The Raven is your flagship and you are its undisputed commander. The Raven is full of life with not only a crew, but also Generals at your disposal. Once your political influence spreads, you will also have to deal with the races’ representatives, and you will eventually have to tend to your handpicked spouse. Above all, Maxos, the brilliant wizard, will be ready to assist you at all times with insight into the events that have happened so far.

RPG Elements Aboard the Raven[edit]

Your actions on the Raven are directly intertwined with how your Generals, Politicians, Princess and even whole nations will receive you and react to your interactions with them. Each character has his or her own background and story to tell, with his or her own driving motivations. The way you handle these can have significant impact on your standing with others, so make sure to favour the right people at the right times!

The Strategy Map and real-time battles are also influenced by your affnities with your ship’s inhabitants or races, which will have an impact on your conquest of the lands of Rivellon.

There are many possible scenarios aboard the Raven, and as such there are multiple stories to discover during your conquest. Be sure to traverse diverse paths, as one is never the same as another!

Remember: Every action you take will produce a reaction, and NPCs will behave differently towards you depending on your choices. Some choices may even have a larger impact than mere personal conflicts. As you will discover, there is a darker path to take, a looming presence lurking on the Raven that may hold influence over those seeking ultimate power. Will you be willing to pay the price for total conquest? Perhaps you will find—or lose—yourself as the stakes increase.


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