Your inventory in Divinity: Original Sin

There are a variety of items throughout the game world, and they all have statistics that affect their weight and durability. Some items can be put into your inventory, while others can store inventories of their own. Some cannot be moved, while others can be picked up, thrown, or destroyed.

The primary way of interacting with an item is through single-clicking or dragging. Some items may need to be in your inventory before they can be used, while others can only be used in the game world itself.

If an item is interactive, hovering over it will produce an outline and an item name. Holding the ALT button will highlight the names and locations of useful items in the game world. This is important especially after battles or when looting enemy camps in order to quickly locate everything you can take. Most items can be picked up for safekeeping.

Some items within the world, such as torches, switches, and doors, are immediately affected when clicked. Others may be dragged and moved around (depending on your strength).

Here are some notable types of items:

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