The Guild Bank in TESO

The Guild Bank is a shared inventory system for your guild in The Elder Scrolls Online

Use to store and share loot between guild members


The guild bank is a shared storage area where you and your guild members can place items.


  • The guild gets access to a bank once it has 10 members
  • There are 500 slots in the guild bank
  • The bank displays items from one guild at a time. You can press "F" to select one of your other guilds.
  • Talk to a Banker at a Bank or Marketplace to gain access to the guild bank.
  • The Guildmaster can place restrictions on who can deposit or withdraw from the bank, based on rank
  • Don't share precious goods that you don't want to be taken and used by others. The guild bank is a communal resource and items placed here can and will be taken.
  • Use the guild history to view a log of items and those who have deposited and withdrawn them.
  • If the guild bank is not accessible, make sure you have the appropriate permissions and the guild is large enough to unlock it

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