Azura from ESO Morrowind

Azura is a character (Deity) in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

Manifests to the protagonist of the game through a statue at the Cavern of the Incarnate




  • Azura: Hurry, Mortal. Even now, Chodala's support for his false claim intensifies. You need to be there when he stands before the Wise Woman and reveal his divine delusions.
  • Player: I'll go back to Ald'ruhn and seek out Seryn.
  • Azura: Then go. Return to Ald'ruhn and help the Wise Woman reveal the falsehood of Chodala's claim. And let Seryn assist you. She is my champion and a trusted friend of all Ashlanders.
  • Player: How do I prove that Chodala isn't the Nerevarine?
  • Azura: Use what the lncarnates shared with you. Their failures point the way toward Chodala's downfall. But beware Chodala's power. He may not be the Nerevarine, but some greater agency has lent strength to his conviction.
  • Player: Why don't you simply reveal the truth to the Ashlanders?
  • Azura: Due to an ancient pact, I am not permitted to interfere in the affairs of Nirn. Even this casual discussion pushes the boundaries ofthat agreement. Instead, I mustwork through trusted agents,such as yourself and Seryn.
  • Player: Why are you helping Vivec? I thought you and the Tribunal were enemies.
  • Azura: Helping that arrogant imposter? Whatever gave you the idea that I was helping that murderer? Vvardenfell must stand. Everything I do in this regard serves that single goal. Best that you remember that, Mortal.


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