Your Equipment in Divinity: Original Sin

Equipment consists of items like weapons, armour, shields, rings, and amulets. Requirements may restrict the type or level of character that can use a piece of equipment. Upgrade equipment as you progress through the game in order to stay competitive. Various pieces of equipment differ in their statistics.

Some weapons, such as heavy axes, require both hands and do plenty of damage, but they may cause you to spend more Action Points for your attacks. Similarly, a crossbow does more damage than a regular bow and also has a higher critical chance, but its ideal range is lower than that of a bow, and it costs more Action Points to use. A dagger doesn't cost many Action Points, but it also doesn't do much damage; on the other hand, it is the only weapon that can be used to backstab enemies, which yields big bonuses.

Weapons and armour both lose some of their durability upon being hit or hitting something else. It is important to keep repairing your equipment if you want the pieces to last. In order to repair items, you will need the Blacksmith ability and a repair hammer.

Certain pieces of equipment are enchanted (magical, rare, or legendary items) and will positively affect certain character attributes. These items must be identified in order to be used to their full potential; you will require a certain level of the Loremaster ability to identify them, and an identifying glass

All item types[edit]

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