defeat the Cokatrice in the main quest, "Honor and Treachery".

Honor and Treachery is a main story quest in Dragon's Dogma

You get it from Aldous in the Duke's Audience Chamber in Gran Soren

A messenger sent to Gran Soren from the Mountain Waycastle bears a grim message of a crisis and your presence in the Waycastle is urgently needed.


Travel to the Waycastle

A messenger has come to Aldous bearing grim news, you must make for the mountain waycastle at once


Make for the Mountain Waycastle to learn the nature of the crisis from the men there.


  • When you get to the Mountain Waycastle, you find out from Ser Ravenn that it was all a trap to get you out of the city, and that the capital is under attack.
  • Use a Ferrystone or run back to Gran Soren
  • There is a Cockatrice attacking the Craftsman's Quarter.[1]
  • Grapple onto the Cockatrice and aim at his head.
  • Try to kill it as soon as you can because if he does damage to the city you will get less experience.
  • Then go back to Aldous to get your reward.


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