Talk to Walks-in-Ash, one of the quest tasks in Breaking Fort Virak

"Talk to Walks-in-Ash" is a quest objective/task in the quest Breaking Fort Virak in The Elder Scrolls Online


Garyn Indoril's fears have been confirmed. He has directed me to Walks-in-Ash to participate in a risky plan to retake Fort Virak.


Breaking Fort Virak


Fort Virak Ruins - Stonefalls (Morrowind)


Head inside the Fort Virak Ruins. There you will find Walks-in-Ash to the right down the short corridor there. Approach and talk with her.



I've gathered some of our most skilled fighters here. We're poised to infiltrate the fort as soon as the qway is open.

You're the perfect fit for my plan, my friend.

What's your plan?[edit]

My grandsire was a powerful shaman. He passed down an ancient formula that allows a traveler to walk in the "otherworld" between the living and the dead.

It works on those who've become attuned to the realms beyond.

And you think I'm already attuned?[edit]

You're different. You must know that. Not all of you is with us, yes? That makes you the perfect candidate for the elixir.

Using the elixir, you can pass through the catacombs beneath Fort Virak. Find the door, open the way, and end this siege.

Do you want me to drink the elixir?[edit]

Yes, drink it. Then you'll be able to go where we cannot.

Of course, not all in the otherworld will welcome you. Contact with the beyond could be unpleasant, so avoid any creatures you see there. Good luck.



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