Magister Waters investigates a murder on board the Hold in Divinity Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Magister Waters is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2)


Magister Waters is in charge of investigating a murder that took place at the Lower Decks of the Hold.




Magister Waters - Ugly sight, isn't it? Burns me up this happened under our protection. We're extremely lucky no Voidwoken followed the Source that did this.

  • Ask why she's letting you so close to the crime scene. For all she knows, you could be the l<iller.*

Narrator - *She looks up at you with a mirthless smile.*

Magister Waters - I was on duty in your room when the murder happened — you were asleep the whole time. Didn't even stir. You're one of the only indisputably innocent people on the ship. Unless you can commit murder in your sleep, of course.

  • Ask if she's investigating her fellow Magisters as well. One ofthem could have easily done this.*

Magister Waters - Finn was killed by Source. If a Magister could do that... they wouldn't be a Magister. It looks more like a passenger managed to slip their collar. And the rest... well, you see the evidence in front of you. Listen...I could use someone to keep their ears open among the passengers. Sometimes they clam up in front of a uniform. Bring me a good lead and I'll throw in a shiny gold coin for you. How about that?

  • Say that you're no snitch.*

Magister Waters - A woman of principle. I get it. Wonder how you'll feel when whoever did this does it again. You let me know if you hear anything. Whoever did this is dangerous.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Magister Waters has some potentially useful items (like armor and crafting ingredients and food) for trade.
    • Remember you can trade with almost anyone! Just click on the trade icon to the right of the dialog panel.
  • Interacting with the corpse near Magister Waters will cause him to warn you, and if you keep trying he will turn hostile and attack you.


  • "But who?"
  • "No known associates... in fact, he seemed quite averse to spending time with the others."
  • "No marks, no indications of a struggle"
  • "Yes... this is a rare kind of magic. I'll need to write to headquarters right away."

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