Alavesa Arethan from ESO Morrowind

Alavesa Arethan is a Dunmer (Dark Elf) NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.




  • Alavesa Arethan: There's an Armiger injured on the road outside Seyda Neen. So much blood! They—they need help.
  • Player: Tell me what happened
  • Alavesa Arethan: I'm not exactly sure.The Buoyant Armiger was accompanying Canon Valasa on a mission for Lord Vivec, but something terrible must have happened! Canon Valasa sent me to find help. She's on the road just outside of Seyda Neen. Will you help them?
  • Player: I'll go find Canon Valasa



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Alavesa Arethan gives you one of your first quests upon arriving at the region.
  • There may be other ways to get the same quest (Divine Conundrum), and those methods include: by reading a letter, from your Collections menu, or by speaking directly to Canon Valasa outside Seyda Neen.
  • If you don't talk to her while in Seyda Neen and you don't get the quest in another way, you may run into her in other locations such as on the road to Vivec City. You can still get the quest when talking to her at those locations.

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