Andrilo's House in Seyda Neen in ESO Morrowind

Andrilo's House is a house in Seyda Neen in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

Idera Andrilo can be found in this house, sweeping the floor with a broom.

The house is locked with a simple lock, and entering it is considered trespassing.






Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The house is locked (locked - simple)
  • Entering here will cause a bounty to be placed on your head
  • Idera Andrilo can be found inside the house and she threatens to call the guards, though despite that, no guard shows up.
  • There are some valuables you can steal here; Doing so increases your bounty.
  • You can kill Idera Andrilo, she is pretty easy to kill.
  • Watch out for the House Guard outside this house
  • Boryn Andrilo does not appear to come to this house even though he is related.

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