Meet with Razum-dar near Mathiisen, one of the quest tasks in ESO

"Meet with Razum-dar near Mathiisen" is a quest objective/task in the quest To Mathiisen in The Elder Scrolls Online


Battlereeve Urcelmo has asked that I meet with Razum-dar near the town of Mathiisen. Raz is apparently investigating more threads in the Veiled Heritance plot. I should speak with Razum-dar and see what he has to say.


To Mathiisen




Head to the Northeast from the starting point. Keep to the road leading in that direction to keep things simple and less fraught with encounters. This also makes getting around easier as there are a lot of very steep hills along the direct path. Not to mention all the ghosts around the starting point of this quest.

Talking with Raz



Ahh. my friend. This one was just thinking about you.

Nothing personal, of course. Raz threat-assesses all of his assets.

The Battlereeve said you're looking into a Veiled Heritance connection here?[edit]

Yes, yes, We are here to gather some intelligence, right some wrongs.

And perhaps slit some throats. We'll see how the day goes.

Complete Quest[edit]

Receive 30 gold

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