Talk with Battlereave Urcelmo, one of the quest tasks in ESO

"Talk with Battlereave Urcelmo" is a quest objective/task in the quest To Mathiisen in The Elder Scrolls Online


Battlereeve Urcelmo has asked that I meet with Razum-dar near the town of Mathiisen. Raz is apparently investigating more threads in the Veiled Heritance plot. I should speak with Razum-dar and see what he has to say.


To Mathiisen


Talk with the Battlereave. He will bring the Vestige up to speed as to what has been happening with some the Veiled Heritance plot.



One day, over a drink, you must tell what happened down there. For now, the Queen's safety is my primary concern.

What now, Battlereeve?[edit]

Razum-dar has been investigating threats in the Veiled Heritance plot. We think he's caught a break in Mathiisen, and he could use some help.

Head up there and lend him a hand, will you?

Yes, sir[edit]

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