The Skyshard at Inner Sea Armature in The Elder Scrolls Online

This is one of the sixteen Skyshards that can be found on Stonefalls

Shard Name[edit]

Left to rust beside ancient arms.

Nearest Wayshrine[edit]

Davon's Watch Wayshrine
Davon's Watch Wayshrine


Skyshard can be found in the Inner Sea Armature public dungeon, west of Davon's Watch.
The Skyshard is in the final big chamber, at the southwest corner of that room.

See screenshots and map below for help finding this skyshard's location.







All Stonefalls Skyshards[edit]

Davon's Watch
1. Davon's Watch
Bal Foyen's Gate
2. Bal Foyen's Gate
Fort Arand
3. Fort Arand
Sulfur Pools
4. Sulfur Pools
Lukiul Uxith
5. Lukiul Uxith
Vivec's Antlers
6. Vivec's Antlers
Ashen Road
7. Ashen Road
Fungal Grotto
8. Fungal Grotto
Sathram Plantation
9. Sathram Plantation
Inner Sea Armature
10. Inner Sea Armature
Emberflint Mine
11. Emberflint Mine
Mephala's Nest
12. Mephala's Nest
Softloam Cavern
13. Softloam Cavern
Hightide Hollow
14. Hightide Hollow
Sheogorath's Tongue
15. Sheogorath's Tongue
Crow's Wood
16. Crow's Wood

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