undergrowth. I just want to sink my teeth in the buggers, not risk a tango with their tusks!
Hmmm, quite. Same goes for any relationship: one wears the pants the other the jetpack...
Or perhaps you desire the affection of those whose benefit you need! If it is dwarven favour you are after, I can attune their allegiance in the night—if I'm allowed to feast on the plump bloody souls of others, that is.
Orcs Are People Too
Goody goody! We'll empty the dungeons of the most depraved minds we can find and study them day and night. Soon your Super Soldiers will be killing after hours as well! They'll like nothing better! Thanks for sticking with us, Commander! The imps have realised great advances in science, thanks to you!
Troubles, troubles, troubles! Will I never have a moment's peace? First Lohannah betrays her own kind, and now the dwarves are causing a draught that will wipe the famed but elusive Speckled Jackal from the face of the earth! If you could ease my mind somehow, I'd be eternally grateful Commander!
The dragon's Dread Roar skill will paralyze units and stop them from taking any action for a limited time!
There's no I in team, there is a me in there somewhere tho.
Those fools are trying to sink us!
Suffragette City
Is the law not supposed to stand above the real world?
The enemy's Juggernauts' attack range will decrease with [1]%.
Double click the icon of a control group to zoom in on it
Do as you must, commander, but the undead will never support your allowing the imps to mess up that which the gods have given! We must be content to be as we are born or reborn, no more!
Empire Overview
That's not what really happened!
Elves would say it is the war machines we are constructing that are the true devil's tools, commander, but they are heathen pacifists! War is a noble cause when you fight it for the Seven, for in its fires, souls are cleansed and sinners extinguished!
He recognised the depth of my hatred for him, despite of which I came to his rescue. Now he has begged for my forgiveness so that we may mend the rifts and make up for lost times. Bloody hell ... now I'm starting to sound like an elf's ballad!
Emperor unsure whether dragon form is male or female
And so it came to pass that the dragon prince was initiated in the ways of war,
She is on a path to self destruction, that girl! She screws like a strumpet and drinks like a dwarf! Such behaviour never ends well.
Your Devastators' range will increase with [1]%.
We're sinking! Save the ale!
The final battle between dragon and demon had begun...
Destroy an enemy building on the strategy map.
I dare you to look that disabled miner in the eye and tell him you haven't the money to spare that would make his life bearable again; tell him that, while above him the Raven hovers and countless constructs of war trod by, all worth more than entire kingdoms. I dare you, commander.
What goes up, must come down - An editorial on how enemy air mines will affect our civilian lives
It's always infuriating to lose, Commander, but praise be we all stood side by side, or the outcome might have been worse!
Truth be told though, we've never quite given up our love for all things combustible! Rather on the contrary... Not that you mind, do you, milord?
Emperor's flurry of victories: fact or fiction?
Main Menu
Ooh, that's gotta hurt!
Hoity-toity, high and mighty elves! Who do they think they are? As if they're the only ones allowed to make rabbit cheeses—and rubbish ones at that! Give it a couple of years and Gorgombert will be called an imp product, for what we make, we make better than everybody else!
Aye, I'll drink to that! All for one and each man for his bloody self!
All right, all right, Falstaff, put a sock in it! I'd rather see you drink than drivel—so unbecoming of a dwarf!
Ah, to be in the thick of battle! With you calling the shots, it's a joyride rather than a jeopardy!
Public Transportation
Going right away - your other right, dear!
Surprised and moved, I found myself promising that I would let my heart speak from now on, that I would judge fairly even if the law does not strictly allow for such actions. Cheers erupted; they forgave me. No resignation was needed. I remain the same judge, though a different woman.
How YOU can survive the war
When this is checked, recruits can defect to another player when the population has reached 0
The enemy can carry troops right across the seas with their transports, commander!
Imp technology or witchcraft? How Shamans bewitch the enemy
Imp Grease Monkeys
You must be near friendly units to deploy your dragon.
Sabre Dragon
What is all this elven claptrap? How dare he utter such rot? An impish family isn't complete until nipper number twenty-two comes along!
The least one can do for them! Better late than never, wouldn't you say, commander?
Well, my dear husband, here's an interesting turn of events! Remember Desmond Sapphire-Cave, the dwarven diplomat and chronic maid molester? After I acquitted him, he sued that poor imp girl for slander and won.
Tell me about scarlett_3
Bees die after they have stung: enemy using suicide troopers
Ground Forces on Sale
Win A Two On Two RTS Battle In Multiplayer.
I do love it when you're all pragmatism! Poor Yorrick; he'll lose his very skull in down payment one day.
All naval units can be produced at a [1]% discount.
Let's see... foetal experimentation... Er, no thank you, Commander!
Excellent decision! The imps explain many things through science, that is true, but what about magic? I doubt even Maxos would deny its super-earthly nature, and it's important our children understand this.
Wyrm's Waves
I've seen the effect of this sugar water, commander! Children go all hyper; they play and jump about, almost like imps no less. Most improper! They should be silent and subdued so as to show their constant reverence for the Seven. No, I say to sugar water! And never mind its colour!
Enemy devastators can fire double rounds now!
Why are we at war? "The empire is a drudenae induced illusion," admits apothecary
Desynchronization Detected!
So the Raven, the ship, sings to you?
What troubles me is how the depths of dislike for all that walks and talks but is not lizard, has clouded my greatest pride; the intellect that elevates me above most of the living. The experience is... humbling, but of a passing nature, I conjecture... Won't it be? Commander?
the wizard Maxos sought the help of the one child that never betrayed his father:
Undo construction
Mighty accommodating of you, Commander! After all, a government without tax revenues is like a gunship without ammo—bloody useless!
Yet it was not I who erred, but rather a single elf; a representative of a zealot undercurrent still strong among many of my kind.
Bit of a bizarre one actually, but rather clear-cut. The gist of it is that a ship sank and initially there were only two survivors. A dwarf and a lizard clung to some flotsam, but it too started to sink, so the dwarf kicked away his miserable companion who quickly drowned.
They affronted the gods by revelling in their newfound figure, denying the body that was given to them, denying the Perpetuity of the Bone. Now they have paid the price for their mockery. May the Seven forgive their sacrilege.
[1] manufactured [2] in [3]
You what? How on earth does a 'diplomatic incident' compare to the wholesale annihilation of a monumental artist's work? For crying out loud, you must be off your bloody rocker!
Your Zeppelins will have the Mustard Gas ability for one combat round.
Approach! Yes, approach, O dragon! My blood rouses when you near!
Researched Technology
Dragons in the sky with diamonds... O so pretty!
Dead set to it!
Feels good to be spontaneous once in a while, doesn't it?
Corvus has rewarded you!
So you got hitched, did you, Commander? Hear-hear! Aida, boy, there's a princess well equipped in all the right places! Filthy rich and robust, with the emphasis on bust; the perfect combination!
Oh, damn that boorish dwarf! What are his accusations but worthless words on a hypocritical wind, his rage but a two-faced tantrum? I sentenced that raping bastard and I was right to do so!
Commander, I protest in the strongest of terms! You know the Inquisition will find innocents guilty, for in the eyes of the undead, even a baby is a sinner for no other reason than being born! You will have your workers, yes: droves of them. Picked all but at random by maniacal zealots! Shadows to feed the dragon's war machine!
This is preposterous! How can you allow for such a thing, commander? It's beyond horrid! But I shall ensure every imp is warned of these undead creeps! Everyone will expect the Inquisition!
Please, I cannot spare the time. I have sentences to pass and punishments to organise!
Bless you, commander! Tampering with deceased forebears is never a good idea! The blades of ghosts cut deep and such wounds never heal!
and victory seemed inevitable.
Tell me about edmund_5_2
And yet, apprehension doth beset me; caution stays my hand. Should I not witness first the broth's effects on one of a more robust and steady disposition? An orc, say, a creature—so I am told—that could bed the Black Death itself and greet the morn unscathed.
We're out of recruits, commander!
A king's position was threatened, so it's only normal that afterwards heads will roll. Why would we try to pardon those friends of yours? Would-be assassins, after all...
If that is what you think is best, let us release the ledger to the public and let the chips fall where they may.
Enact this outrage, commander, and you'll turn every labourer into a lord of the manor! And if there's something lords of the manor detest, it's bloody labour!
I don't know, commander. To undo your father's legislative legacy seems somehow decidedly disrespectful to me. I don't think you should have done this!
Custom Campaign
Commander, I'll not pretend I'm naive enough not to know that where our armies go, regrettable misbehaviour sometimes follows, but I had no idea as to the scale of the transgressions committed! Luckily, General Catherine caught a whiff of these unsavoury practices and decided to fight them tooth and nail!
Button X
And between you and me, Commander—honestly—if we'd all be convicted each and every time a lady yells when we're being... nudge nudge... a bit too forward... wink wink... we'd all be in jail, eh? Am I right?
A defeat is always ignominious, commander, for everyone involved. Try not to shame us next time.
Unlock the Inspire dragon skill for one combat round.
Lone Wilds
Tell me about catherine_3_2_1
Ironclad - Sea Mine-Maids
We've come a long way, and along the road dwarf and dragon have become the stoutest of allies; dare I say it: friends.
So for a few points in undead favour, you'll let a girl hang? Did you even consider her family? Her children? You're as heartless as Yorrick, commander, that organ-lacking lunatic!
Transport - Transport
O dear, o dear. They say they stole some kind of secret little book from King Thelor. What an outrage! Imagine it got out. People could get hurt! We were all young once! I mean, if every indiscretion ... o dear, o dear!
I'll remember this episode fondly, commander; reminisce with a choice sherry as the sound of your ring shattering impish jaw resounds in my memory once more. A symphony of satisfaction.
Have you met Oscar, commander? Best ship's cat around!
Official pictures released: emperor not a half-dragon after all? Reports on recent battles
Playing ...
Movement Points:
Our units are under attack!
In single player, carefully decide who will lead various battles as you can only take part in one real-time battle per turn.
That Inquisition sounds suspiciously like some sort of secret police. And who is to say what is heretical in the first place? The undead would have us all 'removed' at their whim!
Unlock the Eye of the Patriarch dragon skill for one combat round.
I'm Multifungatorialasomething
O joyous hour! Finally I shall leave this decrepit carcass behind, but not, as the scriptures read, to pass the silver river into the realm of death. No, I will bathe in its waters and be reinvigorated, born anew!
use your movement keys ([IE_DragonForward] [IE_DragonLeft] [IE_DragonBackward] [IE_DragonRight])
Look at me, my light and dark, look at what I have become! Am I not exquisite, the very quintessence of human beauty? Gaze upon this soft and sensuous flesh, the mild marble from which the gods sculpt us mortals.
Here's to you, Sire!
What a lovely shade of pink you are, dragon, when you have the guise of a lowly human. What a tease you are to show those long, luscious veins that run along your hands and neck. Delicious...
Aegis: -[1]%
The nerve centre of an empire. If it is captured, the faction it belongs to is utterly defeated.
A fine ball we had, commander! Hah! Now I know I gave your wife high praise for her admirable appreciation of dwarf cooking, but I'll tell you this: you can lead a dwarf to water, but you can't make him drink!
Imps, Commander! Are they not truly the lowliest of all the races? Were it not for the hint of daemon cunning in their blood, we most probably wouldn't speak to them as much as serve them for supper with a series of seasonal stuffings. As it is, however, the Lizard Lords have deemed it fit to strengthen the military cooperation between ourselves and those demoniacal dewdrops.
My dearest darling, I know that as your queen I should remain politically neutral, but sometimes those dwarves can really twist my knickers! They are just using the war as an excuse to build mill upon mill and dig mine after mine, caring not they leave behind them a barren, smoke-drowned waste. Once peace has been established, I hope you'll be a bit less lenient with them!
A permanent debuffing aura around the dragon reduces the fire range of enemy units in a [1] meter radius by [2]%.
The elections you so graciously allowed us to organise are over, Commander. Rivellon will have its first president and he is in this very room right now: none other than Sir Falstaff Silvervein! The republic we lizards have so long sought to create is about to become a reality. There now remains but the matter of your formal abdication. I trust you will do so, Commander; I trust you will hereby renounce all your sovereign claims and step down as monarch.
The amount of research points you receive from this country per turn. This can be increased by building an academy on the country or playing certain cards. Furthermore, a high popularity among research-oriented species can lead to an increased research points revenue.
Dear me, commander, your gold-lust must be taking on dwarven proportions! You're going frightfully too far!
Aw aw aw! It's hurting!
The people demand transparency. Emperor's game plan thought to be just that: literally transparent
Select which dragon skills will be available in combat by dragging them to your skill bar.
O the humanity! Enemy zeppelins are under way!
You are already researching a skill. Researching another will put the current one on hold. You can always continue your current research later on. Are you sure you want to research a new skill?
Tell me about edmund_3_2
Dragon research
Remaining research points
You didn't have too much fun, did you? Too many glasses and unremembered nights, that kind of thing?
What a victory, commander! And what a splendid display of team work!
Combat Controls
General Edmund.
Hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to navigate about the map. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You can pick up a pawn by left clicking on it and then dragging it to another location.
Because of our strong economies, we lizards and especially the dwarfs pay a disproportional amount of taxes you see, something we wanted to rectify. The treaty would have done just that, but now two races will continue to pay through their noses because of the silly contempt of one obstinate dogmatist! What folly!
Transports Unleashed
They gave us a sound beating, but it'll take a great deal more to crush our spirits! What say you, Commander?
Unlike some, I know full well what this victory means—how important it is to enact what you and Maxos set out to do. It's uncommonly brave to revert time, as it were, and undo the miracles of magic that brought us victory. Only a handful would understand how uncommonly wise this is as well.
The Sacred Perpetuity Of The Bone
Some cards may not be of use to you, but the more so to your allies! Why not give them these cards?
There you are! I can't believe you were out and about coursing through the sky. I'm still reeling from that fabulous dinner they served us. Bless you for giving me a little push when I needed it. Dwarf cooking is delicious and elves are fools for drawing the line at lettuce!
Tell me about catherine_1_2
Adding coal to the fire!
Open Research Menu
The emperor married and sired many children.
Like a dragon in a china shop.
The Bridge
Good show, commander! A word from the dragon and Henry backed off like a dog with his tail between his legs! Glory be unto the Seven that the Skeleton Spire remains unscathed!
Never! So grand was the occasion that it will be remembered forever! Oh yes, this evening was very fruitful.
The enemy's anti-stealth technology is probably nothing more than a pair of binoculars and some pointy sticks, thinks chief engineer
Prude! Bah! How could you, commander? Have you no respect for a mother's right to raise her children as she wishes? Puny is the man who bows to priggish minds!
Not enough support
Not yet, dragon, not yet! You know my wants and desires... but for now I am sated.
How come you know so much about all these events, when you yourself were in the dark until so very recently?
Bomber Balloons Unleashed
One moment you seem undefeatable, Commander, and the next, defeat is upon us. A curious chain of event, I must say!
I'll talk to you later.
This is outrageous! What, now people will have to be educated to reach the pinnacles of politics? You might as well fire the entire cabinet now! Quite, quite outrageous!
Ah, I seem them sneaky buggers!
Cards Don't Speak
If I were you, I'd take to keeping your next wife on a leash, commander. May keep her from wandering off like the others.
Thank you, Commander. To have your support means a great deal to me, more than you can imagine! Perhaps one day I'll be... free. Free to be who I am. We'll see.
Enemy increases range of their Juggernauts
I am vindicated, Commander. I am free. I may not always have had your support, but in the end I clawed my way to where I am now by myself, and I think I have earned the right to be proud.
How dare you condemn the dead to death when they may yet become undead? Impish tools will turn their bones to powder! Dear oh dear, I think I might faint!
Enemy pilots seen launched from an enemy Juggernaut
I wonder why Prospera would suggest such a radical reform of law, Commander. Why she would want it in writing that all of us are each other's equals? It's not a bad idea per se, but I wonder if she hasn't some ulterior motive. Remember that these lizards are all more slippery than an eel in a barrel of snot!
Bah! There we go! There will be even more queuing at the soup kitchens now! What? As if I'd pass on free soup!
Hold it right there, commander! I've got a bigger bone to pick with you than I do with those walking charnel houses of undead! You may think it's all fun and games to slap your general in the face when he's out in the field making threats too dangerous to deliver upon, but by Bellegar's bollocks, my daughter's life was at stake!
This is outrageous! If I hear one dwarven stomach growl with hunger come the winter, I'll know who's to blame, and I'll know who'll get a dose of impish poison next!
Oberon's mad, commander! New materials, new this, new that; it would cost a great deal of time and money to set it all up! And am I the only one who thinks a landscape filled with smoking factory chimneys and raging fires of industry is so much more beautiful than boring old woodlands and hills?
I've tracked and killed every kind of creature in Rivellon ... Except a dragon. Watch your back, commander
Yes... some of them were, despite the success of this enterprise.
Commander, I have conducted a couple of surprise inspections of late, to see firsthand how our ground troops are conducting themselves in newly conquered territories. The result is exactly what I had expected: atrocious!
They're attacking our base? What a nuisance!
Press [IE_Dash] to avoid incoming fire and rockets while flying as a dragon during combat!
The emperor is a monster!
The Imperials
Do no provoke me!
Your behaviour leaves much to be desired! Very much, indeed! Concede to the supremacy of lizards, why don't you!
What bothers me most is to think of the other things I have missed out on all this time. Did you know drinking wine is met with the same disdain among my kind? Well, that must end! I want to taste that ruby liquid! How about we share a glass, you and I?
Catherine and Scarlett's wages have increased!
The enemy's Warlocks will have [1]% less health
Transform an enemy into a ladybug.
Hmmm. There are enemy entrenchments in this region. Rather sturdy ones too.
Death hungers.
Bravo, Commander! I will be sure to inform my brethren that the dragon respects one of nature's—and thus one of the elves'—most exquisite rites.
The King of Fish has cursed you! Your luck has decreased by [1].
Yeah, I'm drunk, so what? I've things to remember and things to forget. Alcohol serves that purpose.
Let's ready the tools, milord!
Good show, commander! You told them queers what's what! Let them have their unappetising pleasures if they want, but by golly, they'll leave the sanctity of marriage well alone!
Mount Sigurd
What a preposterous notion! Because one sorcerer's apprentice turns out to be a few bullets short of a six-shooter, our children should be denied the gaiety of innocent games like Backyard Cannonade or Hide-And-Seek-The-Lit-Fuse? No, no, no! A weekly trip to the Enchanter's Emporium is every growing imp's pride and joy.
What joy, for the fatherland to die!
Whoops, another princess gone! Maybe I should fashion some kind of tracking device, milord! You know, so your wife won't go missing again.
Well, I couldn't have imagined a better present, for what is more beautiful than the preservation of life itself—its triumph in the face of industry?
On this ship, however, I find myself trapped amid so many cocks of the walk, the one more swollen with self-importance than the next, only to discover these pompous windbags actually earn more wages than Scarlett, Prospera or I do!
Dear, dear, another day, another princess gone. Cheer up though, milord! Maxos and I haven't been sitting still, so forget about the girl, and have a look at our latest research!
A [1] class [2] unit that is fantastic against aerial units and medium class ground units.
No use in hiding! Enemy Bomber Balloons can detect cloaked units now!
Enemy zeppelins are cooking with gas ... Mustard gas!
Undo research
Allows the construction of Shamans in your Battle Forges. These units are great at healing and repairing friendly units.
Will you ban violent games and literature?
Lady Camilla is truly on the verge of progressing the workings of the law in Rivellon like no one has ever done before. Hats off to her, commander! We elves support her all the way!
I don't quite see the problem here, commander. After all, these dwarves are not asking for the right to appear nude anywhere in public. Let them have their beach, I say, properly marked and fenced. Long as I don't have to look on, I'm perfectly happy to let people do as they please.
Do forgive this cold, political turn of thought, but I must keep the bigger picture in mind and consider what is best for the empire. I shall be in the Royal Chamber as usual, so when you are ready to marry anew—be it now or later—you have but to inform me and I will take care of the rest.
Winning more territories does not help the empire with its personality crisis, sneers seer
If rumour be true, commander, someone amongst us is championing the legalisation of hobweed! Humbug! The sanctity of family is untouchable! To be rid of a child is murder most vile! I know you'll agree with me, commander! By beard 'n' beer I know you will!
My word, what a strange experience I have had! There I stood upon a balcony, the crowd angry, but silent beneath me. I began an impassioned speech in which I announced my resignation and expressed my regret for what had happened; how deeply torn I am for having caused the deaths of innocents by upholding the laws I hold dear.
Build Parliament
It was bliss. It was vindication. They dragged him before me, kicking and screaming, but I, calm and collected, told him: 'I am Scarlett, dragon's general and one of the nature you sought to eradicate. Today I come for you!' His head I left on a stake upon the battlements, his body had thrown to the dogs.
Very good! I must say, though, I was surprised Falstaff didn't pull the economy card like I did. Conscription might well have drafted some of his precious Brewing Masters into the military. If those were killed, entire dwarven nations would revolt!
Global Options
O the sweet taste of blood! It calls to me, it purrs and seduces; beckons, like opium invites the addict and wine entices the inebriate. My love, to taste anew I'd kill. And I shall.
I warned you, commander! But did you listen? No! Now that psycho of a Prospera is actually asking for elections, and elections are a can that has the word 'worms' written all over it in great big flashing letters! Do not open the can, commander!
Emperor's recent loss blamed on disheartening media coverage. Favorable reports on the wane
which will allow me to make new types of units like Armours and Devastators.
Steam-driven giants on land, on sea, even in the air! O the ecstasy! Such wonders, such ingenuity and jeepers, what cannons! Ever since then, some thirty years hence, us imps have dedicated our existence to the advancement of these delightful machines.
Will you allow how-to-smoke courses in the classroom?
Sea Mine-Maids
You have allowed me to nourish greatly, dragon. You have my infernal eternal gratitude!
After all this, after allowing the people to choose our nation's destiny, you refuse? This is... this is unconstitutional; unconscionable; unimaginable! We came so close! We could have had our republic! Curse you, Commander! Curse your despotic soul!
Bravo, commander! I'll see to it the accused is released forthwith and reunited with his loved ones. A great right has been wronged, for now we can say frankly and freely: 'We dare defend our rights'!
Yes, fight me futilely! Your precious empire I'll turn to ashes; your bones bereft of flesh and blood I'll crush between my thousand teeth!
Glad the fable of the lion and the nursery opened your eyes, commander! I believe it's based on the supposedly true story of a mad king that left his children in the care of his pet tiger. Well, there went his line!
What's on your mind, bastard?
Tell me about aida_6
End Turn
You can build more Recruitment Citadels
Ferocious influences the destructive power of your units when attacking.
Maxos demands newspapers to inspire rather than to ridicule, just like the dragon does. We ridicule Maxos' grammar
Enemy Hunters can engage air targets now!
I don't think that's possible.
I'm glad you do indeed agree with me, Commander. Trinculo's proposition was a particularly ghoulish one and I hope to leave this notion behind us once and for all—even if wild orcs will gladly eat what elf they can get their claws on.
Good show, commander! It's an unthinkable thing indeed for the government to regulate the affairs of the bedroom. I already regard tax collectors as violators of my privacy, let alone sex inspectors!
Invert Mouse Y-Axis Dragon
Defense influences the importance of the amount of units when defending.
Start chapter 2.
Will you ban art that is critical of your rule?
Good of you, commander! People are so easily persuaded, so easily confused. They might well have opted for the vile, godless option that is democracy. Seven forbid!
Allows the construction of anti-air turrets that launch fast rockets at flying enemies. Can also detect cloaked units within sight range.
Commander, could you spare me a moment? Now I know I'm a general and politics isn't my field of expertise, but I was hoping you'd support Oberon in his attempts to allow marriage for people of the same sex. It's a pet peeve of mine, you see. Live and let live, I say. Why do others get to decide who someone may or may not love? None of their bloody beeswax!
Emperor pregnant?
I am ready, Maxos. Let us hereby end the war for good and our engines of war with it.
Oh yes, they're mine! - No, they're mine!
Don't go bashing skulls, Scarlett, I'll take care of this. It's sad and ridiculous that the undead would destroy work of genius because of someone's nature.
Though 'twas politics that sparked your union, I hope passion may yet set it truly aflame!
Time after time you deny me, Commander! I cannot but deduce you care not one iota for the divines, and one day you will pay for your heresy!
Good show, commander! Better to have the devils you know in all the right spots than the devils you don't! Goodness me, what would you do without old Falstaff on your team, eh?
I take it you have heard, Commander? I take it you know that the reptilian demon responsible for the monstrous death of an innocent and fair young woman walks the streets freely, free indeed to renew his heinous craft?
If you so desire, commander, but tread with care!
The lizards.
Time for some R&R, says emperor
If I can finally be of service to my kin, then I am proud and satisfied. I shall be their instrument of divine love, their conduit to the gods, just as I am your instrument of worldly love. Happiness, my dragon, at last.
Let me cut right to the chase, Commander, for I am not a man who takes pride in his words, but in his pragmatism rather. The entire realm is under siege and the free peoples left need a strong leader—one who inspires!
Share a glass of wine with your queen.
Hop To It!
and aid your troops in combat.
Enemy Trooper upgrade detected
Our Man Aboard The Raven Lives To Tell The Tale - After seeing experiments with the new Bombers
Tell me about camilla_1_1_1
Your Shipyards are built [1]% faster.
An enemy dragon can shout a Berserker Roar!
I can't believe we lost that battle! Things would have gone quite differently had I been allowed to charge in alone! The others are just holding me back!
Save dragon skills load-out
The Transport automatically cleans up nearby sea mines left by enemy ships.
Invalid target
On a more serious note though, Commander—I know. I don't hit that particular note very often, but still, my mind feels like there's two pit bulls charging for each other's throats in there. Such is the extent of my conflict.
Enemy Devastator upgrade detected
Once more I commend you heartily, Commander! Another one of the traitors that stalked your father, my proud friend Sigurd, has met an untimely demise! Soon they shall all be in their graves, defamed and unlamented.
I got my liscence to kill
Opens the army splitter tool. You can use this to split your armies on the strategy map.
So, King Thelor is dead. I suppose that was inevitable after the scandal his ledger caused. Can't say I'm sorry, but it's a grave matter nevertheless when a king passes on. Now to arrange two things needed at a dwarven ruler's funeral!
Hunter Mercenaries
Maxos back to his old trickery: teaches dragon how to sabotage
No thank you, commander, I will not engage you in a debate on existential thoughts.
Quick-load game
Cytotoxic agents used in warfare. The public is shocked and appalled
I'm starting to believe we may indeed pull it off, commander, but we'll have to keep on striking hard and relentlessly.
You fight like you decide on matters of policy, commander: miserably.
Now that I am queen, my sweet, I have been invited to offer prayers to the Green Mother during the Festival of Flowering. Such an honour is normally reserved for high priests only, but I think I'll pass all the same. Wouldn't call five hours of repetitious chanting a celebration anyway. No, let's you and I spend those five hours in one another's arms. Now there's a festival!
Fly my pretties, fly!
You are stripping countless men and women of their basic rights, commander! You are a despot, and worse: a deranged one!
Now, between you and me, I understand very well the lengths we go to to keep our women satisfied, but resorting to wholesale sabotage truly goes beyond the pale! If you start acting like an elf, you'll become one, Commander: illogical, emotional and hankering after beets! Bah!
I'll make it a point of business to converse with humans and so forth, even imps! You know, try my best to appreciate their own unique outlooks on life. Let us hope they will not chill once more the thawing that set in.
That idiot Edmund! Gone is months of careful planning between me and Sir Falstaff. Oh you might as well know, commander: of course my law of equality didn't stem completely from a heart o'erflowing with the milk of human kindness. It would have made us all equal, yes, but equally responsible to the kingdom as well!
What Is Yours, Now Is Mine
Medium Sea Unit
Praise Vesta we won! Let us celebrate with water and bread, commander!
Next tab
The Valley of Skulls
Aura of Annihilation: +[1]
Commander, you know we elves sometimes stuff our pipes with a few drudanae leaves so as to experience its gentle, mind-altering effects. There are some that say its use should be outlawed, but I want to propose the exact opposite. Studies have shown this plant's medicinal use can do wonders to alleviate pain, so I think every doctor should be allowed to administer drudanae like any other remedy.
We've returned from our mission, Commander! All's well among the lizards again: no more praise for the One God anymore, but proper prayer for the Seven—or whatever floats their boat. I was hoping for at least some resistance so that I could spill a mite of their cold blood, but there was none to be had. Diplomacy—a.k.a. idle chatter—saved the day.
Dragon's fireballs so powerful he might just blow himself up, dragon expert says
Close Air Support
If I had any doubts, Commander, they have been alleviated! Lady Ophelia, may the Seven grace her, has become a shining example to us all! To be undead is to be larger than life—forever!
A queen of the realm convicted of manslaughter—an elf princess of our eldest and grandest dynasty manacled beneath a donjon... the shame and injustice would have been unbearable! Praise the Seven you came to her aid!
Your Hunters will have the Revelation upgrade for one combat round.
The gamespeed in combat
Emperor rumored to have palace built with enemy's bones. Countries in shock. Barbaric tribes not so much
would be decided between the last of Sigurd's children.
Wonderful! No better cannon fodder than a pack of undead. Where necromancers cock things up, we'll be doing the target practice!
I'm not sure that's such a great idea. Your kinsmen are disgruntled enough as it is about the whole steak situation.
Attack: [1]
Will you allow euthanasia?
Yes, I suppose it's about time I do. The first thing you should realise is that this demon is not one entity: it is a physical and psychic blend of both Corvus and the Architect. I freely admit that I was a great fool to trust my one-time friend blindly and never to ask him where he obtained the visions and knowledge to create the marvels that won us the war. Quite clearly, they were demonic in nature.
Cheers, commander! 'Listen to an elf and you'll hurt yourself' we imps say! Glad to see you're ok!
I'd have a word with Edmund if I were you, Commander. I've heard him muttering about a duel, and those are never a good idea. If he kills someone of import the council will cry havoc!
Because they call us females the fairer sex, but in truth we are also more cunning, resilient, refined and downright intelligent. Give an empire a queen, I say, and it will be ruled! Give it a king and it will become an afterthought, for like any man he is content when both his belly and his bed are filled with a prize piece of tender flesh—no more!
Once again it has been demonstrated the dragon lacks a lizard's assiduity. The result? Defeat!
As far as your dragon brothers and sisters are concerned, they must have sprung from another coupling after you had been born. Sigurd never knew of them—no one did—until they rose with weapons raised.
This time he's has gone too far. By insulting you, he has insulted me. Now, it is said he keeps a ledger: a little black book that holds details of all his operations. Perhaps my spies can 'borrow' it.
Another catastrophe avoided! Thanks, Commander! By the by, that seventh day of the week? We'll work then as well—no problem whatsoever for us imps!
Oberon and I are of the same mind in this matter, commander. Deportation just seems a bit excessive, and I very much doubt it's the structural solution Sir Silvervein hopes it to be.
Medium Aerial Unit
Trinculo seems to go quite insane with shocking regularity! Our labourers are to be cherished, treated with respect! Lobotomise them? Do that to the imps! And remove whatever part of the brain comes up with their zany designs!
I'm going! (nagging)
When the dwarves come along with one of their schemes, everyone goes colourblind, it seems. They see only gold and care for gold only! The greater good? Forgotten!
and manufacture buildings there first.
Tell me about edmund_4_1
These lands our enemy conquered, their original rulers still hold some sway, and as a princess, I've known many of them for many years. Their weaknesses, their indiscretions—never would I have dreamed of exploiting them, but now I have.
Looks like Edmund's impenetrable contempt for all that is non-lizard was pierced, Commander, be it ever so slightly. Had a kind word to say about some elves out in the country. Why he'd do that for the life of me I can't imagine.
Warlock - Meet the Beetles
What balderdash! What kind of a fairy tale world does Oberon think we live in? You work for your daily bread, or you starve and there's an end to it! Holidays indeed! They are the prerogative of potentates, not proletarians!
You didn't anger the dwarves, did you? Remember what's at stake!
She's alright.
Increase game speed
Dragon's Lair
You triumphed yet again! Keep up this pace and the war will be over in no time!
Country Details
You have conquered the capital of [1] and successfully stole all their belongings!

Build a Tavern for free in one of your countries.
Let's discuss this later.
Darkness engulfs me... Death winks and beckons... Am I to be its concubine?
Model Quality:
A hedgehog with venomous spines would be jealous of us, commander! We are mightily entrenched here indeed.
I'll have to get back to you on this matter.
Humph ... Who are these damn cockpits made for anyway? Imps ...?
Thelor's but trying to save face after a narrow brush with death, but if these people are important to you, then use your diplomatic powers to get them out, and make your father look weak yet again.
Well then, Commander, looks like dwarves will continue to play their sinister games in our dominions. I personally am not quite contented by Lady Camilla's ruling, but Falstaff seems to have... persuaded influential people in my faction. The gods favoured him today, but they will not always do so.
And I expect you to hang, draw and quarter all those charged with this crime. Let their goodbye be long in the making as well!
Tell your spies they can pretty much waltz into the old beggar's offices after breakfast. He's usually on his second cask of ale by then and he'll think they're there to lead away the pink elephants.
An Indulgence? I've heard Yorrick spout some crackpot ideas, but this one takes the cake! No, no, no! The mere notion is laughable!
You know, it is a curious sensation, husband of mine, to feel a certain warmth invade my cold-blooded veins at the thought of having explored the edges of lawful conduct once more and letting the horizons of the heart infringe upon what should be the purviews of the mind.
Commander, whereas it is wholly proper and necessary even to fight our enemies in name of the Seven, the gods will be less than pleased if their soldiers are psychos! We need to vanquish our foes banner in hand, o'verspilling with valour! We should not tread in the footsteps of the maniac Super Soldiers that went before, killing indiscriminately!
Your hunters will have the A Bird In The Hand upgrade for one combat round.
Catherine for instance.
Yet again we win the day! Good old Catherine! Dear Scarlett! A crew out of a thousand, that's what we are!
Imp researcher invents new slogan: "Wars are fought with men, lizards and dwarves. But wars are won by weapons!" Also accidently invents armoured vehicle
We two shall unite dragon's daring with wizard's wisdom. Nothing shall stand in your way!
We have been defeated, and if we fail we must ourselves add to our punishments, commander! I shall neither eat nor drink and spend the night in contemplation. May the wisdom of Vesta come to me!
Now for the grand finale! Listen to this: 'I have fallen gravely ill, my darling daughter, and therefore beseech you to let flow your good blood as well, for unless it passes from your veins to mine, my doctors assure me, my last days are upon us.' Ha! Bad blood, good blood: talk about contrived imagery!
You let children play or read rot, and it'll rot their brains right 'n' proper! There will be no set of Dragon Commander in my house, Commander! I'll protect my children from such nefarious influences, even if you won't!
Dread Roar
Are you sure you want to restart?
Keep it up and it'll be your head I'll be firing next!
There! May this be the end of the smoke-stick! I never saw the point in them anyway. You inhale, smoke comes wafting from in between your ribs and then what? Nothing!
Will you ban same-sex hanky-panky in public places?
What needs evaporating?
I hope you are well prepared for long and bitter discussions, Commander, now that these councillors have arrived. I know from experience the lengths they'll go to to upstage one another and bring home the gold for their faction only.
Despite your dislike of my father, you stood your ground and did your duty. I hope I'll gain your respect so that you'll stand by me, too, should the situation arise.
This is sheer folly, Commander! Now we'll have to use domestic scallywags to do all the nasty chores. That's like discrimination in reverse!
To burn a body is the greatest crime one can commit, commander, allowed only by the Seven when we deal with a monster of such vile nature he may never reach the holy state that is to be undead! What these imps preach is sacrilege pure and simple!
My love, my love, what a pickle I am in! You have heard about the new statue that will be placed on Government Square, have you not? The one schoolchildren from all over Rivellon could pick the subject for?
Ahh! Dodge! Left! - No! You dodge! Right!
Trooper - Spoils of War
An unexpected turn of events, my sugar-bun! My father requested to see me, and we had a walk in the garden of his palace. And as it turns out he's grateful—yes grateful—that we were there in his hour of need. He realises that without the presence of your troops, he'd be dead by now.
Commander, you said no to Operation Max-Mill, but I beg you to reconsider. The workforce is just aching to be exploited! Allow us to lobotomise them and change their physiques in just the right places and they'll perform as well as machines do! Simple. Clever. Elegant. Now say yes! Please!
The enemy's Bomber Balloons will do [1]% less damage.
We need to protect our base immediately, commander!
Grenadiers cost [1] less recruits to produce.
The enemy's Bomber Balloons will move [1]% slower.
Come to think of it, maybe I won't! I've a new quest to start you know—one you helped me embark upon. There's a girl out there in the wide wild world; a girl whom I shall love and she will love me. That's a great adventure too, isn't it? A journey more worthy than war? Yes, I'll leave in the morrow, but know, Commander, that oftentimes I'll gaze skyward with a smile on my lips and when I do, you'll be the one I'll think of.
How's it hanging, Commander? I'm Scarlett, and you're a dragon they tell me! Always wanted to ride one of those, though I bet you're a bit harder to handle than a horse! All part of the fun though, I reckon, so give me a shout when I can take you for a spin!
Dear lord, we're leaking gas!
Wouldn't be proper of me to deny my queen's first request, would it? Consider that tax raise nullified.
the 'dread decapitator' now took full notice of what turned out to be a dragon!
This is unheard of! So once more you're letting the undead run religious amok for the sake of cheap production! Have you no morals at all, Commander?
These are exciting times, commander! No king is complete without a queen.
Commander, I cannot let this matter rest! If you won't do anything about the excesses perpetrated by our soldiers, then I insist you lift the ban on hobweed!
There is no reason to doubt your insight, sir.
Where you already have my kindest thanks, tenderness has yet to come. I am optimistic that it shall, but please do be patient, for such a drastic change of direction requires testing time to run its slow-paced course.
I frankly don't care if these smoke-sticks are pure venom or fountains of vigour, commander, but I have an inkling they do not bode well with the Seven and in all matters liturgical it is best to err on the side of caution.
Fuming fireworks, praise be you chose to spit, Commander! There's no telling what Yorrick's next step would have been, but I'm positive more pain and oppression would have been involved! Crackbrained zealot...
No doubt that boor of a Henry has already introduced me in his ever-elegant way, so here I am: Lord Edmund Augustus III, Duke of Hawknest Hall. I'd add 'at your service', but I don't think we're quite there yet.
Purifying Flames
You know I'm quite warming up to the idea of taking the chambermaid's side. Lady Justice would very probably eye me rather austerely should I do so, but luckily for us she is blind.
The man is without scruples, that much is clear. Your precious blood will not sustain him and if the disease kills him, so be it!
Combat Card: Combat Production
So, the dragon has become hell, destroyer of worlds. May you lament your misdoings when its fires consume you!
Fountains that spout wine or beer on command! Fans that wave by themselves! You can kiss those smelly orc slaves goodbye! Oh, and carriages that stay cool inside even in the summer! Oh, we'll have us a blast milord!
I... I understand. Only the Seven may make payments in death and collect life in return. By cutting off my egotism at the knees, you have safeguarded a faraway beauty who will never know the greedy talons of desire were hunting for her soul. Blessings of the gods be upon thee.
You need at least one Recruitment Citadel to spawn your dragon.
New tutorial available: Movement and Selection
Is there anything else?
Death From Above
I think I'll return to the old house for a week or so; see the old Lore Masters. I'll miss you terribly when I'm not by your side, but sometimes I long to be among the ancient trees, where soothing songs resound and all the ears are pointy.
But come, let's have a drink, you and I. We've earned it both! Today, no politics. Today, no war. Today, we raise our glass to Rivellon and to the dragon who secured her freedom!
The enemy's Juggernauts will move [1]% slower.
But... but the anarchy, the experiments, the breach of all the laws of non-imp ethics... all will come to light! They won't nationalise us, they'll close us down!
Gold income per turn in Thelor's kingdom has doubled.
The dragon's Eye of the Patriarch skill will take care of a clustered group of units fast!
By the heavens, she's but a beard away from becoming a dwarf. This must change—for her sake and for the sake of our continued political cooperation!
Our emperor: the new sensation
On our way commander! - Are we there yet.
Strategy Cost
You have long carried a heavy secret with you, Scarlett, but it is safe with me. I'll have a quiet word with Henry. For what it's worth, I do hope you'll find happiness one way or another.
Following my instincts, and therefore dismissing a jury based on no more than suspicions of bias, has set a precedent deemed dangerous by a good many of my colleagues, but never have I been more certain justice was served than when I heard the snap that heralded the breaking of the elf-killer's neck upon his drop from the scaffold.
You have conquered a capital belonging to [1]!
Troopers' Spoils of War ability will make any building yours, even turrets!
Pay me in blood.
Dragon Support
I suppose so. You certainly touch a raw nerve there, but I daresay that what you lack in delicacy, you make up for in honest-to-goodness candour. Though he is guilty, this murderer will walk free.
Oberon can keep his blood-stained money. Narkhesem is scum and he shall be arrested forthwith!
So when you say 'no' and my dad says 'stuff it', you show about as much spine as a skipping rope? I expected more from a bleedin' dragon to be frank!
Commander, once more general Edmund crossed all lines of decency! We bid him to do his duty and end an all-out massacre, and what does he do instead? He chases both the hunters and the hunted out of town to fend for themselves in the woods! That's like saying you've cured someone's disease because you stuck a dagger through his throat! That eased his suffering, didn't it? Madness!
That'll show those intolerant bastards! This is a great victory for mankind everywhere, a victory of nature over nurture, of freedom over oppression! The undead need to know one can be gay and held in high regard nonetheless. Let that be the lesson!
You thought you knew it all - Uncensored and unauthorized biography of emperor lays bare even more failures than latest loss
I hope you're earnest about this request, Commander! Who shall be the... lucky lady?
So, first the lizards cheat us out of a multitude of tax income, and now they want to put a host of civil servants out on the street, jobless and penniless? This is getting out of hand, Commander!
Your Ironclads' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Old Yeller
Can't Touch This
Hold Position
Oberon can sit there and weep over a couple of dead trees and dead fish all day long if he wants, but in the meantime we have a war to win, and the last thing we need is inflated production costs!
Easy does it, commander! You're getting to be a bit delusional there. Have a sherry to calm those nerves.
Ah, that Henry! Sometimes there's much grace to be found in simplicity... in the swoop of a sword. Were it not that he is such a barbarous buffoon—as indeed all humans are—I'd appreciate his handling of those rebellious cultists.
Your Bomber Balloons will have the Revelation upgrade for one combat round.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Going to take me a bit of getting used to, all this queen business! Here was this group of jesters boring the teeth out of my gums when I stood up and yelled 'Off with their heads!' Won't jest no more, those fellows. I didn't even have the time to sit down again afore a few nobles had done the deed. Oh well, better watch my mouth next time, eh, my wee bramble pudding?
All is fair in love and war.
Camilla, grand lady of lizards.
You would forbid me to punish rapists and let them renew their ravaging of helpless women? Seven curse your soul, commander! Why do we fight to avert the coming of hell when it is we who drag hell in our wake?
Oh I'm done for!
Hold SHIFT while giving commands to queue orders
Juggernauts can construct Imp Fighters to assist in battle. Each Imp Fighter requires [1] recruits to construct.
Very good, Commander! And how refreshing to meet one whose bark isn't bigger than his bite! Action speaks louder than words, as they say.
Moving between the clouds!
Is it not part of the war effort to protect the innocent? Bloody hell, Commander; if our spies are reliable and Henry fails, he'll never be the general he was anymore.
To dodge enemy projectiles,
Every time one of those giant-toothed monstrosities draws near, I fear it's in the mood for a dwarfsicle. Listen to dear Prospera, commander: put 'em all down!
Your Grenadiers will fire [1]% faster.

So Yorrick would give these strangers the choice between torture and slavery, is it? Talk about a rock and a hard place, commander! The man is mad! Please tell me you're not considering his insanities!
How very rapidly this wan debacle tossed us in the maelstrom of surreal dimensions! Soon strange souls will inhabit stranger contraptions; for a quaff of lurid liquor.
Fantastic, Commander! Every man and woman in the realm—including you—is eligible to be a candidate, so soon we shall see who will be the first president of Rivellon. These are exciting times indeed. A republic is about to be born!
Unlock the Rejuvenation dragon skill for one combat round.
Troopers cost [1] recruit(s) less to produce.
Buggering bonking blunderbusses, commander, you've done it! Not that I ever quite doubted a fire-breathing beast, equipped with my nephew grumio's jetpack, but by golly, you sure gave us a show!
Lizard Favour
Battle Rage
Closing Time
Tell me about aida_3
So conquer Rivellon as quickly as you can so that my duty to the empire will have been fulfilled, and I need no longer spend an instant in your company. We are through, you and I! If even a dragon cannot see past the prejudices of his sex, I am without hope indeed!
Seven wither Oberon's tongue for uttering such perversions! He and his depraved ilk would allow men and women to fornicate with others of their own gender! How base, how vile can one become? Gods save us from this debauchery!
Your War Factories produce units [1]% faster.
Breaching Fire
Yes, we had done it. We had created our empire and your father became its first, and so far only, ruler. For a few precious decades, peace had finally taken on a meaning. It was a bright flash all too quickly extinguished along the tenebrous continuum of time.
Troopers, Air Units
King Thelor is going too far, commander. He may talk ill of his daughter all he likes for all I care, but to suggest you take to elves instead? Positively nauseating!
I understand there's been a bit of a ruckus back here at HQ. Talk of madness and all that. Nervous ninnies! I wouldn't really have destroyed the undead's sacred temple! Do you hear that everyone? 'TWAS A BLUFF! Nothing more! Simple souls eh? Bless 'em.
so that I can build more troopers and grenadiers more quickly.
on these special Resource Construction Sites.
I can't hear you!
A wise choice, commander! Let us all forget the tale of combustible elven ashes as soon as possible. Who'd believe such wild fancies if they heard?
Summary Justice
The enemy's Grenadiers will move [1]% slower.
Arg, I had a dream last night: I was on raft on a world full of water, and I had to drink me own recycled piss! What a nightmare!
The Seven Scriptures are clear, Commander: 'Six days shall you work, and on the seventh you shall relinquish your labour and pray to the gods.' Nowhere does it say 'go ahead and wallow in sickening slothfulness for a month'!
Quite a show our little Scarlett staged. The little general that could after all, isn't she? About to throw away wasted years of malt and men and waste them on wine and women instead. Miraculous how things change... Thus passes the glory of the world.
Trident Sea
How fast you can respawn the dragon after it died
Multiplayer Campaign
Maybe I should invite this politician over for a carefully orchestrated candlelight dinner and see if he makes his move. But no, that would be entrapment.
Standing by ... Impatiently!
Your recruits (Total population)
Death will rain down on our enemies!
Why don't you have a chat with General Scarlett first?
FFA AIs always join the battle
Your Turrets are built [1]% faster.
Then so be it, for with a word of the dragon, the mists vanish afore my eyes and newfound resolution takes hold. Return to me come the dawn, my love, and you will find me another woman.
Such is the power of oration that it can sway an angry crowd.
As far as the eye can see!
Glory be unto thee, Commander! How proud you must be to have been so favoured by the gods! The spouse of the Golden One... I cannot begin to fathom the honour that has befallen you!
Good then! That's settled! Now let us drink! You didn't think I was going to let you gallivant off without joining me in a toast, did you? Come on! Down the hatch! To us, commander!
As you will
This is but a first step, commander, and though you can still dismiss the referendum's findings if they prove to be not of your liking, I thank you for allowing us to go ahead nonetheless. Very few monarchs would have done so.
Our victory was so complete I can taste it! You did well by us, commander!
Sneaky bastards, those enemy commanders! Sure did a number on you this time!
Gods have mercy on her soul, commander! She'll swing and be stripped bare by carrion birds. Maybe the Seven will look down on her skeletal remains with favour and grant her the Perpetuity of the Bone. As you can tell, we're honouring her really.
Tell me about ophelia_3b
I could live without those cartoons of justice being 'served' to me by those twelve jurors though.
Fly right (strafe)
And blessed be the Seven!
Aaand we fell for it. Anyone else I'd call naive, but I know you are just doing it for the revenues and bugger the principles!
All of this was designed to benefit your empire, Commander, but if you are determined to look a gift horse in the mouth, the Seven will have to seek solace elsewhere...
Hold your horses, commander! Don't you listen to that psychotic imp! Some of the most magnificent dwarven cities have been built on rocks from beyond the sky and we will not tolerate to see them damaged!
Good show, commander! Our labourers have more than enough rights as it is! The right to work and hold their tongues, for instance! The right to be glad with the wages they get!
Do all the others approve of this teambuilding effort of yours? I'm devilishly certain Edmund thinks the concept about as appetising as cow dung pie—cherry on top or no.
You fight with cunning, commander, and you lead by example! Your example of course, was I.
Your father, though married, courted her, as did the Architect. For myself, I admit I'd have given up the very secrets of magic in return for her love, but I knew rivalry could only lead to misery. And so it did, for bitter rivals my two friends became, and when, in the end, Sigurd was the one to win her affections, the Architect left the palace with such hatred in his eyes as to strike me as diabolical.
The councillors have been particularly bothersome today. Yorrick nagged my ear off!
I am sorely disappointed, commander, but at least I know where I stand: if ever I fell a burglar, I'll just bury him in the garden and say no more about it.
Cloaked units will de-cloak when they use abilities!
I must now yield my hopes to the imps and the mechanical marvels they manufacture. May divine guidance shepherd their hands.
Normally, I agree with any measure that saves us gold, but this time I don't. Not every dwarf is born rich, but I'll be damned if he doesn't get the chance to die rich, and education is the key! Maths, economy, finance: they need to learn!
Skulls Gulch
Yes, she was one of the ancients, interested in the ways of the infinitely lesser creatures we nevertheless call civilised. She was intrigued by Sigurd, his war machines and his empire. It led her to his castle, to a brief spell of passion and ultimately her downfall.
Fly My Pretties
Our commander and emperor has sworn his devotion by the very act of choosing you, exalted lady, over all others. Only you must now avow your allegiance and dedication, if it pleases.
A year their secret liason lasted, one year your father and beautiful Aurora were happy together. Then, suddenly, she died, and it took me a long time to find out she did so at the hand of the Architect. Sigurd never knew. He was destroyed by grief. The mighty warlord withered and with him the soul of his empire flickered like a candle in the breeze, until his own children blew it out forever and hacked to pieces the land that was to have been his legacy.
All ground units can be produced at a [1]% discount.
So that evil-hearted dwarf survived the sea only to go the gallows! Good! I'm glad to see lady Camilla is made of the right stuff.
Starting Population
Dragon Skill
Your initial amount of recruits depends
Crackling cannons, Commander, if even we imps concede defeat and say a patient is beyond rescue, there is nothing any wizard in the world can do. You're condoning suffering for the sake of suffering. Why?
You'll come to rue the day, Commander! Slowly it will spread among the poor... Their devotion to the Seven will be poisoned and they will become as savage as the flesh they chew. Dark, dark days are upon us!
Perhaps... It's a moral issue rather than a practical one among elves, but maybe I should make an exception now that I dwell in mixed company, surrounded as I am by all kinds of outlandish customs. Let me think it over, dearest.
Tell me about henry_3_1_0
I hear Trinculo's daughter is about to be married! He's over the moon, which I quite understand, but isn't she, well, very very young? Seems a bit odd to me. Girls her age should be playing with dolls, not husbands!
My dearest, I defused the statue situation, upsetting neither the elves, nor the children who elected me! How's that for diplomacy?
Isn't it? I think I might have a flair for this diplomacy game—even though Prospera might be a bit upset poor old Della Gekko didn't get to sculpt me.
A medium class ground unit that is highly effective against light class units. Its increased movement points make it ideal to capture countries, and it's also extremely useful as a starting unit in combat.
Ironclads Mercenaries
Dragon Research
Very good, Commander! I'm sure there are more sensible solutions than slaughter. Perhaps we could simply muzzle these Fangbears. Maybe we could muzzle Prospera, too, while we're at it...
It is here on this ship, where conquest is charted and strategy surveyed, that you shall pledge your vows, symbolic I hope, that love may yet conquer war.
Where's the target practice?
I ... I must ... Between odium and oblivion, what choice do I have? Seven curse his shameless soul, I must!
Your Transports will have the For the Empire! ability for one combat round.
If I grasp the situation correctly, Commander—and I always do—you have now misplaced no less than four wives. Excuse me for pointing this out, but a pimp takes better care of his whores!
Having troubles with status effects such as a Warlock's 'Meet the Beetles'? Make sure your dragon has the Cleansing Charge ability at its disposal to dispel friendly units!
Whereas the prince had been but a flea in his half-brother Karthan Axe-hands' coat,
Good! I can picture it now: a hundred miles of dynamite and BOOM, instant hollow way! Engineering at its best!
A resounding victory you return from, commander! You fight like a girl; higher praise I cannot give!
Your father created those laws for a very good reason, commander! He ran the greatest empire the world had seen until his damnable offspring took it from him. He needed the money, plain and simple.
Half of our officers are women now? This is like one of those dreams you don't want to wake from! But I'll be an exhausted man from now on, commander, for I'll ne'er want to sleep no more!
I must hand it to the decrepit devil: he does have guts, be they as rotten as Yorrick's flesh! 'Tis my father I'm talking of. He organised a tax increase despite your very own draconic veto—and that is far from all.
So utterly in the grip of Corvus are they, that they are beyond rescue or redemption. The only thing we can do is annihilate them and grant them the tranquillity of death.
Not enough recruits
The sweet taste of liberation! This nectar mild as mead and luscious as my love...
Great! Isn't it refreshing, commander, that for once the right decision means doing absolutely nothing, instead of the strenuous labour that usually follows?
This general's wage exceeds the amount of gold you currently have. If you decide to pay nonetheless, you'll end up with a negative balance.
Spend your money NOW!
The end is nigh, Commander. The final push is at hand, so give the bastards a shove, and they'll topple like a house of cards.
Have all Healing Dragon skills (Purifying Flames, Salvation, Aura of Restoration, Mass Restoration and Pillar of Restoration) equipped in a single RTS battle and use them all at least once during combat.
which will allow you to materialize at the current camera location.
Anything further?
Self defence: thus pleads the dwarf. Cold-blooded murder: thus protests the prosecution. I'm inclined to agree with the latter. Fellow's going to hang and there's an end to it.
Even More Grander Strategy
If timeless beauty can be yours, who am I to stand in your way? Go ahead: let Razakel work his magic.
The imps came through, you see: they have constructed a mechanical skeleton of pure gold, a feat of engineering (may Yorrick never hear these words) that elevates them to the level of diminutive demigods, for if they can create such wonders, they can create worlds.
I was different then, you see, and not just because I was more man and less machine. No, the day they hacked me up good, there was much more that I lost. In that arm lay stored loyalty and duty; in that eye trust and friendship. Out the door, just like that. And you know what I say now? Good bloody riddance!
The first steps are the hardest. Don't give up!
Political decisions overview
Why is it that talk of morality always ends up in mayhem, ethics in bedlam? Let them decide the colour of curtains in town halls or what type of pie should be served during what festival. Takes them just as long, but doesn't get them quite so riled up!
Zeppelin Ally Attack Range Increase
Thanks again for passing that new marriage law, Commander! There are these two lizard girls I know, and they tied the knot the moment the news broke! What a feast we had! I don't remember any of it!
Too bad for Catherine they've stripped her of her titles too, though. Didn't see that one coming. Still, she remains a general, no? And that's worth something even if she's more bent out of shape right now than an undead at an athletic competition.
Where could the Raven have flown to, milord? Did she grow tired of old Grumio? Did she lose faith in the dragon?
Go to the Bridge
An astonishing beauty, is she not? Ah, to be a youngster of five hundred again!
Bugger! Enemy Warlocks can turn our troops into beetles!
Your Devastators will move [1]% faster.
You sound exactly like Falstaff, do you know that? Talking big about holy bonds, but having affairs left and right! Yeah, that's what that lot does and don't you deny it! Why can't you see you're just perpetuating a load of old rubbish that makes many people terribly unhappy?
A very fast moving [1] class [2] unit that is highly effective against light class units.
Burnt hands, abused workers, child slaves... All because you want to spare some cash, and a band of bones gone bonkers seeks to please seven fantasy figures up in the clouds! Smouldering muskets, Commander, I called the undead mad as a million hatters, but you're as mad as a million more!
Meet Corvus.
Very commendable of you, commander, to realise the state is served far better by a greater freedom of its subjects than a greater control over them.
In case you're wondering, Falstaff did not cross my palm with silver. A sound slap on the cheek clarified my stance toward such sordid practices.
Grave Of Legions
Ironclad braving the briney
To be perfectly frank, I don't know if I really do!
The Grenadiers' Chemical Warfare ability is fired at a single target, but will infect nearby enemy units as well, dealing damage over time!
This is all too disgraceful! Parading these women around like prize cattle! Whatever happened to marrying for love? What happened to respect? Outrageous!
The enemy's Warlocks' range will decrease with [1]%.
Connection to host failed - Host lobby is full
Next time we have a soiree with your councillors, please do not seat me next to Falstaff. I don't want to come within a mile of him when he has cutlery in his reach.
Naval units and aerial units can only engage enemy units on the map. They cannot capture countries.
Add to control group
Air Mine
Shall I tell you about the dreams I had, milord, or had you rather we move right on to business?
You taught our enemy the meaning of defeat, commander, but already I'm aching to give them another lesson! Come, to battle!
Will you allow employees to be fired without notice?
Death is looming
If you want something done well, you do it yourself! Even though I abhor expressing myself through platitudes, commander, I am addressing a man after all, and must therefore use a turn of phrase of an unsophisticated nature.
Aura of Frailty

Naval unit discount
Another kill on the counter.
Our Man Aboard The Raven - Raven rife with love affairs. War effort not empire's primary concern?
A heavy class ground unit that is highly effective against large groups of light class ground units and armoured ground units.
Shipyard completed
You'll be glad to know, commander, that I followed your advice. Despite the tactless treatment I received from Lord Larradshire, I was the very picture of gallantry at a dinner thrown in my honour by darling E'Lhissabetha, during which I amazed them all by my command of elf etiquette in the ancient tongue.
Lady Camilla is a woman after my own heart, commander! An eye for an eye: that's the only thing that rights a wrong! I'll be sure to congratulate her for eliminating that filthy creature without dilly dallying in court rooms first! None of that! You gut a tavern, we gut you!
Tell me about lohannah_1_2_0
This aura permanently increases the damage done by friendly units in a [1] meter radius around you by [2]%.
Once more I find myself siding with Catherine, commander! The army could do with a dollop of the feminine touch, which is not weaker, but most certainly wiser than its male counterpart!
Sigurd and Aurora's son.
This is abominable, commander! Animals will be raised by the thousands in deplorable conditions just to be hacked to pieces when they reach the right age. Hell hath no greater horrors!
I hope you'll like my jetpack! It is my gift to you, to keep without recompense, for gladly shall I remain aboard this wondrous ship to tinker and toy, hammer and hew!
Devastator - Besiege
Building a Factory on a country with a low income in gold is not a good idea because you won't be able to produce a lot of units there.
Now you've gone and done it, my pussy-cakes! I told you this would happen! That bleedin' heart of yours had to swoop in and plead on my father's behalf, didn't it? Well, your troops saved the bastard's life and now reprisals have begun. Those that could fled the country, but anyone still in his realm, and ere-time opponent of his, now faces torture and execution.
Unit is being manufactured, Commander
Besides, the empire is but new; so many who stray have yet to be subjugated! Whatever your merits, commander, much more can be done! Yes indeed! After all, so say the hallowed Seven Scriptures, the world shall never be perfect until all that stirs is bone!
Dwarven banks are such immoral institutions! I'm very glad to see lady Camilla clipped those vultures' wings!
Men will have their simple pleasures you know. Games of chance, drinking games etcetera. All made for a welcome change from Henry's moody ways though. He was rather cordial, if you can believe it. Thought I'd see Maxos shave his beard first!
Military miserable over last loss: emperor has lost control over his troops, sergeant says
I have some free time, I could plant a few flowers on the deck.
cruel and cunning as he was,
I have swum the seas of night, dragon, amid many a thousand struggling souls. Those you wanted, I placed upon the dragon's ship. They love you. Others I dragged down into the deep to be devoured. They are beyond love, hate and indifference.
Warlock Mercenaries
Don't mention it; I was happy to oblige.
Shaman - Charm
New Preset
Not when she represents the writs of justice! They may be harsh but always strike true!
If those so-called nobles have a beef with Thelor, they should stand up and speak for themselves. I'm not one for these backroom deals.
I Am The Cure
You're not fully accepted here yet, commander, but the people at least tolerate your presence. I'm sure we'll have some support.
Let's talk about this later.
Increase Movement Points
Well, well, well, the dragon commander himself! Come, sit! Drink with me! Yeah, I know what you're thinking! He's had a few too many, but you'd take to the rye too if you had an imp apparatus for an arm! Never told you how I came by this eyesore, did I?
Your Hunters will fire [1]% faster.
That's quite nice of them, no? You don't sound very much enthused though.
The man got what he deserved. The rest matters not.
Lord Larradshire, Commander, has met his maker—no doubt to their mutual disappointment! The swine that called me 'swamper' accepted my challenge to a duel whereupon I made him swallow his words and my sword besides!
Command a building to build a unit in RTS while in Dragon mode.
Should your Dragon die in combat,
This is a skill specifically made to protect your teammate's dragon or units. A shield is cast on your ally's dragon or unit and any hit inflicted on the shield reduces the damage taken by [1]%. It also heals your own dragon for [2]% of the damage done. This shield lasts for [3] seconds.
The journey towards death is at an end, my love! Let my kin curse me if they wish it. For you and I there is only bliss and perpetual passion!
Next faction decision at
That's just the thing! It's awfully jolly of them to throw me an impromptu jamboree, were it not that I don't eat meat.
A Winner Is You
Each country's research points revenue is adjusted by [1]%.
The enemy's armors will move [1]% slower.
They may be used to battlefields alone these days, but we do not tolerate such mayhem in our cities. Someone needs to pay!
You see, the invitation reads that the dwarves' top chef will prepare all courses and, as you know, those bawdy little fellows wouldn't consume a vegetable if it'd make them lay golden eggs!
Your Troopers will move [1]% faster.
Mapped skill 5
Commander, it can't have escaped your notice that elf women tend to breastfeed their children in public. Walking down the street, everywhere I look there's another mammal suckling its offspring like there's no tomorrow, and quite frankly it disgusts me! You don't see me pulling up my skirt and laying eggs in the middle of Palace Square! These things are private matters and should be kept out of the public eye. You won't allow this sordid custom to continue unchecked, will you, commander?
Everking Gardens
Your Troopers will fire [1]% faster.
More steam power!
Remember I mentioned the artist Della Gekko a while ago, Commander? Brilliant? Gay... ? Well, I have another example; the undead sculptress Claudella who sadly perished a short while ago because of some strange disease that sometimes plagues her kindred.
We'll talk about this later.
Alas that such setbacks still occur, commander! We need to liberate the women of the realm from their oppressors.
When the devil's own fires rage across the world, the end of times draws near! They are about to rage, Commander! Seven cast thee in the dust for fanning the flames!
Whats brewing?
Life is a gift of the gods, and so, of course, is death! It is not up to mortals or undead to tamper with either of them, which is precisely what those impish charlatans are trying to do!
I think it's a tragedy when people are forbidden to enjoy innocent recreations because of other's prudish prejudices! What harm would these dwarves have done? None whatsoever!
There isn't an inch of this land that isn't heavily defended! We'll have to fight for every last bit of it!
Mountain Dragon
But I do mention it, because I know we didn't really fool anybody. When I met Sir Silvervein in the lounge, the fire in his eyes would have sufficed to roast me like a pig on a spit. As a matter of fact, I'm quite certain he was picturing me with an apple in my mouth.
Like I said, commander: committees can be bribed as well. Now all those pretty pennies will disappear in their pockets, not yours. Just plain silly that!
Perhaps it is best that you do. Oberon is bound to throw a fit.
Of course! What better way to motivate a student than to beat him within an inch of his life? Once more, Yorrick herds us all along the tranquil path to enlightenment. Stupid skeletal sadist!
Wonderful! Charming! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to put a bet on a certain Fangbear wide as a castle gate running in the three o' clock derby. He's a dead cert, Commander, and you can take that literally!
Next time Henry wants to play cards I'll tell him I'd rather tongue-kiss a rattler. Such an unrefined game, really, the past-time of booze-hounds and imbeciles; quite unfit for a man of my refinement.
[1] activated. Please select a friendly target.
Armours Unleashed
Never underestimate the power of the word, my dear dragon, for oftentimes it will open doors that would withstand a barrage of fire-breath! One merely calls upon favours, loses a diamond in strategic locations, threatens to expose a dirty little secret now and again...
You have a noble countenance about you, commander. Lizard-like almost.
A friendly dragon can shout a Berserker Roar!
On a pale horse!
His followers threaten to kill their hostages unless he is pardoned and set free post-haste, but doing so would invalidate our rule of never negotiating with those who wreak terror.
Emperor's "collect them all" attitude condemned: "War is not childish competition" philosopher says
The most versatile of dragon kinds, the Sabre Dragon is a formidable foe that combines might and mind to overcome his enemies.
I'm loosing altitude!
Let's just say I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the enemy generals' quarters, commander. I bet there's enough cold sweat in there to freeze a bull in heat!
It's all gone... all broken... all but a memory... Claudella and her works are one: dead... faded away... forgotten. And why, Commander? For what? For the sake of her loving a woman, not a man. For the sake of dodging a diplomatic incident. For futile gods and their futile subjects. Such a futile pity.
The dragon's passive health regeneration is improved by [1]%.
Enemy mortar turrets will pop up in no time, commander!
These soldiers returning from tenebrous cells, you're not sending them straight back into battle, are you? I faced their fate only a little while ago, and all I could think about was home. Home is where they should be headed.
The dragon conquers and the throne passes from pig to pig. What a difference a day makes...
Enemy's latest invention "not really useful" say our pilots
Pestilence take me, commander, if the vices of men aren't harder to stamp out than all the weeds in the wilderness! Where my inquisitors go, they wither; where they leave, bloom anew in all their obscene glory. I merely try to protect women from the abject horrors that are rape and pillage, yet I find myself fighting a battle so uphill as to be vertical!
Invert Mouse Y-Axis Camera
Whereas Yorrick has a point, it is his laws that have been broken, I would render this woman unto the elves all the same. She deserves a lawyer, a proper defence, rather than a priest and the charade of last rites.
Fly, My Flaming Pretties!
Don't worry, Commander! I didn't breathe another word about Scarlett and her... ways. It's a relief to know I was right all along though! When a women says 'no' to me, we all know what that means: not interested in men. Period.
But ... I was just gettin' me a beer ... Sir.
Now then, my friend, as a matter of course, the loss of Lady Lohannah has greatly upset us all, but if I may be cruelly negligent of your grief for a moment, I must inform you right off the bat it would be prudent of you to consider marriage anew at the earliest juncture.
Guess you've got a couple a hundred years ahead of you. Me? A couple of dozen with any luck. That's okay though. I've pretty much accomplished what I wanted and more, thanks to a couple of gentle nudges by your hand. Perhaps Scarlett, Catherine and I can join forces now, if they be willing. Always some mischief going on the world in need of setting right.
Be on your guard, commander! We haven't had time to put up defences here at all.
The Shaman automatically heals any damaged unit in a [1] meter radius for [2] hit points per second.
We are only moderately popular here, commander, but that will give us a bit of support.
The [2] population in your empire has decreased by [1]%.
Tell me about aida_10
Yea Yea...
Game Speed
Tell me about henry_4_1_0
Blessed be the Seven! Now that lady Aida's father has taken the first step to a better life, commander, do you think he might have been interested in the advantages of necromancy? He'd make for such a wonderful undead, wouldn't he?
I used to think she was arrogant and condescending—and I guess she was—but obviously I think highly of her cause. She has accomplished great things in a short time. Thanks to you, they say.
Tell me about camilla_1_2_0
Four Quartets
Will you allow breastfeeding in public places?
Tell me about henry_4_2_2
Heavy Ground Unit
Command 'Attack' (selected units)
I always told Henry he's a self-absorbed, trust-shy, pig-headed hardhead of a man, and finally he seems to have taken notice! I do declare he used the word 'team-work' in a sentence this afternoon. First time I practically fell off my chair being sober.
Glory be that you have finally realised the insanity that science leads us to! Stick to the Seven, Commander, and you can never go amiss!
The people in this country absolutely adore you, commander. Expect their full support!
Crikey, that was a shock! I never would have thought they'd actually convict Lady Lohannah of involuntary manslaughter! I feel that, on behalf of us imps, I should apologise, Commander! We certainly didn't want to take it this far.
A nation at war needs to be run like an ant colony, Commander! You don't see ants take time off to sit in the sun and gaze at a lake! If they do, they might find their nest pillaged by termites upon their return...
Ah, the Juggernaut! Pride of the fleet!
[1] Shaman mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Armour - Unload passengers
These people hate you with a vengeance. Don't expect their support, commander.
Tell me about catherine_1_2_1
Off comes the lid! Creepy crawlies everywhere! For believe me, commander, it will indeed be creeps that come crawling in and one of them will assume the title of president. What will you do if you don't win and some beet farmer starts to run the war? Dear lord, we'll be done for!
An enemy dragon can cast a shield around allies that heals it in turn!
I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!
This is a neutral country. If you capture it, it immediately becomes yours, as do the country's units should there be any.
One can hardly blame the imps for grasping an economical opportunity! If the elves feel disadvantaged, it's up to them to retaliate with new and better products.
No Dog Is Too Much For Me
Dragon spawned at the cost of [1]
I told you, commander; no more!
Each country is populated by a certain species. Your current popularity among this species is shown at the bottom of the screen. The higher your popularity, the more support you receive in this land. The more support you enjoy, the larger your army in a country can be during the combat phase.
And wherein lies that merit? Do they keep score of how many innocent lives they destroy by means of the sword; by fire; by assault? Fifty points and you're made captain? A hundred to be major? Wham, bam, another tortured ma'am and here's your colonel's rank? You disgust me, commander! Your presence makes me retch!
Each night it is written in the stars that the dragon will triumph come the dawn! Well done!
What a pair Edmund and Henry make, commander! Worry no longer, the insidious religion of the One God no longer tempts a single lizard in the realm. They either pay homage to the Seven or have the good sense not to prattle on about gods at all!
Barrels loaded, commander!
If I had a coin for every time that King Thelor insulted us elves, I'd be rich enough to buy his kingdom and turn him into a lowly tramp!
Would you? That's ever so sweet. I do feel bad about turning down such a nice gesture, but I'd feel worse should I break the hallowed habits of my people.
The palm of one's hand was designed to embrace the ear of a beer mug, Commander, not to be the playing ground of mutilation in the name of the Seven! If there's one thing here in need of branding, it's Yorrick as a complete nincompoop!
My comrades I will drag from his clutches and so I'll leave him destitute. It will be an act of rebellion paltry as Trinculo's brain, but I can do no more.
Many of the dragon's passive skills greatly improve its overall combat performance!
Chameleon Hide
Dire news, commander: the wives and daughters of many noble elves are being held as hostages. Whatever these kidnappers demand, we must give it to them!
Maximum Turn Time
What would you inquire of me, commander?
You are not the friend of the Seven I had hoped you to be, Commander. More's the pity... greater's the sin!
Research Points Revenue
Field duty, eh?
Combat cost
If the dwarves are to be believed, commander, and they better had be, the Long Goodbye has said its last farewell! Those be-moustached midgets were exposed for the mean little murderers of women they are, and under the indignant eye of the counsel have sworn to abolish their bestial practices.
The emperor will prevail!
Ghost are undead too, you know, and they'll be pleased to hear they are to be recognised as citizens of the realm!
Armours, Heavy Units
Tell me about henry_4_0_0
Start Multiplayer
Commander, you may have heard about the evening we councillors spent in the presence of your lady the queen, and I just wanted to say that whatever reached your ears about ghosts and such rot, well, it was that bloody pipe talking!
An enemy dragon can shield its allies!
Okay, so we just do like the coin says then? We could flip one every bloody time, you know. Sure would put an end to all this bloody bickering!
Glad you're sticking with it, commander! I know I wouldn't hold no rotten referenda if I were emperor. Bloody lizard would have lost her head for merely suggesting it!
Yes... yes, this room will suffice. Not too stuffy, not too sunny; a fine study it will make, where I can quietly contemplate my court cases... and bask in marital bliss of course.
Beautiful bronzes, marvellous marbles: all are falling under the hypocrites' hammers! But you can do something about this, Commander! You can stop this madness! And if you won't, give me the order, and I'll bash the skull of each vandal I meet!
What is going on aboard this ship? Who will vanish next? Something sinister stalks these halls!
Well, I guess a reprimand is a first step. Does it include the raiding of The Rivellon Times' offices, perhaps? Shall they be gutted by fire? For that would be most agreeable and please the Seven!
Congratulations, Commander! Lohannah is such a sweet girl. I'll teach her some drinking games—make her fit right in!
Enemy Shamans get shield, our army reports. "What a quaint idea," our imps react
The enemy's Imp Fighters will do [1]% less damage.
An imp dies, but does not surrender. Unless he has no other option.
And Stay Down!
Glory be! I'm sure you're happier than a squirrel in a nut-shop to see me return victorious, aren't you Commander? Those daft carcasses never knew what hit 'em! The moment they saw my warships poised over their tower thingy, they released my Anne before you could say 'Yorrick's a rotten egg'!
All enemy units in a [1] meter radius around you are paralyzed with fear for [2] seconds.
You're kicking the legs right from under our educational values, commander! No permit will be given to wee babes, but the younger they get their hands on the hilt or trigger, the more responsible they become. Stands to reason!
You could stand to be a bit more devious, my dear! There ain't a king that's not a conniving bastard—if he plans to last, that is!
Double tapping a control group key jumps the camera to that control group
Tell me about ophelia_3a
Ironclads can unmask cloaked enemy units in a [1] meter radius.
If that is how you feel I'm glad you took my advice to heart.
First it was smoke-sticks, now it's sugar water! Both start with the letter 's', you know! Just like sin! Just like the Sev ... Hmmm ... No, scratch that thought. That didn't come out properly.
Report From The Trenches - Emperor's dominance overshadowed by poor morale
Enemy shamans can cripple our troops! Hardly fair ...
How you could have chosen that blaring dwarf over her is quite beyond me! You'll rue the day, and soon, too!
Lady Aida is to be congratulated, commander! She set a fine example of dwarven loyalty to her family. It's a rule we all wish we could break, you see, and is therefore enforced with the strictest of discipline. There'd be none of us left if it weren't for such regulations! Beer and brothers tend to make for rowdy get-togethers.
It, yes 'it', has brutally murdered a fair elven maiden because she spurned his lewd advances. The brute is guilty as sin, that much is as clear as daylight, but the all-lizard jury has found him not guilty... So much for my own refined race...
Though it pains me, I can't but accept the judge's verdict. I'll see to it you're well taken care of; there is nothing more I can do.
Tell me about camilla_3_1_2
Anyday, Anytime
Correct my if I misconstrue events, Commander, but I believe you ordered a lesser lord—Themor or something—to undo one of his policies and he blankly ignored you, yes? Doesn't that rather sully your image as king of kings?
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs'; an expression we lizards are not very fond off, bred as we are in the shell. I can therefore assume the phrase 'You can't make Super Soldiers without messing up wombs' would be equally unpopular among elves and dwarves, commander. To put it delicately, Trinculo is an utter loon and I hope you'll tell him as much.
There better be a tavern!
Bomber Balloons can obliterate groups of units but they will need support from other troops against anti-air units!
So it's fair trade then, is it? Suit yourself, Commander, but you'll go all kinds of green around the gills when you find out the price increases this namby-pamby scheme is going to create! I may just put this issue back on the table at a later date. See what you say then!
Tranio, Son of Trunio
Very good, Commander! Let the bees have their queen, the wolves their leader of the pack. We elves, dwarves, lizards, imps, undead and humans will settle for a dragon on the throne!
Now I grant you, commander, normally it's us imps that are described as mad, bonkers and everything in between, but today the elves are stealing our limelight!
Latest wins present empire with no real advantages
In the name of the Sacred Seven, I demand a central position in this council! No one is of greater relevance than the representative of the gods!
I fought doubly hard to score this victory, commander, for they say this province teems with belles!
Ready to fall for the fatherland, commander! Let us march into battle! We are the cogs, you the machine!
Hahaa! Good show, commander! We'll produce sugar water so cheaply the dwarves won't have a choice but to follow suit. And just to pester them, we'll make a variant in every colour of the rainbow!
The enemy's Warlocks will do [1]% less damage.
LAN ([1])
Go to battle!
A friendly dragon can unleash the Eye of the Patriarch!
Help me, says emperor. I'm misunderstood
To my infinite pleasure, commander, lady Lohannah seems to have quite recuperated from her previous beef-related blunder. In fact her performance at the ambassadors' reception was a remarkable feat of ever so subtlely swaying seemingly unshakable standards by one's mere stature and presence.
The king is dead, commander, long live the queen! To think it all started with a bid for raising taxes. Always a bad idea, see. I hope lady Aida keeps that in mind!
All friendly units in a [1] meter radius around you receive a [2]% increase to their movement speed for [3] seconds.
So, where do we go from here?
Peace, the word itself, hardly had a meaning. It was an abstract, until, after long and dark ages, three men decided they had had enough. I was one of them. The other two were your father Sigurd, and an eccentric inventor known only—even by us—as the Architect.
I cannot say with utmost certainty to what degree I have bound him to the Raven, but I am quite certain he is my prisoner, even though in dreams he still roams the consciousness of thousands.
So you're backing the fairies, are you? Both the elves and... the other kind. Thin end of the wedge if you ask me, Commander! They'll be marrying goats next!
Determines the maximum amount of units you can produce during combat
Do you have any news to share?
May the reverent shaman's word prove to be as true as the trust I bestow upon his talents. More than my convalescence alone now depends upon his abilities: fellow undead's lives will be thrown into the balance.
I'm loathe to increase the tension between you and your father even further. He's the only family you have left in the world. Isn't that worth something?
Musical Box
But to give you power so that I may have my pleasures! I suffer in this lonely place where that devilish sorcerer tears in strips my mind and takes off with shattered memories—the fragments of true potential that might have been!
Enemy tech admired by our researchers: "Brilliant! We blow fish out of the sea all the time, so why not ships?"
Step by step you bring us closer to our goal! An empire united in peace!
Dread Roar
When you chose a wife other than lady Ophelia, I told you the bond would be devoid of godly grace. Here is the proof, commander: in their displeasure, they have plucked your sinful spouse from your ship and cast her down into the hells!
I don't quite know what to make of Henry's attitude, though. I found myself paying for his whole trip back to the ship. He kept going on and on about how sorry he was. 'Another drink, Yorrick, to alleviate my guilt!' 'Another drink, Yorrick, in memory of those poor children!' What could I do but pick up the tab?
A friendly dragon has Scales of Steel!
You will lose all unsaved progress.

The imps are devilishly clever, Commander; too clever for their own good! If you don't reign them in, sooner or later you'll see a blinding light large as the sky, the sounds of a thousand thunderstorms and then... nothing.
Audio Settings
Half of the foes we kill are shot or stabbed in the back, Commander. They're on the run, alright! Bunch of cowards! What ever happened to victory or death? No respect for traditions anymore!
A drunkman's orders are a sober man's thoughts.
We've come a long way and we've had our ups and downs, but today is not one of regret; of looking back in anger, no! A day like this—ha!—such a day the world has never seen!
Drafted armies:
Elven Favour
Let the spirit of orcs freely stalk the blood of the innocent and the end of the empire would have been predestined, commander. It has been averted. Blessing of the Seven be upon thee!
Press [1] in dragon form to select nearby units.
Be that as it may, the counsel has accepted his promise—sordid affairs like this will never occur again. General Catherine is to be commended! She may well have saved lives!
Unit damage increase
I had expected derision, I really did, but to my surprise my statement gained me sympathy and my cause attention. It was an eye-opener. Oberon even apologised to me for having wanted to cover up the archduke's abominations. He's in a proper dungeon now, devoid of light and luxury.
Once it is yours,
Everking Gardens
Camera strafe left
Range [1]
Win A Two On Two Campaign In Multiplayer.
To protect the good name of a product is one thing, commander, but to throttle an entire economy because of it is another. I'm not so sure you thought this through.
This is your Imperial Palace. Should it fall, you will have lost the battle!
Enemy Warlock upgrade detected
I'll take my leave.
I'll be out this afternoon shopping for crowns. Now, I'm not one for subtlety, so don't be surprised if I take a shine to a pretty thing as precious as Oberon's self esteem—though not quite as fragile.
Your Transports will do [1]% more damage.
Your populace's motivation has decreased by [1]%.
I, too, have smashed several of her eyesores into rubbish and with each stroke of the hammer I felt the munificence of the Seven course though me! Purity, Commander! Purity is sin undone!
Sir Falstaff raises some proper concerns about family values and the likes, but that holier-than-thou collection of bones will prattle on and on about gods and such nonsense. Nothing we can't handle.
Others less scrupulous in the handling of natural beauty have risen to prominence. They hack and mine; blast, drain and usurp. As much as we can, we condemn and attempt to stop their misguided endeavours. We are the Green Mother's unwavering paladins, and it is our fondest desire you, Commander, will join our ranks.
If dwarven scripture be banned from the classroom, commander, you may be certain our children will learn our traditions at home and doubly so! Ruddy imps and their rotten science! The pox on them!
Life is but a walking shadow, Commander, don't get too attached to it.
There's only one person you can trust, and that's yourself. Looks like you found that out the hard way.
The terrible truth behind the empire's losses
Falstaff is such a fool. Full of the fleeting sentiment that taints the living. Beauty... Ha! All so-called beauty must fade and wither until its treacherous shell has rotted away to reveal—behold!—True Beauty. We, the undead, are its exponents as deemed just by the gods. Lady Ophelia will come to realise that in the end.
Dragon to wear armour to battle. "Flight in jeopardy," says aviation adept
Bravo, commander! The lines of battle are redrawn with each passing day and always in your favour!
Shipyards cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Emperor takes a break from the war
Am I correct in understanding Henry is now threatening to blow up some church or chapel or something? Ha! The dear old chap never ceases to amuse... in a crude sort of fashion.
Our industry is like a well-oiled machine, commander, only the oil is coin instead! Let it flow less affluently, and the machines will wear and tear!
Destroy a Tavern in an enemy country.
Undo card purchase
Emperor spotted in shopping mall after losing battle. "I'd rather spend time in the mall than on the battlefield." In-depth interview inside!
So you had the villain hung? Good riddance!
Select Aerofactories
Nobility does not imply noble: the dragon dabbles in blood magic
Do well by the gods, commander and you'll do well by us, as well as all in the realm! We have many proposals to that effect, which I will bring before you in due time. So say I, Yorrick, humble servant of the Seven.
Your empire's gold revenue is adjusted by [1]
Positive Reinforcement
Yes! The ardour of ambition; it beats within you like the pulse of a hundred gods! I shall have her soul to drench in blood and you... you shall have supremacy!
Tell me about scarlett_3_1
Won't that use too much fuel?
Emperor holds anti-militaristic demonstrations responsible for latest defeat. Activists answer with more street marches
At the lone top do I reside, but I would have it no other way. Those who do not understand—all but everyone—calls me a loner, thinking the word to be a pejorative, but it is, on the contrary, glorious to live in sweet isolation when all around you non-lizards, that is to say, inferiors, skitter and crawl like vermin.
I am relieved you have come to your senses, commander! The will of the people is the will of the devil, for only your will has the blessing of the gods!
Justice has been done under the all-seeing eyes of the mighty Seven! He who has cast down the bones of our brethren has himself been cast down into the dust!
Nationalisation and despotism go hand in hand, Commander. You may think we are overreacting, but the elves have a history of such states. Be warned, for they are not always the happy-go-lucky free spirits they believe themselves to be.
All hail the dragon!
Prospera is absolutely correct, commander! A quota must be set before the dwarves turn the seas into deserts bereft of life!
It would seem Edmund has come back from his inspection duties among the imp armies already! I had expected tales of mayhem to precede his reappearance; in fact, I bet Henry the lizards and imps would be at war as soon as he set foot among them, but no. All the better of course... though a little disappointing.
Even his magic is self-centered, complains army
If you can walk in dreams, why do you ask my permission to feast on souls?
Hehehe! Have you come in search of my powers, dragon? O you are woefully too late! I have spent them all on myself, my every thousands of selves! Blood Magic... yes! I am the one who roams the many!
Emperor denies violating treaties in latest victory
The Warlock becomes nearly invisible for [1] seconds. Executing abilities like 'Death From Above' will end the cloak prematurely.
Blasted undead! Nothing good ever came from any of them. Except Claudella of course.
Upon activation, you fire restorative charges for [1] seconds. When colliding with a friendly unit, they restore [2] hit points. Unlike your standard fire attack, these charges do not overheat.
The enemy's Bomber Balloons will have [1]% less health
Tactical Genius
Total Casualties Of War: [1]
Darn and blast it, can't you let one little assassination slide? We've brought him to the brink of ruin, and now that we can give him that last tiny push you crawl back like a hound kicked by its master!
A proximity mine dropped by Armours that explodes when enemy units get near.
Combat Card: Combat Advantage
Should the dwarves make the smoke-stick actually addictive—and clearly that is their purpose—you are basically institutionalising a depraved dependency on a drug for the sake of prosperity. Think on it, Commander! We just can't do this!
Motion Blur
Just as I was about to say I wished he were in fact being picked at by carrion birds right then and there, he asked for my forgiveness. I didn't know what to say... I was overcome! I... I accepted his apologies. He promised his reign of cruelty would stop and that together we would run a better realm devoid of bitterness.
Friends With Benefits
Hunter's Highlands
So, you've managed to turn your wife into a being of pure gold, have you, Commander? I must confess not even a dwarf has gone quite so far. I am impressed, indeed I am—and a bit turned on by her to boot!
Seven help us, Seven be merciful, for a pestilence roams the lands! Hobweed, thy real name is Satan; thy workings demonic! Gods enlighten, gods forgive, show the dragon the error of his ways. Repent, commander, for you have sinned against life itself!
Dragon Drop: a dragon's diet
Your Armours will have [1]% more hit points.
Impressive, commander! Not many rulers would forego great profit for the sake of the greater good!
Commander, we already have the means to locate and appropriately punish wrongdoers; it is called the law, and it is a secular medium for very good reasons! Never should the Church of the Seven be given the authority to tell right from wrong, for its execution would lay in the hands of the undead, and from their skeletal claws no mercy or reason is to be expected!
Your Imp Fighters will have the Bombs Away upgrade for one combat round.
This diabolical being, then, who holds our key to victory, but would much rather unbolt the door of defeat, desires to address the dragon. He has wanted to do so from the beginning, and though I had rather you'd never meet this thing of insidious evil, I recognise such is not my decision to make. So find me in my study, and I will show you how to find Corvus.
Build Time
Naval Specialist
Damn those undead! Bunch of ungrateful wretches! Dwarven banks boost their pathetic economy and what is the thanks we get? Accusations of theft and deceit! Instead of shooting off their mouths they had better crawl back in their coffins and hold the tongues they lack!
So now I have to organise a protest! How do I even begin? Perhaps I should ask Oberon. If anyone protests all the time, it's him!
Well done, Commander! If we want to call ourselves civilised, we must constantly endeavour to earn the title. We have earned it today. Let us earn it again tomorrow.
You know, imp scientists could adorn you with living tissue, magically imbued. This will make you look human... sort of... and you'll develop more senses. Yorrick won't be pleased though.
I think you're setting a dangerous precedent, commander! Associate 'foreign' with 'criminal' and you'll give rise to all kinds of mischief!
Ashes to ashes!
[1] activated. Please target the ground.
A most salubrious solution, Commander, for my well-being as well as theirs, for no doubt my patience would have worn very thin; thin as the threads of life of those who were wearing it out.
All of this just to spite me. He's been spouting more venom than a lizard sewing circle. 'Aida can't even convince her own husband to join her cause', they say. 'The sheets must be cold up in the Raven!' Prepostrous! Have they not seen me? As if any set of sheets could be cold with a red-hot little looker like me in between the satin buggers!
He has powers that are as prodigious as they are unique. With the talent of a virtuoso, he shall, according to my instructions, brandish his brush upon bare canvas, and there beget a woman of ultimate beauty. Then, when his masterpiece is finished, he will weave nameless magic: I shall be the painted phantasmagoria come to life!
It shall be my honour.
Your Grenadiers will have [1]% more hit points.
Caught in the act: emperor blatantly copies enemy Juggernaut design. Population wonders "where all this money is coming from"
A new firing mechanism lets Devastators fire two rounds in quick succession. These, however, do only [1]% of the damage of a normal round.
and caught the attention of his siblings.
It's your lucky day, commander, for I have with me the famed beauty Aida, princess of Hammerdale! Dwarves have come a-courting her from each part of the realm, clad in solid golden belts beset with diamonds, wielding axes so sharp they can cleave rock; bold warriors that alone could face an army, but none has lain claim to that purest of rubies that is her heart!
I love staring at the clouds! They're so peaceful and fluffy.
The Juggernaut fires an all-annihilating missile at a chosen location, which does [1] damage to any unit or structure in a [2] meter radius of impact. The missile moves slowly and can be shot down.
Thank you, commander! I myself was able to regenerate my tail after a Fangbear incident, but non-lizards won't be so lucky!
Those 'merchants', commander, those 'warlords', they aren't worthy of their titles. Rats they are, that would break every law of the Seven if it earned them a single penny. Let us deal with such vermin no longer.
You shouldn't be so squeamish, commander! The mental picture of a naked dwarf might not exactly rouse the aesthetic soul, but I'd have thought you'd rise above the very petty concerns raised in this room against naturism.
Select all of type on screen
Your Warlocks will move [1]% faster.
With questionable methods, I achieved great results; but that, I gather, is the very nature of politics.
You found me!
Please wait while other commanders choose who will lead the battle for [1]
Wonderful! Who is to be the lucky lady?
Heavens no, we wouldn't want to make a scene! The rejected princesses will be disappointed and their councillors furious. No, once you have made your choice, inform me of it in confidence and simply be about your business. I will take care of the rest.
Armour Mercenaries
You have been too lenient with the undead for too long, commander, but at last you've seen the light! Their expectations are beyond grotesque. Praise be you have finally denied them!
Undead rejoice: "This emperor must be our emperor! He is our choice! He is the emperor of Death!" Empire puzzled
He did thank me (the most uncomfortable moment in my life, by the way), and to stand by him in this hour of need will endear me in the hearts of all dwarves... something I might benefit from in the long run.
Warlocks are slow and require player attention, but can wipe out groups of units by themselves if used correctly!
Your immediate refusal illustrates quite clearly that you are both afraid of what the majority's answer to our question might be, and that you are quite determined to be a totalitarian ruler once the throne is yours. In that case, the peace you may well win is doomed to be short-lived. You have written the future, Commander, and it consists of but one word: war.
The enemy's Ironclads will have [1]% less health
I need a drink! And some action! When do we fly into battle? I have to get my mind off things.
Starting Recruits
I do believe you're fishing for compliments, commander, for you know as well as I do we are bound to triumph. The enemy is no more than a cornered mouse now, waiting for the cat to pounce.
Emperor silenced by question about strategic importance of latest conquest
Do this, do that, I mean come on! Grow a pair, will ya?
Base: [1]

Press [1] and the movement keys to dash in the direction you want.
I am but a slave now, bound by a demon's oath to serve the one that bound me—no more than an infernal genie in a rather exceptional bottle. Give me lease though, and I can claw for the things I crave ...
Your Armours will move [1]% faster.
Using Sabotage on enemy buildings or troops disables their production capability and abilities (though units can still move)!
Commander, it would seem some of my fellow dwarves have been corrupted by obscene elven habits. They call themselves 'nudists' and demand the demented right to walk about stark naked on specific sections of beach or park grounds. I tell you, they've gone completely bonkers! You'll not allow for such, practices, will you, Commander?
When facing other dragons, be sure to dodge their attacks with the right-mouse button!
A friendly dragon can shout a Dread Roar!
The fates do not merely rain on my parade, they cast down hail and lightning! What was to have been a flawless rescue operation underwent a miserable metamorphosis and resulted in a bloodbath. The Seven be damned: more than half of the elven hostages were butchered before the last kidnapper was put down.
Destroy a Factory in an enemy country.
Select all units on screen
The paperwork is done; your signature graces it, and therefore hobweed is now legal! Gone are the days when women were forced to bear the child of her assailant and gone are the days when—why not—some young baroness has to flee the country because she and her lover slipped up! Love, lust and freedom, all because of a single plant! Well done, Commander!
The Rivellon Times is no more than a daily dose of heresy for those that sinfully partake! Rather than admonish, you should abolish the thing altogether, commander!
I'd have thought you'd be more charitable, commander! Orcs will die whether we give them a hand or not, and think of all those hungry street urchins; think of their wide eyes, how they'd praise your name for being allowed to savour a tender piece of orc! Alas, commander, alas!
Iron Plating
Capital, commander! Capital in every sense of the word! Smoke-sticks for all! To your very good health!
If he got a hold on all my father's children, why didn't Corvus get a hold on me?
Here, read this letter. 'Tis addressed to you, but has been printed in that rag, The Rivellon Times, as well! That slithery snail oh-so-profusely apologises for having saddled you with such a sorry excuse for a wife that he wouldn't blame you if you threw me off the ship ... and married an elf instead!
I should like to speak to Corvus.
Target Area
Oh dear, I have just received this lovely invitation to attend a dinner party in my honour. The councillors want to welcome me aboard the ship and congratulate me on having become a Dragon Knight's proud wife.
Excellent, commander! Wasn't it smart of me to think of unemployment rates? More than fantasies about cannons and combustions going on under this hat, oh yes!
I've been meaning to thank you, commander, for acting upon Catherine's request; my new wages please me in more ways than one. She has a knack for such issues and though she's rather bellicose in expressing them, I hope you'll heed them all the same.
Don't be so persistently pushy! I've a good mind to slap you with my tail if you persevere!
By my honour, I'd do the same! Swamper indeed... Tomorrow will see us one less elf lord!
Tell me about lohannah_2_1_0
Your wish is my command... Hahaha! Took all my strength to say that with a straight face!
How come you know so much about all this technology stuff?
[1] research points have been added.
Soon I shall drink the shaman's broth and crumble, then reawaken an imp-engineered golem. Seven give me strength!
As it stands, however, I can but look on with shock at how an inferior being such as he drew the blood of lizards, creatures infinitely more noble than him, even if their faculties were dulled by religion.
Well, milord, when your good father 'n' Maxos first started to conquer the world with their fancy machines, we imps were mesmerised! None of us cared if we were being drafted into a strange warlord's empire, for if those were the weapons he wielded, we were all ready to welcome him with open arms! By golly, were we ever!
Tell me about ophelia_5_2
I protest, indeed I do protest! I mean, what's next? Shall we allow public copulation as well? Will we approve of people cheering on couples as they undertake procreation? One has to draw a line, commander! Not everything goes!
I myself am no stranger to the taste of hobweed, you know. Not that I've ever had actual need of it, mind you, but there is a certain elation to be found in its leaves.
You don't have to call me 'your honour' in every conceivable situation, but know that less is not more.
Reset camera
Bah, what is this accursed feeling that is gnawing at me like a ferret on a dead rabbit? I have everything I always wanted: for my father to be six foot under and for myself a throne six foot tall. And don't suggest it's regret either cause some touchy feely elf already went down that road and he's still looking for his ears!
You can issue your units with multiple follow-up commands by holding the shift button while assigning them!
I dub thee hater of women and want nothing to do with you any further!
Enemy Juggernaut upgrade detected
The unfortunate home-owners can no longer pay their mortgages, are evicted, and their lands and properties go to the bank. It would seem the dwarves have been playing this trick on a very large scale, effectively stripping the undead of large pieces of territory, hence the latter's claim of a breach of sovereignty.
There is such a thing as decorum, Commander, and I'm glad you recognise it. I don't care what manner of perversions go on behind closed doors—indeed, indulge I say—but out on the street, we can at least act like we're civilised people, even if we're not.
I'd take them up on their offer, but Henry is convinced they'll kill Anne nonetheless and has therefore taken somewhat more... drastic measures. Relying on the piety of the undead, he has commanded warships to annihilate their most sacred sanctum, the Skeleton Spire, unless his daughter is returned to him unharmed. This is madness, Commander! The entire undead community is in uproar!
The following user has a different version of the game: [1]
When I catch her gaze, I know the meaning of hate, Commander! She may still be trusted as an ally, yes, but if you have committed the unspeakable crime of being born a male, don't expect to find favour with her! I swear a she-wolf like her would eat her own cubs should they offend!
There we have it, a dwarven scholar worth his salt... I had thought it as likely as Henry showing a display of wit, but I was mistaken, and that is a phenomenon less frequent than a snow storm in the deserts of Yuthul Gor!
Triumph begets triumph, it seems! There's just no stopping you, is there?
Tell me more about the demon you mentioned, Maxos.
Hoarse Throat
Dwarven will may be stronger than the proverbial camel's back, commander, but this last straw might have broken it nonetheless. Thank heavens you decided against it!
Do imps skimp on material? Emperor blames "lagging jetpack" for latest loss.
Under your auspices I have sometimes been able to explore beyond the letter of the law and discovered there the spirit of the law, a curious new territory, the exploration of which my own rigidity had previously prohibited. I'm convinced though, these meanderings have made me a better judge.
Commander, you have recently denied us a republic, but there are other matters still to which we would like to draw your attention. The late emperor, your father, left behind an almost intangible patchwork of laws that all serve but one purpose: to drain the taxpayers' pockets by any means, and at every turn. We'd like you to undo these laws, clear the air! Think how much more effectively the government could work if it wasn't shackled by so many obscure rules and legislations! That would be a tremendous payoff!
Why not, indeed? I'm quite fond of a good glass of wine myself. I'll bring you the best wine in the land and we'll share it together.
Oh hold your tongue, you heathen nincompoop! Your presence befouls this room, this very ship!
Do forgive me if I appear exceptionally smug today, but I was very flattered, you see, to witness how my reputation precedes me even into the very crevices of the world. The imps had heard of my approach and my... modicum of resentment for their rituals. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a cordial handshake, no more!
Shamans not only heal your units, but cleanse them from the effects of the Chemical Warfare and Mustard Gas abilities as well!
Permanent Card
I foresee a bright future, commander, indeed I do! Yes, I may have to contend with dwarves and undead still, but that is no price to pay at all in return for the stability of peace. Thank you! May the spirits of nature guard your soul and may their wisdom be your constant companion!
News from the front: calm before the storm?
Your generals speak highly of your strategic abilities, you know! And well they should!
So you're not mad about me shooting down the peace pipe idea?
Juggernaut - Imp Bunker Buster
O, my heart and soul, how I have prayed for your swift return! Never should I have allowed desperation to trump circumspection. I am entirely to blame for what has happened! The imp's potion... Seven bless us, one might as well apply magma to alleviate sunburn!
Only a fool does not accept what is coming to him by right! The gods are no fools, Commander. You, on the other hand...
Imp Architects
Catch as catch can!
Not all elves may agree, but in my opinion you did a noble thing by outlawing arranged marriages. Well done, commander!
West Lancefurt
General Henry.
Losing ground, sire!
He convinced them all that unrivalled engines of war he'd bestow upon them and theirs would be the throne! They believed the demon (how could they not?) and the instant he let go of their leashes, they sprung for the empire's throat like bloodhounds.
Guess you've got a couple a hundred years ahead of you. Me? A couple of dozen with any luck. That's okay though. I've pretty much accomplished what I wanted and more—perhaps a bit too much. Cost me an eye and an arm! Believe me, I've had enough of overlords, masters to be obeyed. I'll be my own man from here on out. A lone bounty hunter perhaps. Yeah, that'd suit me just fine.
The imps have made your Imp Bunker Buster even more destructive!
Be that as it may, I was the one to place you in the foster care of the kindly couple you grew up with. I saw to it you received a proper education and made certain you were always safe, for I knew that your true parents cherished you very much and would have raised you themselves had that been possible.
Alas that in doing so you yourself have found no redemption; no wisdom; no clarity. With all the grace of a bullock that mounts a cow you have imposed and sustained the prejudices that all womankind must face. Those whom you should cherish and treasure above all, you haven't even shown a modicum of equality, let alone the reverence that is our due.
Using [IE_Rocket] as the dragon will activate your jetpack, which will send you racing across the map!
Let Corvus do his worst, commander; the dragon will beat him in the end!
To upset the remains of the dead where they lay is a grievous outrage, commander, for they may yet be blessed by the Seven and be reborn into the Perpetuity of the Bone! Let no imp undo this holy destiny that may yet come to pass!
Of course, the dwarves did not take their defeat lightly, and retaliated by blowing up a couple of imp firework factories (a blow well beneath the belt, for you can image the rage with which this attack was received amongst our pyrotechnic-loving pals).
For shame! History is there to learn from, commander. Past mistakes presently repeated will be doubly condemned!
Enemy troopers can now capture our buildings!
click on it with [IE_ShootDragon] and barrage it with fireballs!
Main Menu
Who is to say this news is even accurate? Henry can take care of himself, and besides, I need you two to concentrate on the war effort!
Quite a change from the hot-head Henry you know and love, isn't it, commander? 'Twas down to Catherine and Scarlett, you know. Never would I have let those bastards of councillors unleash their barrage of injustice over me had I not rested easily in the knowledge that thereby I was shielding the friends who came to my aid without as much as a thought for their own safety.
The imps' proposal is as dangerous as it is unconscionable! If they produce elven ashes on an industrial scale, their terrifying bombs will be produced on an industrial scale also! You haven't just the war, but the world to consider, commander!
I do not know what his original price was for the bringing about of peace, and thereby I mean the technology your father used to beget his empire, but I venture to guess it must have been parts of his soul. Souls are what demons feast on and makes them mighty.
The enemy's Zeppelins will move [1]% slower.
Hunter - Teleportation
Destroy 15 enemy units with a single Eye of the Patriarch.
Commander, I hear that lady Lohannah is to be the subject of an artwork: a sculpture to be made by some lizard dilettante. It is with great concern that I appeal to the influence you have over our dear queen.
Sea units cost [1]% less.
Juggernaut primed and ready
He has been finally defeated, commander! So many of his aspects you have destroyed that he is now but a shell, bereft of all powers. When I dismantle the Raven, him I shall banish to the abyss he came from and with him the last remaining traces of that vile traitor, the Architect.
Rename Server
Oron Salia
Triumph trumps overkill, emperor says. Even undead perplexed
Simple Unit Deselection
Though I have come to dread the ramifications induced by impish machinations, I must concede to your wishes when confronted with your will and wisdom!
You're closing down the Elven Standard? Just because Falstaff's all in a huff? Dear me, commander, what are you going to do when he asks you to assassinate yours truly cause he called him fat and stumpy?
Enemy Armours can transport troopers and grenadiers, so don't be deceived by numbers!
No foetal experimentation then! Thank you, commander!
By Barlan Big-Briefs' nethers, next time I ask a boon of you, you had bloody well better scurry like a scullery maid—or else! 'Pay no heed to your father's jeers.' 'Don't stoop to his level.' Well, he has stooped for the both of us!
Giving him that knighthood was the least I could do! And it doesn't mean he has to trade in his spatula for a sword; no, he can keep his craft, whereas I must change my perspective.
Research points revenue adjustment
My moon and sun, joyous tidings! I have not half the time hence it takes my hourglass to void its life, parleyed with an imp of wise and cryptic nature: a shaman widely idolised among his kind.
God Rays
So the state becomes the puppet master, and all the people its puppets. You rank yourself too highly, commander! We are the Seven's puppets alone!
Back to Raven Bridge
May the gods favour you, commander! Each blow from the butcher's hammer will render another sacrifice unto the glorious Seven!
... Connecting to NAT traversal server ...
None of them could withstand the demon's promises, for they had secretly wished for the crown for years. Not even a loving father would stand in the way of their ambitions.
... Creating lobby ...
What do you make of the other generals?
Produce units and retaliate quickly!

as did his sister Sybille the Silent,
Zeppelins can cloak themselves and any friendly unit in a [1] meter radius, making them nearly invisible for [2] seconds. Executing abilities will end the cloak prematurely, but normal attacks don't affect the cloak effect.
In a straight line now!
Faari Syr
By all the gods real or imaginary, devils take my manhood if that Catherine creature isn't a bigger bitch than a mountain-sized mastiff! So what if I wage war by my own rules and care little for her so-called 'team tactics'? That's no reason to question my ability! She's lucky she has tits to prove she's not a man or I'd have beaten her more savagely than a dwarf his anvil!
No unit in this selection could execute your command.
The daft woman wants to draft a unifying constitution that actually says: 'We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all the races are created equal'. Equal! She must be more demented than a vegetarian cannibal!
Will you allow the consumption of orc meat?
Keep it secret! - keep it safe!
Unlock the Acid Blaze dragon skill for one combat round.
You have a lost a factory!
Ironclad manufactured
Save File
You think it's easy piecing soldiers back together?
Light Shadows
Tell me about lohannah_1_2_2
Lotus Dragon
And yet their souls remain, hovering helplessly upon capricious currents like ephemeral jewels evoked from stardust. Therefore, my love, if you allow for a moment a selfish turn of thought, know these souls may spell my salvation!
And what shall you do when you have a daughter, commander? Will you love and protect her or merely see potential profit?
Go back / Cancel
Soon it'll be MY scythe around YOUR neck.
Since when do girls become generals anyway? In my day the only weapon they were allowed to wield was a ladle and the only soldiers they could command were cut from toast! Girl generals... Bloody nonsense.
Lizard princess Camilla.
The population here loves you to death, commander. Their full support for our cause will surely prove it.
Made to perfection!
Tell me about arc_lohannah
A friendly dragon can cloak itself!
Mishaps like these happen all too frequently, and more often than not, crazed necromancers are causing them. They are the least responsible of all wizard—hunted even by the elves—and we should ensure they are put under strict observation by other, more responsible sorcerers.
Once he could manifest himself in Rivellon, his game of bloody war could begin, and what better place to start plotting from, than the aspiring offspring of a declining emperor? He stalked their dreams and told them all the time would soon come: the time of their ascendancy. Unrivalled engines of war he'd bestow upon them, and theirs would be the throne!
Juggernaut - Imp Backup
I seek to adjust my standing with one of the races. Go ahead and do so.
Your Transports will move [1]% faster.
Unlock the Soar dragon skill for one combat round.
At last we meet... Dragon Knight! Too long have I sensed your steadfast tread along my halls, like a reverberation through the spine; too long have I heard your voice linger, like the recollection of a dream near forgotten; too long have we been intangibly intimate without having made one another's acquaintance.
Once you are mine, dragon, once a Blood Servant you have been made, an entire world will go to sleep to wake no more. In endless dreams I shall appear, and Rivellon will hear only the howling of the winds, for nothing else will stir no more.
Congratulations, commander! Aida really is my type! That is to say, she clearly enjoys a spot of roughhousing now and again.
If there's trust to be had, I think they've earned mine, commander. As have you! The sins of your father need not be yours. You have my sword and my friendship too. There, now you know, so enough of this sentimental elf-talk and let's drink! To us! To the Raven! To victory!
Frost Isles
A heavy class naval unit that is good against almost anything, but weak against aerial units. Use this unit to protect your waters against attacks.
The dwarves can be the very definition of unscrupulous, commander, especially when they know they enjoy the protection of the highest power in the realm! They are doing something malignant. You know it and I know it. Money, as usual, buys silence and secrecy, no matter how reprehensible the actual secret.
This measure is bound to lead to corruption and abuse! Yes, the strong rule over the weak in nature too, but even an elf admits civilisation shouldn't mirror the Green Mother all too rigidly!
How could this happen, commander? Why did tragedy have to track down the fairest of us all? Lohannah has vanished, sudden as the dew on a summer's day! Now there is only eternal winter! Forever must our happiness be buried 'neath the snow!
Lords above, if they polish your shining armour any brighter I'll have to squint every time I look at you! But I know you make sense, confound it. Now that I have the chance to show the world I'm the bigger dwarf, I should take it. But I'll need a stiff drink first, I can tell you that!
Will you allow smoke-sticks to contain addictive substances?
And what will you withhold next? Funds for orphanages? Donations to veterans? Contributions to... You know, I'm going to stop talking, because I know Falstaff is already memorising these examples for future use!
It has come to my attention, commander, that the government is spending an awful lot of money funding scholarships for each and every child that shows the mildest sparkle of intelligence. But isn't it the parents' responsibility to pay for their education? It is they who should invest in their offspring's future, not the royal treasury.
An enemy dragon can heal its allies!
Commander, if we elves think something is of supreme importance, it is the happiness of all people, for those with rejoicing hearts do no evil and look upon the world with kindness. We also believe they will fight harder for their country if pressed, for a new overlord may not hold their welfare in high regard. Clearly this will benefit you in times of need! So how can we increase the happiness of a huge part of your citizenry? By allowing them to form unions so they can stand up for themselves better. What do you say?
I think it may be time for Prospera to consider retirement. Propositions such as these make her ripe for the madhouse in my book, but it just wouldn't do to send a lizard to an asylum and create a precedent.
Attagirl, Scarlett's done it! Killed that rotten elf and rammed a stake up his gullet. Sure fire way to stop his shenanigans, that!
Research points total - research points income per turn
Killing a girl's father in a duel will hardly do wonders for your relationship. Why not let the insult slide and show him you're above such pettiness?
Extra Crispy
Very sensible of you, Commander. I would strictly regulate the use of toxic gas, though. Who knows what they'll be using it for next.
I could build another Battle Forge, for instance, or create a War Factory,
Turret Construction Site
Pillar Of Restoration
I think I prefer his bomb over these mutants Trinculo is so hell-bent on manufacturing, Commander! War machines, I'm all for. War monsters, not so much.
Oh boy, 'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?
A core overload allows Troopers to self destruct. They rush their enemy and explode when nearby, doing [1] damage to anyone in a [2] meter radius. Overloading the core is irreversible and disables Troopers' main weapons.
And when has a dwarf ever returned a courtesy? Never, that's when! Lohannah should heed elven wishes, not the vagaries of dwarves!
CTRL + click on a unit to select all units of the same type on screen
Kings ... Ha! What are they but brats that had the luck they were drawn from in between the legs of a queen instead of those of her chambermaid? Chances are they opened 'em for the same randy old goat in the first place, but I don't need to tell you that!
Don't count your dragons before they are hatched, commander! Hubris is a subtle trickster.
Blood Leech
Blood Dawn
Thank thundering carbines you didn't listen to Catherine, Commander! That evil witch would have sabotaged my daughter's marriage given half a chance! No, no; she's a duchess now, and with a bit of luck the old coot she married will kick the bucket afore the new moon rises!
Sup, commander?
Ah, commander! Sit down, put your feet up; ease your burdens. By Orcha orc-god in all her buxom glory, I know I have! You told me to settle that little matter with the councillors, did you not? The whole undead-brats-turned-into-a-myriad-of-mikado-sets episode? Done and done! I just said Catherine did it, clean and simple.
This just in: dragons apparently hibernate
To win and lose in the same day is a sign of mediocrity, commander, and as such a sign of masculinity.
He is a bull that holds a general's rank, commander. All balls and no brains I dare say, but one can't deny the efficacy of his methods. I'm told he wasn't always given to such impetuousness in his actions, but with the coming of that prosthetic arm of his came a change of character too.
Darles Charwin White-Whiskers strikes again, commander! He's the foremost dwarven scholar, as I'm sure you know, and he's about to publish his one-thousandth article on natural history. Rumour has it he'll make a startling new revelation and I am anxious to read all about it!
Excellent! Those crafty imps will most certainly work wonders and for the state to support its wounded warriors so diligently is a blessing indeed!
Default camera position
I find myself siding with Oberon, commander! Famed are the undead's Marrow Macaroons and I would abhor ignoble impish imitations!
Thank you for being so understanding! To find oneself in such an imposing new environment is daunting enough as it is. I don't think I could bear to set aside the traditions of my people as well.
A republic, Commander, small government: both have been denied. You may think I despair by now, but nothing could be further from the truth. I simply move on to yet another fault in our political system, which I hope to rectify. It is in your power and your power alone, you see, to make top political appointments. Ambassadors, councillors, ministers, the lot! All may be handpicked by the emperor. Needless to say, the amount of backdealing and bribery going on behind the scenes in order to obtain these posts is staggering. Relinquish this one right, Commander! Let candidates take exams; let committees appoint them! Then, perhaps, we'll find more able people, which will—I promise you—benefit both your government and your economy. There's gold in this, Commander.
Select next character
Scarlett: from brazen hussy to bland hermit in a span of mere days. Whatever she does, it shall be found on the extreme end of the spectrum for some guaranteed illogical reason. At least she tends to shut up now, which is deliciously refreshing.
Connection Refused - Host is full
Vile man! Despicable tyrant! Is there nothing you won't stoop to if it brings you more serfs to be exploited? I'd tender my resignation here and now if I wasn't more convinced than ever my place is here, where I must try and try again to undo your wicked ways!
Size matters: "enemy grenadier range larger than ours," grenadier grumbles
The Great Reaper comes for you!
Twilight Isles
A Shipyard allows the production of medium and heavy class naval units.
and dragging a selection rectangle around them.
To keep secrets is to keep silent. That is what I'd like to do right now: stare into an ever-refilling glass and keep silent.
Nevermore shall an elf utter that insult again for fear of death, and nevermore do I want to hear the name of E'Lhissabetha again for shame of remembering I once said I loved another. The goose of a girl now hates me; hates a man for upholding his honour. To the seven hells with her! Let her beauty be burned from her being, for beauty was the temptress that temporarily upset my mind's balance.
You don't know what jump-ball is, do you, commander? You'd never have said no if you did!
Bah, you're only hampering important research, commander! We'd kill to bring the great Costard Thundervat back to life, but no necromancer has been able to puzzle him back together as yet. They need the practice!
The people's answer was, like I said, quite predictable and now it's a pony-sized pickle we're in! My stance, however, remains unchanged, and I maintain there is no dishonour in simply dismissing the result of this referendum.
Well done! Though come to think of it, perhaps we should have allowed the research into psychotic Super Soldiers after all. They'd have turned on their masters, the imps, in no time...
Will you allow Super Soldiers to be turned into psychopaths so they'll fight harder?
Do you really have to go back and fight that horrible war? I know you're a dragon and you can take on an army a day, but... I know I shall be ever so nervous each time you fly off to face the enemy!
My world and stars, let me thank you again for abiding with me, so that I would learn to abide by this new incarnation of the self: Ophelia the Golden One, Chosen of the Seven. O, I know those of mortal means do mock my epithet, but I can still count the days upon these flaxen fingers that I would have done the same.
So there I stood, surrounded by skeletal fanatics claiming the rotten Seven told 'em to go ahead and butcher everyone, and a few cowering, leftover elves too cowardly to properly defend themselves. The solution was easy: I sent in a legion of lizards and soon there was no longer an elf or undead in sight. Off they went to whatever cesspit will have them.
Congratulations, Commander! Camilla didn't seem to quite welcome the hug I gave her—nor the shot of rye to her health—but she'll come round. I'm not one to back down!
Friends With Benefits: -[1]%
Tell your spies they can pretty much just waltz into the old beggar's offices after breakfast. He's usually on his second cask of ale by then and'll think they're there to lead away the pink elephants.
Once more unto the breach, commander, and the enemy battlements will crumble at last. What are we waiting for?
I have always known the undead are mad as a million hatters, commander, but never until this very moment did I realise how deeply evil they are besides! Just tell that fruitcake of a Yorrick 'no', would you? And send him back to whatever grave he crawled out off!
Cold is my crown, cold is my soul... luckily I have the fire of dragons to keep me warm!
When a dwarf is heard crying, an imp will start smiling', so the saying goes. It's not a good saying, but boy am I smiling today! Those bankers had their sights set on imp territory too, you know!
[1] server found
My hour is neigh, Commander!
It's official now: we have a serial killer on our hands! And I know very well just who the Raven Ripper is, Commander! Alas that I lack the evidence.
I'm the one being hunted here!
Enthralled, they became stronger and more vicious than ever!
Time to lay them to waste!
Are you sure you want to quit the game?
But... but... Great destiny! Big explosion! So close! Aw, why do you have to be such a spoilsport, Commander? Who cares about evergreen fields when you could have ever-greater fireworks?
So you think this ancient custom would add insult to injury? I guess it's true the dwarves smoke only crumbled coal and the undead have a holy horror of all that is, so to speak, spiritually stimulating. But everyone likes cake, don't they? And I bet you didn't know I'm an excellent pastry chef!
Create an Imp Bunker Buster capable of dealing massive damage anywhere on the map. Construction requires [1] recruits and [2] support. The building time is [3] seconds.
Point me at something that can go BOOM!
Your Armours will have the Public Transportation ability for one combat round.
A mine dropped by the Bomber Balloon that targets enemies when they get near.
A War Factory allows the production of medium and heavy class ground units.
Luck (positively or negatively) influences your chance to win a battle when auto-resolving it.
Damage Control
Research a master dragon skill.
which allows me to create Troopers and / or Grenadiers.
Would have given our snipers some nice and fat targets come to think about it... Maybe I should have a word with Falstaff after all.
In any given country you can only build as many units per turn as the number of gold that is earned there each round.
When Catherine is out of sorts, there seems to be no escaping her ire, Commander. I do understand her though, for whilst equality among the civilised races is not to be found, I do uphold that women are every bit as capable as men—provided they are lizards.
May a long and blessed life be lady Camilla's lot!
Cheap labour', read: 'exploitation'! 'A strong church', read: 'snouts in the trough'! What Yorrick promises he can deliver upon, Commander, that much is true, but the promise is so sordid I doubt his precious Seven would ever forgive its realisation.
Commander, let me bring up the subject of the smoke-stick once more. You know these hazy darlings are precious as gold and make the royal coffers overflow with coin. What would you say, Commander, if I told you that this could be merely the beginning? We have discovered an... ingredient... that will make the smoke-stick ten times more alluring. People won't be able to forego an hour without indulging in their wholesome taste! So what do you say, Commander? Care to make a ton of gold and ten tons more after that?
My dear dragon, the law has triumphed; the protests against my person have been quenched! The forces of order didn't spare the rod and those who defied them will be serving time in the mines as soon as their battered bones are healed.
But rather an undead,
Really, commander, if you can't even hang on to your wife then how are you supposed to hang on to your empire? Shape up, my good man!
More haste, less speed: imp invention propels troopers forward
Notice how I haven't called him skunk or bastard yet? Don't think I've gone soft on you, but the old coot has mellowed, you know. He doesn't even hold the little coup against me. Says 'tis his brush with death; claims 't makes him re-evaluate things in his life. I don't care if that means he's taken a shine to dressing in tassels and pink, but if he's a bit nicer for it, all the better.
Fireworks sir? - Don't mind if you do!
Jolly well done, Commander! That'll teach those damned elves! The nature of our secret ingredient must remain classified of course, but I assure you everything is aboveboard. You wouldn't expect any foul play from your old buddy Falstaff, now would you, Commander?
No, I don't want my queen to be a living automaton. If soul-swapping has to take place, let it be a woman of flesh and blood that will be thy vessel after all.
Armours in a selected country won't be able to move this round.
Despair not, my friend! These setbacks are but temporary; I am certain of it!
Long live the emperor!
Here's hoping lady Lohannah won't let you walk all over her. Pity she'll probably let you, the silly girl!
Unlock the Ray of Power dragon skill for one combat round.
Show My Position
Ironclads to shoot down projectiles. "And not just our own projectiles, I hope," ponders captain
Bring overwhelming forces if you wish to invade a country with a 100% entrenchment level!
Waiting …
It's only a tower, right?
They will be squished like grapes, sire.
Tell me about scarlett_4
Bah! How can you say no after hearing the Very Near Tragedy of Bertha The Sinking Beauty? Brings tears to an imp's eyes, that one!
Select all units around target
I could create acre upon acre of perfect golden barley where right now a thousand imps are left to rot in shallow graves, but you don't see me going around demanding Trinculo's kin to uproot its forefathers for the sake of perfect golden ale! At least, not yet...
This world lies ready, waiting for its death.
Airships on Sale
You ease my mind, commander! Teachers should impart wisdom, not brandish the whip!
So now entire cities must suffer for the imp's madcap machinations as well? This damned bomb has already caused more damage than any other weapon in history, and it hasn't even been built yet!
The Juggernaut's Imp Bunker Buster is the most devastating unit ability in the game, so be sure to target and shoot it down immediately if it is being used against you!
The epitome of reason and liberal ideals, Prospera is like a steadfast buoy amid a tumultuous sea of shouting elves, quarrelling dwarves, preaching undead and babbling imps. Always is she cool, calm and collected; a far cry from the other, hot-headed councillors. [1][2][3]
Never would I... Unless instinct takes over I might... Now look what you've done! Doubt rears its head, but is it reasonable doubt? I must think on this solely and serenely. If you'd be so kind...
You can produce Warlocks during one combat round.
Non-mastered Skills
The enemy's Ironclads will fire [1]% slower.
Popularity Penalty
Welcome back, Commander! One last time, let me welcome you back aboard the Raven! The empire has been restored; peace, briefly dethroned, follows in your wake. What three mighty men once set out to do, you have accomplished singlehandedly. In the name of an entire world, in the name of delivered millions, I thank you. Long may our friendship last—and long may last your reign!
Go to the Throne Room
I'm not even going to be unreasonable, Commander; I could have advocated mass sterilisation for instance. No, I merely demand that you sack half of the male officers and replace them with women. They'll run the army better no matter how and they'll see to it the not-quite-dogs, a.k.a. soldiers, either behave or hang.
The bastard son of emperor Sigurd I that can shape-shift into a dragon to support his units and obliterate enemies.
To command a unit to move somewhere, left click on the desired unit to select it,
Naval units and aerial units can only engage enemy units on the map. They cannot capture countries.
This entire episode has been quite an eye-opener, for had I not been your queen and would have heard about an elf princess far away vain enough to have her likeness carved in marble, I too might have applauded the conspirator's intentions.
I shall not conceal your choice of a partner has been a blow to us lizards, but personally I can't really hold it against you. Lady Camilla has a frigid nature that makes her difficult to endure, let alone love.
Wise of you, commander! You know how lizards' tails stir in indignation when the government tries to influence matters of personal freedom and responsibility! Proposals such as Oberon's stir me so vehemently I seem to suffer from nervous ticks.
Aida, of dwarven frame and temperament.
Sometimes our battles are like games of poker. We'll win with a ruse and a bluff, yet lose with three kings and a pair of aces. Wouldn't be such a loss if the stakes weren't so high!
I admit I do enjoy the privileges of nobility, commander, but sometimes their excesses repulse me. A rat like Narkhesem should be made to suffer! He should repent, not revel in riches. But such is his lucky lot, no matter how unfair and undeserved.
Victory sure tastes sweet, doesn't it, commander? Sweet as a girl's kiss!
You may think your first duty is that of conquest, to bring the war to as swift an end as possible, but I'm afraid there is much more to being a monarch than military matters alone. As a Commander—as an emperor—you'll have to constantly endeavour to find that delicate balance between your roles as strategist and statesman, for the one necessarily influences the other.
What acts like cancer, looks like cancer but isn't cancer?
You unleash a single, devastating ball of fury that explodes on impact and inflicts [1] damage to anyone and anything in a [2] meter radius.
Buy alliance
Hawknest Mountain
Cooldown: [1] seconds
Do not near me, do not befoul me with your presence. You repulse me and make me sick to my soul.
We are not a people that make great demands, Commander; we simply hold many a thing dear without succumbing to the excess of it.
Dearest, I want to thank you again for providing an excuse for my absence at the councillors' welcoming party. Had I been there, refusing to eat dwarven dishes would have been so very rude. Not to mention the scorn that would have befallen me had I actually partaken!
Ah, to be queen! What'll be the first thing I do? The palace could stand a spot of tidying up, but that'll cost a pretty penny. Maybe I should raise taxes… just a bit.
The situation is pretty bleak, I'd say, but look at it this way, Commander: means we can only do better, eh!
Argh! If the machine dies, the imp dies!
An enemy Bunker Buster is about to impact, commander!
Enemy Bunker Buster launch detected, commander!
All is ours for the taking!
Allows the construction of Troopers in your Battle Forges. These light units are powerful against non-armoured foes. 'Strength in numbers' is their motto.
Good to see you, commander! I've been meaning to thank you for the role you've played in the rescue of my dear Anne. 'Twould have been another story entirely had Catherine and Scarlett not come to my aid! Wonders of women!
Henry V
With all that fire breathing you do, I thought you'd be hot of heart, commander, but I forget that every so often you're a as cold and calculating as a lizard, and as unprincipled as a dwarf! You'd do well to be as jolly as imp once in a while.
Enemy Hunter upgrade detected
Bomber Balloons fitted with enhanced explosives? That's bad news if you ask me!
Loch of Wishes
I shall depart with haste, for dealing with imps is like dealing with an urgent bowel movement: you just get it over with.
I must agree with Oberon, commander. Three weeks is the least one must give a dishonoured soul to repent afore the Seven so he can renew his life of servitude with an unburdened spirit.
Will these imps stop at nothing? They'll upset the sanctity of nature as callously as a barbarian would a lady's virtue! But we elves will not stand idly by as their engineered growths deface earth's surface, even if it means some hungry stomachs must go wanting.
Dragon morph
Bless you, commander! May never an imp turn undead, so that we have to deal with their frenzy as long as they live only! Which mercifully tend to be short and end with a bang!
So it has come to this. I should resign, even though duty was my guide. Yet somehow, I do feel this is the right course of action. If I remain unyielding, a city might be consumed in the flames of vengeance. I will address the crowd and relinquish my venerable office.
Wasn't such a bad thing, looking back on it, that that serpent of an Edmund tagged along. Obviously we were plotting each other's demise from the get-go, but when push came to shove, we both wanted to appear the greater general. Forced us to bring our A-game!
Unlock the Devastation dragon skill for one combat round.
And with them forged an empire.
By the seven, you're breaking my seal of patience!
Of course there was a... touch of collateral damage I suppose. One of those imp devices rolled right into an undead kindergarten, but really, those skeletal scamps are already dead to begin with, right? I thought it was rather funny! A shower of bones it was! Came clattering down like dry hail!
A precious jewel, this signet ring. Wear it and one becomes suddenly more powerful. I'll try not to abuse it... too much.
Good to see Scarlett seems finally to have learned the value of some basic military decorum. From tramp to trooper—a welcome change.
The enemy's Troopers' attack range will decrease with [1]%.
Henry, your daughter is saved and well! If that means you have to face the music because innocents were hurt—even though that's not your fault—is that such a great price to pay?
Ground unit discount
Yes, dwarven families grow as plenty as the grain on a thousand wheat fields, and just like grain, it is from them that we derive the bread that nourishes civilisation and the beer that quenches its thirst!
On your head be it, commander. I have a nephew who'll start building breeding farms the very instant he hears he may!
Be on guard, commander! Enemy Hunters are about to be deployed!
Marry a princess.
Ready for the blitz-krieg!
Temp_Volcanic - DO NOT TRANSLATE
Enemy transports can clear away sea mines now!
Ironclads have great anti-air and anti-naval capabilities, plus - when upgraded - can detect mines and cloaked units to boot!
Let's see what your research has yielded.
Come to have a chat, Commander? Just as well, for I've been meaning to have a word with the dragon myself. Remember when I told you about losing my arm and eye? How I lost it standing guard for your father, an emperor unworthy of his throne? Well, telling you got me thinking—as well as drinking—and here's the conclusions I've come to.
You can fire a purifying charge at a friendly target, which removes all negative status effects (such as feared or sabotaged) from both the target and all friendly units in a [1] meter radius around it.
You forbade me to kill Narkhesem, commander, but I couldn't just stand by and do nothing! So I dropped my sword and reached for the pen! I wrote a pamphlet of sorts in which I made it public that I am gay; in which I out that vile elf for what he really is; in which I decry the injustice that befalls my kind. It ran in the Rivellon Times and actually caused quite an stir.
Skulking around graveyards is a ghoul's business, commander, not an imp's. Let them dig elsewhere, at the bottom of the ocean for all I care!
Hard to make a decrepit old worm look weaker, but I'll certainly give it a bigger shot than the imps' King Cannon! Now for a spot of intrigue and heroics. To the rescue I fly!
Tell me about camilla_1_2_1
This is a truly worrying move, commander, and shows both you and Oberon at your lowest. Affairs of the heart can never be affairs of state, unless it is your sworn intent to stop their beat.
How about you state in plain terms what it is you offer me... and what you get in return.
Select previous character
Where is this Architect now? The bastard killed my mother!
What a dark day, milord! I am lucky the Raven will sing for me tonight, but you... you have no one left to sing you lullabies!
Commander, I feel it to be my duty to readdress the horrid accusations church officials have to suffer. There's talk of legal action! Sacrilege! These priests are holy men; they transcend the secular plane and therefore—I propose—secular law! No court of law should be able to pass judgment over them. Only the Seven can!
Beetled: [1]
You have just stabbed some of the finest academics in the realm in the back, commander. They but tried to protect your people from two evil influences: deadly smoke-sticks and greedy dwarves.
Really commander? Must you insist? I can't concentrate like this.
I told them all about positive publicity: how there's money to be earned by public support. Then, before you could say 'my mug of beer is empty', they agreed to start a Save-the-Speckled-Jackal Fund!
Keep a tight rein on me again, commander, and we'll keep losing! I need the freedom to act independently!
You know what we need aboard the Raven? Plants! I know, I know, general Edmund might quip there are enough of them around as it is, but this ship is such a sterile place! A few flowers would work wonders! I'd even suggest a few animals, but between all the elves, dwarves, imps, lizards and undead on board, it's pretty much a zoo in here as it is.
Censorship is a tyrant's tool, commander! I had thought you'd be able rise above a bit of innocent criticism.
Mapped skill 4
Wizard Tower
What on earth is the matter with Scarlett? How does an untamed spirit like her become an automaton overnight? Poor girl must have had a terrible shock!
Boar 'n' beef, veal 'n' venison; it'll all be there, prepared by Pjotr 'the Pork Chop' himself!
Enemy Ironclads can deploy sea mines now!
Your Devastators will have the Besiege ability for one combat round.
Up we go
Conscription may have somewhat of an ill ring to it, commander, but it might be worth consideration nonetheless. There's not a dwarf that won't take up his axe for the empire, but elves? A three-fingered man could number their volunteers on one hand. Time to get these weaklings into shape!
Who will lead the battle?
I shan't blame another for our defeat, commander! This time we are all equally responsible!
There is neither flesh nor blood on Ophelia's bones, Commander, not any more... but such is the depth of Blood Servant despair that I wrench liquid torment from her still. The anguish she suffers is ineffable... as is my delight! More! I'll want more... soon...
Now however, I am vindicated. My reputation is that of a strong leader who isn't afraid of being a bit creative with conventions if it serves the greater good. Of course, among the top echelons of the legal world, some regard me as a bit of a loose cannon, but so be it. What do they know of the real world, perched over parchments, breathing dust?
An aerial unit that is good against heavy ground and naval units. Use this unit as a support for your naval units.
Wings, check! Rotor, check! All set, milord!
I suppose fat old Falstaff and the likes won't appreciate my less-than-standard funeral arrangement, but I won't hear a word about it, of that I am certain. Grovelling worms like them, they'd never dare to speak against their queen.
Bring the Population of a country down to [1] percent.
I have news for you, Commander! Great, grave or gratifying—I'll leave its interpretation to you. The fact of the matter is your victories have gone far from unnoticed—that much you knew—but they have also gone a long way toward uniting a shattered realm.
Total amount of recruits present in this country
Most gratifying, Commander! The younger they start, the more they'll smoke and our profits—your profits—will rise exponentially once more. You've really come through for us, Commander! All the others were opposed to the great venture that is the smoke-stick, but you saw the potential all along! A dwarven heart beats in that dragon's shape of yours and I salute you!
I warned you, commander! The dwarves will not take this lying down! Where an imp and a drill appear on the horizon, volleys of fire arrows will be there to greet them! We'll see whether their ashes too combust!
So this is what justice is in Lady Camilla's eyes: nothing more than the worthless opinion of biased jurors. Yes, let imps judge imps and dwarves dwarves—soon the punishment that follows a crime will be a thing of a dark and ignoble past! Bravo! I salute the queen and her infinite wisdom!
Game Mode
Anything further?
Show Cutscene Subtitles
Turn [1]
Recruits Cost Multiplier
The support we will receive from these people will be flimsy at best, commander.
This aura permanently restores all friendly units in a [2] meter radius around you by [1] hit points per second.
Empire crumbles. Is our emperor a stumbling emotional wreck?
Damn that loud-mouth Henry! I'll emasculate him with a pair of pincers if he doesn't hold his tongue! We've been having a bit of... fun, you know. Casual like. But now that I told him the fun is over, he's telling everyone I must be into girls all of a sudden because that's the only explanation for rejecting a true-blue man like him. Filthy pig!
Remember, Commander: when a dwarf bleats 'black!' and an elf whines 'white', don't be afraid to tell them they can go sod themselves with a fire iron and choose whatever colour bloody well pleases you! Treat councillors like you would obstinate children, or you'll get nothing done around here!
Skirmish Options
Tell me about ophelia_6
You can produce Bomber Balloons during one combat round.
I'd like to raise a proposition about education, commander! Did you know that schoolchildren waste precious hours each and every week on religious teachings? What folly! They could be studying science instead! So let's just scrap that mumbo godly jumbo from the curriculum and teach our children valuable things instead!
Lives are at stake here!
Where do you think the technology you create comes from?
Let me interject, by the way, that already I regret the way I mistreated Catherine of late and have made good with her. She'll have her titles back—and her riches—though they'll cost me mine.
Build a Gold Mine on a country with an income of more than 4 gold.
Poor Scarlett. I think I can guess what is the matter with her, the turmoil that upsets her being, but she seems to have accepted not to accept herself. No greater tragedy than a strong woman shackled by her own insecurities.
Now that's dedication: enemy Transports seen committing sacrificial suicide
Rocco Siriye
You will receive an additional [1] gold per turn in each [2] country.
Use your dragon to take out enemy units separated from their main force!
We've put up some defences here, but nothing to get cocky about!
This enemy country is entrenched! The higher a country's entrenchment level, the better defended it is against invading armies.
Commander, I am not a prude, but I am not a pervert either! Imagine a fat old dwarf like me naked on a beach! What if a child should see? It'd be scarred for life!
Together we failed, but together we'll recover. On to the next battle!
Our task is monumental, but we will not have to face it alone! Two famed generals are here already, loyal to the legacy we are trying to save and therefore loyal to you... given time.
I went to have a word with E'Lhissabetha, wanting to warn her about Edmund—and indeed all men—but from what I hear, he's been quite the gentleman. Always have I regarded that word to be a contradiction in terms, but Edmund is trying hard to prove me wrong.
Yorrick can make demands all day long, but I'm not going to force some random people to give their lives for the sake of these souls. If machinery can save them on the other hand, all the better!
Liquid gold of course, is another of our pride and joys. For ale a-sparkle we'd go to war! But our families above all, commander, are holy; those manifold kernels that band together, and like the rings that form a chainmail, shape a society that is stout and steadfast.
Beat Hard AI in a single RTS Skirmish battle.
Emerald Mountains
Press [1] to use your jetpack.
Your Armours will do [1]% more damage.
Are you sure you want to overwrite [1]?
The enemy's Devastators will move [1]% slower.
Heavens, no! You have the military firmly on your side, but civil emissaries, too, are bound to join our cause in due time. Indeed, I expect you'll be declared emperor before long.
It's Alive! Alive!
Who would have thought such delicate hands could create such robust pastries—such perfect blends of bread and bacon? I commend her, your majesty. Long may she cook!
Curse that reptilian rotter of an Edmund! He sank dear Prospera's scheme, and the ship it sailed on was laden with golden riches! He cost me dearly, Commander, and I pray the deep may swallow him as well!
Tell me about ophelia_2
All Work And No Play Makes Dragon A Dull Whelp
When victory and defeat befall you in the same day, which one prevails? Victory, I say! No doubt about it!
Medium Ground Units, Air Units
[1] gold has been added to your treasury!
We're in a world of hurt here!
You win some, you lose some, commander; don't take it too hard.
During the confusion that arose when your armies marched in, a group of guerrillas kidnapped a bunch of big-wigs' wives and children. They demand the release of their leader, one who opposed the rule of the toppled dictator.
Pray, abstain and mortify the flesh say the Sisters, and yours shall be victory hereafter. Quite clearly, they are correct, Commander.
Unlock the Breaching Fire dragon skill for one combat round.
The use of drudanae is in itself a sickness, Commander, and can never be a cure! Patients will leave our clinics as addicts, destined for the gutter! The dragon makes for a fine doctor, indeed...
You're not interested eh? Fine, this doesn't suit your intellectual level anyway
You, Commander— no, Emperor!— will be a monarch to remember; a man whose memory will wear out untold ages. Rivellon is yours, won fair and square, so treat her well, for a mighty fine realm she is!
And yet, their exotic customs have not made the impact on me some had foreshadowed. Despite the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle aboard this ship, I have been able to remain faithful to my ways, humble and hallowed as they are.
It had better! I never took you for a gambling man, commander, and I hope you know what you're doing. If this goes south, we'll have an undead uprising on our hands!
Not enough recruits to morph, commander!
You seem to grasp the basics of strategy, commander, for you scored another victory, but its mastery eludes you, for defeat befell you also. I'd say you're in need of a tutor. Let me check my agenda.
In chapter 3, conquer the enemy's Capital within 15 turns.
Lovely to see you, milord! It can get a bit lonely here on the Engineering Bay!
Come in, make yourselves at home!
Your Armours will fire [1]% faster.
Very good, Commander. A healthy economy thrives on a free market, rather than a dwarven-dominated one.
Game Menu
On the contrary: it worked as intended. Where there is a suit there may be a countersuit, and this was as legitimate a case as any.
Enemy Warlocks can rain down fire from the sky! Not as well as you can, but still ...
Cast a fireball onto the surface that creates a pillar of flame for [1] seconds. All enemy units that come within a [2] meter radius of the pillar are attacked by fireballs that do [3] damage.
Rich and corpulent, Falstaff embodies everything that is dwarven. He loves gold, loves beer, upholds family values and speaks plainly. One could easily dismiss him as a loud-mouth dwarven don, out for wealth and power only, but to do so would be very foolish indeed: behind his gruff exterior a cunning politician is at play. Underestimate him and you'll leave the table empty handed while he reaps all the rewards. [1][2][3]
How many recruits are gained every x seconds (x depends on game speed)
Well done, Commander! The first of your dastardly siblings has fallen to your might! This victory will send terror leaping down the spines of your remaining opponents. Once more, we set an important step in the direction of victory. Bravo!
[1] Juggernaut mercenary is fighting on your side this battle.
You charm an enemy unit so that it temporarily fights on your side. After [1] seconds, it becomes an enemy once more.
All buildings are constructed [1]% faster.
Bravo, commander! Finally we see eye to eye! We will let our surgeons set to work and you'll have Max-Mills in no time! On behalf of the imps I thank you for letting us realise at least one of our operations. You won't regret it!
We routed the enemy on the left only to be outflanked on the right. Such misfortune!
No! Why, Commander, why? I have but one hope now, and that is that the war will last forever, for as long as there is no peace, you remain emperor! It'll take awhile yet, no? There's no rush, really! Take a holiday! No need to conquer a country every day!
What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.' I trust I needn't point out the irony here, commander.
Lady Aida, do you take the dragon to be your husband, to love and cherish now and forever?
Let's get this dance of death started!
Typical of the imps to use a bunch of starving people as guinea pigs. The elves are right to protest!
Ah Scarlett! She's out and proud I guess, or something along those lines. Well, I won't begrudge her her happiness, but I liked it a damn sight better when we were still having our wild nights together!
I fully support Oberon in this matter and would even go a step further. If it were up to the lizards, no citizen would have license to own weapons beyond the scope of a breadknife. Permits, however, are a first step in the right direction and should be ratified at once.
Chance to win
Berserker Roar
Yorrick will scream bloody murder, but his people are perpetuating an injustice that must be addressed. The women will have the vote.
Each country's gold revenue is adjusted by [1]%.
Combat Card: Unit Advantage: +[1]
Did I hear correctly, commander? Did lady Aida truly set loose hogs on king Thelor's noble remains? Such a thing is inconceivable! Without bones his transformation into an undead can never be completed! By the Seven, just how evil-hearted is this woman you have married that she denies her father glorious resurrection? Refuses him the Perpetuity of the Bone?
A friendly dragon can unmask the enemy's cloaked troops!
The enemy's Juggernauts will do [1]% less damage.
A light class ground unit that uses magic to take down foes and when upgraded can cast powerful spells.
A friendly dragon can heal itself!
Very good, commander! Unions tend to be run by small-minded people, and in these times of chaos we need people who can see the bigger picture!
Your humble servant, commander.
Mustard Gas
I shall go to Razakel forthwith and inform him of our decision. May he prove true to his word!
Zeppelin - Mustard Gas
Hunters can instantly teleport to friendly targets.
Watch out! Enemy troopers can self destruct now!
Those girl generals can sure hold their liquor, commander. Between the four of us we drank enough to floor a mountain giant, but they never even flinched! My kind of women!
A sage move, commander! Adults, I suppose, can still be held responsible for their use of smoke-sticks, but when you start spoon feeding the damn things to children they don't stand an icicle's chance in a furnace.
Maxos announces: "Dragon can now instill fear in enemy". What did he instill before?
As the evening drew to a close and the ladies retired to the music room, the lord poured me a brandy and apologised for his ill-chosen words uttered during previous occasions. I am now quite at home when I visit the estate, enwrapped in a friendly warmth weirdly welcomed by my cold-blooded self.
SHIFT + LEFT CLICK on a build icon queues up 5 units at once
I See What You Did There
Accursed be your crown, commander! You may think you are pleasing the gods, but in fact you are bedamning every dwarf, elf, lizard and imp in the realm at the behest of the dead that walk! A skeletal scourge stalks our shores and it was you who set it in motion!
To think they count the dwarves among the civilised! As if those who breed such customs breed anything other than barbarity!
The Aerofactory allows the production of aerial units.
I'd like to hear your opinion about your fellow generals.
My esteemed husband! I find myself without a court case today, so do stay awhile and listen, for I have some thoughts with you to share.
The enemy's Imp Fighters will fire [1]% slower.
Meet the vampire.
Desperate to safeguard Sigurd's legacy,
Well done! Now we just need to ensure those imps learn to work with bone as well as they do with flesh. I have a brittle knee I wouldn't mind seeing replaced.
I never would have thought science could be so amusing, Commander—most of it insults the gods you see—but this lizard business has tickled my funny bone! Orcs in another guise? Out with the lizards, I said! Civilised Race no longer! I was joking of course, but by the Seven, the look on Edmund's face was worth it!
Frightfully bad idea, Commander! You allow unions, and before you know it concerns about working conditions are raised! They'll shut down every arms factory we own! Won't make us imps any happier, that!
Solid Gold!
My great love, my dawn and dusk, minister to me with thy counsel, for I am lost in the blinding mists of misgiving. Upon the very doorstep of completion I falter, encumbered by the insidious sprites of doubt and hesitation. Their incessant chatter satiates my being with pale and quiet dread. Questions, queries upon burial rise from shallow graves: in search of life, am I taunting death? In pursuit of beauty, am I to become a monster?
Shrapnel shreds civilians? You have not one shred of evidence, imps justify
I understand your diffidence, but we have come too far already. This woman may well be your last chance at convalescence and I want you to take it.
Enemy juggernauts enjoy imp fighter protection as of now!
Come on, come on, up you stand, back straight, chin high! The commander is here!
I'll have to get back to you on that.
Greetings, commander! I have just seen to the release of that dwarven chap your lady acquitted a while ago. Jolly nice of her to do so! The man reacted by instinct when he kicked that rotten lizard off that log! Bloody hell, I'd have done the same thing even if there was room to spare!
A crime, yes, and crime warrants punishment. A delegation of imps and lizards have charged me with a hundred counts of involuntary manslaughter, and though we elves are taught always to face adversity head on, Oberon insisted I should make use of the diplomatic immunity I as a princess enjoy.
What is a minor concession in our eyes is a tragic loss in theirs, but though I condemn the dwarves' cowardly action, I can't but smile and be happy knowing we put aside all qualms and did what we felt was right!
Hahaa! Well chosen, Commander! Did you know, by the by, that 'sin' and 'fun' are synonyms in the language of imps? Maybe I should give Yorrick an imp dictionary! See what shade of purple he goes when he looks up our definition of 'indulgence'.
Unlock the Call of Valour dragon skill for one combat round.
The more units you place near a neutral or enemy building site, the faster the building site will be captured!
Lone Wilds
Of course books that advocate violence should be banned! Of course such games should be forbidden! If you want our children to read, let them read the Seven Scriptures! If you want them to play, let them play Seven's Hopscotch and say a prayer with every jump 'n' skip!
Improved engines allow Devastators to travel at [1]% of their original speed.
Time and Date
Here's hoping Lady Camilla won't let you walk all over her. But from what I've seen, you're the one that should be worried, actually.
Allows the construction of Bomber Balloons in your Aerofactories. These slow, but perilous balloons rain death from above by releasing heavy explosives.
Tis a tough business to lead a life among kings. How much am I admired by so many; how envied! If only they knew every so often 'tis an existence corrupt as Falstaff's morals; putrid as Yorrick's odour.
Dragon Fight, really.
I cannot work for one who cares so very little for others' lives or the peace of mind of one of his generals. I want to resign, so please let me.
Tell me about henry_3_0_0
This may sound cynical, but this offspring of war will later help the economy by performing cheap labour or join the army and create more war offspring in turn. Win-win for the empire.
Good show! That bally skeleton might well have come after dwarven art next, for I bet his precious Seven'd blush at the sight of the buxom nudes that grace our cities.
The worker is as responsible for the quality of his work as his superior is for the providing of wages and proper working conditions. If he doesn't live up to the bargain, then yes, one should be able to fire him on the spot.
So, Prospera would have me put down Cuddles? Never! Fangbears are affectionate beasts and make for fantastic guardians. That they never harm an undead because we lack flesh on our bones was never even a consideration for our domestication programme!
Ground Bombardment
Yes, well, there you have it, Commander! Lady Aida! To her very good health, I say, and your future happiness... I'm sure it'll be a blissful union...
Henry has a spot of daughter-trouble, has he? These teenage girls, they're all the same. Scarlett and Catherine actually want to abandon ship and rush to her rescue! Can you imagine? At least I have the sense of duty to remain here in the epicentre of your power, where generals are truly needed.
Army comparison
Commander, I am a lizard and therefore thick-skinned and cold blooded, but the things they've written about me... those words pierce my scales and boil my blood drop for drop! They have no shame, those dwarven reporters, and shame us all—time and again!
A little extra protection is always welcome
Well done! Della Gekko's new sculpture may portray us as warmongers, but it is a work of genius all the same and deserves to be exhibited!
Fine, throw caution to the wind, but will you still feel the same when the ammunition loaders rise in protest on the very day you want to invade another province?
War Factories cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Insult to injury: new dragon magic to counter enemy armour
Using Dragon Skill Cards allows you to use skills in a single battle even if they are non-mastered!
Activists agree: emperor must be a woman. Shocking pictures found on Raven
Bombs Away
Shhht! You're blowing my cover!
Ah, to be queen again! I'd show you how to run the realm good and proper!
Use Strategic Cards on the world map to destroy an opponent's building, boost your own economy or disrupt an enemy's advancement!
These people put you on a pedestal, commander. Literally. They will give us their full support!
Tell me about lohannah_3_2_0
If a Transport is destroyed, all units it was transporting will be lost as well, so be careful!
As far as I can tell our enemies are quaking firmly in their boots. Good a sign as any, really.
You should have seen us! Anne we reached before those bloody assassins did, but they beset us in far greater numbers than we could have foreseen. They used imp throwing bombs; lizard arrows tipped with poison; dwarf axes that can cut through steel, but we held them off time and again, we three duellists, shoulder to shoulder.
I hope this will work out.
I have made my decision, Maxos!
See, the dwarves are stubborn folk to be true, but approach them with reason and you'd be surprised how far you can get! Of course, reason and gold are quasi synonyms in their book, so that's the nerve I touched.
FFA AI always joins battle
Times you can go to combat.
I'll think kindlier of elves in the future, commander. They're a stout lot over there in Harrowridge. Good luck to them!
Quality Preset:
Inspired: +[1]
Slot open
Devastators in a selected country won't be able to move this round.
Armour - You're Mine
Unlock the Salvation dragon skill for one combat round.
Ironclad - On Guard
I shall, my love, I shall! A nascent hope is nurturing within me. Let us pray to the Seven it will not emerge stillborn.
Effectively block 50 incoming enemy projectiles with the Ironclad's On Guard skill.
Enemy dragons troubling you? Upgraded Hunters, Grenadiers and Imp Fighters will take care of them swiftly!
Ground Units
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Progress report: what progress?
Raven's Realm
Play card
The diseased mind is one that has turned on the gods! Legions of evildoers will stalk the lands, grisly and godless! Your own troops will be worse than the blight we fight, commander!
You've been gambling with your gods-given right to the throne, commander, but you may hold on to it yet. Stay true to the Seven! They gave you an empire, but it is not yours to give away!
What a state Falstaff is in! All because he has to pledge a part of his wealth to society! Typical of the rich. Misers, the lot of them.
This is just a flimsy pretence to start a police state and get access to cheap labour! Won't be long till the Inquisition finds fault with you too, commander! What will you do then?
Chat - All
Limit Framerate to 60 FPS
So instead of educating the councillors in the ancient way that is the peace pipe, she has been handing out pastry like a common schoolgirl selling trinkets for charity! Well thank you, commander, thank you for that sage advice!
Allow me to be the first to heartily congratulate you, commander! I will make discrete arrangements for her stay and the departure of the others. All will have been taken care of when you return from the battlefield!
Grenadiers are equipped with more powerful rockets that damage all enemies within a [1] meter radius of impact.
But... but why, Commander? It was such a pretty statue! Made me out to be a little demon nibbling on blood-dripping bones. Very cute!
I'll disregard the sarcasm and wholeheartedly agree with that statement as is!
New unit types and unit upgrades can be unlocked by spending research points.

I bet my darling E'Lhissabetha will in fact be quite happy to see her father disposed of before he marries her off to some fat old fool as revolting as he is rich.
Glory be unto the braves that look the Seven in the face and therein find the power to animate those whom life abandoned! Praise be the necromancer, king of all creation!
Certified Expert Demon Hunter
Oberon has the right idea! Yes, every dwarf sleeps with an axe under his pillow, but that doesn't mean they should be allowed to parade through the streets with flaming hammers - and I speak from experience. Only took one sneer from a lizard afore my brother started swinging the damn thing and now there's only ashes and ruin where once stood a whole town!
Is it storming outside? The ship seems to s-spin and turn a lot, don't it?
Learning should be a process of discovery, commander, not some deviant form of discipline! Our children will be marching to school like they would to prison! How can you allow for such a thing?
The Bar
I'll leave a trail of smoke and flame!
Dog Fight
Greed. The word alone entails an endless catalogue of atrocities committed in its name. Time to register another: dragon forgives psychotic murder because his pockets are as deep as his madness.
Lost again, did we, Commander? Want me to cheer you up? Cause I know of a few tricks...
I understand your diffidence, but we have come too far already. This machine may well be your last chance at convalescence, and I want you to take it.
Old School
Just a little while ago, Commander, you broke a lance for women aboard this ship, and now I need you to break another of a far more serious, shocking, and— I fear—resilient kind! I'm talking of an injustice that could have only gone by unhindered in a land under the greasy thumb of a man, as oblivious to the plight of his mothers, sisters and lovers as the worm is to the vast world around it.
I'll defend my wife's honour if it costs me the last gold coin in the kingdom. He'll get his riches if he keeps his end of the bargain.
Dwarven Favour
It has come to my attention that Lady Ophelia has been consulting some impish quack, hoping he'll be able to offer her a cure for the malady that afflicts her ...
It must be tiring to be so angry at the world all the time; in fact, I know it is. After the loss of her empire, she decided to fight not just for the recognition of her rights, but the rights of all women. If only the world had been a bit more forthcoming!
You didn't think I was going to take the fall, did you? I could never have paid the restitutions those plague-sores of councillors imposed, but Catherine? Why, she's rich filthier than Falstaff! So there we have it! They may call me a traitor, but dear Anne was saved and dear old Henry got himself out of yet another scrape. And I tell you, those are becoming as numerous as the notches on my bedpost!
Your generals' actions have influenced the empire!
I was different then, you see, and not just because I was more man and less machine. No, the day they hacked me up good, there was much more that I lost. In that arm lay stored loyalty and duty; in that, eye trust and friendship. Out the door, just like that. But lately they've been clawing at it, wanting to come back in.
Depth of Field
Things have gone from bad to worse in the Henry situation, Commander! He made it home, but found it empty. Anne was kidnapped by undead assassins of the worst kind. Luckily, they don't care about Lord Drury's ambitions and have communicated they will release her if they are paid more in ransom than their employer was willing to give.
An enemy dragon can cast Purifying Flames!
Very good! Our spies report no signs of enemy entrenchment!
I can't believe Falstaff admitted that the rumours of killing unfaithful wives among dwarves may indeed be true or have been true in the past. Praise be that it seemed to shame him horribly. You should have seen his face: turned red as his gin-soaked nose!
Transport - Cloak
Lady Lohannah, do you take the dragon to be your husband, to love and cherish now and forever?
Lady Camilla, do you take the dragon to be your husband, to love and cherish now and forever?
Sir Falstaff Silvervein
Yorrick already freaks me out as it is! Imagine him coming at me with a scythe... Nasty!
The ambassador of the undead, Yorrick is the man ('Hardly a man!', scoffs the dwarf) who safeguards the interests of his skeletal fellows aboard the Raven. Like all undead he is deeply religious, so as long as your decisions don't sin against the commandments of the Seven Gods, you should find Yorrick to be a congenial councillor, albeit a bit tiresome in his rather effusive piety. [1][2][3]
Permanently increases the damage of your primary attack by [1]%.
What's on your mind, councillor?
Use [IE_Shootdragon] to perform a standard attack with your dragon and [IE_Dash] to dodge out the way of enemy projectiles.
Death doesn't reach there.
Will you allow the imps to uproot an ancient burial place in the name of science?
This would make you impervious to disease, to death itself! Yes, tell Trinculo to proceed!
Falstaff seems to be under the impression that paying a bit more for merchandise in the knowledge its manufacturer is being treated with a degree of dignity is some sort of grievous sin. Yes, we may see a moderate increase in the cost of things. What can I say? A clear conscious doesn't usually come for free.
You are relinquishing a divine right, Commander, and thereby you slight the Seven! Nevermind Oberon's hurt pride; this is a far more serious transgression!
Ground Mine
Folly has taken hold of Prospera, commander; senselessness instilled by an overtly prolonged exposure to the vulgar vagaries of lesser councillors! Words like 'peace', 'stability', 'respect', 'cooperation' are being flounced about as if they really mean anything beyond these walls, as if they are anything more than philosophical placebos intended to make politicians feel important!
Build Emporium
A friendly dragon can shield its allies!
I hope you don't mind, my dearest, that I do make some policy decisions now and again. Some of the councillors come to me with requests, and though I know they're just trying to sneak behind your back, you needn't worry; I wouldn't do anything you wouldn't. And anyway, if I did, I'm sure you'll find out quickly enough!
you will be able to construct buildings on it.
My world and stars, do not shrink away from me like others have, for the change I have undergone is not one of iniquity, but inevitability. I stand before you Ophelia the Undying, though—caveat emptor—blood must be had for that title to persist. The demon demands his drama, as it was destined to be.
Bastard son brushes up on blood magic
That's a done deal, commander! The choice of the dragon will do for me. So about Yorrick; there's really no chance you can just tell him to pack his coffin and get the hell out?
An Emporium generates random cards that you can buy.
The grenadier can shoot an hazardous projectile at an enemy. On contact the target becomes infected and suffers [1]% damage per second until healed or cured. Over time the infection spreads to nearby units for a maximum of [2] times.
Where could that girl have disappeared to? You weren't treating her badly, were you, commander? For I don't stand for any of that nonsense!
We are so well entrenched in this realm the enemy will break like waves upon granite cliffs, commander!
Clueless Emperor: flashes victory sign at our reporters as if unaware of loss
Emperor accused of war crimes in latest victories. Investigation could take years. Emperor denies all charges
Has she no empathy, no compassion? She's no better than the despot that lay at the base of this entire catastrophe!
Enemy Ironclads? So much for peace at sea!
May my mind forgive my heart, Commander, for it has poisoned it with honeyed venom, with that sweetest of all toxins: love. A part of me is nauseated for even uttering so saccharine a sentence, but I cannot help myself, as I have been enchanted by the super-earthly elegance of an elven belle.
New tutorial available: Dragon Morphing
Zoom out
Battle Actions
Comm ... ander?
Defeat is never pleasant, Commander, but we cannot blame our soldiers. Be they dwarf, elf or lizard, they all did their utmost!
Enemy Grenadier upgrade detected
It's tough to swallow both victory and defeat when both are dealt out in equal portions. But we must partake, mustn't we, commander?
Now then, my friend, as a matter of course, the loss of Lady Camilla has greatly upset us all, but if I may be cruelly negligent of your grief for a moment, I must inform you right off the bat it would be prudent of you to consider marriage anew at the earliest juncture.
Will you introduce the eight-hour work day?
Between you, me, Grumio and my generals, my cabinet is now complete?
Archipelago of Wotanson
Mapped skill 8
Destroy an Emporium in an enemy country.
Ask me about Corvus, my friend, and I will tell you all about the Architect...
If the gods really say we can butcher beasts by the billions they must be a sadistic bunch of bastards, don't you think?
What a heartbreaking case I am presiding over, my darling! Some vile blackguard... deep perversions... the death of a child ... After all this, is not revenge justified? Should I not commend rather than condemn the ones that gored this monster? I do believe so. I really do.
Undead Favour
Fills my heart with joy when I speak to my fellow dwarves, you know. Many of them think me a heroine for saving my friends from the dungeons! I suppose in a way, I am! Can't you award me a medal of bravery or something the likes? Make it official!
There we go, there we have it! The rat's out of the cage and it's biting at every ankle it can find! Who do these workmen think they are? Princes of the realm? We pay them more than they're worth already!
I know Scarlett shared something with you, Commander, something deeply personal, and it's not hard for me to guess what that something was. It gladdens me to see you have treated her with respect. So very... unmanly of you. That is a compliment, by the way.
Tell me about henry_4_2_1
Marvellous! One for righteousness, zero for that blind old bat they call Justice! Very well done indeed, Commander!
Win an RTS battle against AI.
Commander, here was me agreeing with one of Yorrick's proposals and still you disagree! You won't see an opportunity to please both imps and undead pop up again in a hurry!
Curses, Commander! Once more our Green Mother must forfeit much-needed protection because safeguarding her wellbeing means we'd have to pull at the purse strings. Money... it's a plague upon mankind.
Aurora's Crescent
To be perfectly honest, I'd normally entertain the idea of lending my expertise to your cause as curtly as I'd consider attending a dwarven opera, but—not unlike my fellow general—it is Maxos' backing of this enterprise that has me intrigued. You have doubt's benefit, dragon. Let's see how far it takes you.
Why, yes, my little dandelion, what woman in her right mind wouldn't want to marry an emperor? 'Tis a right treat that you're not so bad looking either, but power, milad, that is why we do it—the power of the dragon!
I have my crown, I have my title and I had my revenge. Let a million rodents beset my heart, their yellow-fanged teeth will break upon the granite they find! If only victory had brought some relief. If only victory didn't feel quite so empty now that it's here...
This ship is filled with maniacs and dissidents! If I were in command... O it would be a marvel to behold! The war would be won just the same! Won by prudence and prayer! By the Seven, it would!
The woman's worse than ever, commander! How can you keep such a sorry excuse for a general around? You can smell her coming down the corridor now. It's like we're living in a distillery!
Maxos Crossing
Zero Casualties
Death before failure!
You grant a single unit a damage reduction of [2]%, and immunity from negative status effects (like fear or sabotage) for [1] seconds.
How to build your own stealth aircraft: enemy invention ridiculously easy to understand (Poster inside!)
Trooper - For the Empire!
I think I'll have a congratulatory drink! You're welcome to join me, if you're paying.
Your Shamans will move [1]% faster.
Still, I can't say I'm all that sorry, though it remains a grave matter when a king passes on. Now to arrange the two things needed at a dwarven ruler's funeral!
Toppled Towers
Commander! A word, quickly! Devilry has befallen us that may yet spell our doom just when the end was in sight! It is Corvus: he has escaped from my bonds! Too tranquil was I in the delusion that I had him shackled for good, but no! He has flown, or rather, multiplied in infinite demonic shards that hold a firm grip over every single one of our enemies and empowers them with hellish might!
Allows the construction of Imp Fighters in your Aerofactories. These flying units make quick work of airborne foes and can be upgraded to attack ground and sea forces as well.
Maxos admits: emperor is malfunctioning self-operating machine built by imps
Tell me about aida_5_1
Last Judgement is upon you!
Dead Canaries
Bound to be miserable is your marriage to lizard trollop Camilla, for it is devoid of godly grace.
Hundra's Peak
Little late to take the high road now, don't you think? But fair enough; I know very well this thing will cause a bigger stink than an orc shite-pit in your precious political circles. Don't you think for a wink, though, I don't know that's the real reason you're backing out!
Lohannah, the fairest of all elves.
Anti-Air Turret
In this phase, you can see the moves your enemies are making. You can skip them by pressing the skip button.
We've barely any entrenchments here. Not such a good a sign really.
Tell me about camilla_2_2_0
If I go to trial and am found guilty, I will go to prison. Yet with a word, I can denounce the charges brought against me. O, but how will that make me look? I'll be chided as a cowardly murderer, hiding behind the rank that makes her untouchable, beyond justice.
Commander, such folly! You'll find out soon enough that if you give the riffraff a voice it will only be used to carp, curse and complain!
They'll be hotter than a smith's fire.
I will stand until my last breath.
Commander, they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but clearly dragons do not lag far behind, for apparently they conquer worlds with ease.
He would be the one to save the empire from ruin and to aid him in his quest,
Let me put something on and... ready!
As long as he teaches useful things though, he can be a blessing, because that excitable imp down in the Engineering Bay would never have thought of something as outlandish as a jetpack unless he saw it in a fantasy of the night, that much I can assure you!
Every woman in Rivellon perceives you as a liberator, Commander! Alas that your conquest is starting to straggle.
Lords above, what a night I've had. Sometimes I'm there... in the dungeons with the friends I've lost. They all look at me with eyes full of pity, then of hate. I look sideways as I hear the sounds of scraping metal and there he is... the torturer. He approaches... Sometimes you are not there when I wake, and I am shattered!
This is gonna hurt like hell, but that good.
Poor little blighters! I can see 'em now: lambs 'n' piggies standing in line awaiting the knife! So very sad!
TBD - do not translate
Glad to see you followed our friend the imp's advice! Now if you'll excuse me, Commander, I have a new three-minute rule to enforce down in my gemstone mines. Nothing like a couple of harsh examples to increase production!
There's something infinitely gratifying about killing orcs and making money by it, Commander! Now for a slogan... 'If you're keen, have some meat that's green!' No, no good. 'Put some orc on your fork!' Hmmm... naah. But I'll think of something yet!
All the Civilised Races stood side by side and still we lost! Was it our fault, or the dragon's?
I never met the late lord that Edmund skewered like a piece of venison ready for the cooking fire, but I'd have damn well done the same! He lost his dame because of it, that goes without saying, but cute elven girls are as plentiful as apples come the harvest. You just take a nice juicy one, blushing red, and have a taste!
Yes, he was rather an agreeable chap as a matter of fact—the high priest I mean. After the military inspections we played chess and talked philosophy the night through. It goes without saying I won every game and lacerated his logic like an eagle its prey, but he was not as devoid of all intellect as I had expected his entire species to be. A comforting thought somehow, knowing you trust them to strap explosive engines to your back.
O, that it were night, so that the dream-ship would sing once more!
Karthan remained a threat,
I'll leave for home in the morning. Just because I'm going to save my father's miserable life doesn't mean I can't let him suffer a good long spell first!
Good news, Commander! The undead riots have been squelched and the many art works of Claudella that escaped their pitiful ire have been placed in various museums, where they're guarded round the clock.
Will you undo Sigurd I's taxation laws?
In the name of the Green Mother, I thank you, Commander! Imps, dwarves, wizards: sometimes they don't seem the care a jot for the beauty of nature, but at least you, the dragon, do. Better to look down upon rolling green fields as you cross the skies, rather than blackened wastes, isn't it, Commander?
Catherine has gained a level in: [1].
Hardened scales permanently decrease the damage you take by [1]%.
Impressive the way you distil power from calamity.
A new medical mystery?
An enemy dragon's attack power has increased!
Armour is weakening, sire!
Crippling Roar
I couldn't agree with Prospera more, commander! The Rivellon Times' journalists aren't simple fact-finders, no; they ferret for filth! Ever since I've become a councillor aboard the Raven, I've discovered dwarven newspapermen under my bed on no less than three separate occasions, and one I caught climbing through the bathroom window!
Those who are not strong need to be clever, so we imps say. Lovely Lohannah may be quite frail, but all the more shrewd for it.
Thank you, commander! You ease me of a heavy burden. And do rest assured: never shall I maintain that dragons are equal to lizards!
Will you allow the construction of factory farms?
Reward Cards
Devastator - Enhanced Engines
Anti-stealth technology nothing more than a pair of binoculars and pointy sticks, admits chief engineer
I'm not quite as convinced as you are they will lay down their arms upon the liberation of their leader, but perhaps saving women and children from peril should be a concern we elevate above hypothetical outcomes. I'll set the wheels in motion.
he was now present in all of the Dragon's foes.
Your Troopers will do [1]% more damage.
But... but so many dwarves are in need of a new liver! All that ale... I... I mean, think about those poor, suffering soldiers! You condemn them to death! This is a tragedy!
Commander, a word in your ear! Now listen, your wife hung some shipwrecked nobody— so be it—but today she has before her Desmond Sapphire-Cave, one of our top dwarven diplomats. Frankly, I don't care if he slaughtered schoolchildren for sport; what is imperative is that he is acquitted!
Snowy Dunes
I will rain hell on them!
Nothing! Alas, silence does not seem to be forthcoming! The elven barrage of backbiting against my person continues unabated!
Oberon is just bellyaching again, commander! If the imps have the smarts to produce Gorgombert at such low costs, that merely proves they're smarter than the elves. Besides it's just some stinking bit of cheese we're talking about. Not like they're aping ale!
How I cherish these stolen moments we are together, away from politics and war. When I rest my head upon your chest, it seems silence finally holds sway upon this racket-ridden ship, and the only melody that dares intrude upon my soul is that of your heartbeat, constant as our love.
Army happy with Devestator's upgraded engine: "We'll be able to retreat a lot quicker"
Commander, I am so sorry for your loss! Poor girl... I wonder what happened to her. I was up all night but didn't see or hear a thing.
A friendly dragon can shield itself from harm!
Damn that infernal harlot of a Catherine! How dare she assault a dwarven baron, my very cousin twice removed! He does her the honour of proposing marriage and she strikes him... in his pride!
Now, before those blessed days arrived, people regarded us as eccentric gnomes taken to experimenting with flame, gas and liquid like so many charlatan alchemists, but ha; those days are over! We are Scientists now, famed and fortuitous!
Tell me about edmund_3_0
Your Imp Fighters are equipped with explosives that enables them to attack ground and sea targets.
Naught but a skirmish we fought today, but the way you handled it was ... impressive.
Have you seen kids playing that vile board game, Dragon Commander? Has them moving marauding armies about the map, killing enemies left and right! Of course they're going to be high on violence after a few sessions! Ban it, I say, and ban any game like it!
Another day, another victory—and me to thank for it!
And then will dawn the day that man-made-wyrm will take a skeleton spouse and rule the realm ever after.' Words of prophecy, Commander: your match was preordained by the Seven! Every undead in the land will stand by you, battalion after battalion of bone!
Some say humans have more in common with apes than they like to admit, so why not orcs with lizards? I'm not going to ban a scientific publication and that's that!
Alliance requested: [1]
Why is that ruddy elf interfering with impish ideas? If an ox doesn't pull its weight, do you wait three weeks to call for the knacker's? No, you do it right away, within three blasted minutes!
Elven Favour
Can we keep up? Enemy Hunters seen magically teleporting around the battlefield
The enemy's Warlocks will fire [1]% slower.
Heart of Winter
You fully heal a friendly target and all friendly units within a [1] meter radius around it.
Emperor, you let your empire down!
Battle Overview
So you opted not to abandon arranged marriages, did you, Commander? Most of the nobility rejoice at that decision, but personally I deplore it to some extent. Some of these girls are so young, so precious. Too soon are they forced to face that other side of life.
The Green Mother has cursed you! Your luck has decreased by [1].
She's a Sister of Vesta now. Jolly good indeed! It's ever so welcome to see Scarlett silent and sober! I can almost pretend she's not even there.
I... but, Henry... and Anne! How can you leave him to face those vultures alone? He's worth ten men in combat, but who's to say Drury didn't send more?
Undo card play
Commander, I'm afraid I have some rather dire news that I am quite at a loss to explain. Your wife, you see— she has disappeared without a word, without a trace! Foul play is at work, that much is certain. Poor girl! An enemy assassin must have gotten hold of her.
Enemy Transport upgrade detected
Imp Secret Service Spies successfully carbon copy the enemy's Warlock design. "We first had to invent carbon copying," imp enthousiastically explains
So now we're catering to the weaklings that choose drugs over defiance? Doctors ought to treat their charges to the very end, not sing them opiate lullabies!
Dragon Room
They're shooting us! - They're shooting me!
I am mortified, Commander! Never has a lizard of such standing brought such utter shame upon our kin! That devil of an Edmund assaulted a frail and aged imp, a much-revered priest among their kind! If he weren't such a brilliant strategist, I'd have him busted down to private and have him peel potatoes till the day he retires!
I commend you, commander! The Indulgence would have been just that: indulgence in seedy corruption masked in pious virtue. There, I think I've just summarised the church's true nature.
A [1] class [2] unit that is highly effective against everything in the sky.
Sea of Sorrow
My thoughts exactly! The guard will be readied and words of warning spread. Let those who defy the law be cut down by the sword of justice!
No one escapes the Twins!
Can't attack target
Your highness! Please forgive her, commander; nerves, you see.
A [1] class [2] unit that can target aerial, naval and ground units.
This is the story of the Dragon Commander!
Cannon-shaped custard, commander, this is a bit rich, isn't it? There's millions of labourers in the land! Give 'em more than their daily copper and they'll drain the cabinet's coffers in no time!
So, Lady Ophelia has revealed to you she has been punished by the Seven, has she Commander? Such a thing I would have preferred to keep a secret, for it shames us greatly, but she and only she is daughter of Everking and therefore foretold to become your wife.
Therefore I am contented, my love, for though I must drink the blood of the living, I shall do so with relish: each drop is another grain in my hourglass. Never shall the death knell herald our final hour—neither yours, the dragon, nor mine, the demoness.
Upon this realisation, I panicked and turned to the dark arts. I drew forbidden symbols, spoke words abhorrent and arcane. Before me appeared a demon—Razakel his name—who, beguiled by my graces, promised me eternal life if I wished it. Immortality can be mine, my love! What say you?
When an imp princess meets with an accident she has the good grace to make it so explosive everybody knows what happened to her! Your wife she ... she just *poof* disappeared! Duller than wet gunpowder, that!
Decided to intervene,
You fire a beam at a friendly unit or allied dragon, which increases its damage by [1]%. The beam lasts for [2] seconds, but discontinues sooner if the distance between you and your beneficiary becomes bigger than [3] meters.
Be sure to keep a balance between researching your dragon skills and unit skills as you'll need both in battle!
Commander, I want you to know that I am very sorry about this unfortunate Long Goodbye business! I myself thought it myth, but it seems there may have been one or two cases of it happening over the past decade.
Let him stare, the carrot chewer! He wouldn't frown so, should he get off his high horse and eat it. If he looks at me darkly, it is because he wants to keep me in it.
I dub thee murderer and want nothing to do with you any further!
You have neither respect nor love for the Seven, Commander, that much is clear! Take note when you bow afore the dwarf when he occupies your throne, for when the time comes, you'll be made to bow afore the devil in like fashion.
Your Shamans will have [1]% more hit points.
His hands are as bloody as his rival's, as are his deeds. We are of the same mind: justice would be ill-served by his exemption. I'll brief a squadron of rangers myself so they may be sent in as quickly as possible. May the shadows favour them!
Emperor on holiday: pictures inside!
I used to be a short-sighted, big-eared, large-nosed eyesore of an imp, but look at me now! He's a miracle worker, that shaman!
Tell me about scarlett_4_1
Your Zeppelins will have the Fog Of War ability for one combat round.
Recruitment Citadel completed
Running out of steam? Emperor reverts to copying enemy aircraft design and builds flying gas bags
Raven Phase
You couldn't have found me a human wife?
They constructed a dam so as to provide water for a massive warship factory, and of course they didn't think twice about the famed Speckled Jackal, a beautiful creature that is now threatened with extinction. I want to show the dwarves that this is unacceptable. I want that dam destroyed!
And what are dwarves but moles with ill-kept beards? And Elves? Mere plants that have shed their roots! Imps? Ha! A set of inbreeding rodents that put rats to shame! And undead... I count invertebrates higher, for their existence at least has an inkling of meaning.
Undead Favour
Thank you, commander, for doing us the honour of opening the royal coffers to our abundance. Silence truly is golden.
Beaten to the punch: opposition clads new type of vehicle in armour. Imperial troops shaking in fear
Beautiful! What does Yorrick's kind want fish for anyway? Do they create aquaria full of undead crabs and catfish perhaps? Preposterous!
I will remain a politician for certain, and I will continue to defend elven viewpoints valiantly. Always will they be relevant; always will I hope you shall value them higher than you have before! Even the best is never good enough when perfection is your end goal.
She's into girls, isn't she! A crying shame, that! For another night with her I'd seek the help of an illusionist to give me a woman's guise, if the thought didn't creep me out so utterly.
Don't get too close to enemy Armours! Their shockwaves will do serious damage!
So I shall, commander! The harvest from the hanging tree will be plentiful this year!
If a jury unanimously agreed he is guiltless, then your hands are tied. Going against the verdict would in itself be a serious breach of the laws you hold dear.
Excellent! And add age restrictions as well! If parents try to coerce her, a twenty-year-old can stand up to them better than a mere girl. Well done, commander! Not bartered, but cherished let our women be!
Imps are elated: 'These minefields will claim victims for hundreds of years to come!' Empire population in despair: 'These minefields will claim victims for hundreds of years to come!'
An enemy dragon can rejuvenate itself!
Production started on unarmed transportation vessels. Imp factories not impressed
So, you think the other councillors appreciated your little soiree?
The hell, you can't! There's talk of murder and you're the official responsible, so hop to it and investigate!
There, you see? I knew I needn't worry. All I shall do now is pray unto the gods and ask for a great flood that will cleanse the land of imps!
The enemy's Transports will move [1]% slower.
Commander, let me bring up the subject of the smoke-stick once more. You know these hazy darlings are as precious as gold and make the royal coffers overflow with coin. What would you say, Commander, if I told you that this could be merely the beginning? We have discovered an... ingredient... that will make the smoke-stick ten times more alluring. People won't be able to forego an hour without indulging in their wholesome taste! So what do you say, Commander? Care to make a ton of gold and ten tons more after that?
Catherine has been fighting battles both aboard and away from the Raven. It speaks to her character that she still fights for the empire when her staunchest adversary here is you. Her cause I applauded, commander. Your reluctance to acquiesce I therefore deplore.
The emperor ate my hamster
Ray of Power
Faster! Faster! I want to go faster!
Is nothing sacred anymore? What will be next? Bogus gods? Impish Deities TM? Buy a god and get one free? Cause that's where we're headed, you know!
The highest! We are the chosen of the Seven, commander. We are those that have known death, have walked its black shores, but then have been restored to life.
Destroy all units, buildings and population in a country.
He's a slimy git who happens to excel at warfare. I once met a lizard who went to school with him when he was but fresh from the eggshell. Told me he'd always been like that: smart as a whip, but a loner too, hopelessly assured that he is better than everybody else and has ten brains for every one that we have. Worst part is he may well have, but don't you ever tell him I said that.
Mind the pedestrian dear - I'm minding the pedestrian dear!
When pigs fly: new imp invention said to be floating pig skin. Pig farmers show interest
Enemy jumps the gun: creates light and fast troopers. Emperor not concerned: "Light and fast? We have heavy and slow!"
and right click on the destination you want it to go to.
Commander, a tragic incident took place in a busy market hall. Two youngsters came charging in with knives and slashed away at everyone in their path. I believe there were a couple of fatalities, even. Now such random acts of violence are a cause for concern to be true, but some in this room blame it all on violent games and literature. They want to institute a ban, the overreacting fools! You wouldn't consider such a thing, would you, Commander?
The Silent
Zeppelin - Fog Of War
Your Imp Fighters will have [1]% more hit points.
Enhanced Explosives
Cold is my crown, cold is my soul... Luckily I have the fire of dragons to keep me warm!
There have been patrols in the night, empty houses in the morning and loose earth in ditches near the edges of the city! Scandalous! As is the negligence shown by general Edmund. He was given the task of regulating the town according to your laws, but of course he's not lifted a finger to stop this secretive slaughter because of his well-known contempt for the elves!
Commander, as you know, we do business deals with merchants and warlords from all over the realm, the one a tad more unscrupulous than the other. We are aware many of them treat their workfolk rather shabbily, but such are the bargains we make, we gladly look the other way. Oberon, however, demands that we should stop all dealings with them unless they meet certain standards. 'Fair trade' he calls it. Hogwash more like! Tell me you agree with me, Commander! After the smoke-stick and sugar water fiascoes, it's the least you can do!
No mortal can, of course, truly mimic their magnificence, but the harder we try, the more we may find favour in their stern, just eyes. I'm afraid what favour you have found does not quite live up to the expectations I had, but I'm contented in the knowledge that times of peace may just bring the faithful new challenges which we may overcome together. For peace, as you will be aware, so frightfully easily leads to vice!
A sad decision if ever there was one! Yet again the powerful will trample the weak for the sake of Demon Coin!
What a splendid victory that was! Your strategic insight almost rivals my own.
A dangerous proposal indeed, Commander! You are well aware we imps have very few scruples. Before you know it we'll build elf and lizard farms. Bred for donation, bred for money!
Unit research
So what really happened to your girl then, commander? You got bored of her, did you? Kind of extravagant to make her disappear in the night though! I'd have gladly taken her from your hands myself!
Revenue Increase
I'm glad I followed his advice and followed you aboard the Raven. I don't suppose I'll see another war like this in my lifetime, but even though I'm a general at heart, I suppose that is not a bad thing!
Embrace the perpetuity of the bone!
A friendly dragon is surrounded by an Aura of Annihilation!
Your Imp Fighters will be built from sturdier materials, which gives them [1]% more hit points.
But then again you are the offspring—male offspring, to boot—of a sorry line prone to decadence and corruption; the very line, in fact, that is responsible for the downfall of the empire in the first place. Forgive me then if I do wonder: will this Commander pass muster, earn his wings... earn his crown?
The people deserve a kind emperor and a generous one too! You are both, commander!
And what of my kin? Alas, they do not understand. Yorrick brands me a traitor even, but I care not. In seeking salvation, how have I cheated the Seven, how have I deceived the gods? If that is truly how they feel, they are not worthy of my worship. Let the flame of divinity that sparks only when we are alone light the fire of our love. What need have we for gods or men? We, my life and death, we have each other.
I quite agree with Trinculo, commander. We lizards don't put much stock in religion and the world has no end of trouble with those that do! Let's keep our lessons secular and sensible. For the benefit of us all.
Tell me about camilla_2_1_0
But you have done more than conquer the world, you know. You have been an instrument of redemption. I was a bitter woman when my kingdom was taken from me, and all the more enraged by the injustices I and every woman had to suffer.
Produced in factories: [1]
Shamans can paralyze targets and all enemy units in a [1] meter radius around them for [2] seconds.
Magia Sanguinis, dragon! It is coming for you...
Light unit specialist
And it will! We'll scour the land for the fairest of them all; she will become you, and you will be mine!
What's your take on the war situation?
Will you enforce an imp family planning policy?
Emperor victorious as slow news day grips Rivellon
[1] Trooper mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Getting The Hang Of It
Scales of Steel
Your ally reclaimed your capital for you!
Enemy zeppelins can cloak themselves and nearby allies! Never can you look at an empty patch of sky in the same way again, commander!
Commander! How will you respond to the cowardly attack by those revolting rebels? A nephew of mine was among the dead. I demand revenge!
Trade routes such as they spring from dwarven fantasy will cut through forests, dissect rivers and destroy habitats, commander. I'll have none of it!
Light Ground Units
I see the ship's still in one piece, despite my absence. You just stayed put till I was back, didn't you?
Elf princess Lohannah.
[1] moved troops to [2]
I'm inclined to agree with Oberon, but if these particular locusts are really causing extensive damage, they need to be gotten rid of. It pains me to say it, but I wouldn't sign this law.
I would say it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, commander, but as it stands I must approach you with a bit of reserve. True, to know we have a Dragon Knight for a leader is a great relief, for such a grand creature inspires bravado in the many hearts that will have to be won so that we may overthrow the spreading dark.
You know, now I come to think of it, this ship is actually the greatest turkey shooter in the land!
Game Speed:
Scientific results should never be suppressed, Commander! I am appalled that you would close down elven research centres because their findings would have cost the dwarves so dearly! Strictly dictatorial!
Your Ironclads will have [1]% more hit points.
Firebats found on enemy zeppelins. Imps take all the credit for all the wrong reasons
Of course, none of the two realises they could argue till the dwarves grow tired of gold and never reach the tiniest epiphany. To wage war requires a distinct brand of genius. Where they are found wanting, I am found abounding.
Lost Empires
Win an autoresolve battle against all odds.
A fundamental liberty is in danger of being sacrificed, Commander! To censor fiction, to deny it to the populace because—as emotions run high—a few politicians decide said fiction may have influenced the actions of two psychopaths, would be a downright criminal thing to do!
Enemy dragon comming in!
Right you are, commander! I used to play Torture-The-Orc-With-The-Carving-Fork all afternoon back in the day, but I'd never do that to a dwarf or an elf or anyone here represented!
Many, many died because of the elf protests that put a halt to the imps' technoveg production, and many more now feel the instigators of these fatal interferences should suffer for it. Whereas inflamed passion and imprudence stirred the elf-kind's actions, reason will dictate ours. By the law will Lohannah be judged.
Dearest Anne, my darling child is safe! You know, I'd carpet bomb every kindergarten in the realm for her benefit. Such an old softie, aren't I?
Lovely, commander, well done! Do not deny distress to those deserving it! The Divines distribute what portions of pain befit their receiver. Let us do no more than stand by and look on in reverence.
Isn't she a beauty, our Lady Lohannah? A pearl plucked from the Milky Way, delivered unto us blessed mortals.
I am building another Battle Forge here,
Perhaps there is something to say for the affinity with which the elves regard nature, our great mother after all. I can see the merit in dwarven workmanship; the delicacy with which they shape jewellery and items so precious the world knows no like. Perhaps, perchance, conceivably...
Select all units
Yes, commander! We'll hack 'em to pieces and be back in time for happy hour!
Unlock the Unveil dragon skill for one combat round.
It's a fluke! Emperor scores haphazard hit
Tell me about catherine_2_2
Tactical Genius
Your Armours will have the Short Sharp Shock ability for one combat round.
Select units around me
You're quite the little wildcat, aren't you?
Yes! Fight! Feed me! Prepare your own demise!
Bah! Stupidity is what you sow and stupidity is what you'll reap!
Aerofactory completed
How's that jetpack working out for you, milord? I knew you'd like it!
Ultimate Birth control
They are our equals now! Isn't that just fantastic? We're all like... one... we are the universe and the universe is in us.
Upon activation, your fireballs become acid for [1] seconds. When they hit an enemy, these acid attacks keep damaging it for an additional [2] seconds.
The player disables the primary functionality of an enemy unit or building for [1] seconds.
You disappoint, commander! I understand Catherine's ideas may be wild of concept, but more often than not there's wisdom hidden within. When we do nothing, nothing changes and our soldiers still run amok, to put it mildly.
What's more, tiresomely pious though his kind may be, the undead prove to be as susceptible to the eminently secular seduction of silver and gold as their dwarven foes are. Miraculous how a few well-stocked purses in the right places seemed to throw a whole new light on their economic situation.
Well done, Commander! Believe it or not, but I too stem from humble beginnings, and if it weren't for a generous scholarship, I wouldn't stand here today! You wouldn't want that, now would you?
Chemical Warfare
Very good! Let nature run its course, commander, and you can never go amiss, for to refrain from taking any action is the best way of ensuring you're doing nothing to upset the will of the gods!
You made the popular choice, Commander, but I reiterate it is not the right one. Thieves will still stalk the night, but they'll be carrying bigger and more terrifying weapons...
Thus I am the one most amazed, for never would I have thought myself capable of enjoying the company of others, let alone non-lizards. Love conquers all, if you'll forgive the platitude.
During the strategy phase, build units and buildings; play cards and conquer countries to expand your empire and its resources. Overthrow the enemies' capitals to win and don't forget to defend your own! When you are finished playing your turn, press the End Turn button to proceed.
Factories are used to build units. Naval units can only be produced if a factory is adjacent to a sea region.
When I was sixteen, you see, I first fell in love with another girl, but when my parents found out, they were furious—threatened to disown me and sent me to military school. They vowed that if I'd show any sign of being attracted to another girl ever again, they'd nevermore show me kindness or affection.
[1] Transport mercenary is fighting on your side this battle.
Wise of you, commander! I find no fault in Falstaff's objective, only in his method. There are other ways to fight crime; ones that do not include stigmatisation.
That is just it: we, gay people, we haven't the rights others enjoy! That creep can kill us willy nilly and all he gets coming his way is a slap on the wrist and a bloody castle to gallivant in! He'll probably be free in a month's time—stripped of his functions, sure—but ready to resume his murder spree.
All That Glisters
Unit Cards can grant your units significant advantages and even access to non-researched skills for the duration of a single battle!
From your tale I gather a mighty empire was created, so how come it fell so quickly?
We are in luck, commander! Our enemy didn't have time to entrench themselves at all!
Ray of Power: +[1]
Empire Overview
Disgruntle the Seven, commander, and they may well take your throne away from you! Be forewarned!
Corvus' demonic powers are increased by [1]%
To lower a country's defences, put troops near its borders. Defences translate to free units and buildings in combat.
Musical Box
Waiting for other commanders!
BOO! Heheheheee.
Good show! Children should be protected from themselves, you know. Their minds are an all-too impressionable tool, Commander. Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey reads Sarlagh the Slasher, well, there you go: market hall slaughter.
The gas we use is all bio-natural produced!
Greetings, sire, sprung from kings! I am Grumio son of Gromio, an imp of good and honest standing. Your technician shall I be, if it pleases you; your engineer and architect!
Your empire's countries receive a research points bonus of [1]
If an imp burgles another's house and he loses his head in the process, he has only himself to blame, and I'm not saying that just because Prospera is standing nearby with her tail a-wagging!
Kill 1000 units with your dragon.
Command you units to 'Hold Position' if you want to them to guard a specific location.
By Vesta and her twelve commandments, the day has been won; the dragon that set out to unite the globe in cleansing flames of purity has wrought us a world of ashes from which a new Rivellon shall rise. May he love his fledgling empire, nourish and protect its magnificent domains.
Start chapter 3.
Time and time again you have satisfied Yorrick's every whim, and now we must face a bleak empire deprived of reason, a divine dictatorship with the undead at the helm! Were I not so convinced you'll win the battle for Rivellon in the end, I'd gladly desert the Raven and fly to the aid of our enemies!
Get in!
You show them skeletons what's what, Commander! They can sermonise all they want; play their dirty tricks, but they cannot torment the ones they single out. They can merely send them to the weapons factories as slaves... Oh well, silver linings and all that.
Shadow Quality:
Honoured to meet you, Commander! I am Oberon, envoy of the elves; ambassador of the beasts; spokesman of plants, here in the hope that our new emperor will treat majestic Rivellon with the reverence she deserves, even in these times of frightful war.
To get more recruits,
I need to get away from this ship, all stuffy and old-fashioned. Think I'll grab a fighter plane, a bottle and have a good ol' dogfight or two. Pretend I'm shooting fat old dwarves like Falstaff.
Your Shamans will have the Immunity ability for one combat round.
O, that's good, I need to write that down.
Will you scrap religion from the curriculum?
Commander, we the lizards think that even though you fight to attain peace, strife is inevitable as long as monarchs occupy the throne. Sooner or later, they become dictatorial and go to war on a whim. Our end goal is to make Rivellon a republic, but first we want to see if the majority of all the Civilised Races truly wants this, which is why I am asking for your permission to hold a referendum. 'Do you want a government that is despotic or democratic in nature?' That is the question we shall ask.
You know, I've hardly had any time to spend with my wife! This war is not doing wonders for my marriage!
Your Juggernauts will have the Imp Bunker Buster ability for one combat round.
Trinculo's was a good proposal and I'm glad you accepted it. I'd be gladder still if I wasn't so damnably sure the dwarves will misemploy it first chance they get.
Uncheck this box to disable this victory condition
What a win you scored, Commander! Wish I were a dragon sometimes, to burn and battle like you!
Press [IE_Shootdragon] to shoot at enemy units while flying as a dragon during combat.
Go on, give me a target!
Twas during The Great and Glorious Last Stand to Save the Empire! Horseshit! We fought like lions so that the king, your bloody father, could scarper with what riches he could hold! But my soldiers did their duty: they died where they stood, and I was left for dead, want of an eye and an arm.
Sorry to hear about your wife, Commander, again. People are starting to talk, you know! Best make your next marriage work!
Falstaff has caught the scent of profit, commander, and all reasonableness must yield. Quite clearly his proposal is contemptible and must be declined as a matter of course.
I wouldn't, actually, but if mindless optimism is your cup of tea, pray sip away.
I bet you'll come to realise pretty quickly that saving the old bugger is going to be more trouble than it's worth! Your call though...
Me, I do have a few personal stakes in this as well, though. My father, see, may the plague wither his pecker, is a right old rotter whose company I'm desperate to escape. Put a wedding ring on my finger and your ship will be my home! I'm sure we'll get on like two pups a-play!
Tell me about arc_catherine
Why yes! Soon the crown shall be yours. I hope you're ready for it.
Ravens are extraordinarily clever birds, you see, that desire lives of great longevity. With each soul they offer to a demon, they are blessed with manifold years in return. I once met a raven, gnarled and bereft of many a feather, that claimed he was over a thousand years old. 'Old Man Snatcher', people called him, and they were mightily afraid.
Very wise of you, Commander! Trinculo really needs to have his head examined. Were he a lizard, he must have hatched from a rotten egg, as we say.
Indeed! And now he's being served as a last meal to a gang of orcs on death row. So much for the steak they requested!
Your Aerofactories are built [1]% faster.
The soothing effect of fragrant rosewood intermingled with hints of drudanae never fails to produce the desired effect that is amity, serenity and tranquillity.
[1] Devastator mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
End Turn
Good! Calm returns to my mind. Imagine for the church to be held accountable for its accounts. The mere idea is ridiculous! Thank the gods it was all but a fiction!
Breaking all the rules: emperor ignores any and all intellectual property and openly builds his own Shaman
Look, if the undead are so hell-bent on destroying her work then so be it. I'm not going to create a diplomatic incident because some sculptress turned out to be gay.
But they will be destroyed, won't they? Blimey, commander, if that's not like a pigeon pooping right on your birthday cake the very moment you were about to take a great big bite!
Tell me about aida_9_2_2
When I tell people I bathe in blood, they think that's a figure of speech. Hehe
Fly forward
Ask me if the weather is fine, ask me if I enjoyed my lunch, and you'll get a much nicer answer, Commander!
Your units' hit points are increased by [1]%.
You are condemning every elf in the realm to a permanent death, commander! No greater wrong has ever been done to them. Doom is the dragon!
Video Settings
Ferol's Hunting Grounds
Tell me about lohannah_3_1_0
Though I have my doubts ...
Armours cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Destroy an enemy building with an Imp Bunker Buster.
Good! And there's an end to Prospera's twaddle! Of course I can pay for the best education in the world even if I had fifty toddlers round the hearth, but if the state will pay for 'em, why in the hell would I say no to that?
Bah, twaddle! Not that it really matters. Most workers don't last three minutes in our munitions factories anyway, let alone three weeks. That's why we proposed it in the first place.
Permanently increases the speed with which you fly by [1]%.
Commander, I've pressed for unions, I've pressed for ecological measures, but at one point or another you've always blocked my proposals. So let me reiterate how highly we elves esteem the happiness of our populace: they deserve something in return for all the hard work they do for the good of the empire. As it stands, they work six days a week, but I think that they should be able to have prolonged holidays! An entire month in fact, to be spent at their leisure!
Commander, we think it is a terrible shame and waste that the consumption of orc meat is outlawed! All because of the elves of course—damn them! Look, we already use these creatures like we use oxen and horses, so why not eat them as well? It's cheap meat, so many of your poorer citizens would be only too glad for the opportunity!
The master is unresponsive.

a menu appears which allows you to create new units.
Yes, well, hail ...
It'll be my pleasure, milord!
Defeated once again, are we? You fought a female commander, no doubt, and were naturally outwitted.
There! Reason saves the day! For if a tutor is no more than a thug, a teacher he can never be.
Unlock the Aura of Frailty dragon skill for one combat round.
To build new units, you need to capture construction sites
Always beware when the undead come along with a new proposition, Commander! Yorrick is not merely a snake in the grass, but a full-blown anaconda!
Good luck, dragon! May the divines be with you!
She's twelve and he a hundred... That is quite unacceptable. I shall draft a law that says women must themselves consent to marriage before nuptials are allowed.
The Inquisition sought but to please your royal highness with the perfected extermination of heretical thought and the heightened influx of atoning operatives towards your war industry. May the Seven forgive this moment of profound weakness...
Now to delicately phrase 'stuff it, you boring old bag of bones'...
Your Imp Fighters will do [1]% more damage.
There I was, holding a mug of ale aloft when my wife practically slaps it from my hand and has the audacity to present me with a glass of... of fairy piddle, all because Lohannah is, and I quote, 'setting an honest and healthy example'!
Yes, I'll return the ledger, but I'll let him sweat a couple of days first. I bet this little escapade has sobered him up more than a year in elven court would!

Your Grenadiers will move [1]% faster.
Skirmish - Ladder
A stiff drink can settle even the struggle of pit bulls... for a while. Then it needs repeating.
Death consumes you!
People look like ants from up here. Easily crushed! Ha!
I made a decision based on pragmatism, not morality, Scarlett. I have a war to win, which will save more lives in the end than that elf could ever claim. I need both gold and you by my side to do so.
Under my rule you'd be given the Cross of Bravery for that last action, commander! Well done!
Really, Commander! Less is more, is it? I've always found that to be utter nonsense. There's not one god, there's seven. Strength lies in numbers much more than it does in so-called efficiency.
Commander, I intend to propose legislation later today that will make it possible for gay couples to be married. I know I'll get some pretty stiff opposition from Falstaff and especially Yorrick, so I'm hoping I can count on your support.
Aura of Annihilation
But I care not a fig for their feeble attempts at defamation! They can drag me through the mud in The Rivellon Times from cover to cover; I will not back down!
All quiet on the front?
Ha! Well done! I'll be sure to inform our scientists their efforts were not in vain! I'll procure some drudanae, a couple of pastry chefs and bake them a cake that will blow their socks off!
And as the sun arises in golden splendour, and tears asunder the clutches of night with gilded lances, so shall rise the Golden Prophet and grind into oblivion the enemies of the gods.' It has been written, my love. I am the one!
Waw, you're really annoying today, aren't you!
Aura of Restoration
May a long and blessed life be lady Ophelia's lot!
You can produce Devastators during one combat round.
The choice is clear... or so I thought! As it turns out, it doesn't matter whether the divines are the brutes the undead maintain them to be or not, for the dragon will enact any depravity their councillor demands! I did not believe in heaven and hell before, but you have made a convert out of me, Commander. It is my sincerest wish you will burn throughout eternity!
As much as it is in the eagle's nature to look down upon the world in hunt of lesser creatures, it is my genius that makes me soar high above all others—lesser creatures indeed.
All friendly units in a [1] meter radius around you receive a [2]% increase to their armour and a [3]% increase to their damage output for [4] seconds.
A friendly dragon can create a Pillar Of Restoration!
Shaman Heal Ally
Know, my love, that Icaros has been deceived: he was granted his night between my sheets, but was embraced by stupor only, lulled to artificial sleep by opiate-enriched wine. Thus I kept my part of the bargain, and he was forced to leave the ship starved of satisfaction. The more fool him for questioning my devotion to the dragon.
Mapped skill 9

    • R2D2 alike sound** I know we're in trouble, just hang on!

Tell me about edmund_5_0
A proper education is a right, not a luxury. Prospera shows a shocking disregard for those of small means. We need to give all children equal chances, not deprive them of knowledge because their parents lack the necessary coin.
Hogwash! Beer is sacred and everyone should celebrate it as such! No blasted elf has the right to question the divine mysticism of the malt!
My world and stars, approach, approach and behold my beauty! See how the directions of desire took hold and with wondrous words of wizardry were realised! A bride of bone no longer, I stand before you a lady: luscious and lovely, warm and welcoming, awaiting your caress.
Tell me a bit more about the dwarves.
Remind me to say 'no' next time you ask for a favour, dragon, because I'd much rather have Yorrick huffing and puffing away at me than Falstaff on the war path. I tell you, there's a giant's anger trapped in his diminutive physique!
Skill Level
Build Wizard Tower
the construction site will gain your faction colour.
Never would I have thought a dragon would do a thing so damnably depraved! Every imp in the realm will be shocked you'll allow the hated undead to go so far! Come close with branding irons and we'll bring artillery instead!
Imps preparing medical breakthrough: head transplantation planned for emperor. Maxos looking forward to "at least one half of a brain"
Well spoken, commander! Boy, that Falstaff really is something else! Two men can't smooch in public, but a dragon can marry an elf, a lizard or whatever species takes his fancy? Talk about your double standards!
Air units are [1]% cheaper now.
I'm surprised, commander. Surely thousands would have benefited from this scheme. Why develop new wonders in the field of medicine if we're not going to use them?
So, the terror-weaver was caught and will be tried in lady Camilla's new court as soon as it is officially inaugurated. Maybe a great big bowtie will give the gallows a festive air when she seals her first verdict.
Present your case well, and you may clear your name as well as your conscience. Be prepared to face the consequences, though, should things go awry.
Auto-Resolve luck boost
Damnably foolish of you, Commander! Who knows what they're putting in that sugar water! I bet they tear the souls from people's bodies and liquefy them. Yes... it's bound to be something unholy like that!
Where's my gold... Commander? // Yes, filler of my dwarven ale purse?
Chameleon Hide
Bomber Balloon
Flee before me, dragon, and you serve yourself more than you are serving me now!
If your decisions on the battlefield were as deplorable as the ones you made regarding the royal nuptials, we'd all have painfully perished by now.
Thank you, commander! Trinculo may object now, but if we were to sell a cheap variant of Grumio's Gunpowder, it'd be he who'd cry havoc!
I knew those things were bad for you, commander, I knew it! First time I smoked a smoke-stick, I coughed up such a storm a tornado alert was issued!
I do oftentimes wonder why Maxos was in such awe of your inherent qualities, when in truth they do not consist of much more than a somewhat mediocre metamorphosis into a picture-book monster equipped with a rather inflammatory form of respiration. As far as conquest is concerned, I'd have most assuredly done even better than you, plus I'd have been able to converse with people without them insisting I take a breath mint.
Capital, Commander! Let others provide for this petty riffraff; we'll have none of them no more! Solves jail overcrowding too! We're killing two burglar birds with one stone here!
... Downloading leaderboard scores ...
Cancel the current settings and go back.
Time To Go, Emperor - Why our emperor should step down and who should take over
Very good, commander! I knew you'd be one to trust the Times! After all, when have they ever said a bad word about you?
Seven curse the smoke-stick, commander! How dare you let its use encroach upon the duties of each gods-fearing child? And you give them reason to fear! Oh yes! The Seven are stern and will not forgive!
We gave them a good licking, didn't we, commander? Between you and your team of generals, not even an army of demons could defeat us!
We who were the pinnacle of evolution—cast aside! Ha! Let them! Why would we want to be counted among inferiors anyway? Let them have their list of five. We shall be the Ones!
And what is the logic behind the continued permission for citizens to buy weapons of mass destruction? This is the National Enchanters Association at work! They paid you off, didn't they?
Your Grenadiers will have the Enhanced Explosives upgrade for one combat round.
Build Tavern
You know what I like? Butterflies .... Squashed against my windshield.
It is a splendid victory for my sex that I am proud to have set in motion. You, commander, have my thanks, though I shudder to think how long this abhorrent practice might have endured unnoticed under your very nose.
The untold story of our bastard emperor
He infested all the empire's enemies using terrible Blood Magic.
Just when I thought you'd take the final step towards the perfecting of society as deemed righteous by the Seven, you refuse, Commander. Let down the undead and you're letting down the gods and yourself, to boot! You could have had enough slaves to build war machines practically for free! Such a pity...
Make sure your Shamans are not on the frontlines of battle, but safely behind your forces - healing them!
An enemy dragon has Scales of Steel!
Commander, you could have asked but a single percent of the church's income and still have walked away with the means to raise five new armies! Do you really think they spend so much on incense, not personal luxuries?
They struck at the heart of the empire and the capital fell in days. Whose troops killed Sigurd I do not know. Some say he tried to flee—Henry is adamant he did—but I'm not so certain. There was no fight left in him, no life left in the once proud physique of my dear old friend.
Didn't you hear? The best man for the job is a woman.
Good! Yes! Ban the smoke-stick, I say! Gunpowder in your snuffbox: there's a healthy alternative!
Commander, you didn't follow our plans in regard to the smoke-stick as far as we would have liked, but let bygones be bygones and let us focus on the important matter of blue sugar water. This latest dwarven invention is taking our youth by storm, but no sooner did others perceive this than cheap knockoffs started to flood the market. This is intolerable! We want to protect this drink as a dwarven intellectual property right, so that we alone may produce the famed blue sugar water. I promise you this will bode well for your treasury, too...
Is this a permanent change that has befallen me, or is it a temporary whim? Time of course will tell, but I doubt I'll ever forget those moments of passion high up on that balcony...
I was right about the pigsties and whorehouses, by the way. Indistinguishable!
To give away what one has aplenty to those bereft of riches is a duty, commander, as stipulated by the Seven. What Sir Falstaff wants directly opposes that rule and hence must not be accepted.
Have all 3 Dragon Roar buffs on one or more friendly units.
Oh fiddlesticks! But you're right; I have an obligation as queen to set an example before all elves... even if that means sticking to mineral water.
Rest easy, my darling: I am the Dragon Commander, and my word is law. Your cell? It shall be this ship! Your regime? All its riches! You'll suffer nothing but a life of luxury and leisure by my side.
Commander, despite earlier, sadly failed attempts to empower the Church of the Seven in your realm, I shall endeavour once more to speak on her glorious behalf. There have been rumours and allegations of... abuse by church officials, and now there's talk of legal action! This is sacrilege! These priests are holy men; they transcend the secular plane and therefore—I propose—secular law! No court of law should be able to pass judgment over them. Only the Seven can!
How fickle is the faith of even us undead! Long as I was built from brittle bone accursed with blight, I was nothing short of an outcast, a sinner sanctioned by the Seven. But now that I go in golden guise, I am their paragon, the epitome of pious grace. Almost absurd, is it not? Quietly tragic... like a child holding a dead bird, expecting it fly off at a moment's notice.
If such a custom exists then I will abolish it. This is quite another matter than gold in generals' pockets after all.
The air is rather dry in here. I could use a glass of the bartender's best!
Tier: [1]
Heal your units as a dragon.
Remember the poor results of the popularity polls in this country, commander. The support here will be equally dreadful.
And now what? You're married to an undead that looks as bare as a fish after dinner! No I don't envy you, commander! Verily I don't!
A building that increases the amount of recruits gained from a country's population.
Warlocks cost [1] less recruits to produce.
I wonder how dragons evolved. Do they come from a long line of mighty creatures, or are they the drunken mistake of some sorcerer who put wings on a reptile and poured sulphur down its throat?
The nerve of the man! Darling daughter indeed! Whatever illness has taken hold of him, let it fester! Good riddance!
[1] Juggernaut mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Bloody good show, Commander! We kicked butt today, and firmly too!
I'm sure Henry and Edmund are the proper officers for the job, wouldn't you agree? They'll need to be diplomatic, though, if they seek to succeed!
And how about you then? Guess you've made your old man proud. His empire shattered like a stricken sheet of glass, but you've managed to puzzle it all back together—and a good job you did too! Dragons, eh! They'll get the job done!
Whatever the future holds, it will be a new career. Never will I linger on this ship as nothing more than a crowned housewife!
There: I have done as you asked, my jack-in-the-box; I assisted the doctors with healing my father. He'll never be quite the same, but he'll live. All the same, the old sod may have cheated death—for now—but vultures circle his throne nevertheless! His closest friends, the nobles of the land, were rooting for his demise and they smell blood still.
Cleansing Charge
Tell me about arc_edmund
Your Devastators will have [1]% more hit points.
Imperial war factories to build flying gas bags. Imp researchers in high spirits (and dwarven taverns)
Commander! I told you the elves were full of it! Our technoveg saved the day, and if any of those refugees perished, it's because of wounds, disease or shock, but certainly not malnutrition. Good news all round!
So the enemy is employing shamans now? That's no good!
Witches Retreat
Scarlett, if you please.
In combat, toggle permanent icons by doubletapping [IE_ShowIconsAllUnits]
Frightfully boring folk, those lizards, Commander! That general of yours held our high priest hostage with board games and... and chatter! Our engineers built a great tower just to blow it up again—a great gift for the envoy of our allies. But did he come and watch? No! Preferred conversation to combustion! What a nincompoop!
Fitting advice it was too, for not hours after you gave it, I was out near the borders of the realm when a distress call came. Seemed some elves decided to play ranger and went behind enemy lines. Obviously they stood as much chance as a nun in an orc cave, but still that Oberon chap demanded I fly to the rescue.
Commander, even though it is I who won the elections and will take your place for some five years, when we vote anew, I think you'd be a damnable dumbbell to let slide your sovereignty. Just dismiss these elections! You have that power still!
Build a total of 600 units from any production facility during RTS battles (any type of unit).
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Enemy Armour upgrade detected
Player [1] disconnected.
A king is dying: wonderful! Perhaps he will become one of the chosen few and by the mercy of the Seven become undead. Wouldn't that be charming?
Ironclads Unleashed
Warlocks can transform enemy units into beetles for [1] seconds.
Zeppelin - Fog Of War
It's the way of the world this, and that's, that's just f-fine. I don't care. Long as I get to fight every day! And I... But, say, you look cute today! Did you do something with your hair? Get tired of your wife from time to time, d-don't you? No matter: Scarlett's here for you!
You're wasting the empire's resources, you know! All those donations end up in a couple of fat officials' pockets. The populace doesn't even get a penny to divide between a hundred of them. I thought everybody knew that!
We shall discuss this later.
Recruitment Citadel(s)
Armours loaded with Troopers that can perform the For the Empire! ability can be very deadly when they reach destination!
It is a challenging task indeed to face foes whose souls are enwrapped by demon cunning, but I have every faith they'll fall before you, like so many have before!
If I'm not mistaken it's the queen herself who presides over the case. Here's hoping she'll opt for the noose!
It's positively liberating! Maybe I should order assassinations on a more frequent basis... They do tend to take the edge off.
By the resplendent crowns of the Seven, what a mighty and beauteous creature Ophelia has become: an undead succuba who feasts upon menial mortals. She is truly the foremost of us all.
Please enter a password
Engines running at an eco-friendly pace!
Tell me about lohannah_3_2_1
Prospera has received anonymous letters about an elf archduke by the name of Narkhesem. You may have heard of him as a hunter of necromancers, but there is other prey he stalks... He's executing innocents in ways so horrible as to defy description!
Equipped with imp binoculars, the Juggernaut's attack range is increased by [1]%.
The enemy's Warlocks will move [1]% slower.
Tell me about scarlett_2
Very wise of you, commander! Who shall it be?
Sabre Dragon
Look Mom, I Won!
Maxos deifies dragon: "With my latest spell, he's truly invincible"
Very wise of you, Commander! Let us hope, though, use will not lead to abuse. In fact, let us not hope; let us supervise.
This is all too horrid! All these princesses, gone ... just ... gone! You must be heartbroken, Commander.
Smouldering muskets, Commander! So kind of you to come and congratulate me! My daughter's about to marry quite the catch! Richest imp in the borough and manufacturer of build-it-yourself home cannons! One lucky little lady!
Exclusive: the Emperor and Me. Emperor's alleged mistress to blame for this empire's state?
Heavens, no! It is what Oberon would have preferred, no doubt, but I grow weary of his strictness.
Victory is now but a formality, commander! For all intents and purposes, the battle for Rivellon has been won!
I Am Dragon, Hear Me Roar
Buy units
An enemy dragon can fire a Cleansing Charge!
Wonderful! I knew you'd be swayed by the arithmetic of detonation. A child could do the math, and a child would be equally delighted by the outcome!
This decision is incomprehensible to me, Commander! Suffice it to say that its nature is so depraved, every lizard in the realm will experience it as a personal slight. May Falstaff choke on one of his smoke-sticks afore he can set his programme in motion!
They will join our ranks!
Find Maxos in the Royal Chamber and Grumio in the Engineering Bay to research new unit types, unit upgrades and dragon skills.
Commander! What is this madness that reached my ears? What insanity drove your actions? You're letting Lohannah fall, fall into the abyss that is the oubliette? No elf will forgive you for this, not ever! Shame be upon you and your descendants! May dishonour be the watchword of your house!
And now what? You're tied to a creature that from the looks of it belongs in a terrarium instead of a command ship! No, I don't envy you, Commander! Verily I don't!
Well done! Never would I have thought I'd speak on behalf of dead elves, but damn it all, an imp can drive you far out of your comfort zone.
The enemy's Hunters will will do [1]% less damage.
Hunter - A Bird In The Hand
Dragon Skill Bar
Mission accomplished, Commander! I faced those split-tongued rebels and cracked more skulls than they do during an undead wrestling competition. I've no idea what Prospera is so upset about, though! I did the job, didn't I? Oh, diplomacy be damned! If them lizards' egos are as battered and bruised as that One God lot, 'tis no problem of mine!
Cherish your victory, commander, for it is yours more than any other. Long may your memory rouse the heart of each and every being that loves this blessed plot we call Rivellon.
Your research total per turn will increase by [1]%.
Failed to download leaderboard scores
A tavern! That mongrel of an elf had the nerve to blow up a tavern! Such a useless loss of ale! They say there were even spirits among the victims! The son of a bitch that did it must be tracked down and put down! For a crime such as this, there can be no pardon!
You'll have no more trouble with the council, commander, at least not on my part! Rest assured the matter in Harrowridge has been settled. Can you believe that maggots-for-marrow of an undead scoundrel lied to me? To me! Oh he had said something about spooking the elves a bit, sure, run them out of town, but not that they would round 'em up and kill them for Pete's sake!
King Thelor dug his own grave and now he's about to get his comeuppance. Such is the risk of gambling in politics.
Having trouble with an enemy fleet? One well placed self-destruct from a Transport can wipe it out!
Bound to be miserable is your marriage to dwarf strumpet Aida, for it is devoid of godly grace.
Tell me about lohannah_2_0_0
By the Seven, I could use a drink and not because I'm starting to sound like that bone-bag of a Yorrick! That ledger... dear gods... the havoc it has caused! Praise be that some had the smarts to insist all agreements be written down in cipher!
Henry followed your orders to a tee, Commander! After that display of rashness, I just didn't think he'd have it in him. Nor loyalty or altruism or trust. They must be in there somewhere, buried beneath avalanches of arrogance.
Edmund surprised us all, Commander! If he could win the approval and even friendship of surly Lord Larradshire, he must have behaved; behaved like an elf. Quite wonderful... if a little disturbing.
Dragon dearest, if I never see another elf again, it'll be too soon! Such is my distaste that had you more elongated ears, I'd be filing for divorce! What do they want, those poison-spouting peabrains? For me to treat the law like a cuckold treats his mistresses? Should I just use it to my satisfaction whenever the fancy takes me, then fling it aside?
Disable the dragon by unchecking this box.
Mapped skill 6
The Drowning Sisters
In the short time I have been aboard the Raven, I have had to preside over some the most interesting cases of my career and, because of the— to my ears— often strange advice you offered, I have made some puzzling decisions that nevertheless felt right and, dare I say it, just.
Overall Quality
There is so much meat to Aida she almost sates a demon's thirst and lust! A better Blood Servant I can hardly imagine. The anguish she suffers is unimaginable... as is my delight! More! I'll want more... soo...
First she must endure that evil gnome's touch, and then it is she who is sent to the mines? But perhaps the most heinous thing of all is that Lady Camilla actually defends these miscarriages of justice. Never would I have thought she'd be such a... a cold-hearted female canine!
Dear me, no, Commander! Many of our factories run on government funds. What if they shrink? Our production will stagger! Can't have that! Indeed, we can't!
Engines all steamed up!
Dragon and elf united—another miracle of nature! Praise be the Green Mother!
Canyon of Blood
Zephyr Dragon
Waiting for other players...
A demon I have bound, but sometimes I wonder who the true captive is! It takes my utter concentration not to be trapped by his tempting promises.
I take it then, Commander, that if you'd find a fish on a world with no seas, you'd happily stand by and see it thrash and turn as it dies a slow death? Such cruelty will now persist in our hospitals, and our doctors will have to look on in horror for fear of being branded a killer should they interfere!
What an old prude Falstaff is! If a boy and a girl can sit on a park bench and kiss the afternoon away, why not two boys or two girls? Is their love worth less or less beautiful? No, of course not, and to make the distinction is ridiculous!
Waiting ...
Even I cannot fathom why yet another princess has vanished, commander. She must have deeply displeased the Seven. I can think of no other explanation.
I believe he's in the bar. Probably searching for sherry; just about the only drink that snooty serpent will swill.
Ridiculous man! I do have a magic word for you, commander, but I assure you it is not 'please'.
Bah, the Raven has gone! Now I have only Maxos to instruct my fabrications and his voice isn't sweet and balmy at all! Not like hers!
Well done! Life is a battle to the death and if you don't go out wrestling the reaper into submission, you might as well snuff it the day you're born!
Not as such, no. You don't want to get married? Because that would be a bit of an imposition. The decision has been made, you see. Matters such as these even an emperor has to accept without remonstrance. Still, there are worse things than tying the knot, surely!
Dire news, commander! Thieves plundered your treasury!
I haven't forgotten about the plight of that unfortunate imp chambermaid, in case you're wondering. If she practices good behaviour I can have her out of those miserable mines in less than a month's time.
A! - New! - (together) Warlockkkkk!
Target Self
Mercenaries hired: [1]
Many would cast aside morality when it is but a maggot awaiting its meal, the abstract naysayer to salvation and therefore the harbinger of decay. Yet I shan't do so, no, for my scruples cry 'for shame' and the dragon disapproves. The girl shall be released—may the Seven bless her.
We gained and we lost today, Commander; such is the nature of war.
Yo ho, Yo ho, an impish life for me! - We cinder, we charm and riffle and loot .. an impish life for me!
I can't wait to see the look on Yorrick's face—if you can call it that—when he hears the news! Can I be the one to tell him? Please? Can I? It'll be like a kick in the teeth!
Enemy Imp Fighters will soon befoul the skies, commander!
A wise decision, commander! And I'll personally ensure that particular brother of mine never gets a permit!
A just ruling, commander! The naked body has no place in public. Let it remain a thing of infamy, the sin that comes in the night and takes on the hue of shame come dawn!
It's Magic!
Constructed to fight!
On their trail!
Sounding kind of grim there, darling wife!
Yet, when all is said and done, is this truly such a terrible price to pay? After all, does not the field-mouse feed on fallen fruits and the fox on the field-mouse in turn? I will be no more than a part of the cycle, an exception only because I shall spin the wheel everlastingly.
Mighty fine of you, my rumpy-diddle! That'll bring the old bugger down a peg or two!
So I'll bake a cake, but what kind? Elves love apple cake, but the dwarves aren't very fond of fruit. I hear the lizards enjoy fish-flans, but just thinking about that makes me slightly queasy. This is going to be tough...
The Palace Of Winds
Your Warlocks will have the Cloak ability for one combat round.
Glad you saw right through Yorrick's scheme! One by one, his Inquisition would have found basis for our arrest, and he'd be the only councillor left, one step away from absolute power.
Seems a bit cynical to me, commander, to consciously remove the ability for a servant to do his work, only to let them go afterward, claiming there's nothing left for them to do. I'm sure they can make themselves useful by some other means.
We four have pledged we will stand by you in your conquest as the rightful heir to Rivellon's throne. Bastard no longer, you shall be known as 'commander' until the day comes that you shall be king.
Hahaa! You did it, commander! We won! Do you realise what this means? We can go home, live lives of peace! Oh lord, I'm going to be bored all day, aren't I?
Commander, let me thank you in the name of each and every elf that you have convinced Lohannah to set aside her idealism and flaunt her diplomatic immunity as brazenly as a dwarven noblewoman would! Yes, to have advocated this course of action was un-elf-like and yes, that may make me a bit of a hypocrite, but I care not!
Bah, let the dwarves sell their smoke-sticks if that be your will, but let them add incense to the damn things then—give them at least an air of sanctity!
Oh how I do enjoy meditations in the moonlight, all the world around me wrapt in the silence of sleep. As I hum the mantras of elves, it seems like the very stars draw nearer to hear my whispers, and that if I knew the syllables of creation, the entire cosmos would condense into a word. Have you ever felt like that, my love?
Major Buzzkill
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What are your orders, milord?
Why, Corvus told me of course. He'll tell you everything if you ask, for he relishes in the opportunity to unfold his plans, see you react when he tells you how he set in motion the ruin of the empire you gave your life for. How, in your case, he helped kill your mother. Grief, hate, anger: any emotion you betray, he'll notice and drink it in like a prize brandy.
Seven be praised that you have treated Catherine's proposal with the neglect it deserved, commander. May she eat so much hobweed herself she undoes her own life and is born unto death!
We're on the road again - oh shut up.
For an instant there, I thought you'd actually appease the undead once more, but glory be: the day is saved! Let them brand all they like, those wretched skeletons, but they will never yank a single child away from its mother's arms!
All your chattering is going to draw attention, now hush!
Right you are, commander! 'Long live the emperor!' We all said it on our first day aboard the Raven, and I for one am not loathe to repeat it still.
and it will automatically become yours.
Tell me about scarlett_4_1_2
To get more recruits,
Speed kills! Maxos magic to make our men faster
The Tavern generates mercenary cards every [1] turns.
Unavailable: you need to acquire the unit before you can acquire its upgrades.
If you go against the wishes of your people, that is the price you'll sometimes pay.
Transports cost [1] less recruits to produce.
A friendly dragon's attack power has increased!
What did Corvus do after taking possession of the Architect's body?
Perhaps you'd like to accompany our armies on foot one time. Clearly you'd find it pleasurable to hold down some peasant girl and show her who's emperor.
Psychologists say "charm" is a dragon's euphemism for "fear"
I am baffled beyond belief! The profanity here enacted is enough to anger the mildest of the gods! In fact I'm much surprised a lightning bolt from the heavens hasn't yet torn the Raven asunder!
Damage increased

You'd hang a man just because he valued his own life higher than that of another? Can you honestly say you might not have done the same?
Heavens forbid his daughter falls prey to their blade! Yes, you have my permission—fly at once!
They breathe again, my love! They can smell and taste and feel—experience the world in those ways so wonderfully enigmatic to the undead! I, too, in these mysteries could partake if my soul be rendered unto a woman of bodily perfection...
What we were, we no longer are, commander. Let's leave it at that.
A friendly dragon can Inspire its allies!
Tell me about lohannah_1_0_0
I hope you're happy, Commander, I hope you're very happy to have spoon-fed the misshapen monster misogyny by publically refusing to give undead women the vote! Things have gone from bad to worse; the all-male vote has been cast and even more drastic measures have been taken. Women can't even be candidates anymore, no matter how hollow the gesture was in the first place.
Air specialist
He may have been ready to go down on one knee, but my knee was quicker. So if you see a dwarf with a funny walk, that'll be him!
The enemy's Transports will fire [1]% slower.
You can produce Imp Fighters during one combat round.
You're lucky I'm a dragon, not a dog, and can therefore see the merit of your proposal. You'll have your female officers.
For the state to usurp private property would be a serious breach of its sovereign rights, commander. You'll not stop abuse or bribery at all: money will change hands just like it did before, only the greedy fingers doing the receiving will differ. Give the state too much power and the level of abuse will grow exponentially.
Big bombs aboard enemy boats: "Attack them before they attack us," suggests captain
Looks like you have matters well in hand. Carry on, Catherine!
An enemy dragon flies faster than before!
Hell's whiskers, there goes our reputation and our money with it! Why tolerate a free press when all they do is print lies, Commander? The Rivellon Times: there's a proper paper. What a mess! What a shame!
He tried to run, but he failed, and they slew him where he stood. Now the realm has been shattered, and vultures are picking what they can from its corpse by means of new and terrifying war machines.
There! That's settled! I've fifteen scamps running round at home, and they cost me enough as it is!
You think you are alive now, Commander, but you are not! You are but in the Phase of Flesh. Yet if you are devout and sweat in service of the Seven, you too—after the dark mother has lulled you to sleep—may be plucked from the dales of shadow and given the Perpetuity of the Bone!
To war, Commander; for without it, there can be no victory!
Troopers ready to march!
Your empire's total gold revenue increases with [1]%
Commander, as you know, we do business deals with merchants and warlords from all over the realm, the one a tad more unscrupulous than the other. We are aware many of them treat their workfolk rather shabbily, but such are the bargains we make, we gladly look the other way. Oberon, however, demands that we should stop all dealings with them unless they meet certain standards. 'Fair trade' he calls it. Hogwash more like! Tell me you agree with me, Commander! After the smoke-stick and sugar water fiascos, it's the least you can do!
It will pain me to keep up a kind facade when facing these dregs from the gutter! The moment the hostages have been freed, I'll hunt down every last one of them!
Connection Refused - Wrong hash
For Science!
Commander, I have formally accused the undead in the city of Harrowridge of genocide and brought the matter before the council. The situation there is frightful! Fanatics among the undead (are there any other?) having been 'purging' the unclean, that is to say, the elven community!
Start Battle
You know, my dear, you were quite right to be a bit apprehensive when I asked you to drink wine with me. I was being impulsive, wanting to rebel against elf mores, but I was wrong to go so far.
Trust you to contribute with an oversimplification—which still implies I might have been wrong, but that we simply shouldn't care.
Commander! An elf woman was caught smuggling the vile narcotic drudanae into an undead city. Our laws dictate she must hang within the span of two days, but Oberon is making a fuss and wants us to extradite her. You know how elves are, they'll just let her walk! But you'll let us hang her, won't you?
Contemplation denied! So good of you, Commander! If there is one thing a Super Soldier needs more than the ability to kill, it is to know when not to. Had Trinculo had his way, they never would have stopped.
Thank Reason you said no, commander! I'm all for progression and scientific research, but sometimes it can go too far and horribly, horribly wrong!
Welcome, noble dragon, to the Raven: this wonder of engineering, this miracle wrought in magic that has a living demon for a heart!
The Wizard Tower generates dragon skill cards every [1] turns.
They tell enemy grenadiers have been issued with imp binoculars!
You are too harsh a man, Commander! Think about the consequences of conscription! There will be cases of conscientious objection, desertion—thereby execution! So much drama for the sake of a few extra soldiers.
Yes, wonderful to have the choice after the brutal facts, isn't it? But I suppose I thank you for meeting me, if not in the middle, then somewhere along the line!
The undead do stage spectacular executions, commander! We all follow them through scrying stones. You wouldn't take away our Sunday afternoon fun-fare would you? Thousands of imps will bet on whether she'll break her neck or not upon falling from the scaffold!
O my prophetic soul, Commander! Let them sign a thousand declarations of unity and equality; each one of them rips open new wounds and makes old ones bleed! No sooner was Prospera's draft turned into law that the true ramifications of her constitution became clear and all those baseborn councillors fought like starved hyenas for a hunk of meat. Delightful to look upon; truly heart warming.
Use Troopers to capture Recruitment Citadel building sites as quickly as possible at the onset of battle!
War machine shreds lives. And money. An economical editiorial on war and finances
The pox on that cold-hearted lizard, Commander! Fangbears are cute and hardly snack on imps anymore, once properly trained! We even use them as mounts and organise races. Granted, it's not a good race unless three quarters of the riders and their steeds never make it to the finish line, but that's all part of the experience!
Strange for the princesses themselves, too, Prospera, for they are put on display like cows on the market! And I am not a cow, kind sir, I am Camilla, a princess rather reluctant to take part in this charade, but willing to do so for the benefit of all lizards.
I suppose you followed the letter of the law and can therefore not be blamed of cruelty. I do so nevertheless, for your decision was merciless. Undead law thrives on viciousness, not virtue.
These people would rather skin you alive than help you out. We're on our own, commander.
Emperor claims "the others were cheating". His military advisors bow their heads in vicarious shame
The day may have brought defeat, Commander, but the night will bring counsel and better fortune!
Somehow he must have gotten hold of some of Aurora's fertilised eggs and hatched them with spells and incantations. He kept them apart and for many years filled their souls with hatred for Sigurd, for I know he told them it was he who killed your mother.
The rules of war should not even have allowed this battle to continue. - Same song and dance: emperor blames bad weather conditions for loss
Hmmm, yes, quite so! So ardent did this pitiful Architect desire revenge that I saw my chance. He'd do anything to enact her death, even enact his own. So long we worked on that poisonous concoction, and already I could see the world through his eyes when it was finally brewed.
Seven had mercy on us, commander, for they steered you to ignore Catherine and her follies. The day girls become officers is the day I grow flesh on my bones!
So the queen is to be sent away? She will actually go to prison? This is unexpected, Commander! I had thought... had hoped... Surely you could have... But I suppose there was nothing you could do; the law is the law, after all.
For the Empire!
Bees die after they have stung: empire defends "volunteer" suicide troopers
Transport - Minesweeper
Moral mistrust in Maxos returns: introduces emperor to chemical warfare
This is impossible! Intolerable! Beyond comprehension! May the Seven tear you limb from limb! May they boil you in demons' faeces! How will our children learn of morality and compassion when you ban the Seven Scriptures? May maggots devour you alive!
So you got hitched, did you, Commander? Hear-hear! Camilla is the one, then. Ever heard of the expression 'cold as a witch's teat'? Let's hope that's just word play, eh?
Will you nationalise industry?
A light naval unit that targets other naval units as well as aerial targets. Use this unit to effectively take out enemy Transports.
Cordial of you to let these nudist dwarves have their day in the sun, despite their own councillor's wishes, commander. To be sure, they'll have the appearance of so many beached whales, but if they don't care, why should I?
No can do! - No sir-eh
The Engineering Bay
I should stop smoking in here. Enough fog of war as it is.
Noble dragon! I knew you would stand by your love even if a demon be my prophet of perennity. At long last my quest shall be complete, and nothing will stand between us and the blooming of our passion!
A cold-hearted decision, Commander, that will make many people go a-wanting. We have so much wealth to share, so why hoard it like a lazy dragon? I mean... That's just an expression, of course.
Ale for all!
As you can imagine, I was an exceptionally gifted child that outranked his schoolmates to such a degree I started to shun them, for their imbecility insulted me. The academic world too, quickly discovered and quickly discarded, had precious little to offer. Clueless they all were—professors and students alike—like flies bumping up against glass.
She shall be beautiful, so that at long last I shall be beautiful and truly worthy of your sweet devotion.
Load Game
Men are simple creatures, commander, and should therefore be in charge of simple things only.
Where there's smoke, there's fire, commander, and the Church of the Seven is wrapped in a never-lifting smog! Let those bastards get what's coming to them! Their improprieties have gone on long enough!
A medium class naval unit that can transport all classes of ground units. Its heavy armour make it a fantastic bullet sponge.
But who knows, change may yet come, and if it does, you will have been its instigator!
All aerial units can be produced at a [1]% discount.
Starting Gold
Good show, Commander! Keep a rat in its cage and it's happy with the scraps it gets! Let it out, and it'll make for the kitchens! Especially union rats...
You sent for me, milord?
Tell me about ophelia_9_1
Let's get started, commander!
Praise be, commander! Rivellon has been saved and her great Green Mother with her. Quite clearly we have but one being to truly thank for this unexpected and inimitable feat, and that is you!
Click on a portrait of a unit to zoom in on the unit
Yes! I love travelling!
Gods bless your darling wife, commander! She took those dwarves by the short and curlies and yanked them into complaisance! Over are their sorry schemes; done are their last dirty deeds!
Now for a much-deserved glass of sherry. A toast, Commander! To me!
Save dragon skills Load-out
Imp researcher explains how minesweeping works: "All you need is flags, really"
No, you are not daydreaming, commander! This is not a mirage that would trick your eyes! This unearthly beauty is real and her name is Lohannah, princess of all elves; the fairest fruit ever plucked from our Green Mother's world tree!
What is the use of scientific studies, commander, if you're going to negate the results? Might as well stick your head in the sand and prattle on about gods. Perish the thought!
Decide who will lead combat. Select the dragon if you want to participate in combat yourself. You can play cards to improve the odds in your favour. In single player you can swap or remove cards by left or right clicking them.
Smart move, commander! Why would you undo tax laws anyway? That's like throwing money down a wishing well and wishing you'll get no wish.
You dragons sure have a nice time of it, Commander! Who's it gonna be? That elf girl is cute... I mean... you know, not like I've been really looking.
Blood Valley
an ancient dragon in a woman's guise.
Very good, commander! After all, between work and prayer, what else does one need?
Tell me about henry_4_1_2
That's impossible, commander!
A wise choice, commander! The benevolence of dwarves is a prize possession indeed!
Commander, all we elves have tried to accomplish is the increase in happiness of all your subjects, for it bears repeating that those with rejoicing hearts do no evil and look upon the world with kindness! You have helped us with every step along the way, and I thank you in the name of every labourer in the realm. A worthy emperor you are, indeed!
If we raise enough awareness about the risks involved and ensure people donate out of their own accord, this might well be a good plan. Like Falstaff says, many lives could be saved.
simply use the movement keys [IE_CameraForward] [IE_CameraLeft] [IE_CameraBackward] [IE_CameraRight].
Victory is in the air, Commander! I can smell it! A strong, pervading scent; spiced and mouth watering—like a leg of lamb roasting o'er a low, hot fire!
Please select your princess
By the Seven... By the mighty Seven... It is inconceivable! The depths of sacrilege that cur displays even to contemplate such an act! Commander, I want you to go hence and burn that mangy pest of a Henry to a crisp! May he be reduced to ashes for his sins! To threaten the Skeleton Spire is to spit in the face of the Seven—and may they forgive me for conjuring the image!
Yes, commander?
Alas, I cannot spare such fortunes; the war would suffer for it. If you want to let him work his magic, you'll have to... let him work his magic.
So you'd rather see our children spend time on bedtime stories about seven puppets in the sky than sense and science? Really, commander, I had thought there was more to draconic intellect than this!
Use the Warlock's Cloak ability to escape from combat or cast spells from a safe position!
Warming up the cannons!
If the enemy thinks these defences will be enough to desist us they have another thing coming!
Tell me about lohannah_2_2_0
Destruction is imminent
Yes! Let them mend their ways or be cast into the dust where their bleak bones will serve as everlasting reminders this is what happens to the heathens that thwart the gods!
Take their land, take their fortune!
Well then, as for clowns in the Throne Room, there's one already, for you're making a fool of yourself, Commander! People might vote pro all this democracy rot. Then where will you be?
Your Grenadiers will have the Imp Binoculars upgrade for one combat round.
Trooper Mercenaries
A friendly dragon can heal its allies!
Zephyr Dragon
Allows the construction of Juggernauts in your Shipyards. These floating fortresses have four giant cannons that cause enormous damage over very large distances.
Dwarven Favour
and each and every war-machine was duly destroyed.
Undead Favour
If you have that much gold to waste on ecological war machines—whatever those are—you may want to make a few donations to the Church of the Seven. Then, at least, it will be well spent.
What, and miss a good old-fashioned execution? I think not! Besides, I'm hardly the ghoulish one around here. You haven't had a decent day unless you burnt a few hundred critters to a crisp!
Exciting! Let's go!
It's good to be me, commander! I wage battle for a living, sleep near the best bar in the realm and when I say sleep I don't mean snoring! What a vixen Scarlett is! I just can't get enough of her!
Open Cards Menu
Unit percentage for retreat
Afloat and ready!
Press [1] in dragon form to select all units.
Praise be, for these roads will be a tribute to the Seven! I will order my fellow undead to build a chapel at every seventh mile stone!
Let that spire topple if it must! Mere stone is worth less than his child! Maybe his bluff will pay off.
It is we who should be offended by their vulture-like ways, and so I can but thank you for standing by our side.
A friendly dragon can fire Acid Blazes!
Bravo, Commander! I knew you'd put a stop to all this once our concerns were given a proper voice. I have no idea what Element X is, but I hope that because of the Elven Standard people will start to wonder... wonder and drink blue sugar water no more.
And well they should! I'd be proud too if I had married myself.
Upon activation, your fireballs do [1]% more damage to dragons, medium and heavy units for [2] seconds.
Accept / Continue
I knew you would never even contemplate the degradation he would visit upon my person. Only you will know my embrace once I dismiss these bones and become a woman of flesh and blood!
A friendly dragon can make its allies advance acroos the battlefield more quickly!
Keep it up, commander, I dare you!
Go to the Royal Chamber
I shall depart immediately, Commander! With your blessing, the archduke will be dead by the morrow, and thus an arch enemy will be slain!
It is my fondest hope you shall prove to be a wyrm, not a worm, by uprooting one of the many, but perhaps most glaring crimes against womankind that is institutionalised among the undead. A blight upon Rivellon, that is their ill-called 'civilisation'! Led by old farts dry of bone and dry of spirit that say females must be subservient because the divines decree it so.
Researching skill
The undead.
Tell me about catherine_1_2_2
Are you sure you want to delete [1]?
The colour of your jetpack's exhaust flame indicates its depletion level: blue means full, red means it's about to deplete!
Both in sickness and in health we recognise the judgment of the gods, commander, as we do in convalescence and death. Interfering by means of medicine is already a sin; adding the use of vile narcotics to the equation merely aggravates the misdeed.
I might be ruined 'n' roofless, but that just means I'll have to spend all my leisure time right here on the Raven. Won't that be a treat? First one that goes miserly on me, though, 'll have a worse time of it than an elf at a dwarven dentist!
Enhanced Engines
Your Grenadiers will have the Chemical Warfare upgrade for one combat round.
What good are 'artisan delicacies' if only the rich can afford them? Mass production of cheap crap with the same name gives the populace the idea they're enjoying something special whereas the rich can still get hold of the real deal! It's a win-win situation you just tossed out of the window!
Twas when I looked upon the vault that I realised there lay before me the last of his line, the last of my blood. Despite everything I felt... alone. Queen of all dwarves. Alone.
A just ruling, commander, and one that opens perspectives. Think of all the other things we could 'imitate'. Stick a lantern atop a birch branch and you've got a real Maxos brand wizard wand!
So there's this favour I wanted to ask...
Enemy recruits are defecting to us: you gained [1] recruits. Defend your Recruitment Citadels well!
Sabotage Units
I said 'had you more elongated ears'! Your current ones don't seem to function as they should. Neither does the elf interpretation of justice, I might add!
Here we are, ready to feed ten thousand starving refugees with technoveg, and they're huffing and puffing about our so-called perilous technologies. Toppling towers, this is just sheer lunacy!
Next Battle
My world and stars, come hither and kiss me, let us celebrate the bliss that is our union! How far removed it all seems: the panic that overtook me, the angst that stifled me. All my dread has dissolved, its dewy tears have faded in the presence of your sun. I am a woman now, warm and comely, wise and courtly. Together, we will brave the tempests of time unshaken, eachother's solace and steadfast serenity.
he knew this would be the beginning of a new age.
Command 'Hold Position' (selected units)
Zephyr Peak
Who will battle for [1]? You or the Imperial Army?
It's his way of declaring war on you, dragon! The pet theory that he has nothing left to fight for is false. A creature like this never desists, but simply looks for a new prey. A tyrant is gone; another replaced him: you. I therefore leave you to answer the question: What will we do about this blight upon the realm?
General Henry got his comeuppance, commander. I can only hope he'll reflect on his sentence with proper repentance and humility! Yet knowing Henry, pigs will fly first.
West Isle
Set Password
What the hell is the matter with Scarlett? Here we're having some extra-curricular horizontal recreation and suddenly she bails on me! I tell you, she must have knocked her head against the door and started liking girls all of a sudden. No woman denies herself MY affections from one moment to the next!
I'm not equipped for this!
[1] Ironclads mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Lizard and dragon—it would be an advantageous union. Think on it, Commander. What ambition I have compels me to hope I will be your cow, or should I say, choice.
What do you want of me, demon?
Naval and Air units cannot capture building sites; only ground units are able to do so!
Breastfeeding is a miracle of nature, a thing of solemn beauty. Let that cold-blooded lizard be offended if she wishes, but don't try and hide what is nothing more than a perfectly normal, yes, glorious practice!
That lemon water was a big success, you know! I'm calling it lemonade.
Imperial gold revenue adjustment
when his own sons and daughters rose against him.
Use mines to block your opponent's advance through certain areas!
Aren't you sweet? You know what, you're absolutely right. I was chosen and I won't back down. O this is so exciting!
One of the many things one misses in the company of imps is a decent drink. Fire water mixed with a few spoons of gunpowder just doesn't float my boat.
Vile dwarf! Will his penchant for corruption never cease? Everybody knows a proper day's education consists of eight hours of prayer. Let there be no interruptions!
Now, I don't dispute that Lady Camilla is the judge and that the responsibility is hers, but she's also just a woman and they tend to be so… capricious.
The lizard speaks true, commander. These women have no shame; no sense of respectability! When they feel inclined to feed their whelps, let them do so with a bit of decorum, in a place where none can behold their vulgarity.
Chemical warfare! Enemy grenadiers are ready to fight dirty, commander!
Recruitment Citadel
This is horrifying, Commander! People will be swayed by that elven rubbish! Sales will plummet! Revenues will be lost. We stand to lose heaps of gold, you and me both. Oh, I think I'm going to be sick!
You gravely disappoint, commander! Your support of the unions turns out to be a formality, for when the time comes to turn words into deeds, your generosity is suddenly found to be lacking!
Does a moonday work for you? I know you have Capital Council then, but an execution is a plausible excuse, no?
Are you sure you want to surrender?
Steering to it.
Emperor's "devastator" design called a parody by enemy forces
Hear, hear! And let it be known that anyone who opposes a woman exposing her breast whenever she damn well wants to, is ripe for the monastery in my book! And I don't care whether her purpose is nursing or not!
on the total population of any given country.
Bonus from entrenchment: [1]
The enemy's Juggernauts will fire [1]% slower.
Lady's Lakes
I am appalled, Commander! Lady Lohannah is the toast of the realm because of that slippery scheme of hers, that calculated cull from among the cells of our competitors. Now, lo and behold: everyone seems to have quite forgotten that she was to be held responsible for the agonising deaths of dozens of refugees!
Ha! I told you, Commander; I told you Prospera's plans weren't quite aboveboard! And now the ever-dapper Edmund has gone and put his foot in it! Believe you me, it'll take a good long while to get rid of the stink too!
My sweet, you did it! You said you'd send imps to blow up that dam and you kept your word! The wildland draught has ended and the Speckled Jackal is saved!
So you care not for the dignity of the dead? Fine then; you know what I want! Those fields of golden barley! Stat!
Our presence here is largely unwanted. Don't expect too much from the people's support, commander.
while you're in Dragon Form.
Marvellous! Economy is about supply and demand, not sensitivity and dismay! Now then, it's a beautiful day; my yacht has been readied, so how about we set sail and leave a note that says 'Gone Fishing'?
Enemy Bomber Balloon Balloon upgrade detected
And so in turn did the others.
I am a woman of the world, commander, knowledgeable of matters of state. A royal marriage such as ours would constitute a political bond, not an amorous one, though perhaps in time a reasonable amount of endearment may bloom. Wonders never cease, do they not?
You deserve to be lied to, says emperor
Shopping for a spouse, are we, Commander? I wonder what the return policy on these princesses is. No refund after they've been used?
How very rapidly this wan debacle tossed us in the maelstrom of surreal dimensions! Soon strange souls will inhabit strangers' organisms; all for a quaff of lurid liquor.
Lady Camilla will be blessed during many a prayer vigil this night. We elves do not forget a kindness.
Call of Valour
We're most unwelcome in this country, commander. Receiving support here is highly unlikely.
This is madness! Once more you would count my honour cheaper than a sailor's last resort in some back alley whorehouse! He'll sit there, my fiend of a father, sniggering as he thinks of my sullied reputation, whereas I have nothing but paltry sentiments of courtliness for comfort. If that's to be the case, give my whisky instead!
A friendly dragon flies faster than before!
Campaign - Ladder
Are you quite certain, commander? If so, what lady are you planning to martyr, I mean, marry?
Mortar Turret
A blissful union! Would you agree, Aida?
Sinome Syr
In combat, press [IE_OverviewToggle] to switch to the default camera position
Capital! This is going to be fun! In fact there might be more money in it than I had thought... Scrying stone broadcasting rights... Roaring rifles, I'll be a millionaire!
Open Ocean
First you allowed people to aspire wealth; the vice that leads to indulgence, and now the elves would add idleness to the list of sins? Idle hands make for the devil's tools, commander, not the Seven's!
If one wants to sum up the impish spirit with one word it is unpredictability. Trinculo may often surprise with his meandering points of view, but like all imps he is as clever as he is fickle. Science and progression are his bywords; for gods, men (or anything else really) he has little to no use. [1][2][3]
Tell me about edmund_2_1
Next time I'll make something just for you. Cookies fit for a king!
I only had our children's best interest at heart, Commander! It saddens me deeply the last step in Scheme Smoke-Stick won't come to fruition. Neither will the estimated profit...
You lack my intellect and yet you prevail, Commander! Speaks volumes about our enemies...
Trinculo and his people will be pleased, commander. Why they'd choose to imitate the most putrescent product in the realm, though, is quite beyond me.
Our base is about to crumble, commander!
Silvertop Forest
Starting armies: [1]
Hey Commander... pull my finger! - ...Oh god.. no...
Then by the grace of the almighty Seven, I now pronounce you man and wife! May joy and prosperity be your constant companions! Go forth, be merry and make merry! Blessed be the both of you!
Ironclads in a selected area won't be able to move this round.
Thanks, commander! Took about a hundred imps a hand and a foot to get your jetpack in working order, so paying for a couple of metal fingers 'n' toes is the least you can do in return, wouldn't you say?
Love... Ha! And for an underbred elf to boot! I'll admit that when she denounced me, despair briefly besieged my senses, but with one swift mental gesture I swept it aside like I swept her father's blood from my blade.
Tell me about camilla_3_2_2
An enemy dragon can sabotage us!
Upgrades that haven't yet been researched on the Raven can be researched during battle, but last one round only.
Imps and dragons, you know: sometimes we see eye to eye, sometimes we stamp each other's toes and when we do, mine smart a tad more, but that's okay. We're chums, you and I, aren't we? No doubt about it!
Imp Binoculars
Just give me some orders and be done with it. I need to kill something quickly, afore I take it out on you!
Your Bomber Balloons will have the Enhanced Explosives upgrade for one combat round.
Show me my prey
Camera forward
She is married by now—that imp girl, I mean; married to one who can't walk without a cane or talk without dribbling. Probably not good for anything else either... There's your silver lining.
To create control groups, select a group of units or building(s) and press CTRL + 1-0
No rest for the wicked? Emperor disagrees.
A lizard like a bloody stalactite, that's what; cold to the touch, and just about as likely to say a kind word!
I do feel we should repay the imps somehow—demonstrate our gratitude. But how do you comfort an imp bereft of fireworks? Any gift I can offer will seem as paltry and as useless as handing a healing potion to a man just beheaded!
The enemy's Bomber Balloons' attack range will decrease with [1]%.
So no imp princess then?
I can make a more-or-less educated guess as to what this ingredient is that Falstaff mentions, Commander, and I'm inclined to say: proceed very, very carefully.
Without purpose we would not exist. It is purpose that binds us and defines us. Purpose is the Seven.
Fake Fullscreen
The amount of gold you receive from this country per turn. This can be increased by building a goldmine on this country or playing specific cards. Furthermore a high popularity with capitalistic-oriented species can lead to increased gold revenue
To build units and buildings, you'll need recruits.
As a matter of principle, I requested Yorrick to be replaced by a woman, but alas my request was not heeded.
Sea Mine
Will you curtail necromantic experimentation?
Strategy Map
Henry might be a madman, but he's not the worst father you could have, I suppose.
Commander, every citizen in the realm pays taxes. Every industry does the same. But which is the one institution that escapes the taxman? Why, the church of course! Hardly fair is it? So why not introduce a Temple Tax: let every temple, church and cathedral pay, say, a monthly fee as a token of goodwill toward the empire? After all, does not the church benefit too from a strong and wealthy state?
Corvus seems to have planned Rivellon's demise well. How come then, that he lies shackled here in the Raven like a dog in its kennel?
Trinculo is quite correct, commander. That law is woefully outdated and should simply be abolished. Sometimes to kill is the only way to be merciful.
The wretched orcs forced to partake in the drinking of what they presumed was tea, drank instead the heartless herald of decay! Afore my very eyes they began to bleed from every orifice, became ghouls ensnared in untellable agony until mere puddles of putrid matter bore witness to their horrid demise.
Formally do I accept this verdict, for it is the law of the land that I broke; yet morally I renounce it, for it is the principles of elves to which I adhered. Though I'm to be shackled by alien ethics, in spirit I remain free, for in the eyes of my own people, I remain forever innocent.
I have to hand it to you, my curly kitten, you have done me a marvel! I thought a reconciliation between my and my father would be as likely as spotting a sober dwarf on St. Ryequaffer's Day, but gods darn it, 'thas happened!
No time for tests. Treatement's quicker.
Tell me about catherine_3_1_2
Very good, commander! There's an end to this nonsense. I can't even remember the last time I had a day off! Not since my summer cruise I think, or was it the two weeks winter resort in my country estate?
Temp_Desolate - DO NOT TRANSLATE
The species that is dominant in this country
Your decisions please the undead, Commander! The undead! If that is not proof enough you have been led far, far astray, I don't know what is!
But leave it up to the elves and you get wooden boats, can you imagine: WOODEN BOATS!
I'm glad that discussion is over! And I shall pray to the Green Mother no other impish operation will surface any time soon!
Your enthusiasm is admirable, Commander, but I fear it is rather misplaced... Actually 'grossly misplaced' is the proper term.
If I'm to play the mourning daughter—a single tear 'pon my rosy cheek and all that rot—I'll do it, but by Mephisto's marbles, I'll be faking my grief more than I would ecstasy in bed with an imp!
To a degree, yes; to an equal degree, no. Everything still lies in the balance and you're the one to tip it in our favour—if you can.
I've been wondering for a long time when Yorrick'd finally overplay his hand, and it seems today he has. Praise be you saw him for who he really is, in the end: a joker!
If you're going to throw out the baby with the bathwater, commander, it won't quite benefit from the new curriculum, will it? No, I don't approve of this move at all.
I don't care what they say, commander; we'd have won that last battle if the others had shown a bit more temperament! You drink up and go in till the day is won, I say!
Juggernaut - Ground Bombardment
I reach for the sky
The lout detests me almost as much as I detest him. Already he has gone too far by calling me a 'swamper', the ultimate insult to us lizards. But this elf lord will be a hindrance no longer, for I intend to challenge him to a duel and be done with him!
Well I've had it! That girl stuck in your chamber is beyond saving, but Trinculo's daughter is not! Impede this wedding, commander, right this instant!
Here here! Saved are those citizens who like to talk freely, walk freely and love freely! In other words: everyone but the undead!
Didn't I warn you, Commander? I told you that union filth would make all sorts of silly demands! Wealth leads to indulgence, a wicked vice indeed!
Aren't you being a bit dramatic? A change as big as this just takes a while to get used to, that's all. Plus, your kinsmen already venerate you as the prime undead.
Your Warlocks will have the Death From Above ability for one combat round.
Watch out for enemy air mines! Their Bomber Balloons can now deploy them!
The dragon is a formidable combatant but cannot take on entire armies on its own, so don't be overzealous when deploying your dragon!
Emperor shows superiority in casualties, not in strategic direction
He even had a love-child with mysterious Aurora:
Ahaa! Shush everyone, shush! Here comes the long-awaited commander! The dragon that would deliver us from vile usurpers! The one deserving heir to Rivellon's throne!
If they put the screws on some murderer or rapist, hell, let them, I say. But to let the undead do so on suspicion of 'sin'? That would ludicrous! In fact, it would be lunacy!
Just treat this military campaign like asking out a girl, commander! If at first you don't succeed, simply try again.
Right on, commander! I've many a friend and informant in the civil service. Only fair to look out for their welfare!
Okay, who took an arrow to the knee? (tired)
Select Shipyards
And now what? You're married to a dwarf all squat and plump as if she's been hit over the head with a hammer one too many times. No, I don't envy you, Commander! Verily I don't!
Population has depleted.
You find me in a reflective mood, commander. The bottom of a wineglass can serve as a gypsy's crystal, you see. Gaze upon it long enough, and times long past come parading afore one's eyes.
No multiplayer lobbies found. If you are online, you can connect to IP to play multiplayer games.
Do you... do you really mean it? I can stay? Oh my love, I cannot describe my rapture! It is as if the moon would break in the night and bare a new sun! Every last morsel of melancholy melts away; the throes of torment thaw and evanesce. We shall always be together; always.
I don't think the gods of war care who wins or loses. In their eyes all battles are won simply for being fought, but we must incur both victory and defeat.
Golems' Graves
The living have such strange notions about death. Here's a king come to pass and what do they do? Lock his body in some vault away from all eyes. By the Seven, what a waste. In a few weeks he'll be beautifully decayed and ready to become an undead. But no, that's vile, that's blasphemous! What's really blasphemous is denying him the full glory of undead life! The Perpetuity of the Bone!
Gods darn it, Commander, you haven't an inkling of business sense in you! With all the competition about, we'll have to lower our prices. You can kiss a royal profit margin goodbye!
Now, you may consider it strange that some will worry about the price of bread, and others will gripe about taxes, when all around us machines of war threaten the existence of the very realm, but if you give it a moment's further thought, this is only logical.
You can use enemy units' skills while they're charmed!
I've noticed he's become a bit more courteous lately, a bit less utterly insufferable. Thought I'd see the sun set in the east first! Reckon it's all a whim though, a fit! A presumptuous little prick like him never really changes.
Let's talk more on this later.
Big bombs aboard our boats: "We hope to launch them before they attack us," admits captain
and move your mouse in the direction you want to look.
Gah, that's gonna work commander.
Her temper seems to have improved, though that's like saying a tempest has dwindled into a storm. It's all very straightforward though! She's a woman and more often than not she's had her way. Hence: a better mood and I needn't incur a brand new insult each time our eyes meet.
What a relief! Certainly I craved the power that would have come with my station, but I am no dragon, I am not destined to be king. Give me gold, beer and a good wife, and a presidency I'll gladly forego!
The quota of women in our armies is largely having the effect I desired it to have, commander! Our soldiers don't exactly behave like angels, but many of their offenses are now committed in the mind only! Finally we may be welcomed as liberators where we venture, not dread conquerors bent on annihilation.
Opposition takes advantage of emperor's lack of strategic insight
I ...
You're sending that woman to the gallows for a minor offence! There is no justice in this! Only tyranny!
No, no, no, commander! Falstaff has it all wrong! We imps force foreign convicts to do all sorts of dirty and dangerous jobs! Why deport when we can make 'em drudge?
And what do dragons get?
These tidings need toasting! To the bar!
Building Recruitment Citadels when there are no more recruits to be had on a map is rather unwise!
This must end, commander! A line must be drawn! You have shown me support before, so please, do so again! Let me announce to the world I am a proud lesbian woman and that by order of the emperor I am bid to execute the wretch that undid so many of my brothers and sisters!
You'll have to excuse me, I'm still a bit woozy from all the rosewood we smoked, but I can tell you that the gathering round the peace pipe was a resounding success. You should have heard us talk of philosophy... of life... it was amazing.
If you help us, we'll help you with this.
Battles won
Huzaah! Less permits, more pistols! Now who wants to play a game of Tic-Tac-Torpedo?
How many recruits you start combat with.
Rivellon Heartlands
you need to build Recruitment Citadels.
Trinculo Shortfuse
Time to wait before you can spawn your dragon in combat
Our Man Aboard The Raven - Victory party report: unification of the land or one man's personal popularity contest?
This illness'll get the bugger in the end, I know it! Or perhaps 'tis poison that's eating away at him! You can bribe his food tasters with a brass farthing!
Looks like everything worked out for the best, at least as far as Scarlett is concerned. I was quite impressed by the quality of her writing. Frankly I didn't expect her to have a way with words at all, but passion, it seems, brought out the poet hidden inside. She's a fine woman, an example to be mimicked, and I wish her all the best.
The enemy's Devastators' attack range will decrease with [1]%.
Looks like enemy zeppelins can unleash ... Fire bats! Okay ...
Hohoho, and a bottle o' ale!
The brutal clash of war and modern civilization: a reporter's ongoing investigation on genocide
Light Amphibious Unit
Naval Construction Site
I dare say it will, but do not, please, take this matter lightly, Commander! Of course I hope your wife shall turn out to be a charming girl indeed, but this, above all, is a political bond meant to strengthen the ties between you and the faction she belongs to. Love—I'm sorry to say—has very little to do with it, but of course I may be proven wrong. Perhaps it is even best that I had.
Commander, undoubtedly you have heard of the famed elven cheese Gorgombert, made from the best rabbit milk in Rivellon! It is a product we pride ourselves in, an artisan delicacy of the highest standing. The imps, however, have made some sort of synthetic knockoff that they are selling for a fraction of the true Gorgombert's price! They even gave it the same name! We want you to protect our product and outlaw the counterfeit cheese the imps are selling!
Your unit will roll out momentarily, commander!
When last we talked about undead concerns, Commander, you were somewhat less than forthcoming, but there are ways still to please us and, thereby, the gods. See, your empire is growing; more subjects are annexed under your rule with each passing day, and it stands to reason that among them are many sinners and heretics! These we must weed out, which we can do by setting up a body of investigators that will make certain... inquiries. The Inquisition, we would call it, there to safeguard your citizens by removing dissenters from society! By removal we mean shipped off to your factories where their arduous labour will be their penance—and your benefit!
Your Imp Fighters will have the Iron Plating upgrade for one combat round.
You can build more Recruitment Citadels
Kill 10 units with your dragon.
Careful! The toxic cloud left behind by a Zeppelin's Mustard Gas ability will damage friendly units as well!
Heavy And Medium Unit Specialist increases the destructive power of your heavy and medium units.
My privilege, commander!
Commander, I am pleading here today on behalf of a dwarven miner who was cruelly left to his fate by his own kindred! An incident in the mines cost him his leg, and he is too poor to pay for a proper prosthetic one. Henry, your own general, could afford impish machinery, but the dwarves, who easily could as well, will not provide for their stricken fellow. Well, I say they should; indeed, the state should! We can, so why not do so?
Commander! I demand to know why you have such a contemptible lout in your employ! Henry isn't worth the title 'human', let alone 'general'! Some of my kinsmen were out on a reconnaissance mission when they were spotted and things went awry. I encouraged your officer to come to their aid, but he steadfastly refused in the basest of terms! Fairies indeed. Those elves are dead now because of his cowardice!
Nonsense! Yes, nonsense I tell you! Why do we even have imps at the table? What good are they? Annoying little buggers!
Some dragon skills are greyed out. To unlock them you need to progress further in the story.
How do I cherish these stolen moments when we are together, away from politics and war. When I rest my head upon your chest, it seems silence finally holds sway upon this racket-ridden ship and the only melody that dares intrude upon my soul is that of your heartbeat, constant as our love.
Used Gold / Total Gold
Ha! You want gizmos? You want imps! You want the unthinkable? You want imps! You want great big loud bright fiery explosions? Lords above, it's imps you want! We live for all that is new and shiny!
Excuses, excuses: emperor complains about security breaches. Military advisors shrug heads in disbelief
Zeppelins cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Petty is the person that muzzles his detractors, commander!
Here's hoping lady Ophelia won't let you walk all over her, but I fear the worst for a woman stemming from that backwardly strict undead society.
Air Specialist
Don't be offended by that last little comment, commander! 'Twas kind of you to say I did my duty. The word meant something to me back in the day.
Enemy Hunters won't stumble in our pitfalls, commander! They can easily unmask cloaked units now!
Torn between man and dragon
So you're ever so subtly implying you'd like me to put a stop to their knavish enterprise? You know what? I'll do it! Just like that. O, the things I do for love...
Commander, this is nothing more than a painfully transparent attempt by Falstaff to create a monopoly so he can keep the prices of his awful beverage artificially inflated. Let's not fall for his scheme, shall we?
The Seven curse you! Your luck has decreased by [1]%.
Commander, I'd like to raise a delicate issue regarding the imps. You see, there's ... there's just too many of them! They procreate so quickly they put the rabbits to shame and if we don't do something about it, there will be two of their number for every single elf, or dwarf, or lizard. Curtail their expansion, I say! Families of five should be their limit!
Whether they be men, women, elves, lizards, whatever: if they are gay, Commander, factually, merely suspected to be, or pointed out by wicked souls, they are quickly denounced as practitioners of forbidden magic and burned alive; boiled alive; impaled; quartered - whatever takes his sick fancy!
When you build new units on the strategy map you can move them from the next turn onward.
My lady eats what she pleases, and there's an end to it!
Will you allow voluntary organ donation?
[1] recruits
You'll ensure she doesn't take up on this offer, won't you? In elf society we are all equals, and to put one person on a pedestal is tantamount to sacrilegious veneration! Despicable!
Your Shipyards produce units [1]% faster.
How dare you, Commander, to interfere with the will of the gods? Now it is women—emotional, irrational, vain—who will decide upon matters of state! We'll be a laughing stock, downtrodden by the Seven! All because of you!
What is this damnable folly? I need fear for my very life each time I walk the streets because a bunch of skeletons adopt bloodthirsty colossi as pets? I'll never leave the Raven no more, commander! You sure you want that on your conscience?
Lost armies:
So why don't you pledge, my sweet? Surely your empire can miss a few coffers full of gold to fund a treasure such as this? Go on, be generous! I can't wait to play this game!
Good! Fair's fair, Commander. Oberon and his kin deserve to make a bit of an extra effort, and if they don't make for good cannoneers, at least they'll make for proper cannon fodder!
Quick thinking, commander! Can you imagine some half-brained miner with a sophisticated imp appendage strapped to his leg? What a waste of first class engineering that would be! He can find himself a stick to lean on and that's that!
For Falstaff to act like he is doing this for the benefit of our children instead of so obviously trying to get them addicted to smoke-sticks at an early age is a feat of cynicism I never beheld before, commander. This smoke-stick charade has gone on long enough. Time to rub it out!
Since when does combining the concepts of psychotic bloodlust and unrelenting Super Soldiers seem like an idea that deserves contemplation? Two letters suffice, commander! N. O.
Air Units
Let me categorise what sin really means in undead speak, commander; it encompasses all the things we call the pleasures of life! That damned Inquisition will abuse its powers from the get-go, but I suppose that's what you want, isn't it? Repression in return for labour ...
So you got hitched, did you, Commander? Hear-hear! Wouldn't have gone for Ophelia myself, though. Wouldn't want to bone... well... bone!
Story Campaign
Say Yes
No time to talk, sire! I think those chaps over there are up for a fight.
I understand... Then there is nothing left to say but farewell... May we meet again beyond the dark...
You have the means to perform delicate surgery, but you won't put it to greater use? Your decision mystifies me, commander!
This whole business was about art of course... but still. Let that be the lesson!
You wouldn't believe the amount of letters I received from girls and women the realm over. I'll never feel alone again! That's simply impossible now.
Your dragon has multiple skills
Hop to it? You have before you the greatest general in Rivellon and you're ordering him to waste his time on a bunch of peasants that are having trouble playing nice? Very well, commander! Perhaps later I can attend to more of this urgent business. I'm sure there's loads of kittens stuck in trees and toddlers in want of their teddies!
Though I said I noticed from the beginning her beauty was of such perfection as to be supernatural, I soon discovered she was indeed more than human, and that the enchanting guise we saw her in, was but a mask. Behind it lurked the dragon.
Unlock the Dread Roar dragon skill for one combat round.
You cast a shield around yourself that prevents negative status effects (such as fear or sabotage) and gives a damage reduction of [2]% for [1] seconds.
Win, yes, become rich and plump with roaring blood until now you are ready to be devoured! And once I have you bleeding and I can break the dragon's mind, your dreams I shall walk and your soul will be mine! One of the ancient line will be my Blood Servant and I will be mightier than any demon has ever been.
They should leave the practice of science to those who have the brains for it! There's lizards and... well, that's it! Let them tunnel, those dwarves, not theorize!
Game starts in [1] seconds!
Hunters cost [1] less recruits to produce.
Create lobby
The Ironclad's On Guard ability will automatically target enemy projectiles in the area for a limited amount of time, giving your army an advantage for a few valuable seconds!
The enemy has been active here, commander. Be ready to brave their defences!
Air Specialist increases the destructive power of your aerial units.
I'm very glad you chose progression over regression, Commander! The Shadow Ages should serve as a reminder to us all what damage religion can do if it's allowed to thrive unchecked. Yorrick and his brethren may lust for bygone days, but let us work hard to ensure their all-too- pious dream remains a pipedream!
Treat me mean, and I'll scratch your eyes out; treat me well, and I'll purr like a kitten. Your choice, Commander.
If it's such enormous powers I wield, must I not always consider the humane course before the legislative one when they happen to clash? It was an important realisation, one I must act upon!
If you weren't so damned fat, Falstaff, maybe we'd all have a little more space, yes?
Iron clad - iron will
This is a tad embarrassing, commander! Never have I known any of Bunglebrewer's grogs to turn queer all of a sudden! Lady Ophelia must have prepared it wrong or something. That really is the only explanation!
The price the Architect had to pay for this murder most foul was steep, but he cared not, for vengeance was his—even if that meant his body was to be the demon's.
Drawing the Iron curtain!
Oh well, it didn't come to that, so no harm, no foul as they say. A drink, Commander? I beheaded Lord Drury myself, by the way. Here, have a taste! Twelve-hundred year old single malt!
Temica Nore
Capital! This will save us a pretty penny, and spending hard earned cash on these tin-pot little impoverished countries is like throwing it into a bottomless pit anyway.
Combat Card: Unit Advantage
Undo Transport disembark
A battle is often decided because of the initiative shown by field officers, and those dwarven Commanders can rally their men like no other can! Admirable!
Splendid, commander! Our technology may cut through flora and fauna like a hot knife through butter, but I'll be damned if it's not fun to look on when it does!
Will you allow a referendum on republicanism?
Will you impose taxes on the Church of the Seven?
I just cannot understand lady Camilla, commander! First she authorised that tragic assault, then she had uniformed bullies beat grieving demonstrators to within an inch of their lives just because they wanted to vent their anger.
Thundering torpedoes, what miracles we imps invent with staggering regularity! I surprise myself sometimes, Commander, I really do. Soul-powered constructs… think on it! Intelligent cannons, living gunships! I could become one! Brilliant!
Sometimes I think you make a sport out of vexing the gods, commander. If so, you'd do well to realise you're playing a game you can't possibly win.

You've gone and lost your marbles, commander! These menaces will pose a greater threat to us than they do to the enemy. I can see them sitting behind the gun sight of an airship now! Look! Pretty dragon! No, no! Pretty target!
That sounds reasonable. Many may not agree, but I think we should give these women the choice.
Gold total - Gold income per turn
Hold your horses, commander; we're barely out of the stables yet! Ask me again after we've conquered more than a couple of farmyards.
Bravo, commander! You went out of your way to preserve the legacy of a fine artist and did so despite the diplomatic ramifications! We lizards commend you!
... Can't join lobby : different game version ...
I... So be it. I see now it could never be any other way. The waters run too deep... I am a general; it... it's for the good of the empire! My secret will be mine to keep. My burden to carry.
I concur with Prospera. Breaking and entering another's domicile is like forcing your way into the inner sanctum of temples where only high priests may tread: a crime punishable by death.
Well then, commander. Looks like it's all over! What seemed impossible only a relatively short while ago has been made a reality. Maxos was right all along: you, the dragon, were destined to redeem the realm.
Knight's Gorge
Say No
Bit of an ice queen if you ask me. Already called me names that'd make your mother blush just because my eyes lingered a little along those curvy shapes of her. But I'll defrost her yet, and in the meantime we've got a cunning strategist on our side; a veteran of many a battle who has yet to learn the meaning of defeat.
Undead princess Ophelia.
Tell me about henry_4_2_0
The undead love philosophy. What makes us alive, we ask. The answer is simple: purpose!
To battle!
Aura of Frailty: [1]
So you are the vile cur that helped assassinate my mother!
Don't you call me 'dear', you patronising ass! A weed by own admittance, that is what you are! Were that I could uproot you, the nettle with the impotent sting!
Thank you, Commander! I regard your decision as a personal affirmation that we are all quite capable councillors, and that there is no excuse whatsoever for Prospera's derogatory disposition. On to more relevant affairs of state, I say!
I have found her, yes. A girl of such unworldly grace 'tis as if the Seven touched the cosmic soul and drew from it perfection. With a word, I can find in her a home, thus condemning her to unsought oblivion...
Our new lands are in need of preachers, commander, and preachers need paths to get there. Let us therefore build new roads so as to spread the word of the gods.
Your Juggernauts will do [1]% more damage.
Quit Game and Send Logs
Allows the construction of Devastators in your War Factories. These behemoths fire massive destructive charges over great distances.
You are no match for me, dragon! Soon I'll drink your blood like thick, bitter wine!
Combat: Buildings
Enough of these personal tribulations, wouldn't you say, commander? Just because I fancy girls doesn't mean I lost my appetite for battle or brandy! Let's have it!
Start the battle with [1] recruits.
You May Kiss The Bride
Your Grenadiers will do [1]% more damage.
You escaped his dream-perversion because you were lucky enough not to be known by him. When Aurora gave birth to you, you see, she and Sigurd decided to place you in my care, for he was still officially married to another. Had his queen found out there was a child by another woman, she'd have moved heaven and earth to see it dead.
Get them off me, now!
on these special Resource Construction Sites.
Each country you conquer starts earning you gold. Additionally, the longer you hold a country, the better your defences within that country will be.
Your old man had his faults, but I'll be damned if he couldn't draft tax laws like the best of us. Too bad you don't take after him in this respect. Not at all.
Our base is being attacked, commander! Rather seriously at that!
Soon we will all go our separate ways, of course, but today we celebrate, and you—who else—are our guest of honour. Bravo, dragon: the world is yours!
Dwarfs on a ship, who would've thought?
By partaking in these vile rituals such as witches practicing during their moonlit Sabbaths, these dwarves taint themselves in the eyes of the Seven forever, commander! You are allowing them to throw themselves into the reaches of hell! You are doing a demon's task!
Can you believe that I later found out some elf fanatic was planning to blow it up because he thinks I violated the sacred laws of our people? Never would I have thought an elf capable of such madness! All because of a single decision I made...
And what reason does perfection have to be here today?
Game start cancelled
To think a princess of the realm can just disappear from one moment to the next, even here, in the nerve centre of your empire, is unsettling to say the least! Who will be next, I wonder.
Armours can create a massive shockwave that damages light units in a [1] meter radius for [2] damage.
Truth be told, if this crime had taken place under lizard jurisdiction, I might have sang a different tune. To let one wither and die under undead law though, such a thing I could not force myself to allow.
The enemy's Imp Fighters' range will decrease with [1]%.
What can I say, Commander? We imps are the best and the brightest indeed, but because we're born as an unruly and undisciplined lot, we have to use force for our own good! Pleasant to know, though, the undead think we set a good example!
Emperor now counterfeiting enemy inventions:"I'm not even hiding it. I'm even calling it the hunter just like they did."
A mine dropped by the Ironclad that targets enemy naval units when they get near.
Tell me about camilla_1_2_2
You can count your blessings I was by your side, commander! The battle would have been lost without me!
Why not set an example and accept the chambermaid's statement as sufficient evidence? Think of the other girls you'll save!
There's something to be said for Yorrick's plans, Commander, but when I picture these farms, I see only misery! We imps like the creatures that roam the forests and cross the skies. Armaments, not animals, should be mass produced.
So Lady Ophelia denied imp technology at your behest, did she, Commander? I suppose it's for the best. Maybe now she'll finally accept she is to acknowledge the gods and quietly wither, like they bid her to.
I sense a lot of distrust in you, Edmund.
I've noticed a peculiar change in Scarlett, Commander! She seems... happier somehow. Less prone to take rash decisions in combat. She's almost... of value to us. Wouldn't that be a treat?
And yet she has the stomach of a lion and a dwarf's appetite to boot!
It boggles my mind, commander, it really does! How much sacrilege can one woman spout? Catherine should be burnt at the stake like they did in the good old days! A witch is what she is! An advocate of deviltry! Hobweed! Bah! She'd wrench children from the womb and let them die in puddles of bloody gore! Demon! Hag! Infernal harridan!
Target enemy Shamans quickly to prevent them from healing your opponent's armies time and again!
Tell me about henry_4_1_1
And there we have it, I suppose: the dragon son of a monarch deposed, rightful heir to the throne, even if he was... born out of wedlock.
My word, what a wonder it is to experience the boundless tiers of taste, the ceaseless subtleties of scents! A rose's fragrance may uplift one's soul. Savour a strawberry—nectar from the earth—and the quintessence of life quakes in gentle vibration. To be, my love, to be!
I'm sorry, but I have changed my mind. The results of these experiments were remarkable, but I can't condemn some innocent girl to be sacrificed on your behalf. We'll take the route of mechanics after all.
Crippling Roar
Game options prohibited you from spawning your dragon.
Withering Waves
To be honest, I don't know if I'll ever truly regard an elf or a dwarf as my equal, yet no longer will I maintain their worth to be less than that of an owl's pellet, which, perhaps, is a first step in the right direction.
Oberon oversteps his bounds, commander. The family is a holy institution. Let no man mingle with a family's private affairs!
Increase Population
Coil Of Conquest
What if they ask me about this in court? I'll have to lie, commit perjury! Imp jail... the fire showers... Lordy lordy ding dong day, this trial business just ain't my cup of Earl Grey!
Bombs ready to drop!
She could stand to be a bit more ladylike in her ways and many consider her resistance to authority counter-productive in a military setting, but she's wily as a wizard and tough as mithril nails. Don't ask me why, but I have the feeling she's a troubled girl somehow—a girl, yes, hardly a woman as yet. None of my business, of course. She is here and she's willing to fight for Rivellon. That's all that really matters.
Bar Fight
How you could have chosen that walking corpse over her is quite beyond me! You'll rue the day, and soon, too!
So you're saying that even though it's marriage we are talking about, I have no say in this?
Kenur Alda
Enemy Warlocks cast Meteor Shower spells. Imps invent iron umbrella. Maxos not pleased
He who allows travesty to thrive prospers by perversion and slights the Sacred Seven! Align with sin, commander, and with sinners you'll spend eternity, forced to undergo their unnatural ways! If that doesn't keep you up at night, I don't know what will!
Your Imp Fighters will move [1]% faster.
Your Warlocks will have [1]% more hit points.
Proper research is all well and good, but those refugees are dying right now. If the imps can save them, let them, I say.
Kings Are Born, Not Made
Though he remained bound to the Raven
Do you have a name, my good man?
Imp Fighter Mercenaries
Technology: that was the solution, for if we could go to war with weapons so vastly superior as to be unstoppable, every opponent would have to yield before our onslaught. Where the Architect obtained his strange knowledge from, he never wished to reveal, but in truth, Sigurd and I cared little for his mysterious ways, for whatever the source, our plans worked like a charm, and in a matter of years, Rivellon was ours.
There are more with a prosthetic limb than without among us imps! Comes with the territory, I suppose—all those volatile war machines. Most of our top inventors have more metal than meat to 'em, and of course it's only fair the government chips in where they can.
Advanced Options
Natural Born General
The orc is a filthy beast, Commander: immoral and impure. Depravity has been bred into them over countless generations. Partake in their flesh, and their impurity will taint your blood! Beware, Commander! Beware of this corruption!
Let death extend its grasp.
You have won 10 RTS battles.
Finally, we imps take to a sport that doesn't involve gunpowder, and now you're robbing us of it! We'd have taken home the gold come the Summer Dragon Games!
Proceed with current settings.
Fire and steel, cogs and wheels: let's get cracking, milord!
May a long and blessed life be lady Lohannah's lot!
Buy a card
Gambling Man
Imp Bunker Buster explosion radius increase
Well done! Dwarves and elves may have their differences, but they pale in comparison to those we have with the undead! Those bastards would hang a dwarf for selling beer. That's like petrifying the sun because it shines!
Have you ever attended a hanging? Never a pleasant occasion to be sure, but I insist on being there whenever the law forces me to commission its application. Keeps the heart cold and compels the mind to contemplate the consequences of these verdicts.
Immediately, Commander. Now for the hard part: to relay your orders and appeal to Henry's reason... if he has it.
This is an outrage! A perversion! If one has a happy marriage and can provide for his offspring, what does it matter if he and his wife are blessed once or a hundred times over? You appall me, Commander!
But why must I always see the bigger picture? Back down, said my parents, for the family's honour. Back down, you say, for the sake of conquest. I wish, just once, I could... be. Could be. Will I never be able to do so?
Commander, you know we dwarves will do anything that benefits the economy and thereby the empire, that is to say, you. One of our most lucrative enterprises is the smoke-stick industry. People love them, but there are so-called researchers at so-called universities—blasted elves—that say our wonderful tobacco products harm one's health! Nonsense! Our own research proves the exact opposite, so obviously these elves are incompetent! They should have their government grants revoked and their publications should be tossed in the fireplace!
Perhaps you think me thankless, my love: I have, after all, cheated the gnawing cancer that was aiming for my very soul. But somehow I feel more disembodied than ever, a stranger in a strange land certain in the knowledge that she will never be at home amongst its alien landscapes—a perennial drifter entrapped in its wastes.
No, no, no time to talk! Off I go... hopping to it...
Commander, working with environmentally responsible building materials is having the positive effect we had foreseen. We know very well though, that this evolution came at big costs, so I've been racking my brain, thinking of how to reduce them. Finally I have found the answer: the nationalisation of industry. All these privately run factories; all these suppliers, they are letting profits flow to their own pockets and they deliver rather shabby products as a result. Enough I say! Let the state control industry and quality will increase whereas production costs will decrease once more.
Commander, while I appreciate safety concerns, these animals were domesticated and can never be released into the wilderness again. Capture and train no new ones, I agree with that. But to slaughter all those that were unwisely attempted to be trained? No, that would be horrible murder!
War is as fickle as the wind sometimes, commander. The breeze is favouring us at the moment, but it isn't exactly storming in the faces of our opponents either.
Enemy dragon inbound!
Lady Ophelia, do you take the dragon to be your husband, to love and cherish now and forever?
Medium Units, Heavy Units, Buildings
Dwarven Favour
For myself, I also kept a wizard's eye on you because of course I knew the dragon hid within and knew you were a being of awe-inspiring powers. So on the day war broke out, I knew where to find you!
Maciliye Tiriel
Bomber Balloon - Revelation
When a young beauty is called to the Seven, her body is not yielded to earth or flame, but employed to dress me in the finest garment ever to have been sewn. With each finespun gesture of the needle I take another stride towards perfection. The long secret dream is coming true: not only to live, but to resemble the living.
O, never mind, my sweet, I'm rambling about silly things, whereas we have a wedding to celebrate. I just know that you and I shall be blissfully happy!
Or you could show your magnanimity. Thelor is bound to know who is behind the theft of his ledger, so if you give it back no questions asked, perhaps he'll come to appreciate you more as a daughter.
Your Shamans will have the Charm ability for one combat round.
Select all units around me
Mass Cloak
Total amount of units you've destroyed as a dragon.
Adding rocket pods to your Hunters allows them to engage airborne units. These rockets do [1] damage.
or unselect them by clicking left.
Talk to ...
This achievement unlocks when making a certain political decision.
Tell me about lohannah_3_0_0
Very good, commander, very good! Sometimes we imps have to be protected against ourselves a little bit. I already pictured wee humans in pens like pigs and poultry!
Bah! Lost another battle! Don't look at me, though! I was so full of liquid courage I'd have taken 'em all on singlehandedly!
The imps are one step away from completing their infernal device, so one last time I implore you not to let them finish. Stop them, commander, for they know not what they do!
Right you are, commander! Let strangers do dodgy chores and no one will ask any questions if anything goes awry!
V for Victory? Zero for leadership
A friendly dragon can cast Purifying Flames!
Unlock the Crippling Roar dragon skill for one combat round.
Loaf of bread looks like emperor: pics inside!
A [1] class [2] unit that targets other naval units as well as aerial targets.
like shooting these annoying troopers.
Just The Beginning
A [1] class [2] unit that is extremely effective against other light class ground units.
The wizard has discovered many an ingenious schematic in those dusty books of his, but they will require a lot of resources, and resources cost a lot of dwarves' delight; that is to say, gold, milord.
Your Juggernauts will have [1]% more hit points.
I'm in the eye of the storm here!
Your decision darkens the day, commander! May your newfound wealth bring only misery, for from misery it will be wrung.
Lady Camilla certainly has a way with words, Commander! She touched us all with her promises of fairness and kindness. We have seen a tragic affair unfold before our eyes, but such is the power of tragedy that it can bestir change, and if it can melt a lizard's heart, everything is possible!
Seeing a woman suckling her child, that mysterious smile on her lips, the sound of the relishing babe: it always puts a smile on any imp's face. Did you know imps enjoy their mother's milk well beyond their first few years? Ha! Ban public breast feeding? No, applaud it! Promote it! Reward it!
Here's an imp's perspective, commander: 'more soldiers' equals 'bigger battles' and 'bigger battles' equals 'more explosions'. Win win! Granted, it's a bit of a simplistic perspective, but imps will have their fun, you know!
Grand Strategy
I really never thought it would come to this, my love-bug. Perhaps there was wisdom in your counsel after all. Wouldn't that be a turn for the better, eh?
What do I care if this lizard supports or opposes the government? As long as I'm up here and he's down there, he can do whatever he wants, as long as I still make the decisions! Exhibit away!
Never hesitate to seek my counsel, Dragon Knight! Tirelessly I study and question in the knowledge that my discoveries will make you the mightiest dragon ever to have soared the skies!
I see you've selected a building.
Invalid target for skill
Toggle help
I have seen lady Ophelia in her new guise, commander, and it sickens me, for I know murder most foul was committed so that this body could be hers. She must be cruel and evil: a woman who will stop at nothing, not even demon worship!
Unions? What blasphemy! People shouldn't emancipate themselves in factories, they should prostrate themselves before the gods in the Seven's glorious temples! Let the people organise and they'll suddenly make all sorts of silly demands. Advocate not happiness, commander, but humility!
Your Warlocks' attack range will increase with [1]%.
So vastly superior is my strategic comprehension that there's hardly any sport left in winning. And win we did.
The amount of gold you start with in the strategy map
And what is her first commission as empress? To swallow the heated carcasses the dwarfs call 'cuisine'. It's frankly nauseating and, moreover, absolutely taboo among elves.
Don't stand in the fire! - Hahhahah
I feel at home, commander, in a landscape of barren rock; endless forests of dead trees. Our industry is doing its best to turn the world into an undead vision, so may the Seven damn Oberon and damn his idiotic ideas!
Civilian casualties suffered so far.
Ah, commander! Your bold leadership is starting to have an effect on me, you know! Yes, I followed your advice to the letter. 'There's only one person you can trust and that's yourself.' Truer words were never spoken since the last dame I bedded yelled 'Henry, you're a beast!'
Oops, you've imprisoned your wife.
The enemy's Grenadiers will do [1]% less damage.
Death is its own reward!
Your Hunters' attack range will increase with [1]%.
Will you institute protected designations of origin for regional products?
Falcon's Rocks
Commander! We dwarves would like to place imp surgeons in the hospitals of the realm. With their delicate tools and techniques they can remove kidneys, lungs, parts of liver and more from willing donors. These volunteer donors would be paid well and the harvested organs will save the lives of many a wounded soldier.
It is a certainty now, commander. In a short while you'll be able to soar the skies, knowing all the world beneath you is yours. Must be an empowering feeling.
Mister Shortfuse is correct: it is we elves who sought to abolish the sordid practice of eating orcs some decades ago, and we succeeded on the basis of morality. Let us not revert to the practices of less enlightened days. Agreed, Commander?
Apocalypse now!
These dwarves mock everything and everyone, commander! They spare not even the gods, and should be put in the pillory, not operate the printing press!
A queer queen, thy lady, Commander! Here she has but to snap her fingers to become an aureate apotheosis of impian ingenuity, and she's as indecisive as an elf afore a salad bar! I simply can't wrap my hatted head around it.
Well, I never! Of course not! I drink wine in moderation, basking in its ambrosia taste as I do so. And more than that, I think you'll find my journey has had some diplomatic benefits. Talk to Prospera, you'll see!
And you've yet to hear the best part! All those scandalised dukes and barons have sworn revenge! Rumours of assassination abound thicker than an inbred ogre! I'll be rid of my accursed father once and for all!
Will you allow corporal punishment in the classroom?
Commander, if drudanae truly possesses the qualities attributed to it by Oberon, and under responsible medical supervision it may be used to alleviate pain, then of course I support the elven bid. It is only logical.
I see no imp interest in this matter at all, Commander! I'll just flip a coin then; heads means 'yes', tails means 'no'. Aaand... heads! Yeah, go ahead and reprimand them!
Cover me with death if I should fail!
I have come to the realisation, commander, that I will never be able to be my true self. Neither you or I are ready for that. But I will not continue to live like I did before. Night after night of drinking, going from man to man like a common strumpet.
Matchmaking found [1] available lobbies.
Hot as hell in here - Yeah man, it's a dry heat
Your Hunters will will do [1]% more damage.
Opposition unhappy with emperor's easy win: "falsified favoritism toward your emperor"
An elf, Commander! Really! You won't be hard pressed to find a fern with more personality, and you wouldn't have to water it quite as much.
Popularity polls here were favourable, commander. We will have most of the people's support.
Commander! A word in your ear. There seems to be a spot of trouble in one of the provinces. Some lizard rebel running amok. Naught but a trifle that Prospera has requested us to deal with, but she wants me and bloody Edmund to go together! Yes, he's a lizard too—it stands to reason—but the man's as pleasant as a cactus down yer trousers, so if you don't mind, I'll go alone!
who was convinced he wasn't human at all,
Do as you please, Commander, but they had better leave my ancestors well alone! Grandfathers, aunts, parents—couldn't stand 'em when they lived so you can imagine how I'd feel about their remains shuffling about the house!
I don't really know why I told you this little anecdote, commander. Or is it rather a cautionary tale?
Not your buildsite
That is quite a tale, my friend, so bear with me!
Aura of Frailty
Is there a more sorrow sight, Commander, than young beauty bereft of life, her ruby blood a silent witness of woe? Thus an elven belle was found in her own house, with violence done upon her for no other reason than lust refused! May the culprit be made to suffer the agonies of hell before death take him!
Though I'm usually loathe to enforce a change of policy on others if they do not seek it, I think you have made a mistake regarding women's right to vote among the undead, commander. Your refusal has caused a backlash in the other direction and I can't but pity the girls growing up repressed and therefore ignorant in the ways of the world!
I could hit them with my eyes closed!
... Looking for games ...
Your empire's total research points production increases with [1]%
Wisdom prevails in the end! We all work tirelessly to resurrect the peace; we lead by example. There will be time to lay down our burdens when every last war machine has been destroyed.
Motivation increases or decreases the entrenchment level of your countries.
Well done, commander! I hope your decision shuts Yorrick up once and for all. Too bad I know all too well I hope in vain!
is still studied by all strategists in Rivellon today!
The body is a miracle of nature, commander, and there is something quite liberating about languishing a few hours away in the open air devoid of all fabric. If those dwarves Falstaff mentions have come to realise this, why not give them a spot here and there where they may indulge in their newfound pastime?
The hunted not the hunter.
An enemy dragon can roar the Call of Valour!
Quit Game
O I can hide it no longer, it singes my soul! Perchance if I confess, its devilish sting will subside. You have been deceived, dearest dragon, for you have married a princess destined for decay!
Is the emperor one part of a twin?
The Zeppelin cloak prototype was literally a cloak. Pictures inside!
Pay a general to fight for you. And win.
Devastator - Ground Bombardment
If the idea repulses you to such a degree, I think we both know we should not proceed. Back to square one it is.
She didn't mean any of those things she said, did she? 'I remain the same judge, though a different woman.' Mushy wish-wash like that makes me cringe!
What are my colleagues in such an uproar for? Surely they must realise that with equality comes responsibility? Is a tax increase to put them on a par with lizards and dwarves really such a steep price to pay for the position my constitution lifts them up to? Short-sighted creatures, the lot of them!
Imp Fighters Unleashed
Tell me about catherine_3_2_2
Hm? Sorry, I didn't notice you there; I'm catching up on my correspondence. This letter Yorrick sent me makes for an interesting read.
Will you ban cheap copies of branded products?
With all this ugly business I've hardly had time to get to know my dragon of a husband! How about we make up for lost times, eh? Come here, you!
About whom, commander?
I'd like to nail Prospera's split tongue to a rocket and set it off aimed for a bent-over bog giant! 'Sign', she said, 'You'll be respected like dwarves', she said. Well, now we have to pay like dwarves too and that certainly doesn't make me feel special. Equality... Pish-posh... An imp's better than a lizard anyway, and always has been!
Feed a king to the pigs.
Where Kings Clash
Why would the Architect willingly give his body to a demon?
I don't give a hoot about this two-bit town; I just need peace and quiet to return among the council, so fix this, will you?
War is an ugly business; I thought you'd know that. I need every last soldier out on the battlefield, so there will be no more hangings, you hear!
Pillar Of Restoration
the faster your recruits will come in.
You will receive [1] less gold per turn.
Warlock - Death From Above
The army is such a sausage fest, commander! Catherine had the right idea! Why in the blazes would you refute her ideas? Long live the quota, I say!
We may win; we may lose; who's to say? I just enjoy my daily dose of demolition!
Commander! Allow me to congratulate you, not just from the bottom of my heart, but the deepest recess of my beer-soaked liver; more affectionately and sincerely I cannot be!
When dealing with demons, there's always a catch, Ophelia. Don't take his promises at face value, but put value in the great gift that has been given you: life renewed.
In a few words: victory and destruction. First we must vanquish all warring rivals for the throne; then, we must undo the technology that enabled them to go to war in the first place. We will rekindle the empire of peace your father founded and be rid of the apparatus that might threaten it once more!
Killing through chemistry: the enemy's ethics
An enemy dragon can create a Pillar Of Flame!
The Raven sang new songs last night, milord! Want to see the things she showed me?
What do you mean by... O... How dare you imply... Of course I didn't! I reasoned with them plain and simple!
Please do not prolong our parting any longer, lest I sink in this sea of sorrow.
I have a name, you know, and it's not 'bastard'.
Hovering over an enemy's country with the mouse will show that country's Defense percentage!
Is That All You've Got?
Ha! An unexpected victory for the Seven! Bless you, commander! The only good imp is a dead imp, but like I said: we'll settle for simply non-existent imps too.
Tell me about ophelia_1
Oh I shall, believe you me, lad! Gone are the days that death and I dance and duel for the sake of some undeserving arsehole whose sole claim to authority is the birthright to park his fat rear on a throne. Never again!
Neutral units on the Strategy Map will become yours once you take hold of their country!
Dead Waters
Will you stop sending financial aid to struggling nations?
Double-clicking on a certain unit type will select all units of that type!
A turn for the worse: enemy invents airship piloted by madcap mages. Arms race considered lost by empire
Connection setup failed
Country support boost
Pencil Pusher Paradise feature: how the emperor could easily and peacefully overthrow countries by using legal loopholes
The man is a barbarian and has an ill reputation, but without more solid evidence than the girl's testimony, I can see no other option than to acquit him on all charges.
How very rapidly this wan debacle tossed us in the maelstrom of surreal dimensions! Soon strange souls will inhabit stranger contraptions; all for a quaff of lurid liquor.
Depends on how far you went handing out 'favours'.
Yuthul Gor
Warlock - Death From Above
Your units' damage is increased by [1]%.
Your Aerofactories produce units [1]% faster.
The enemy's Grenadiers will fire [1]% slower.
Sup, commander?
Is there a reason for yet another disturbance? You've given me much to ponder, so pray let me do so!
It's not because I'm a lizard I do the tongue thing **hannibal tongue sound**
Wonderful! Our dear imp physicians will be plucking organs like apples come autumn in no time! And if you're ever short on cash, commander, I'm quite sure a dragon's kidney would fetch millions on the market!
Razakel has relinquished me with strong cravings... already I thirst for rich running ruby.
High risk, high reward? Emperor's latest victory a lucky dice roll
Still, you are a dragon, I'll give you that, and of ancient blood. Prove to me you have the rocks to do undaunted battle, and perhaps my respect may still be yours.
I keep a double-bladed axe under my pillow for just such an occasion, commander! That lizard did what he had to do and should be celebrated instead of sued!
Your Transports will fire [1]% faster.
Catherine be damned! Give her a finger, and she'll take the whole hand! Well, I got a finger to give her, gods darn it!
But enough of this introspection, commander. Let us fill our wineglasses anew.
Chat - Team
Talk to these men, get your bearings and begin your conquest! If you have any more questions, you can find me in the Royal Chamber, which I shall use as a study.
Jingling bells, milord! The ship is full of youthful beauty! A singing ship; a wise old wizard; four princesses; it's like a fairy tale in here! No imp, though...
Camilla's blood is so very cold, dragon, but the power of pain would boil mountains of ice and makes her a good Blood Servant nonetheless. The anguish she suffers is beyond description...as is my delight! More! I'll want more... soon...
The onlookers were baffled, the mood turned. Upon reflection they realised that I was no more personally responsible for the loss of their kin than the birds in the sky.
It's my fault, so rings the cry; you should have given in to their demands, thus chants the crowd. Civil unrest's afoot. The masses are marching upon the capital, bent on mayhem. Do none of them have any regard for the procedures we followed, the laws we obeyed?
Very wise of you, commander. Many people will be a bit agitated for a while, but that'll pass, especially when reports of new victories reach their ears. To war then, commander, for your sake as emperor.
Now for some advanced techniques, commander!
This site supports the construction of Aerofactory and Shipyards.
Will you allow the imps to use elven remains to make gunpowder?
If you weren't a dragon, we wouldn't stand a chance. So buckle up, commander, for our endeavour stands or falls with you.
The enemy's Ironclads' attack range will decrease with [1]%.
Mapped skill 2
Tell me about aida_5
I'll get back to you on this later.
Ready to follow you, even into death.
Are we not all free to express ourselves? We imps explode with expression, but implode with repression!
We are but on the cusp of your illustrious career, of that I am certain, for I am convinced that more than in the empire you won, your legacy will lie in the empire you will leave behind. It is my fondest desire it will be a realm in which all lizards will reside in freedom and happiness.
Now, now, dear, don't put the commander on the spot! He's already head over heels in love with you, no doubt, as are all who have taken but a single look at you! And think of elven interests! We would have the dragon as our closest ally!
What's your order?
Commander, I feel it is my duty to inform you we have seen it fit to charge your lady with manslaughter. We realise she was drawn into this whole mess by Oberon, but she followed his council voluntarily and she is the most symbolic elf to bring to court.
NAT punch-through failed
You see, Sigurd, the Architect and I remained close friends after our quest had come to completion, but then, one fateful day, a woman of unequalled beauty arrived at court. After but a glance there wasn't a man's heart in the room not aching for even her mildest attention or a most fleeting caress.
Oh bother! These fellows are like lice, Commander! You see one of them jump about the place, and the next thing you know, there's a dozen of them, rendering everybody else annoyed and itchy.
You will? But that's wonderful! Let them strike a blow for nature! Long live the Speckled Jackal!
[1] Hunter mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Long ways to go yet, haven't we? But your side has a dragon and a wizard for its backbone, and that's more than the enemy can say!
Tell me about aida_4
We'll make 'em scream!
Hunters can unmask cloaked enemy units in a [1] meter radius.
Fallen Moon
She's no more than a tomboy playing soldier. I don't know much about her, but I don't like what I've seen so far. We lizards have senses far superior to humans and I rather resent having to continuously smell her in heat.
A Warlock turned me into a newt once - An editorial on the imp principle of accidental research
People will dance in the streets when they hear the news, commander! To protect an overlord of your calibre, our soldiers will defend our realm with renewed zeal, of that you may be certain!
Spoken like a true dictator! Your wish, dear: my command!
I hear you misplaced your wife, commander! Youth these, days! So bloody careless!
I'd conclude there's more to him than meets his good eye, were I not quite so certain his psychological depths run as shallow as a guppy pond.
Ah, dear dragon, it is you! The wizard... he subjects me to endless torture, and not the kind I like.
Despite lingering traces of inner turmoil, I feel we should celebrate tonight. I may even have a second glass of wine! Ha! Such wanton abandon!
Morne Minya
Build a Parliament for free in one of your countries.
In single player, picking the right General for the job can give you the edge you need to win a battle!
They are preparing our ships as we speak. Here's hoping our engines carry us to Anne faster than the cutthroats that would undo her!
You may not have put a halt to the Inquisition like you should have done from the very beginning, but at least you haven't turned them into the true terrors Yorrick envisioned them to be. I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies.
The emperor was not born in Rivellon
What is it now? (agitated)
Fearsome decreases the importance of the amount of enemy units.
No one is currently listed in the [1] leaderboard. You can be the first one!

So, Lady Aida has manoeuvred herself onto the throne, has she, Commander? Now, I know a thing or two about backdealing myself—no, don't be surprised, I do—but that's all fine and dandy when mere business is at stake. To juggle with the rightful place of kings is plain disrespectful. What if the common folk come to realise most nobility is as common as they are? We might lose our hard-earned privileges!
Tell me about aida_8
Splendid, commander! We'll evict some lesser nobles from their fortresses to make room for the Inquisition. Should they resist, they'd be guilty of thwarting the Seven and shall be the first to be subjected to the devices of the dungeon! You have really come through for the undead, commander and we shan't forget! With sinners aplenty will we repay our debt!
You can produce Armours during one combat round.
MAY sound cynical? Your conditionals have all the certainty of night after day! This is your grand design, is it? Rape begets triumph? I spit on your crown! The crown of a bastard in every sense of the word!
Emperor's anti-social behaviour a source of inspiration? Imp researchers tell all
Skill not unlocked
Show unit hit points
We're having a game of poker tonight, commander! The generals have invited the councillors to join. Hehehe! I bet I'll have Falstaff crying within the hour and the deeds to his castles before the night is through!
Horror of horrors, commander! Claudella, our foremost artist, turns out to be a sinner of sapphic sentiments! Such transgression cannot be condoned! The gods will not stand for it! All her works shall be pulled down unto the ground and smashed into the dust! Seven forgive us for having admired her so!
So then you do forgive and you do what is the prerogative of the Seven! Remember pride and fall, Commander! It's a long way down from the Raven...
Humbug! Now we're just as responsible as the dwarves are, for they're paying us so well we couldn't possibly stop selling them our toxins!
Hope we don't hit too many fish!
Anyone in specific?
When do you think we can have a holiday, just you and I, me diddly-doe? I'm dying to show you my old haunts! The mines; the cavern-lodge; the great vaults where the vats reach high as giants. We won't have to spend an instant above ground, just like proper dwarves! Sounds good, yeah?
Of course, mylord. We fight for freedom!
So Scarlett has finally revealed for all to hear who she really is, then. Good! One less woman that will fall prey the paws of men! Too bad that elven duke still lives, though. I'd have slowly lowered him unto a red-hot stake, but that's just me.
Excellent! We seem to be rather adequately entrenched in this land!
I am lord Edmund Augustus III, Duke of Hawknest Hall. I'd add 'at your service', but I don't think we're quite there yet.
Sage Spire
Tell me about Catherine.
Most people here have rallied to our cause, commander. We will have most of their support.
Boom baby! - Baby boom!
Parliaments generate strategy cards every [1] turns.
I hope your coffers are o'erflowing with gold, milord! I'm discovering new things every day!
Double tap [IE_CKSSelectBarracks], [IE_CKSSelectFactories], [IE_CKSSelectAirfields] or [IE_CKSSelectHarbours] to cycle through the different types of buildings
I have seen the first results... The explosions wrought by ashes. The accursed imps, they have stumbled upon the workings of hell! Encase it in metal? No! Encase it in oblivion!
He sure is singing a different tune these days, isn't he? Used to sneer, not so much as sing. You should have seen poor Grumio's face every time Edmund put him down with another jibe, but lately he's been complementing his engineering skills. Never seen an imp look happier when he's not looking at an explosion!
Attack Range Upgrade: +[1]
Blood Leech
How are we supposed to run an efficient government if it is as bloated as a toad? Once again you foil our plans, commander, and it is all getting rather disheartening!
Aye, but I can't do that...
The emperor exposed - How an emperor can be unbeaten... at losing
Tell me about aida_9_2_1
The Finale
But a demon is never to be trifled with. If it gives you something, you must know it wants something in return, usually tenfold in fact. Access to Rivellon is what Corvus wanted, for he hails from another plane, and could not bodily materialise in ours. As it turns out, the Architect gave him his very frame, and from it grew the beast that now inhabits the Raven.
Soon these machines will be but figments of the imagination—be like snippets of dreams that fade from memory upon waking. We cannot have it any other way. Give the word, dear dragon, and I shall commence to shape the world anew.
Sure, there's an interesting case! (sarcasm)
In the dejection of present misfortune lies the anticipation of better times. Perhaps the wine will taste the sweeter for having had nothing but sixty percent proof turnip water to swallow down on the ground.
I knew you'd be persuaded by my finely attuned rhetoric once more, commander! Like shooting fish in a barrel, really!
Will you outlaw the use of deadly toxins to combat vermin?
If that is how it must be, reality will have to be the instrument that shall shatter the dreams of fiction, for a work of fiction this constitution is, commander. Dead letter among a dead litter of all the races, each with the others' knives in their backs, now and forever.
A fine queen you have, your lordship—and that's coming from a dwarf! We're preparing a proper feast for her, make no mistake!
It is over, my dragon: the terror-weaver that stalked our streets like a rabid killer has been assassinated with the slow precision he deserved! I know some silently blamed me for the tavern tragedy, as it was I who released the bomber in return for the hostages... at your insistence.
Tutorial Mode
Unit hit points increase
Seems you are victorious once more, Commander. To the detriment, of course, of the women that now fall under your rule.
To look around, hold the middle mouse button
Good, commander! Well done! Falstaff wouldn't have rested until every last one of us was turned into a smoke-stick sucker! I for one will never be a fog breather!
I have had to pay a fortune in fines and they have taken from me the titles of nobility I held. Can such ingratitude be forgiven, Commander? Did you even think the enormity of it possible? The king of rats has arisen, and he sullies the Raven with his presence!
Tell me about lohannah_1_1_1
We can do better than this, commander! It's all well and good to have a proper victory, but adding defeat to the line-up as well just won't cut it.
Tell me about catherine_3
With relish shall I suck the vigour from as many as my pulsating veins can take! Blood lust besets me! Thankfully do I bestow my blessing!
He has ensured me he can concoct a brew laced with ingredients of most mystic fancy that will drive the sickness from my bones, much like a single burst of your mighty fire-breath would cleanse a kobold-cluttered lair.
The zeppelin drops a dirty bomb that creates a radiation cloud with a [1] meter radius that lasts for [2] seconds. Anything that enters the cloud receives [3] damage per second.
Destroy a unit with an Ironclad's seamines.
Emperor to undergo plastic surgery?
Gold Mine
Allow corruption to fester and sooner or later it will come to corrupt you! I bet you were one of those youths that brought a candle under the bed sheet to leer at dirty drawings in the night! That's how fires start, you know! And if you're not lucky enough to come back as an undead, you... but er... never mind all that... I seem to have lost my train of thought...
So King Thelor pulled through, did he? Lady Aida just had to go and come to his rescue. Hm, such a pity. An undead king would have made a welcome addition to our proud kin. Perhaps the Seven will bless him yet though. He might have a relapse!
Fine, fine, if I must. I'll have a word with that skeletal sergeant I left in charge. O, but how I do detest having to leave these lofty heights—endless skies azure as my very skin—only to descend amid the mud and muck among which mongrel elves tarry!
I shall take my leave.
Allow your queen to bed a stranger.
[1] Zeppelin mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
You'll be the death of me...
I'll see after them!
Between you and me though, Commander, if they had so much as defiled my daughter with a single graze of their grave-risen fingers along her gentle skin, I'd have blown that bloody tower to kingdom come and made such a mess out of every one of them bags of bones in my path, it'd take a million of them as many years to puzzle their ill-begotten brethren back together!
How dare Yorrick demand the death of an elf! If she has done wrong it is up to her kin to judge her. Those barbarian undead kill people for the slightest infraction. It's ghastly!
In RTS battle, capture an enemy factory with troopers.
So much hypocrisy would be exposed for what it is, you know? Think of the famed lizard artist Della Gekko for instance. Everybody knows he's gay, but he was forced to marry a duke's daughter. Two lives made miserable because of senseless, so-called 'moral' objections. The whole business is unconscionable, if you stop and think about it.
you will be able to restore it to life by pressing the Dragon Morph button ([IE_WorldViewToggle]) once more.
Thank you for disagreeing with Yorrick, commander. War is a demanding mistress, and if we give her all she wants, we shall lose our humanity in the process.
Have you actually seen any of these Super Soldiers, commander? They're bloody freaks of nature as it is, no need to screw up their brains besides! Might as well hire a lion to run a nursery and expect things to go swimmingly!
We undead have little knowledge of internal organs, but what we lack in physical substance we make up for in mental agility, and it is my opinion that the dwarven proposal seems a sound one. No objections here, Commander.
Make up your mind already!
Welcome to lands of the dragon, stranger, where torture and tyranny thrive! I am ashamed to be part of your government, commander. You oppose us all in favour of the undead. Where will it end, I wonder. How long before the royal sceptre finds itself in the grip of a cold skeletal hand?
Scarlett's manifest has humbled us all, commander. How could we elves, who have always supported the rights of our gay brethren, be so deceived by the titles of nobility? In any case, Narkhesem may be an archduke still, but that doesn't enable him to bend the bars he's locked behind, or give flavour to the stale bread and moat water he is served.
Imp airborne, milord!
Courtesy to dwarves! I do declare!
Balderdash! You have aligned yourself with the elves too many times, commander, for dwarven trust to keep! You can grow a bushy beard, drink barrels worth of beer and belch the Ballad of Brimstoke, but we'll still smell the elf-stink on you!
Allows the construction of Ironclads in your Shipyards. These ships can use torpedoes to take down other vessels and have powerful rockets to combat airborne enemies.
But ... but what will happen if one day we're out of tuna? When every sardine, salmon and anchovy is but a memory? I'm not sure the lizards would survive!
May I have hewn my last raw diamond from the depths if lady Ophelia has not taken a spectacular turn for the better, commander! A fine queen she makes; a fine woman indeed, for I am glad to see that in her newfound humanity she has lost that stifling piety that plagues the undead!
I need a target quickly!
Your Hunters will have [1]% more hit points.
Prospera's plans are out the door, commander! Powdered pistols, a closer shave would have cut bone! That crafty lizard almost cost us a hat and a half, I can tell you that! Luckily dear old Eddy would have none of it!
Yes, yes!
Spot on, commander, spot on! Tax 'em to kingdom come; you'll be doing 'em a favour!
Empire prevails. Death toll climbs
I don't think conscription is a very good idea, commander! Not only should a life of soldiery be an individual's choice rather than an obligation, but by drafting so many young men into the army, you're draining our economical reserves. So please don't forget your political obligations because of your military ones.
Hell's bells, Commander, I knew something would go awry as soon as I saw that charlatan shaman aboard the ship! Gods eye thee sternly if you don't do your utmost to save the souls of my kin—those unfortunates that had to suffer impish infamy at the hands of that sham simpleton!
It'll be built in a jiffy!
Cover Up
Your army has reached its maximum size! It cannot exceed the total population number of your empire.
Light Unit Specialist increases the destructive power of your light units.
Picking up their scent
Lovely, commander! I care little enough for sugar water to be honest, but sometimes the day is not complete until one has seen a disappointed dwarf.
Your wife, in all her wisdom, I have sent out to locate the best and most beauteous spot in Rivellon where we will build your castle! Then, a capital we'll build around your castle! And an empire around that capital! An empire that will stand for a thousand years!
Combat Card: Dragon Power
It wasn't even necessary to fire these officials, commander, so doing so nonetheless has a distinct air of cruelty to it, which quite displeases me!
Combat Card: Dragon Advantage
Matchmaking found [1] friend lobbies.
Those high and mighty councillors sure did a number on Henry! As if he's the one that caused so much trouble! Have they quite forgotten about lord Drury's merry band of assassins?
Nation of warmongers spat upon by the people, but glorified by imps as they present latest invention. Where do you stand?
Zeppelin Attack Range Increase: +[1]
The imp is no more than a tiny demon in disguise, commander, and his workings are those of the devil, not the divines. They should not be encouraged and indeed they have not. Well done!
These lands are teeming with enemy entrenchments!
The Throne Room
While I fly off to do something else,
Colonel confesses: "I like being close to our emperor"
Project Megabomb is about to become a resounding success, commander, but we need your permission for one more crucial endeavour. The harvested elven ashes yielded fantastic results, but to make full use of its unequalled explosive potential, we need to encase it in a specific, super-heavy metal and detonate it from within. This metal can only be obtained from great meteorites that fell onto Rivellon ages ago. Of course, these have long been used as the solid foundations of palaces and cities, so we may lose a few in landslides because of our mining operations, but hey, small price to pay for the bomb, am I right?
Sound Fx?
And to move in a certain direction,
Your will be done, dragon. I require no other sacrifice... at this hour.
Listen, my cuddly squirrel, if I was in the mood for something soppy I'd be dining with the pigs! But I see you're going to go the goody-two-shoes route—again—so I guess I'll just have to grit my teeth and bear it!
Church and state should be separate entities, commander, but you're letting the undead blend the two with infuriating impunity! You and Yorrick are both abusing the reverence people have for the Seven; that is the true sin here committed!
Armour - You're Mine
Our conquest of Rivellon is faring well, wouldn't you agree?
Toggle Dragon
Mass Teleport
Devastator - On The Double
Gold Mines multiply a country's revenue by [1]%.
So Corvus is a 'dream walker'. Care to elaborate?
Limp Wrist
As you can see, Oberon missed the mark once more. I can hardly be charged for misconduct when I haven't even conducted anything, now can I, commander?
The Fleshless
aren't you, commander?
You are ripping asunder the boundaries of reason, commander! Bigger bombs may lead to victory, but the means and ends here employed are terrifying!
[1] Factory
Enter IP address
Peace descended upon the battle-scarred realm
The enemy's Hunters' range will decrease with [1]%.
Tell me about scarlett_1_2
Your Ironclads will fire [1]% faster.
A precious event, is it not, to see democracy at work? We undead have democratically decided not to allow women near politics ever again. All parliament was in favour, just like the Seven command! Unanimity in decision; democracy at its height, Commander!
Thousands rally against "the emperor's war that can't be won"
Good grief, commander! Calamity! You never told us the dwarves would be angry if we blew up their dam! How were we to know? They've gone and bombed our firework plants, the louts! What will we do come Saint Pulverus Bonfire Week? It's not a party unless half the revellers lose a couple of fingers!
Shoot fire-bats from a Zeppelin.
Really, commander, by denying a fact of nature you're like one of those crazy zealots that deny gravity or evolution. It's pointless and serves only to stigmatise a group of citizens that deserves to be as happy in their love life as the rest of us.
[1] Shaman mercenaries are fighting on your side this battle.
Commander, your new wife has arrived and is awaiting you in her chambers. I've notified everyone else to remain calm and proceed like nothing ever happened to her predecessor, as per your instructions—or so I said.
Well done, commander! It takes an enlightened mind to weigh life against death and realise that sometimes the latter is the kinder condition.
Rogue imps... Brilliant! Falstaff will have a fit when he hears!
Tell me about ophelia_10_2
Death rides!
A word, Commander, if you please! I have made an assessment of my time aboard the Raven, and you should hear it!
How much more base and depraved can a soul get when it seeks the death of a child to further its interests? Henry and I may not always see eye to eye, but if I can save his daughter, I will do what I can! And Scarlett feels the same!
You seek me even when I do not bid it. That means you are eager. Good! Soon I shall be ready for you again. Blood Magic is in the offing ...
O the desecration! How long before you will employ the same methods on us? How long till we've all been turned into scientifically altered yes-men?
I'll get back to you on this.
Local population shrugs: "We just settled for the lesser of two evils"
Tell me about edmund_4_0
If you want his throne, this is indeed the best time to do it. No one will suspect any political schemes; he will simply be perceived to have retired.
Light Unit Specialist
How many recruits it costs to spawn the dragon
I was wrong, commander, dead wrong! I should never have insisted that madman be released! Now look at what happened: scores have perished, tenfold as many as were kidnapped in the first place. Do what you must to bring him to justice, commander: I have no more advice to offer.
Hole In One
Commander, it has come to my attention prisoners have been used as guinea pigs for the benefit of Lady Ophelia's search for a cure. Surely you would agree such barbarism is to be condemned in the strongest of terms! Orcish souls in human bodies—it's disgusting!
If it is vile science you are using to upstage the Seven, vile science will see you fail! We'll preserve that locust in laboratories, commander! We'll not let you mar divine creation!
[1] has just conquered your ally's capital!

Good! Besides, Yorrick's idea probably wouldn't have been very effective anyway. Can you imagine a bunch of undead roaming the streets dressed in Inquisitor's robes? They'd be easier to spot than the sun in the sky!
She will be beautiful, so that at long last I, too, shall be beautiful and truly worthy of your sweet devotion.
The amount of gold it will cost to auto-resolve a battle using this general.
We're in that annoying grey zone, Commander, and whether we win or lose is entirely up to your gift for warfare. No pressure.
Respected empire general overheard saying: "We may have won this battle, but we have lost our principles"
My sweet prince, my darling dragon, of course I do!
The Battle Forge allows the production of light class ground units.
I hope you don't mind, commander, but I've requested that a few of your generals should undo the havoc that is being caused by a group of lizard rebels. These misguided souls have taken to the teachings of a cult that worships the so-called One God, and they are causing no end of unrest where they dwell.
Tell my daughter I died drunk!
Beat Insane AI in a single RTS Skirmish battle.
Comfort me, my light and dark, for though I stand before thee in golden splendour, cheer flees before me like a deer wild in the woods. I but want to pet it and take comfort in its beauty, yet with each step I take, it moves a bit further from my sight, fearing me to be a hunter, the knife held perfidiously behind my back.
Isn't this a world gone topsy-turvy? I've declared you emperor and you don't even know my name! Sir Falstaff Silvervein, commander, born and bred 'neath the Emerald Mountains. There, now that we have been acquainted, I do declare it's time for a beer.
How does he do it? Wizards try to explain dragon's healing powers in layman's terms
No, no, no, I'm afraid we can't speak, Commander! My lawyers have forbidden it! Now, I didn't want to charge dear Lohannah myself, but it was suggested by Pro... oo, o no, I shouldn't have said that!
Well, it's a first in the time we have been together, but I have some rather good news, if you disregard the life-shattering explosion that came before, that is. You see, because the bomber—apparently his name is Dagash—killed not only elves, but members of all races, the council wanted me to adhere to each of their individual laws during the trial that followed his apprehension.
Come on, commander! Those cathedrals could stand to do with a few less statues of silver and chalices beset with diamonds! Aren't those gods-fellows supposed to be all humble and pious? Cause they're bloody not at all!
Boy, those undead can get quite ticked off when they don't get what they want, can't they? Threatened to take up arms and slaughter every last dwarf in the realm! Still, whereas Yorrick may have taken a shot at intimidation, I somehow found it difficult to take a screaming skeleton seriously.
Popularity with the Undead has changed by [1]%

Unlock the Pillar Of Restoration dragon skill for one combat round.
Commander, the Inquisition installed at your royal behest is performing its duties splendidly! Suspects of sin are queried, found guilty and sent to the mills every hour of every day! And yet we could do better! You see, we suspect many more heretical forces are at work, plotting against you, even. Had the Inquisition access to large castles with ample dungeons where interrogations of a more persuasive nature could take place, our results would be even better. And you would have even more miscreants headed for the mines...
The king is dead, commander, long live the queen! To think it all started with a bid for raising taxes. Always a bad idea, see. I hope lady Aida keeps that in mind! We dwarves will remember her betrayal toward her father and won't tolerate any shenanigans!
You'll never believe it, my rum tum tugger, but it seems pox-be-upon-him Papa has had a curious change of heart. Once more we have the pleasure of receiving a letter from his artritis-ridden hand, only this time 'tis not to spout more venom than a drunken snake, but, and I quote, 'to let flow the bad blood between us and to reconcile in a warm bosom of friendship'. Ha! What a load of bulls' bollocks!
Tell me about catherine_1_1_2
The ravens come to snatch your soul! The ravens caw; they crave; they call for blood! Give in and we shall feast; deny us and the sweeter the delight will be!
Tell me about lohannah_1_1_0
Unavailable: you need to progress further in the story in order for these to become available.
Add AI
I should like to have a word with my fellows still on the ship!
You can produce Juggernauts during one combat round.
Well, there you have it, Commander: Lohannah has her statue and the elves are crying bloody murder! I wouldn't be surprised if their protests escalate.
I don't feel comfortable doing this!
The decoration here could use some work. Where are the gemstones? The statues carved from deep, hard rock? An elf might feel at home here as it is, and that's saying something!
This is sacrilege pure and simple, Commander! First Ophelia becomes the very ideal of undead grace, only to cover herself in the stinking, putrid, piecemeal flesh of mortals! You are to blame for this monstrosity, Commander! May you incur the Seven's wrath!
A friendly dragon can deploy a Ray of Power!
Imp Bunker Buster
A [1] class [2] unit that can transport all classes of ground units.
I'll restate my previous opposition to Oberon's line of proposals, commander; in times of peace they would perhaps be quite proper, but during these times of war they are no more than frivolous.
The Seven have graced you, Commander, for today they bring before you Ophelia, daughter of Everking, Sovereign of the Skeleton Spire. A more splendid princess is not to be found; marry her, and the gods themselves will bless your union!
Warlocks Unleashed
Will you have dangerous pets put down?
What's all this balderdash about overfishing? 'There's plenty of fish in the sea'—it's a bloody expression even! Millions upon millions of the gilled blighters swim the briny, for gods' sake, and we're making millions upon millions in profit!
Commander, whether it be red, blue, green or quite colourless, everyone should be allowed to manufacture sugar water. The dwarves cry bloody murder because a bit of rivalry will force them to charge reasonable amounts instead of truly ridiculous sums.
you'll need recruits.
Please, commander, do not contemplate marriage ever again! For the sake of the woman you'd love, love her by denying her.
Construction in progress!
Toggle menu
It's over, my sweetkins. Every last bond between my and my father has been broken, severed with a cleaver, and I am well past caring. Those whom I hold dear and were kept as torture-puppets in his dungeons I have dragged from the those horrid pits in one piece, if it were still possible.
Commander, if you're paying people well to work like slaves, that just means you have the cold hard cash to indulge in slavery and you are in fact quite willing to do so! How distasteful, and how very, very disappointing!
Commander, you're letting the Sir Silverveins of this world spread their corpulent and corrupt influence. Why you would do so is beyond me! They stuff their pockets, exploit their workers, and saddle us with second-rate machines. They profit from the war, and care not for peace.
Anti Ground Turret completed
What is all this heretical claptrap about ingredients, allure, addiction? There is but one thing one should long for and that is the blessing of the Seven, not Silvervein's smoke-sticks!
Opens the Factory Menu while on the strategy map.
A defeat happens to the best of us. Don't dwell on it, commander.
The enemy's Armours will do [1]% less damage.
Gods protect us, Commander! We hold one election and Falstaff wins! Curious how in some districts, a hundred percent of the vote went to him. Curious how in others, entire barrels of votes 'went missing'. Is this what the future has in store for us? Duplicitous presidencies? No, I'd rather you remain emperor, Commander! I truly do!
Commander! So I took your counsel to heart and decided I should give my fellow generals a chance to prove they are worthy of my esteemed friendship and perhaps even trust. What better test I can put them to, I asked myself, than the holy game of poker? See who's shrewd, behold who bluffs, descry who dares, and when...
The legalisation of hobweed is downright despicable! Luckily any dwarven lady worth her salt will avoid that accursed plant like water when there's ale to be had!
Let's dicuss this later.
Edmund is of a very rare sunshiny disposition today, commander. Gives me the shivers when he bids me good day instead of offering me his normal stare. You know, the one as if he's looking upon an accident left on the carpet by someone's dog?
Research in progress
It doesn't do to undo another's sin, Commander, for then he cannot atone, and without repentance there cannot be forgiveness; without forgiveness no promise of paradise. Through his prolonged suffering, you save the sinner. Well done!
A light flying unit that is highly effective against everything in the sky. Use this unit to back your Bomber Balloons during attacks.
I've you've been talking to Oberon, commander, know he is grossly overreacting in my humble opinion. In a remote town, far away from proper civilisation perhaps it is true tensions between undead and elves could manifest in some sort of temporary violence, but mass killings? By the Seven, no, that I cannot believe.
... Joining online lobby ...
Put Me Down For One Of Each
For ten years he walked the dreams of your brothers and sisters. He corrupted them, beguiled them, seduced them, but none knew about the others, no: they all thought they and they alone were the demon's chosen. Then, when finally everything was ready, when they had learned the ways of infernal technology, he told them all simultaneously the day had come.
I knew the dragon would hold knowledge in higher regard than esoteric rigmarole! Morning's muskets, the imps salute you, commander!
Unlock the Berserker Roar dragon skill for one combat round.
Emperor gives us the silence treatment when asked about civilian casualties
Sniffing them out!
Hello brandy, my old friend, I've come to drown in you again. Never lets me down, does brandy. Best buddy a girl can have.
War returned with a vengeance
Camera strafe right
An enemy dragon can fire Acid Blazes!
Once more, Yorrick fails to grasp just how deeply unsettling and depraved even his demands are! If abuse is being perpetrated, then it is abuse that should be addressed, not the means to escape the results it provokes!
Dear me, commander, but I do believe one of your generals is smitten with an elf girl of the highest nobility. That means it's either Henry, who's intolerable, or Edmund, who's insufferable! I can only hope she'll soon come to her senses.
Gull's Reach
Gods be with thee, commander!
How wonderful it is to know, my lord and love, that I am forever beyond the gaunt grasp of death, but never beyond the sultry satisfactions of life! My teeth thirst; ache for the penetration of the flesh, and when my jaws enclose around their blood-brimming price, the doors of infinity are swung wide open!
Build Factory
Commander, a single rat is just a cute animal—a large mouse, no more. But unleash them by the hundreds and thousands, and what are they? Pests! And why? Merely because of their number and the inconvenience that number causes. That is what imps will be. Pests.
Thank you, Commander. When the dwarves smell coin they turn into bloodhounds ready to go for the neck of anyone in their way. When that happens, it takes no less than a dragon to stop them.
A [1] class [2] unit that is good against buildings and heavy ground and naval units.
That stick-in-the-mud! You're quite right, though. I must remember that, above all, I am a proud elf. And yet, just once, it would have been nice not to be reminded...
So drink up, commander! Drink and be merry! All's well that ends with me on top, and bugger the beggars that couldn't follow!
Battles lost
Destroy a Juggernaut with a Transport.
Henry II
Rot! They put whatever words will secure their pathetic hold to despotic hegemony in the Seven's mouths. But the vote, commander, can change everything. Undead women can be candidates for government, but they themselves aren't allowed to vote and therefore never get elected.
Such was my hunger that I have snatched generations away in their slumber. Yet already, dragon, I starve anew!
Zoom out on map
Unlock the Friends With Benefits dragon skill for one combat round.
So you have arranged for lady Lohannah to remain aboard the ship, have you? A sly manoeuvre, commander, but one I do not oppose. The verdict stands; the example has been set. I am actually glad a young woman dear as her need not languish in some horrid keep.
As true to a lady as one of her species can get is Catherine. Tragic, really; she held sway over an entire kingdom only to be drafted into the service of one who wouldn't have more than a flock of sheep under his command if there weren't a wizard attesting he's a very good boy indeed.
So you agree with Yorrick then, in that we should give all these horrid rumours the silent treatment and do everything to make certain the perpetrators cannot only never be condemned, but remain free to do wrong again as well? You make me sick to my stomach, Commander!
Your Troopers will have the For the Empire! ability for one combat round.
Good call on the hobweed matter, commander! Now we should instruct the imps to come up with a concoction that will wipe out that plant once and for all.
Zeppelin Mercenaries
If ever there were two peas in a pod, or rather, two balls in a cannon, them's imp 'n' dragon, Commander! That bomb, by golly, what a feast that was!
Commander, I know full well we need all of Maxos' strange new technologies to win the war, but their production is putting too great a strain on the environment. If, however, our war machines could be fabricated with environmentally responsible building materials, we may actually leave behind a world that was worth fighting for. Yes, this would increase production costs, but I'm also convinced these materials will improve the strength and efficacy of our vehicles!
I thank you for this rare and precious gift!
I'm quite aware that the dwarves were mortally offended and that Falstaff would have gladly locked me up in a barrel of beer to 'drink or drown', as I hear the custom goes.
Scarlett is a complete disgrace! No woman should behave like she does! What has gotten into her? Something drove her over the edge—or someone. I'd bet my head 'twas a man that did it!
Win A One On One RTS Battle In Multiplayer.
Henry finally seems to have grasped the importance of belonging to a company of generals, rather than a set of completely independent individuals. I never would have thought he had the wits to come to such an insight!
Movement Trail Effects
Locusts were created by the gods and can only be revoked by the gods! Allowing the dwarves to exterminate them is to destroy a part of divine creation and thus unacceptable!
You inspire a friendly unit, which improves its firing rate by [1]% and its movement speed by [2]% for [3] seconds.
Long as they were merely pestering elves, I could have lived with the research the imps are doing, no matter how distasteful. But threaten a dwarf's home and you've got another thing coming! No bomb can match the power of dwarven wrath!
By the by, I've been invited by Yorrick to attend a feast in my honour. I'm quite the celebrity among the living dead as of late; hailed as a liberator in fact. Funny, isn't it? I play it fast and loose with the law and suddenly I'm popular. Never did my integrity result in a jubilee.
Pillar Of Flame
From pillar to post? "We never know where these pillars are," army complains
I know it isn't, my love, but I thank you for confirming it!
There was an... incident. Best not to mention it.