Talents in Divinity: Original Sin

At certain times in the game, you will be given points to spend on talents.

Talents are unique attributes that give your characters advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) in certain situations.

You should choose talents that complement the game experience and your desired character build.

Your new character starts with 2 Talents. At level 3 you will be able to choose another talent, and then an additional talent every 4 levels thereafter.

List of Talents[edit]

For a detailed description of each talent, click on the talent name below:

All Skilled Up Anaconda Arrow Recovery Back-Stabber Bigger and Better Bully
Comeback Kid Courageous Demon Elemental Affinity Elemental Ranger Escapist
Far Out Man Five-Star Diner Glass Cannon Guerilla Headstrong Ice King
Know-it-All Leech Light Stepper Lightning Rod Lone Wolf Morning Person
My Precious Opportunist Packmule Pet Pal Picture of Health Politician
Quickdraw Scientist Sidestep Sidewinder Speedcreeper Stand Your Ground
Stench Swift Footed Thick Skin Voluble Mage Walk it Off Weather the Storm
Weatherproof What a Rush Zombie

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