Solving the Barilzar's Laboratory Experiment Puzzle in the tower requires activating five colored crystals in the correct order.

This page has a solution guide to the Barilzar's Tower Puzzle.



Barilzar's Puzzle[edit]


  • The hint Barilzar gives you is that "it's all about colors, like a rainbow"
  • The key word here is "Rainbow". See pic below for colors of the rainbow:


Barilzar's Laboratory Puzzle Solution[edit]

The sequence you activate the crystals is the order in which colors appear in the rainbow, from top to bottom. So the answer is: Red - Yellow - Green - Blue - Violet

Therefore, you should press the color crystals in the order specified:

Reset the Puzzle[edit]

  • If you make a mistake or activate colored crystals out of order, you must reset the experiment and try again:

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Barilzar also offers an alternate approach to solve the riddle, with the clue: "If color isn't clear, examine the crystals. Start iwth the simplest shape and end with the more complex"
  • Looking at the shape, from simplest to most complex, they are:

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