Enter Barilzar's Portal is one of the quest tasks in the quest "Divine Restoration" in ESO Morrowind

"Enter Barilzar's Portal" is a quest objective in the quest Divine Restoration in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Barilzar cant teleport us directly to the Clockwork City, but he can open the secret entrance to the city, located underneath the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold. I should enter the portal and follow Barilzar.




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  • Barilzar: Interesting. Summoned by a Daedric Prince and her mortal mouthpiece. l was right in the middle of a crucial experiment, but I suppose I can spare a few clicks of the cogs for Azura and my erstwhile assistant. So, did you break the tonal inverter?
  • Player: No, the tonal inverter worked fine. Azura wants you to help me get to the Clockwork City.
  • Barilzar: No, not going to happen. No offense to the Lady of Twilight, but Sotha Sil was quite adamant about keeping the place hidden and warded against the Daedra. Oh, wait. Pistons fall into place. This concerns Sunna'rah and Lord Vivec, I presume?
  • Player: Yes. Barbas tricked us into draining Lord Vivec's divine enerqy.
  • Barilzar: Barbas? Another Daedra. Thinking thinking So Sotha Sil's forgotten tool was modified to steal Vivec's energy, which in turn energized the Clockwork City. Lit it up like the top of Red Mountain. Even Vile's dog would be able to see that!
  • Player: Can you get me to the Clockwork City or not?
  • Barilzar: What is Barbas after? Wait, gears click into place the reservoir! You need to reach the reservoir that contains Vivec's stolen energy before Barbas! I can get us to the entrance in Seht's Vault, beneath the Mournhold Temple. Ready to go?
  • Player: You're coming with me? All right, let's go.



Divine Restoration Quest[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • There is a bug where sometimes nothing happens when you click on the portal. If you experience this bug, log out and back in and try again.


  • Seryn says: Outlander, over here. I've been trying to find something that makes sense of all— *Azura says: Mortal, the Lady of Twilight has words for you!
  • Barilzar says: Interesting. That shouldn't have happened. Now where in Oblivion am I?
  • Azura says: Mage, this mortal speaks with the authority of the MotherSoul.
  • Barilzar says: You‘ll need my help. I know the city almost as well as Sotha Sil. Follow me!
  • Seryn says: The Mother Soul has blessed us both, Outlander.

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