Explore Helan Ancestral Tomb is one of the quest tasks in the sidequest "An Armiger's Duty" in ESO Morrowind

"Explore Helan Ancestral Tomb" is a quest objective in the quest An Armiger's Duty in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Ibaal claims he's heard strange sounds coming from an ancestor tomb near the camps. He suspects something inside may be responsible for the recent deaths, but won't disturb the tomb. I'll have to investigate myself.






Map showing the location of the Helan Ancestral Tomb.

An Armiger's Duty Quest[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Watch out for the traps here.
  • There are many urns here with various random items, if you're lucky you may find a green item or an uncommon recipe.


  • "Be quick about your work in there and be wary of traps. Ancestor spirits are not known for their hospitality." -Ibaal

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