Magister Cadoc standing guard at the Lower Decks of the Hold in Divinity Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Magister Cadoc is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2)


Magister Cadoc, along with Magister Marel, is guarding a room in the Lower Deck of the Hold, in which a murder took place.




Narrator — *Behind the Magister, a bloodied mass lies in a heap. Gore and limbs lie at odd angles; you can‘t make out a face amid the mess.*

Peer into the room and ask what happened.*

Magistcr Cadoc — There's been a murder. A Sourcerer was killed by one of your own. Lucky you were busy getting your collar fitted at the time, or you'd be a suspect like the rest of 'em. Waters is investigating. She'll sure out who did it. Always does.

[IFAN] *Nod and walk away with your head down. If they realise who you are, you‘ll win yourself a trip to the top of their list ofsuspects — collar or no.*


  • Avoid looking into the room. Between the lurching ship and the smell of blood, you feel a little sick.‘

Magister Cadoc - Easy now - you're paler’n me arse. Whyn‘t you move along. Waters is investigating. She'll sure out who did it. Always does.

  • Ask if you could lend a hand in the investigation.*

Magister Cadoc - Aren't you enterprising. I'll let Waters tell you no herself. G'head. She‘s with the body.


[LOHSE] *Clap him on the back and say you‘re sure they have it one hundred percent under control.*

Magister Cadoc - Hands to yourself. *Mumbles* Bloody Sourcerer...


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Magister Cadoc has some items to trade.
    • Remember you can trade with almost anyone! Just click on the trade icon to the right of the dialog panel.
  • If you attack Magister Cadoc, he will first ask you to stop it.
  • If you continue attacking him, he will become hostile, and other nearby magisters will join the fight against you, including:
  • Magister Siwan
  • Magister Marel
  • Magister Waters.


  • "Nothing to see here"

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