Crew Chief Hondulf from ESO Morrowind

Crew Chief Hondulf is a NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

Can be found outside the Shulk Ore Mine,west of Balmora.

Involved in the quest, Divine Inquiries.




  • Crew Chief Hondulf: You shouldn't be here! Didn't you read the House Redoran Proclamation? I wouldn't be here myself, but some of my miners are still in there!
  • Player: Can you tell me what happened in the mine?
  • Crew Chief Hondulf: Our mine was invaded by violent cultists! They showed up and just took the place over. My people are trapped. I'm no expert, but it looked like the cultists were preparing to conduct a ritual before the Ashlander interrupted them.
  • Player: Why do you think the cultists are conducting a ritual?
  • Crew Chief Hondulf: Probably because I heard one of them say, "With this ritual, we'll call forth a mystical weapon and attain the power of a god!" Or something along those lines. Look, I was just trying to get me and my miners out of there when the Ashlander showed up.
  • Player: An Ashlander interrupted the cultists?
  • Crew Chief Hondulf: Well, I never actually saw an Ashlander, but I heard a cultist yell, "Ashlander thief! That's our mystical weapon!" That's not an exact quote, but you get the idea. I don't know what happened after that. lwas kind of busy trying not to die.
  • Player: What kind of mine is the Shulk?
  • Crew Chief Hondulf: It used to be an ore mine and we hope it will be again. My crew was inside, preparing to start up mining operations, when the cultists attacked. The way things are ”am, we might just have to turn the place into another kwama egg mine.
  • Player: I'll go into the mine and see whatl can find out.
  • Crew Chief Hondulf: Really? That's awfully brave of you. If you see any of my miners, tell them to let their arses out here. I'll wait as long as I can. Or until I hear screaming. Then I'll go to Balmora and try to find some help. Good luck in there.


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Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Crew Chief Hondulf is kneeling behind a tree next to the mine, so can sometimes be hard to spot.


  • "Be careful in there. I'd hate to see you turned into a guar or something by those vile cultists!"

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