Lich Hero

Lich is a hero from Dota 2

Lich is a Dire Intelligence Hero

Full Name[edit]

Ethreain the Lich

Lich Abilities[edit]

The Lich's abilities include: Frost Blast, Ice Armor, Sacrifice, Chain Frost

Lich Roles[edit]

A Lich can be used as one of the following roles: Ganker, Nuker, Support

Base Attributes[edit]

Stat Value
Attack Type Ranged
Strength 18 + 1.55
Agility 15 + 2
Intelligence 18 + 3.25
Hitpoints 492
Armor 1.1
EHP 524
Mana 234
Range 550
Missile Speed 900
Movement Speed 315
Dmg 42-51
Day Sight 1800
Night Sight 800

Recommended Items[edit]

See: Suggested Items for Lich

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