Molag Bal in TESO.
Molag Bal in TESO.

A level 50 Boss in The Elder Scrolls Online

Molag Bal is the final boss of the story line in the The Elder Scrolls Online.



Prince of Murder

God of Schemes

Lord of Brutality


Daedric Prince

Attack type[edit]



Club, Spells


Fire Bolt - Launches a fireball at his target.

Swing - Swings his club at the target. Can be blocked for stun?

Vile Leap - Molag Bal launches himself at his target. He leaps far into the area and comes down with a ripple of energy.

Enraged Pound - Molag Bal raises his club in the air then slams it fiercely into the ground.

Burning Breath - Looses a torrent of fire from his mouth in a cone in front of you.

Pulled Soul Burst - Summons a ball of blue energy (from target). Will break into 3 balls of energy and launch in the Soulless One's general direction.

Summons: 4 Titans (75% Health)


Heart's Grief (Coldharbour)

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