Biiri Fanim, a Grocer from Bleakrock Village in TESO

Biiri Fanim is a vendor in The Elder Scrolls Online

Sells provisioning supplies




Bleakrock Isle
Bleakrock Isle (Region)
Bleakrock Village
Bleakrock Village (Zone)
Bleakrock Trading Hall
Bleakrock Trading Hall (Area)



I don't remember why I came here, but I have every regret for doing so. If I could move backwards through time, I would slap myself.

Can you tell me about provisioning?[edit]

Of course! We provisioners practice the arts of cooking and brewing.

Good food requires the best ingredients. We gather fresh meat and product from crates, barrels, and the like. If we're lucky, we'll also find recipes in chests, trunks, and desks.

So you get ingredients and recipes—what then?[edit]

Once you've copied the recipe down and acquired the necessary ingredients, that's when the real fun begins. Cooking pots and rotisseries can be found all over. You need only find one, select a recipe, and then indulge in the simple joy of cooking!

What sort of food can I make?[edit]

Don't forget drink!

Hearty meals will fill your belly, increasing your general well-being—both body and soul. Strong drink can stimulate the humors, allowing you to recover more quickly. If you're lucky, you might find a recipe that does both!


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