Curate Erydno

"Curate Erydno" is a boss in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

Can be found in the Shulk Ore Mine, in a the 2nd level of the mine (Deep Mine Chambers)


Related Quest[edit]


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Curate Erydno drops slightly better loot than normal enemies, but not as great loot as from some other bosses. Usually will drop one mediocre green item.
  • This boss can re-spawn pretty frequently so it's a good candidate for farming XP/Items and increasing your skills.
  • Curate Erydno can summon a Skaafin Witchling to help him in battle.


  • This mine belongs to us now!
  • No one steals from the followers of Nycot!
  • More thieves! Stop them!
  • Return the relic and we'll let you live!

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