General Serien in TESO.

A level 12 Breton in The Elder Scrolls Online

When you get him to half health, he will transform.



Attack type[edit]



Flaming Two-handed sword

Transformed State[edit]

When Serien transforms into his second form, things get worse. He now has a stronger attack but is still about as hardy as he was before.


Grapple - He grabs and inflicts heavy damage

Flame breath - A Red cone appears in front of him. He will target and breath fire on the people within that area.

Slash - Attacks with his right hand using the blades.

Flame Slash - A Red cone appears in front of him. He will swing his right arm favoring the torch on it.

Smash - Charge then brings down both club on target. Can be interrupted.


Virak Keep (Stonefalls)

Related Quest[edit]

The General's Demise

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