Talk to Mannimarco, one of the quest tasks in God of Schemes

"Talk to Mannimarco" is a quest objective/task in the quest God of Schemes in The Elder Scrolls Online


We've found where Molag Bal is torturing Mannimarco.


God of Schemes


Heart's Grief - Coldharbour (Oblivion)


Head over to the East across the room. After the Titan just head over to the middle of the room. You will see a number of Skeletal Battlemages. You need to defeat them first to talk with Mannimarco. He is being held down by magic and has no way to escape




You! Come to gloat at my torment? Or is your appearance here a part of it?

Mannimarco? You're still alive?[edit]

I am neither alive nor dead. I am trapped in a gout of ash and bile and swirling vapors. my ears are filled with with teh screams of a thousands nails being drawn. And the pain! The pain is endless?

Why is Molag Bal keeping you here?[edit]

I am his plaything. And an abject lesson to others who would thwart him. My plan was flawless. My machinations were executed to perfection. I would have been a god, if not for you.

My only consolation is that you will know this pain, soon enough.

I'm here to defeat him and take my soul back.[edit]

Arrogant, presumptuous, egotistical twaddle! That bit of costume jewelry is nothing compared to the Master's power.

I expect I'll be seeing you soon. My only joy for the rest of eternity will be hearing your tortured screams!

I could release you if you wish.[edit]

After all that's transpired? I killed you, you simpleton. I saw your life gutter and fade like a candle flame in a tempest. My undead servants drank your blood and I reanimated your corpse. Do not taunt me with such hilarity.

So be it.[edit]

Ends conversation.


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