Ariana At-Fara in TESO.

Ariana At-Fara in The Elder Scrolls Online

Ariana At-Fara is the final boss of Haddock's Market. This Redguard can call in a high number of enemies to aid her across the fight. At first you will encounter Greycloaks and Anu and Padomay. After they are defeated, she will begin to call in her guard. The Guard act very much like assassins, using a long range jump strike and numerous other tactics.

Have a source focus on Ariana as best they can. The Healer needs to keep their focus on both parts of the group as does the tank. DPS needs to switch between the adds and Ariana throughout this fight.



Attack type[edit]



Mace and Shield


Allies - Fights with Anu and Padomay

Summons - Ariana's Guard, Greycloaks


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