Akkhuz-ri in TESO.

A level 38 Blademaster in The Elder Scrolls Online

Fighting Akkhuz-ri[edit]

ESO Akkhuz-ri.jpg

Having a summon or two on the field makes this fight fairly simple. He will tend to go for the closest target to himself. At that point he will start to slash away with his blades. Just knock him down occasionally and keep the pain coming. He should present little challenge at that point.

The thing that can make him hard is that he can summon a Dar-M'Athra Infernal and Shade. It is better to keep focused on Akkhuz-ri as he will heal up the first time he gets around 50% health. Just past that he will stop fighting.



Attack type[edit]



Two One-Handed Swords


Arenthia (Reaper's Marsh)

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