Talk to Nemarc, one of the quest tasks in

"Talk to Nemarc" is a quest objective/task in the quest in The Elder Scrolls Online


I've wander into the Mages Guild. It looks like I should talk with Nemarc.


Nemarc's Invitation


Mages Guild


Head into the Mages Guild and look for Nemarc. She is the Magistar and easy to find to find as several people tend to be gathered around her. Just head over to her and talk with her.



Welcome to the Mages Guild. Is there something I can help you with?

The Mages Guild?[edit]

Yes, of course! We're lorekepers across the face of Tamriel. Guild members seek out books, tomes and ancient scrolls in their travels. Why don't you speak with me for a moment? Perhaps you'd like to join?

Let's talk about the Mages Guild[edit]


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