Banker Dayna Imayn from ESO Morrowind

Dayna Imayn is an Dunmer (Dark Elf) NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

She is a banker at Lord Vivec's Vault (Bank in Vivec City).



  • "The Red Mountain? Oh, that's just noise and smoke. Nothing to be concerned about. I'm almost certain it won't erupt during our lifetime. Lord Vivec and the Tribunal would never allow such a thing!"
  • "Oh, don't mind the big chunk of stone floating above the city. It's perfectly safe. Lord Vivec sees to that!"
  • "You look a bit lost. This is the Vivec City depository, the finest bank and loan in all of Vvardenfell. Would you like me to show you to a vault?"
  • "I could give you a song and dance, but when all is said and done, this is a bank. Either you have need of our services or you don't. Simple as that."



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