Commune with Incarnate Danaat is one of the quest tasks in the quest "Divine Delusions" in ESO Morrowind

"Commune with Incarnate Danaat" is a quest objective in the quest Divine Delusions in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


The Wise Woman said we need knowledge to discredit Chodala's claim. She gave me grave dust so I can commune with the spirits of the incarnates—failed Nerevarine from previous generations—to build an argument against Chodala.




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  • Incarnate Danaat: The Nerevarine remains a promise unfulfilled, and lam as guilty of prideful Josturing as every other Failed Incarnate that occupies this hall. Ask your question and let's be done with this, Outlander.
  • Player: What ended your quest to become the Nerevarine?
  • Incarnate Danaat: The Nerevarine must listen as well as proclaim. I refused to accept wise counsel, which led to the doom of my tribe and the end of my quest to embody the spirit of Nerevar. Take my scroll and remind the Wise Woman that wisdom ignored is ignorance.


Divine Delusions Quest[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The order in which you speak to the three Failed Incarnates does not matter.

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