Interrogate Houndsmen Witches, one of the quest tasks in Restore the Silvenar

"Interrogate Houndsmen Witches" is a quest objective/task in the quest Restore the Silvenar in The Elder Scrolls Online


I need to find Houndsmen Bewitchers. They will


Restore the Silvenar


Silvenar - Malabal Tor (Valenwood)


Head into the city of Silvenar. You will encounter plenty of Houndsmen so keep on guard. You are looking for Houndsmen Bewitchers. They can be found randomly around the city. Look in the Southwestern portion. The hard part can be finding who isn't kneeling already. Even if they are, see if they are marked by a quest marker. If they are, then you can talk with them. This will let you learn about one of the three Spinners and their bindings.


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