Ahmat the Forgotten TESO.

A Veteran Rank Boss in The Elder Scrolls Online

Fighting Ahmat the Forgotten[edit]

Head to the Southwestern corner of Ruins of Kardala. Against the Southern Wall You will find the Tomb of the Forgotten. Interact with it to Summon Ahmat the Forgotten.

The fight begins with him and a Shadowy Thief. After that, when he is around 75% health he will repeatedly summon Burdening Eye. When you get him around 50%, he will add in the Frost Bolt attack. He will attack whoever is in melee as he can around his 2 castings. Expect this for the rest of the fight.



Attack type[edit]



One-Handed Sword and Shield


Summons - Shadow: A shadowy creature will attack you along side Ahmat.

Summons - Burdening Eye

Frost Bolt - A blast of frost at the target.


Ruins of Kardala (Craglorn)

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