Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar, one of the quest tasks in Light From The Darkness

"Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar" is a quest objective/task in the quest Light From The Darkness in The Elder Scrolls Online


We're safe back in the Hollow City. I head into the Fighters Guild and talk with King Laloriaran Dynar.


Light From The Darkness


Hollow City - Coldharbour (Oblivion)


Head into the Fighters Guild in the Hollow City. On the far side of the room you will find the king. Approach and talk with him to conclude this quest.



I have barely set foot within these hallowed walls and I already feel a thousand times better!

And now that you are here, we can determine our next move against the vile Molag Bal.

Do you have a plan?[edit]

I must take stock of our assests adn resources. Determine just how much might we can bring to bear. Only then can I develop a strategy that shall allow us to win this war.

But forgive me. I wanted to convey that you performed admirably at the tower.

Complete Quest.[edit]

Ayleids’ Coat of Memories
Ayleids’ Coat of Memories

1 Skill Point

572 Gold